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Answers crossword quiz game for the Celebrities category level 1 – 10, the most challenging crossword game in this week for android and iphone. This game built by random logic game a famous game developer for mobile device which also create guess the emoji game. Cheats for crossword quiz Celebrities answers created by our team to help other player continue play the game when they’re stuck.

Level 1 number: 1 hint: This singer and songwriter’s debut album was titled Goodies Answers: CIARA number: 1 hint: This singer is well known for performing with her then-husband Sonny Answers: CHER number: 2 hint: This rapper’s song Smack That was nominated for a Grammy Award Answers: AKON number: 3 hint: Actor producer & creator of the show Punk’d Answers: ASHTON number: 4 hint: Picture Answers: BUSH number: 5 hint: Superstar basketball player whose last name is James Answers: LEBRON number: 5 hint: The actor who played the role Sam Witwicky in Transformers  Answers: LABEOUF number: 6 hint: This musician’s first hit was the early 90s single Loser Answers: BECK number: 7 hint: Two popular songs from this singer are Tik Tok & We R Who We R Answers: KESHA number: 8 hint: Picture Answers: DRAKE number: 9 hint: Former lead guitarist of the band Guns N’ Roses Answers: SLASH

number: 10 hint: Lyrics to this famous singers 2015 hit:  Hello it’s me. I was wondering… Answers: ADELE

Level 2 number: 1 hint: The actor who plays Don Draper on AMC’s drama series Mad Men Answers: JON HAMM number: 2 hint: First African American President of the United States Answers: OBAMA number: 3 hint: This singer and actress came in like a wrecking ball Answers: MILEY CYRUS number: 4 hint: An actress & comedian whose last name is DeGeneres Answers: ELLEN number: 4 hint: Picture Answers: EASTWOOD number: 5 hint: Picture Answers: RAMSAY number: 6 hint: Picture Answers: DR PHIL number: 7 hint: This actress dancer & singer is known as Jenny from the Block Answers: JLO number: 8 hint: Media mogul known for giving away gifts on her show Answers: OPRAH

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number: 9 hint: The lead singer & songwriter for the band U2 Answers: BONO

Level 3 number: 1 hint: This singer is best known for her single Royals Answers: LORDE number: 2 hint: She portrayed Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies Answers: EMMA WATSON number: 3 hint: Picture Answers: PINK number: 4 hint: This actor played the protagonist in Forrest Gump Answers: TOM HANKS number: 5 hint: Singer know for Into the Groove Papa Don’t Preach Vogue Answers: MADONNA number: 6 hint: Picture Answers: STERN number: 7 hint: Starred as troubled teenager in Rebel Without a Cause Answers: DEAN number: 8 hint: This Jennifer played Rachel on the hit TV Show Friends Answers: ANISTON

number: 9 hint: Picture Answers: MANNING

Level 4 number: 1 hint: Host of the US TV series The Voice Answers: CARSON DALY number: 2 hint: Picture Answers: PARIS number: 3 hint: Rapper and actor played Tej Parker in The Fast and the Furious Answers: LUDACRIS number: 4 hint: This actor is primarily known for his role as Neo Answers: KEANU number: 5 hint: First champion of the women’s division of the UFC Answers: ROUSEY number: 6 hint: Cast member from Jersey Shore with signature slippers Answers: SNOOKI number: 7 hint: Picture Answers: NAS number: 8 hint: Also known as Sean Combs Answers: DIDDY number: 9 hint: Actress who played Lois Lane & Giselle  Answers: AMY ADAMS

number: 10 hint: Picture Answers: JAY Z

Level 5 number: 1 hint: Icelandic singer-songwriter who has an unusual style Answers: BJORK number: 1 hint: Painter & host of The Joy of Painting on PBS Answers: BOB ROSS number: 2 hint: The lead singer & guitarist of Nirvana Answers: KURT COBAIN number: 3 hint: Picture Answers: JOHNNY DEPP number: 4 hint: A professional baseball player nicknamed The Bambino Answers: BABE RUTH number: 5 hint: Famous for his performance as Vito Corleone in The Godfather movies Answers: BRANDO number: 6 hint: An English singer & songwriter who was the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath Answers: OZZY number: 7 hint: I’m with CocoPicture Answers: CONAN

