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I want to share time travel escape walkthrough for level 1 to 10, this is the first game that created by mescape, but this game has a 5 star design and story. Fist level are too easy for you because there’s guide but level 2 and higher will be more challenging. When play this game took more than 1 hour to solve fist level to 10 but I guarantee all player will be satisfy with this game. If you cannot pass a level in time travel escape you can use our walkthrough below, now an video walkthrough just step by step with a picture, like reading a walkthrough magazine.


Level 1

1. go to table, arrange jigsaw to get clue 19812. go to whiteboard, pick up key and tap paper, insert 1981, pick up machine part and tap lever3. back to table, use key to open drawer, pick up another machine parts, combine it with 1st part

4. put machine parts then tap lever


Level 2

1. pick up snowball2. pick up stone3. use snowball to hit ice, the pickup ice on floor, combine square ice with stone to make a bowl4. put sharp ice on sunbeam, then use bowl to pick up water5. put water

6. fix the snowflakes jigsaw then hit using stone


Level 3

1. pick up t-rex teeth2. put teeth at grinder, pick up axe above grinder3. use sharp teeth to cut leather then pick up stone behind4. use stone to cut branch5. use leather to turn off fire, combine axe and branch then use to remove ember, pick up boomerang

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6. use boomerang to hit stone above

Level 4 at page 2

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