Introduction to the 30 most interesting computer games in 2022

11.01.2023 0 By admin

[Narrator] 2022 gave us
tons of great new games

to play on PC.

We’ve got a list of
some really great ones,

30 or so in fact.

So let’s get started off with number 30

and talk about Scorn.

Scorn is a weird one,

but compared to any
other game on this list,

it actually feels the most
like an old-school PC game.

This is more of a puzzle, Myst-style game

more than a first-person
shooter or anything like that.

It was kind of marketed as such,

but essentially what this is,

is a slow-paced, slow
burn, artsy experience

where you’re trying to navigate

through this weird, grotesque world

with a really unique
and inspired art style.

The game is definitely a
little busted, a little obtuse

and hard to crack if you’re
not into these types of games.

It is definitely not one for everybody

and I think us here at Gameranx,

we tend to like it more
than a lot of other people.

But it’s a short and strange experience

and if you like something
weird and different

but you can put up with some frustrations,

we still recommend checking it out

because the nastiness

like just how drippy and
wet and spooky everything is

about this game world,

is still worth experiencing.

Next, over at number 29,

we have Stray, the cat game

from newcomer indie developers BlueTwelve.

This is a pretty linear,
straightforward adventure

where you play as a cat in a sci-fi world.

You’re navigating your way

through Cyberpunk-stylized city,

inhabited only by robots,

just trying to get outta here

and figure out what’s going on

and reunite with your cat buddies.

It’s kind of like a lonely,
meditative experience.

It’s very simple gameplay-wise,

but it’s got some incredible moments,

some cool set-pieces
and just a lot of charm.

I’ve said it before,

but this is kind of like
lo-fi beats the video game

and if you get what I mean by that,

this game might be for you.

Next, over at number 28,

we have Ghostwire: Tokyo.

This is from the people
behind The Evil Within,

but they went in a different
direction this time around

in an open-world Tokyo,
first-person shooter.

But you’re not using guns,

you’re using magical spells

that you’re casting from your hands,

kind of Dr. Strange-style.

And it’s a very unique game

with a really, really cool spin

on traditional Japanese horror monsters,

based on mythology and old tales

and it really works in that sense.

The game essentially is structured

kind of like a Yakuza game

where you wander around a Japanese city

and talk to ghosts and get
random side-quests and do stuff.

Some of the open-world exploration stuff,

feels kind of like filler.

But there’s a lot of fun to be had

with just some of the writing

and some really well-done moments.

Really, if anything, the
game is just really unique

in terms of the angle
of horror it represents.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number
27, we have God of War.

The 2018 PS4 game has
finally made its way to PC

and people have been having
a blast with it this year.

It’s a really cool game

that gives a new spin

on the classic God of War Kratos’ stuff

with a bit more emotion behind the tale

and just some cool ax-throwing combat.

At this point, if you
haven’t experienced the game,

on PC, it’s a good opportunity to do so,

because it runs pretty well

and there are a ton of goofy mods for it

if you want to mess around.

This game absolutely rules.

It was our favorite game the
year it released back in 2018

and it still holds up today and
is still worth playing, man.

Next, over at number 26,

we have Total War: Warhammer III.

This is the third in the Total War trilogy

from Creative Assembly.

And once again,

is it a big old RTS game.

You’re building armies,
you’re using more classes

and it’s centered around
the Realm of Chaos.

It features multiplayer once
again and bigger battles

and like all the other games

that Creative Assembly puts out

and specifically the Total War ones,

expect a bunch more DLC and
support in the coming years.

This game is going to become
much bigger than it already is.

If strategy of any kind is your bag,

you’ve probably already played

at least one Total War: Warhammer game.

But if you haven’t yet,

now is a good time to get in.

Because this one has been
going strong since February.

Next, over at number 25,

we have Entropy: Zero 2.

Now the original Entropy
wasn’t the best-received.

But Entropy: Zero 2 is an awesome sequel.

