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Sudoku Solving Technique: Row and Column Hidden Single

Row-column Hidden Single is an important tool for solving Sudoku puzzles. It refers to the combination of row exclusion method and column exclusion method. It uses the “no repetition” rule in Sudoku to determine the position of a number in a row or column by exclusion. Let’s learn this method through some simple examples: Looking at…

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Sudoku Solving Technique: Naked Single

The rule of standard Sudoku is to fill in each empty cell with a number from 1-9, so that each row, each column, and each 3×3 box contains unique numbers.   In the following figure, the second box already has 8 numbers, and since the numbers in each box can’t repeat, the number in cell…

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The Longest and Largest Sudoku Solution

Rules: Follow standard Sudoku rules. The hints outside the board indicate the summation value of the longest increasing or decreasing sequence in each row or column. If there are multiple sequences with the same length, the hint indicates the one with the largest sum. In other words, prioritize length first, then sum.

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Recommended High-Difficulty Sudoku Test Questions

The following puzzle follows the standard Sudoku rules (filling in numbers 1-9 in the blank spaces so that no row, column, or palace has repeated numbers), but it’s not a complete puzzle. However, there’s only one square on the board that can be uniquely determined. Please use logical methods to find it!

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How to Solve a 4th Order Smart Grid (KenKen Sudoku)

Type: 4th Order Smart Grid (KenKen Sudoku) Smart grid (KenKen Sudoku)     A parent asked Topgames for advice because their child is not good at mental arithmetic. Dou Ba will introduce KenKen Sudoku and problem-solving methods below. If the child can practice every day, it will help to improve their mental arithmetic ability while…

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Sudoku rules and strategies

Sudoku is a mathematical logic game consisting of a grid of 9×9 squares. Players need to deduce the values of the other squares based on the given numbers in the grid. The game is designed so that there is only one solution with at least 17 pre-filled numbers provided by the game designer. This game…

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