Adding Shiro And Heroes To My Shinchan 3D Open World Game!

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So i made shinchan’s open world game and published it and as always people are sending features in the bugs channel Thank you so much guys,I know you liked the game!

But this is not the features channel and i also know that

you are even sending the bugs of shinchan’s door

Haha, *** you fools

It’s a feature you Buggers!

Ok ok ok

actually problem is not that

because i don’t make updates of my games that easy

yeah yeah, i don’t make updates

i got it

you don’t need to shout at this


when i was chilling on youtube

I Saw This!

im safe, im safe

it’s shinchan’s mom’s favorite attack


Over? Lets go!

Gone, Finally brother

Aunty is also gone!

4th, die

How he can take all

Mitsi take this

take this

take this

Oh what?


already dead

very very bad

stop it, now its enough

Oh oh gone gone!

WTF is this?

It’s enough brother, i can’t see anymore

The way she got shot

they way she got shot

mitsi didn’t get hit from it but my heart

exactly right here

yes there

why it’s not paining?

is my heart a stone?

but still guys

mitsi can’t die in 2-3 shots of shinchan

I don’t know why, why this getting double meaning

But how can this possible

i have given 4 days to mitsi just to bully players

and 2 days for bug solving!

can you imagine this



It’s enough guys, i can’t take more insult than this!

We need buff

and that even bigger

So simply we are updating the game

yes, i asked for ideas in livestream for shinchan part 2

and you have already shared it on discord

and no doubt, it has very good ideas in it

but when i mean by part 2

i mean part 2 in the update

hay who will wait again for 3 months?

and in the chaos of buff i

accedentaly put nerf instead buff in the community post

but no worries guys

my 60% subscribers even don’t know what buff or nerf!

No worries, lets update the game!

oh no i have solve bugs first

arrrhhaaa… my brain will get mad

so first bug

which you guys have reported the most

and that is tricycle’s

Vaibhav brother this tricycle is hounted



this gets invisible itself


See see see see

shut up

you coward

look nothing is special here

just function’s callbacks are overlapping on each other

and this happens only when 2 or more tricycles are near to each other

so in just script we stopped to take callbacks

after taking first tricycle

so bug fixed!

Lets test!

Haha, bug fixed


oh okey sorry i forgot to save the file, my bad

my bad

haha, bug fixed

im getting happy after just first bug

while plenty of bugs are remaining

Second bug

after opening the panel of zaemon

the prices increases


i don’t know why guys, people just send features in bug section

and after that the most reported bug is

Shinhan’s school’s

Vab brother, this door of shinchan’s school

this is the no 1 creepy door

i was

i was coming here after killing the 2 rupee’s mitsi in 2 shots

hehe, noob mitsi

i was just

i was just releasing the creepy nanako

and i just saw the school

so i just thought, oh wow Shchool!

so i came here and got stuck

are you listening vab brother?

and also you haven’t made save system

and because of that my all progress just gone

if you keep doing like this

i will spamm Noob mitsi in the comment section

are you listening vab brother?

look here

what vab brother?


Oh no vab bro, the mitsi is already noob enough

even my scale is enough for her


that creepy was talking about the doors!

Hey listen, no one will talk about doors

but actually this door have problems

basically there are issue of colliders

i don’t know why!

but players character controller is getting stuck from

the door’s mesh collider

do you remember something?

this is the high poly handle which was made by KShot

What is this behavior KShot?

So to fix this i have just placed box colliders over there

yeah i could just adjust the height of the character controller

but i like this way

do you have any problem?

Enough bugs!

and it’s enough for the bugs now

because people are just sending features in the bugs section

and my life is just getting over and over by just solving the bugs

it never ends!

So now we will add new things to our game

and first of all, we will make minimap

because lots of people asked for it and it makes sense also

so to make minimap

i took the screenshot of the full map

and edited a little bit in the photoshop

hay im not gonna draw the full map!

so for the minimap

i have put the minimap in the scene and made its size to the map’s size

and we will render it out from another camera

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using culling mask!

haha performance will shake itself

so i made a simple UI for the minimap

and assigned the functionality of the minimap on it

and everthing is working noice

and i was just testing the minimap with enemies

but then i found this

a agent zaemon with a bug

you bastard leave me sometimes

i said guys, these bugs will never stop chasing me

okey, after some time i have solved this bug

basically, i just forgot to assign petrol points

of the agent zaemon

and by causing this, when the player does not get inside of his detection range

he freezes!

so now he will directly target the player!

and yes i have made this clone by duplicating the buri buri zaemon

But hey! you didn’t knew this thing okey

it turn out to be a bug that’s why it was detected, otherwise it would never been detected

but vaibhav bro this is open cheating


so these little things will still continue

lets add some new characters in the game

because i’m also got bored by watching the same face again and again

so let’s add superheroes of shinchan

and i also wanted to implement this thing before but

i didn’t got time for that

but no worries, i will make it right now

And also it will match to our current henderland movie theme so its nice

and plenty of people gave idea about this also so 1 bow 3 targets


and as of now, we are using henderland theme

so we will use magic cards

yes that magic card!


