Compare Android Cell phone and Iphone

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To compare iphone and android phones is basically like comparing apple to orange. Sure both of them are the primary choice for mobile phones right now, but both are also come with different manufacturers and most importantly come with different operating system. iPhone come with iOS operating system that is developed specially by apple and used only for apple related product, meanwhile in the android mobile phones case the operating systems are developed by Google and are being widely used by many different manufacturers. But through this article we want to compare several things between iPhone and android mobile phones, and the advantaged of each mobile phones.

We start to compare android and iPhone through this article by comparing the OS Operating System compability both for android and iPhone. In the OS compability we think that iOS has slight better OS compability compare to android devices. It is because when apple introducing their latest iOS in the market, the latest iOS that they introduce generally always includes full support to their older product. For example the latest iOS, iOS6 also provide support to the iPhone 4GS. We hardly find the same thing going on for android device, because usually the android manufacturers in the market are quite slow in adjusting and updating the phones to the latest android OS in the market.

The next thing that we would like to compare is the product variations and carriers for both android and apple. For product variations surely android devices will win the game. It is because we have many manufacturers who provide us android devices like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, or whatsoever. The multiple manufacturers for android device in the market make us have many variations of android devices and we have more selections in our hand. Meanwhile in the apple case, iPhones are generally look the same from their earlier days up to this point. And for the carriers Android take a slight lead on apple with carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

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