This is probably one of the
better Half-Life fan mods,

you can get.

You play as combined soldiers

and there’s a story, there’s voice-acting

and the whole nine yards.

Valve game fans are killing
it these last few years.

Valve isn’t gonna make games
in the Half-Life universe

other than the Half-life:
Alyx, which is great.

The fans have been doing it for us.

They’ve been giving us more stuff really

and Entropy: Zero 2 is a
really good example of that.

(dramatic music)

Next, over at number 24,

we have LEGO Star Wars:
The Skywalker Saga.

They’ve done it.

The crazy bastards managed

to cram every single
mainline Star Wars movie

into one LEGO game

and it’s really cool to see new spins

on the classic LEGO Star Wars games

and the new movies represented as well,

love them or hate them.

But still,

what they did here,

is essentially make a bigger
and better LEGO Star Wars game

with more compelling combat,
better shooting, more puzzles

and more things to do.

There’s a bunch of emphasis

on open-world and
vehicle-exploration in this

and it is a lot.

This is an absolutely massive game

that is a huge love letter

to the original LEGO Star Wars games

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that so many people loved

and also just a love letter to Star Wars

and we gotta love it for that.

(dramatic music)

Next, over at number 23,

we have MultiVersus.

This is the free-to-play Warner Brothers,

Super Smash Brothers clone

that actually turned
out to be pretty good.

It’s got some compelling combat

and some really cool characters.

You can play as Tom and Jerry

and fight Batman and Shaggy
from Scooby Doo if you want.

And the game is still growing today

with more characters being added.

I’m curious to see how
long this one will last

but so far it seems like
people have been digging it.

We certainly have,

just as kind of a change of pace

and hopefully they just keep
adding more DC characters.

‘Cause personally that’s
what I’m in it for,

but yeah.

Next, over at number 22,

we have Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Now this released in
the beginning of 2022,

but if you haven’t played it yet,

it’s a pretty damn good game.

I’m still not sure if it
really topped the original.

The original Dying Light with all the DLC,

is something absolutely incredible.

But Dying Light 2 is
still a fun playthrough

with some really cool environments,

some compelling enemy
encounters and quests

and of course, just really fun parkour.

The exploration,

just because of the vibe
and atmosphere here,

is really fun.

And if you’re just looking for
a bunch of zombies to kill,

I’d say this is probably your
best bet on PC this year.

Now over at number 21,
we have Sonic Frontiers,

the divisive Sonic game

where if you’re a hardcore fan,

you probably love it

and if you’re a casual
fan, you probably don’t.

For us here at Gameranx,

we lean on the side that we like it.

It definitely has flaws

and there’s a bunch of stuff

we think could have
turned out so much better,

some stuff we wish still had some love.

But as an open-world 3D
Sonic adventure game,

it’s a promising start

to hopefully a bright
new future of Sonic games

where they’re figuring
out open world exploration

and movement and combat.

I’m still waiting for
a sequel to Sonic Mania

but at least in the realm of 3D Sonic,

we have Frontiers now.

And with some PC mods,

it’s even more fun to play.

Now over at number 20,

we have Crisis Core: Final
Fantasy VII: Reunion.

This is a loving recreation

of the classic Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

with a dash of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

That being said,

it still feels very much
like a handheld game still.

But so many people love this
original game for a reason.

So now is a good time to check it out

if you never got on that
train in the first place.

That story, the characters,

some of the emotion and some
of the vibe is quite different

than what you’d expect

if you’ve only experienced
Final Fantasy VII.

But it is still really worth it.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number 19,

we have Grounded.

This is Obsidian’s multiplayer,
survival adventure game

that’s kind of like
“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”

where you play as a bunch of
shrunken-down survivor kids,

trying to live in the grass and avoid bugs

and it’s really become a big thing.

It’s actually one of the
most played games on Xbox

for a while now.

It seems like people have been
downloading it and loving it.