so first hero we will make action kamen

and i also noticed that in America they call action kamen as action bastard

what a nice name

we are also say that

so now we need to make the action bastard in the blender

Haha tango bastard

i..i..i mean action bastard! whatever

it’s ready

okey so i have imported action kamen in the unity with animations

and this action kamen is more dangerous than original

vab bro this action kamen looks less but looks action kamini

okey understood, but don’t go on his movement

his attack is way more dangerous

you have never seen such a dangerous attack like this

look at this, isn’t it a dangerous attack?

say? isn’t it a dangerous attack!

say? isn’t it!


okey huttt

lets make second hero

quantum robot

yes, henderland’s sequence will still continue

and i promise i will not do something again like action kamen

trust me please it will not happen this time

trust me foo…

i so make 3d model of quantum robot in the blender

and it was easy to make quantum robot model because

hard surface modeling is easier than soft surface modeling

and in this case, i have just spammed cylinders only

and i already have separated his hands

so after this we are gonna use quantum punch

so put quantum robot in unity

and i did some scripting for the quantum punch

and quantum punch is also a very dangerous attack

it punches the whole group at once

What the heck?

come privately borhter

what his punching me

actually wait

this is a nice thing!


look guys player is already so powerful so

this punch will make him under control

If you can’t solve a bug

Make it a feature


last heroes’s turn

and to make the last hero we don’t need to do such work like this

because we already have the last hero, yes!

buri buri zaemon

and this zaemon will be more different than others

and more dangerous than them

look if i spawn him, so….

look if i spawn him, so

why is he sleeping

look if i spawn him, so

you baster do your work

his coming, coming

what a characteristic man

this is the last time



what, where are you going?

what a suspicious hobby he has

ok guys that’s all i can do for the zaemon

what can i do if he is double faced man!

Go away you nerd

so guys all heroes are completed now

but still, a question is popping up

is that, how players gonna collect them?

because im not going to give them by default

so i prisoned them inside of a zaemon group

and if players want to use heroes, they have to defeat the zaemon group

and also have to collect these cards

so after that you can use it!

but don’t think that you can spawn them by your choice in this case

Na.. naaa

do you really think that I’m gonna let you use these heroes that easily?

see if you have collected all hero’s magic card

so only one hero will spawn out of them

and even that will be a random hero

and it will be only available for 30 seconds after that more 30s cooldown will be started

Haha, all the best fool

no offense

and also because that i had to change coding logics, but no worries

and yes these heroes are part of the new mission

so i think now heroes are completed

yes important things always start late

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and now this time we will eliminate player

say, say will you climb on the agent zaemon?

player – yes

say will you cross the big wall?

player – yes

say zuzuka older sister

player – zuzuka your older sister


yeah that’s enough

so first of all we will make new enemies for the buff


so i made a cactus model in the blender

haha, stings

and i also made a sting, so that we will stab the player

so i made some animation for cactus in unity

and did some coding so that whenever the player comes inside of cactus radius, so cactus will stab him

come take this sting, athooo

come take this sting, athooo X5

and i have put them in zaemon’s group to support the zaemons

Let’s buff snowman

and i forgot to tell you that there is a bug in snowman

and that is, the action beam can’t be hited on his body but the head

and it’s because i accidentally made snowman’s collision collider bigger than his detection collider

and because of that he didn’t got hitted

hey hey look look

in the shinchan’s henderland movie the action beam also doesn’t damage the snowman okay

so simply if you can’t solve a bug

and to buff snowman we will simply do…

yeahhahah, now mitsi’s turn


you have slaved her enough

You are oppressor, coward, psycho

aahh… weak man

aahhh… cheater

and a *** you fool

so problem is not in the mitsi’s script, the problem is in the player’s weapon

because harry’s socks and action head are the most powerful weapons of my game

and upon that mitsi’s attack pattern is a physical type

and because of that she can only attack the player when she gets close to him

and the player took advantage by this

and mitsti’s capsicums are also not that powerful enough

so we need to counterattack to mitsi so that the player will not attack her constantly

so for the first attack i made sonic kick

and trust me this kick is more faster than your brain

hahahaa, you will die! Yeahhahahah

and only this attack is not enough for that buff, we need one more attack

and for that i thought a such attack, that it’s very hard to dodge

very hard

Jump Attack!

