We’ve got some news to talk about regarding Wolverine for PSfive

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Today, we’ve got some news to talk about regarding Wolverine for PSfive.

These are some important updates that you guys do not want to miss out on.

Now, while Sony is about to go crazy with the marketing campaign for the upcoming Spider Man two that’s set to release sometime this fall but we have another Juggernaut Marvel-based game in development at Insomniac and there are millions of fans eager to learn more about it.

Announced in 2021, Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in the works and while Sony and Insomniac have barely said anything about it, we got some new details that have been leaked by some trusted industry insiders that has me even more hyped for Marvel’s Wolverine.

In this video, we’re going to be going over all of the news regarding Insomniac’s Wolverine including all of the news, leaks, and rumors for the upcoming game.

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Wolverine was announced in 2021 on the same day as Spider Man two and both games got pre-rendered trailers instead of anything involving real gameplay.

With Spiderman two set to come out later this year, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting news about Insomniac’s other project.

It’s believed that the Marvel’s Wolverine game was only green lit a few months before the trailer was revealed to the public so it’s likely been in development for almost two years at this point and since Spiderman two is probably going gold in the next few months, the team will have a lot more resources to spend on the project.

There hasn’t been any release window stated by Insomniac or Sony but a few days ago, a trusted industry insider dropped a ton of new intel on us and this is coming from none other than Jeff Grubb who you probably heard of by now especially if you follow gaming leaks and rumors well during a live stream on February second Grubb revealed a ton of information about the game some of which was later confirmed by other industry insiders but since Jeff Grubb is so close to the industry and has leaked many things accurately in the past specifically Metroide Primary Master that just got announced yesterday I feel inclined to take his statement seriously on their own so take all of this with a grain of salt just like all gaming leaks but know that this information is coming from a pretty trustworthy source and it’s got a much higher likelihood for truth than most other gaming leaks these days.

According to Jeff Grubb, Insomniac’s Wolverine is going for a hard rated R tone likely coming with a mature rating.

He also said that the game will be an origin story of sorts taking place before Wolverine meets X-Men while also doing its best to completely differentiate itself from the X-Men movies.

They want this new version of Wolverine to be completely unique probably similar to the way that they were able to make a completely new version of Spider Man and I’m totally okay with that.

In fact, I think that’s the best move that they could have made for this game’s concept.

Grubb also said that he heard two different release windows for the game.

Those being fall of 20 twenty-four and the other being an unspecified date sometime in twenty twenty-five.

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The game is being directed by the same creative heads who brought us Spiderman Miles Morales which I think is pretty good news since that game was a bit darker and more serious in tone than the 2018 Spiderman and obviously most fans are probably expecting the Wolverine game to have a more serious tone than Spidey especially if it’s going to be rated M.

In terms of gameplay, Grubb claims that will be similar to Godivor in the sense that it won’t be open world but rather have a bunch of open sections along a more linear story and frequent combat than an open world game.

The last thing Grub said about the game is that it’s in a very early development stage but Insomniac is dedicated to something truly special with cutting-edge game play and an emotional narrative.

The release day possibilities really stick out to me throughout all of this.

With Spiderman two coming out this fall according to the most recent reports.

It would be pretty insane for Insomniac to launch another triple A game just a year later.

Insider reports claim that Wolverine is going to be getting a similar budget to Spiderman so Insomniac isn’t pulling any punches.

Despite it not being another big open world game.

It’s also believed that Wolverine will be appealing to a largely different audience than the Spider-Man series due to the M rating.

Although at the end of the day I’m not sure how much that inframature sticker is going to divert some of the younger gamers from playing it.

With the modern gaming world being full of delays and pushbacks, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the game ends up releasing sometime in twenty twenty-five.

Do Insomniac Games is sure about the product that they’re putting out plus Spider Man 2 will have a little extra time as the main focus in the case of there being possibly more DLC than the previous game but the fact that fall 20twenty-four is being considered as a release date seems to go against the notion that the game is still in early development so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which one ends up coming true because I personally could see both sides on one hand I would believe that the fall 20 twenty-fourdate since the game was announced almost two years at this point and that would still give it over three years of development but I other hand I could totally believe the 2025 released date especially for the sake of giving the team more time to polish the game and so that Insomniac and Sony can max out the Spider-Man two sales on the PlayStation five before inevitably porting it to PC.

Perhaps the best piece of news out of this was the fact that Insomniac was reportedly shooting for an M rating.

The last time Wolverine was able to truly lash out in a video game was X Men Origins on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which was pretty awesome but it had some fatal flaws like super simple level design and a number performance issues that kept it from being as awesome as it could have been.

By allowing Logan to have an M rating, it means we won’t get any tone down violence and we’ll get to see Wolverine’s clause in all of their bloody glory.

If Insomniac Games truly is going all in for the M rating, hopefully we get a dismemberment system like the classic God of War or God of War Ragnarok or maybe something like Ninja Guiden where the critical hits can slice an enemy’s limb or head off.