And this year,

it hit its 1.0 release

and it is stronger than ever.

(upbeat music)

Now over at number 18,

we have Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

This is a strange one.

It’s a Marvel game by Firaxis

but it’s not necessarily just XCOM

With Marvel characters.

It’s a bit different.

The strategy combat is actually
based around a card system

and it’s pretty accessible
and fun to engage

with really stylish over-the-top attacks.

But a lot of the game is focused

around story and characters.

You’re wandering around with
your player-created character,

talking and building up relationships

with random Marvel characters.

It’s a bit awkward,

it’s a little fan-fictiony and cringey,

but also charming.

You’re either gonna fall
one way or the other.

So maybe watch some
more videos on this one.

It’s a bit divisive,

but it is at the very
least, worth considering.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number 17,

we have A Plague Tale: Requiem

which is a sequel to A
Plague Tale: Innocence,

one of our favorite games.

This sequel basically picks up

right where the last one left off.

You are a brother and sister duo,

journeying through a
plague-ridden medieval world

where swarms of rats can
take down entire cities

and you’re just trying to make
sense of it all and survive.

It is an emotional, cinematic tale

with some really cool action moments

and fun stealth gameplay and we love it.

If you like linear,
single-player adventure games

with story and awesome
moments and some fun gameplay,

it’s a pretty easy, no-BS recommendation.

Next, over at number 16,

we have Cult of the Lamb.

Ooh, man!

This is a great combination

of an animal-crossing-style,
town-builder game

with a dungeon crawler.

So it’s really, really fun
and addictive straight up.

You’re just a cutesy, little sheep

and you’re building up a demonic cult.

And to do that,

you need to recruit followers

and basically brainwash
them to do your bidding

and then you need to go into
dungeons and fight bosses

and get loot and bring it
back to your little cult town.

It’s got fun combat,

it’s got a lot of good jokes and goofs

and some really good music

and it’s honestly one of
the most underrated games

of the year.

Now over at number 15,

we have Rollerdrome.

This is a short, sweet, simple game

that’s essentially what if we
took Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

and combined it with Max Payne-style,

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third-person action shooting.

And what you get here,

is an incredibly fun and challenging game

where you do tricks in the
air to refill your ammo,

you grind, you flip, you
do all kinds of stuff

and while you can’t
technically fall in this game,

it’s still challenging because
enemies are crack-shots

and you need to move quick

and it is just a really
satisfying and fun gameplay loop.

If you’re a big fan of
these types of genres

which I personally am,

it’s like one of my
favorite games of the year,

we can’t recommend it enough.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number 14,

we have The Planet Crafter.

This is an open-world, survival game

but with a planetary, spacefaring spin.

It’s all about terraforming.

You’re doing the survival stuff,

you’re collecting stuff,
you’re getting loot,

you’re building up your bases,

but you’re also managing the ecosystems

and worrying about creating healthy,

sustainable environments,

atmospheres for you to live and thrive in.

This one is released in the spring

and people are absolutely loving it.

If you’re a survival game fan on PC,

this one’s got a good spin to it.

Next, over at number 13,

we have Teardown.

This is a like fully
destructible voxel-style game

that we’ve talked about for a while now,

but now it’s got its full release

and it’s really fun to play,

thanks to a variety of different modes

and things to keep you busy.

The graphics and just the technology,

the physics and stuff going
on behind the scenes here,

are really, really impressive of course,

but also just oddly
satisfying to experience

like with a controller or
with a mouse and keyboard.

If you played this back when
it was just like an experiment,

there’s much more to keep you busy now.

It is very cool.

We can’t recommend Teardown enough,

especially if you got the
PC to really back it up.

(dramatic music)

Next, over at number 12, we have Sifu.

This action-combat game
is incredibly challenging

and a ton of fun.

It is super rewarding to
see through to the end,

because every enemy encounter,

every moment is cinematic, stylized,

but also really fun to play.

