100 seconds to understand Neovim

16.02.2023 0 By admin

neovim a highly extensible

keyboard-based editor designed to

optimize the productivity of modern

programmers in 1976 Bill Joy created VI

in 1991 it was improved by Bram mullinar

as Vim then in 2014 neovim came along

it’s a fork of them making it a drop in

replacement that’s 99 identical for

basic usage all of your favorite help I

can’t exit Vim memes are still perfectly

valid but its code base was restructured

with well-documented apis that Embrace

new features from the community which

has resulted in a thriving plug-in

ecosystem most importantly scripting can

be accomplished in not only vimscript

but also Lua an easy to learn

multi-paradigm language that’s also used

on platforms like Roblox Lua was used to

write its built-in language server

protocol for code Auto completion it has

a scriptable terminal emulator in

addition to tons of awesome plugins like

telescope a fuzzy finder that can search

across your file system to get started

install neovim then open it with the

nvim command it just like regular Vim

hit I to go into insert mode and start

typing then hit escape to go back to

normal mode use a colon to enter command

mode like when you need to ask the

computer for help but the fun thing

about neovim is customization which can

be handled with the traditional init.vin

file or alternatively in a knit.lua file

inside this file we can use Lua code to

configure basic settings like whether or

not to use tabs or spaces as the config

grows more complex we can break it into

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modules in the Lua folder which will

automatically be loaded by neovim from

there we can use a package manager like

Packer to install a color theme like one

dark and some icons to go along with it

you’ll need an LSP server for code

completion you might also want nvim tree

to easily explore the file system tree

sitter for syntax highlighting and

Telescope to more efficiently search

across your project from here we can

further customize each plugin as needed

with its own dedicated Lua file now all

this configuration might feel a bit

overwhelming if you just want an IDE

with minimal effort simply install a

starter config like NV chat you’ll have

syntax highlighting code completion

along with all kinds of other essential

tools and now you’re ready to start

writing code like a 10x engineer now

that we’re finished I could tell you how

to exit then but then I’d have to kill

you this has been neovim in 100 seconds

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everything neovim thanks for watching

and I will see you in the next one