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Wolverine is a very violent character when he isn’t held back by a movie or a games rating and I’m super excited to hear that Insomnia isn’t scared to show that off.

Now, in terms of the gameplay, Grub said it would be linear but still open-ended kind of like Ottawa Ragdarok which I think is a great idea.

Up to this point, it’s been kind of unclear what kind of game play we would be getting for Marvel’s Wolverine and while Insomniac is known for their open-world games nowadays, I think most of us will agree that Logan just isn’t the character that would fit an open world setting very well.

Unlike Sunset Overdrive or Spiderman, the main character of this game won’t have any kind of movement-based abilities or superpowers.

Meaning, he wouldn’t be able to quickly get around the map unless he was in a vehicle.

I guess you could give him a motorcycle but at the end of the day, that’s not what most people want from a game star in Wolverine.

So, with that being said, a more God of War style approach to the level design seems like a perfect middle ground.

This way, we’ll still be getting into combat more frequently but also won’t have too much downtime going from place to place.

A good comic book game will have plenty of combat and plenty of secret hunting but if we’re not getting a true open world game which is a good move, then I think something more akin to God of War is a great choice.

Plus, having a more combat focus game in an em rating Wolverine game sounds perfectly fine to me.

Spider Man was a great game but it was just as much about the movement and traversal as it was the combat which is why the open world game design works so well.

Wolverine on the other hand needs something a little bit more down to earth and focused on the action so cutting out the traversal sounds like a good move especially if we get to keep the treasure hunting and Easter eggs that more open game designs allow.

One thing that I think is interesting is the relationship between Wolverine and Spider Man.

At least when it comes to the insomniac we haven’t gotten any official word on whether or not the games exist within the same universe but I would be pretty surprised if they didn’t the modern superhero world is all about shared universe is an expansive story lines so if Insomniac is working on a Wolverine game I think it’s only natural that it would take place in the same universe as the Spiderman games that said they’re likely going to have some weird parameters drawn since Insomniac Spider Man was recently confirmed to exist within the animated Spiderverse and since that movie is likely going to tie into the MCU does that mean that Insomniac’s Wolverine will indirectly be a part of the MCU.

I seriously doubt this is going to have a major impact on the storytelling but it’s an interesting little detail that may end up needing some explanation once Insomniac is closer to launching the game and also once the upcoming Spider Verse confirms the animated Spider Verse’s relationship to the Greater MCU but as far as the relationship between Insomniac Marvel games, I think there’s a 99% chance that Wolverine and Spidey will share a universe.

I don’t know just how much these stories will interact with each other but they will almost certainly share the same world and there will likely be a handful of Easter eggs in the Wolverine game and the upcoming Spider Man two that reference the two characters and make it clear that they could possibly cross paths in the future perhaps in an Insomniac Avengers game so when are we going to get to see this game again when are we going to get the next trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine and possibly even some game play.

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Despite Wolverine being announced at the same time as Spider Man two, I have my doubts to whether or not we will see another trailer before Spiderman’s next adventure comes out.

Insomniac and Sonia are about to go crazy with the marketing campaign for Spider Man two and I don’t think they want to potentially cannibalize their own sales by showing off more Wolverine stuff too early especially since Wolverine likely isn’t going to be on the same level as success as Spider Man Spidey is one of the most famous superheroes of all time and his game is rated T for teen allowing kids to basically of all ages to enjoy it Wolverine on the other hand isn’t quite as famous and the M rating will likely come with some sales restrictions.

So the marketing campaign for Logan’s game likely won’t be as aggressive or extravagant as Spiderman’s.

If you ask I think we’re going to be getting some type of Wolverine gameplay and trailers at the end of 2023 maybe at the Game Awards or perhaps at a middle or year-end PlayStation showcase but if I were you, I wouldn’t expect to see any Marvel’s Wolverine trailers or gameplay until a few months after Spider Man two launches and since that game is likely going to be coming out this fall sometime in September or October.

After that, I’m sure it’s going to be a fair time to be on the lookout for Logan.

Overall, I’m super excited for this game.

Wolverine is one of my favorite characters and Insomniac is the perfect company to bring him into the the video games in a bigger way.

Obviously, Wolverine has appeared in a number of video games throughout the years but it’s been a long time since he was done justice and honestly, I think the only time that he’s ever been truly done right in a video game was that X-Men Origins game that released on the Xbox 360, but Insomniac are obviously extremely passionate about the Marvel Universe and if all of the recent leaks are to be believed, they’re going to be going all out with bringing Logan to the triple A gaming world in a big way and I’m personally excited for that.

So, don’t expect any official Wolverine new until after Spider Man two comes out but once November or December rolls around I think that’s when we will likely hear something new maybe we’re going to get something during a June PlayStation showcase for around Ethree’s time but only really time will tell let me know if you’re excited about all this news down in the comment section subscribe to the channel with your notifications turned on so you don’t miss out on any update videos also don’t forget to enter the 100, 000 subscriber PS5 giveaway thank you all for watching this has been Wes and I will talk to you guys in the next video