By now you’ve probably heard
about the aging mechanic

where every time you die,

your character gets a little bit older

and the trade-offs that come with that.

That stuff is really awesome,

but it’s the moment-to-moment punches,

the kicks, the hits, the finishers,

the using the environment
to your advantage

that makes this game like a
fun, little challenging puzzle

to slowly figure out and
unlock and really perfect.

And with that,

I think I’ll say that I think
Sifu is a near-perfect game,

especially with a bunch of
cool new updates and additions.

You should definitely check it out.

(upbeat music)

Now over at number 11, we
have Metal: Hellsinger.

Hey, have you played Doom

and thought, “Yeah, this
music’s really great.

But what if I murdered things
to the beat of the music?”

Well, Metal: Hellsinger does that.

And while other games
have tried this concept,

Metal: Hellsinger does a really cool job

of bringing in real-world
musicians and vocalists

to make awesome shit.

And that’s a hell of a selling point,

especially if you’re a music fan

or a first-person-shooter fan.

Now over at number 10,

we have Warhammer 40K Darktide.

This is the newest shooter from the folks

that brought you
Vermintide and many others.

And what we have here is another
one of these style of games

where you and some friends
shoot some bad guys

and customize your characters
with a lot more options,

generally a lot more things to do,

set in the sci-fi world of
the Warhammer 40K Universe.

And it’s had some issues,
it’s had some server issues,

some connectivity issues and
some bugs and stuff at launch.

So while right now it
might not be the best,

most rock-solid experience,

it still is pretty cool
and the potential’s there

and we expect to see this
one pop off a lot more

in the coming months.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number nine,

changing gears completely,

we have Chained Echoes.

If you love SNES, JRPGs,

Chained Echoes is kind of like
a love letter to all that.

It’s a turn-based RPG with
rich characters and story.

It basically plays and feels
a lot like you’d expect,

but with a new coat of paint

and some interesting new characters

and a new world and it’s
between 30 and 40 hours.

It’s got some character
building up and customization,

some JRPG stuff you’d expect
and it’s a lot of fun.

From the music to the gorgeous pixel art,

they just really got
this thing figured out.

Chained Echos is only
like 25 bucks on Steam

or something like that

and it is definitely worth it.

Next, over at number eight,

we have Cuphead in the
Delicious Last Course DLC.

This gives you a ton of new bosses

and a whole new area and
new playable character

to add on to the Cuphead experience

and it’s really good.


you’re gonna get some of
the best boss battles here,

compared to the base game.

They really, really topped
themselves with this one.

It’s a good amount of
content for a low price

and if you loved Cuphead
and you love that challenge,

you get a lot more of it here

and we definitely recommend it.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number seven,

we have Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Spider-Man got full PC release this year

and it is great

to see PC fans finally
embrace the Spider-Man love

from Miles in an open-world New York City

in the winter around Christmas time

to Spider-Man going
through a very traditional,

comic-book-oriented Spider-Man story.

These games are a ton of fun

with a lot of really action-packed moments

that really just get what
Spider-Man comics are about.

Open-world swinging is
fun, combat is satisfying,

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the open-world stuff is okay.

But generally the story, the experience,

the action set-piece moments
are worth experiencing

and the game is absolutely gorgeous.

So if you want to crank it up, you can.

(upbeat music)

Next, over at number six,

Persona 5 Royal is on PC now

and Personas are finally
having a big thing on PC

and it is great to see.

Persona 5 is an absolutely massive JRPG

with incredible music, wild characters,

weird moments, good combat

and it’s already being considered one

of the all-time greats.

If you haven’t touched it by now,

now is definitely the time.

Considering it’s on more platforms,

finally it’s a good time,

probably the best time
to be a Persona fan.

Next, over at number five,

the PlayStation hits keep coming to PC

with Uncharted: The Legacy
of Thieves Collection.