Oh my god

look guys i know this one attack is enough to kill player

but i know some nerd players will get safe by just 1hp

so i just need a surety that are they dead or not, and that’s so

haha ha hahahah

(gone mad)

you will die

and that’s not all, i have doubled mitsti’s health

and increased her punch damage to 3x

so in short

Haha you will die

and if you know me, you know that how i enjoy after a player gets in trouble

and i have noticed one more thing that

the player can kill zaemon easily but the zaemon can’t kill the player that easily

so increased zaemons damage by their level

just not much, 2x, sorry 2.5x

and now you will die in just 2 hits of them


so now if we are updating the game, why not add a new boss

because you guys have played with mitsi and snowman before, so you don’t bore that’s why

yeahah, its a different thing that you can’t kill mitsi from now

and it’s just an excuse, i just wanted to see player suffering

im afraid that people could take psycho and put in mental hospital

so for the new boss we will make


because i already made a cactus enemy so why not to make a whole cactusman

so i made 3d model of cactusman in the blender

which was really easy, it didn’t took me an hour to make it

oh wow very nice, you are also green I’m also green



and now we have to make a cactusman more advanced than other bosses

because game’s final boss will not be mitsi anymore, it will be him

so that’s why we have give lots of attacks to the cactusman

so i made a base script for the cactusman to just test it out, and

wait, where is cactusman?

f*** i forgot to import him

so it’s working!




so i did some coding for the attacks of cactusman

and it’s just an animation based attacks! we just need to calculate the health…

huttt, Lets check!

so i added sting bullets as our first attack

and it will damage player with the very fast speed


look, why remake something if we already have it

second attack

it’s basically the same attack but in the Kamehameha style

third attack

big sting but another animation

fourth attack

no other animation but the rain of the stings

fifth attack

stings x 10

and i also made signature attacks for the cactusman

and by that cactusman will be more powerfull

and this attack will be activated in stage 2 of the cactusman

and don’t want to do the same mistake again with him like mitsi

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so i made different-different move set for the cactusman

and by this player can’t attack him constantly

and i have also increased big sting’s damage by 2 from the normal sting

and because of this player will die more easily

so guys our cactusman is also ready

and he will be activated after released the nanako!

and because it’s inspired from shinchan movie we also need prisoner for it

and you guys have spammed my comment section and discord by shiro, so we will add shiro

so i made a shiro’s model in the blender

hay look I’m not a big artist so that’s all i can do for him

but it’s looking noice


and i also made animations for the shiro, it’s not perfect but will work for now

so i imported him in unity

and he will be freed after killing the cactusman

and i didn’t make shiro for just to travel with us, i made him for a spacial task

find and kill the mastermind of the game

yeahahah, we will make one more boss

and that too shinchan’s friend, which would be the most dangerous


what happened, why are not talking? Masao! masao?

player – he is dangerous?


player – is he dangerous?!

ahh… shut up! it’s her choice

look you forced me to add shinchan’s friends, so I’m adding okay

and i like masao

wow you got a nice bald


now get outta here you creepy

now directly meet me in the game

so i made masao’s 3d model in the blender

and did some scripting so that he can walk in map

and you nazi people have killed many people in the game, right?

Haha, taste your own medicine

i don’t know the phrase is right or wrong

but masao will f***

so i said that i made shiro for a special task

why is he looking like Rabbit

anyways, so we made the shiro to find the masao

as soon masao comes within shiro’s radius, shiro will go to him

and you just have to follow him

what happened

Shiro got shotted

hay you creepy bald, coward nerd, you killed shiro!

shiro got killed!!

how nice is your bald!


bald bald, huttt

so guys shiro and masao are also done, and the game is almost ready

just a little more work remaining

so first of all i have increased the offers of agent zaemon

and in new offers, i have given offers to find weapons directly

because lots of people are smart enough that they don’t know is the first weapon is behind shinchan’s house

but still they will not the weapons that easily

Look at the price

and the Grand offer was kind of useless so i made some changes to it

so now there are 50% chances to get coins doubled, and 50% chances to get froud

and since we have some weak player, that they can’t even complete the game

so only for those we have spacial offer, finish the game in 5 seconds

grabbed the offer

and the game is finished


so now the game is completed but just a 1 thing remaining that most of the people asked for

Save system, which is really is to make

yeah yeah will add now

get clicked

get pressed

why it’s not working

guys wait it will work


who the hell are you

other – your limit

so guys, after writing the f***ing book

the save system has been initialized in our game

and now if you exit the game, the game will start from the last mission you left of

Okay so everything is done!

and i have update the game on the same link

so you guys can download it from old links too

And yeahahah we have just completed our 100k subs, Yey Noice

we are finally 100k fools! (no offense)

ok so we will do QnA in the next video

and if you want to participate int he QnA, so join our discord server

at there you will find a channel named qna

at there you can simply ask your question by using – qna – your question

and i will answer the most liked questions in the video

and if you don’t want to participate but still join it!

and yes guys one more important thing

if you want to support me and want me to make videos faster

so you can take our membership, so that i will also get some help

although you all support me i know

and you will gate some extra perks in the membership so make sure to check that our

and guys it’s enough for this video, we will meet again in next video asap, Bye!

oh no i forget to tell you one thing

You will die fool!

hahahh, no offense