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number: 8 hint: This singer actress & fashion designer was killed by her manager in 1995 Answers: SELENA

Level 6 number: 1 hint: Musician who transitioned from country to pop sensation Answers: SWIFT number: 2 hint: This actress played roles such as Cady Heron & Anna Coleman Answers: LOHAN number: 2 hint: This actor sent a very threatening message in one of his popular movies Answers: LIAM NEESON number: 3 hint: Rapper with a hit song from 2001 titled Hot in Herre Answers: NELLY number: 4 hint: Best known for this line:  Hasta la vista baby Answers: ARNOLD number: 5 hint: This actress/comedian got her start on SNL Answers: TINA FEY number: 6 hint: Big Girls Don’t Cry when London Bridge falls down Answers: FERGIE number: 7 hint: Picture Answers: SPEARS

number: 8 hint: Played Professor Henry Jones Sr. & James Bond Answers: CONNERY

Level 7 number: 1 hint: Picture Answers: MEGAN FOX number: 1 hint: Actor known for his collaborations with Ben Affleck Answers: MATT DAMON number: 2 hint: Picture Answers: FALLON number: 3 hint: TV actor known for his signature grunt on Home Improvement Answers: TIM ALLEN number: 4 hint: This model sang Happy Birthday to the President in 1962 Answers: MONROE number: 5 hint: This actor goes by nicknames such as Bobby D & Bobby Milk Answers: DE NIRO number: 6 hint: A late night TV host on the ABC network Answers: KIMMEL number: 7 hint: This rapper’s real name is Marshall Mathers Answers: EMINEM

number: 8 hint: Played Alex Trebek in a celebrity Jeopardy parody on SNL Answers: FERRELL

Level 8 number: 1 hint: This comedian shares his name with a fictional sailor Answers: SINBAD number: 2 hint: Won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Ghost Answers: WHOOPI number: 3 hint: Actor known for roles as Casanova Ennis Del Mar & Patrick Verona Answers: HEATH number: 4 hint: Picture Answers: CROWE number: 5 hint: Heartthrob male model who has long hair Answers: FABIO number: 5 hint: A Swiss professional tennis player who held the #1 position for 302 weeks Answers: FEDERER number: 6 hint: Rapper who works with the likes of Eminem Kendrick & Snoop Dogg Answers: DR DRE number: 7 hint: Picture Answers: TRUMP

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number: 8 hint: R&B singers whose album titled O reached #1 in 2008 Answers: OMARION

Level 9 number: 1 hint: Picture Answers: QUESTLOVE number: 2 hint: Known as the singing cowboy for over 3 decades beginning in the 1930s Answers: GENE AUTRY number: 3 hint: Best known for his portrayal of A.C. Slater on Saved By The Bell Answers: MARIO LOPEZ number: 4 hint: The actor who played Hulk before he got replaced Answers: ED NORTON number: 5 hint: This actor’s career was revitilized by the movie Pulp Fiction Answers: TRAVOLTA number: 6 hint: Achieved international fame as drag queen Answers: RUPAUL

number: 7 hint: Comedian & actor who is a one man wolf pack Answers: ZACH

Level 10 number: 1 hint: Picture Answers: HALLE BERRY number: 2 hint: She went from horse whispering to being a superhero Answers: JOHANSSON number: 3 hint: Starred in CSI as D.B. Russell Answers: TED DANSON number: 4 hint: TV actor known for playing a long-suffering husband and father Answers: ED ONEILL number: 5 hint: This actor is the voice of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania Answers: SANDLER

number: 6 hint: Known for his role as Earl Hickey in the TV series My Name Is Earl Answers: JASON LEE

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