This is a gathering of Uncharted 4

and Uncharted: Lost Legacy,

which are both absolutely
incredible action-adventure games.

Nathan Drake, by this point,

you know him, you love him.

It’s kind of the end of
his tale with Uncharted 4.

It’s a big, crazy-long adventure.

And then Lost Legacy serves

as kind of a cool spinoff featuring Chloe.

That’s actually really good.

I don’t know what more we could say

about Uncharted at this point,

other than it’s on PC now.

Play it.

Now over at number four,

we have Monster Hunter Rise.

This game finally has made its way to PC

and if you’re into a more traditional,

monster hunter experience,

maybe if World wasn’t quite your jam,

Rise definitely delivers
with tons of monster slaying,

really good co-op opportunities

at a really satisfying and a cool world

and of course tons of loot and crafting.

It’s Monster Hunter.

They made another one but this
one’s really freaking good.

We loved it when it dropped on Switch

and we think for PC fans,

like we wouldn’t be including
it this high up on the list

if we didn’t think it was worth the wait.

Now switching gears completely

at number three,

we have Vampire Survivors.

This fun, little, cheap indie game,

will give you hours and hours
of addictive and fun gameplay.

I will warn you,

it is really, really addictive.

The hours will probably melt away.

While it’s kind of like an
inactive clicker-style game,

it’s still pretty satisfying

with how you navigate around
horde and hordes of enemies

and slowly become more and more powerful

until you become a wall of death

and just watch the numbers go up.

It’s also a love letter
to Castlevania-style games

with cool music and really good sprites.

There’s kind of like a
whole little subgenre

of this type of game now,

but Vampire Survivors is just so awesome.

It’s not gonna be for everybody,

but for the people it really clicks for,

it’s gonna like dangerously click.

Now down to number two,

in honor of some hardcore PC stuff,

we have Dwarf Fortress.

Now Dwarf Fortress is now on Steam.

There’s a whole Steam version

and it is an incredibly
in-depth and complex game

that was free to play

for a really, really long time

and now it’s on Steam and
people are really digging it.

It is overwhelmingly
positive for a good reason.

If you’re an old-school PC gamer

or even just like someone

who appreciates something
a little bit different

with some good depth,

Dwarf Fortress is absolutely wild.

It’s been featured in many places,

in museums just for how incredible it is.

It’s kind of been dubbed a living project

and it’s like a whole simulated world

that you can play near-endlessly.

Some people take this up
just as a complete hobby

and if you like 2D
games, old-school games,

building up fortresses and surviving

and just doing PC-gamer stuff,

I mean there’s not too much more to say,

Dwarf Fortress is for you.

(upbeat music)

Now down to number one,

of course, Elden Ring,

the biggest RPG of the
year is great on PC.

Like any good FromSoftware game on PC,

it has some issues,

some have been fixed.

But still regardless,

it is absolutely worth playing.

Elden Ring is absolutely massive

with tons of really fun
open-world exploration

and crushing dungeons

and boss battles that you come to expect

from these developers.

At this point we’ve talked it to death,

but we had to mention it here.

Now those are some games.

We also have some bonus
games worth recommending

that we couldn’t squeeze in,

including Tunic.

This adventure game is challenging

and satisfying and charming.

Also The Quarry,

the spiritual successor to
Until Dawn is really good

and lighthearted and action-packed.

Also, sniper Elite 5.

They made another one and it’s good.

You snipe bad guys.

Also Midnight Fight Express.

If you like top-down beat ’em
ups with some customization,

check it out!

Brotato, a indie top-down arena shooter

with a lot of goofiness to it.

And The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

The re-released Stanley Parable

with a ton of new content
is worth experiencing.

It’s worth diving in again,

trust us.

But those are 30 or so PC games
from 2022 that we recommend.

Of course,

we want to hear if you got your own list

down in the comments.

All we’re doing here
is recommending games,

so feel free to recommend some down there.

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