10 Best Games like Heroes of Might & Magic

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let’s start with Age of Wonders 3 This franchise along with the Heroes of Might and Magic is one of the most beloved among turn-based strategy fans. Here you can choose one out of 6 classes and try to conquer and enslave the other 5. That won’t be easy! Except if you play on easy, then it will be easy.
Here you will find many unique and well known skills and monsters, multiplayer mode, many races to choose your allies from, also Level Editing tools and countless unique scenarios you will make by yourself using random map generator. Although I must say that Age of Wonders is fun to play, but it doesn’t feel very balanced. The game emphasizes warfare and exploration but doesn’t give you enough resources to actually do these things without waiting forever. You know that feeling in Heroes games where you just wanted to buy a black dragon, but you had no money, so you skipped several turns so you could finally afford it. But then Monday came, the population grew and you felt short with your money again.
Age of Wonders invokes the same feeling over and over again.
Still a wonder-ful game.
SpellForce: Conquest of Eo This is a really fresh and original take on games like Heroes. Conquest of Eo was released this year, it’s a new title, so many of you may have missed it.
That’s why THQ Nordic decided to sponsor this video, so I could tell you about the game a bit more. There is no trick, at the moment of creating this video Conquest of Eo had a very positive review score on Steam, so it’s a good game and really deserves to be on this list.
The title itself is a spin-off from the famous RTS-RPG SpellForce games – and this time it’s turn-based strategy RPG with 4X elements similar to Heroes of Might and Magic. You know, when you have a rich lore, you can start experimenting. What will we get next? SpellForce racing game? First person shooter? You know, I would play these.
Also, yes, in Conquest of Eo you will have your town, or as they call it here – a Tower where you can research various skills and abilities and other goodies – you have a huge map to explore and turn based battles with various monsters. The Heroes formula is here and it’s working very nicely.
You will choose one out of 3 unique classes, or you can create your own custom mage and send armies on countless quests. Or, you know, conquests, pun intended.
All three classes plays differently: for example if you chose Artificer as your leader, you may create powerful artifacts that make your army stronger, but if you play as a Necromancer then you, instead of various glyphs, can raise an army of undead warriors and conquer the land with swarms of low cost units.
That makes your army weaker, but you can breed it quicker. That really changes the gameplay and your tactics in general.
Also here you will research various spells that you can use on the surface map. For example you can corrode the armor of an adversary before you attack or do less damaging acts, like revealing places with the best potato salad. Uh, I mean gold.
And the more you play it – the more addictive it gets, because everything you want to do, takes a few turns to get. So you want to spend more turns to get things.
For example if you want to buy units – it takes 4 turns for them to breed a new spawn, if you want to research a new spell – you have to wait a few turns. If you want to harvest some magic flowers – you have to wait as well. So every turn you place new orders and then, every turn as well, you get some very nice stuff you ordered before. In this way every new turn is like a birthday to you – you can place new orders, you know, like in the Amazon store, and then you get some presents that have finally arrived. So before playing – check if you have a lot of free time, you may need it more than ever. Wartales
Here it has been a hundred years since the world saw the fall of the once great Edoran Empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague that swept the nation.
So, prepare to lead a group of characters in a huge open world where combat, death and a thirst for riches will shape and define your day to day life. You are not a special chosen one ushering in a new era of peace. Nah. Your goal is solely to survive… well, and thrive in this harsh and hostile land. You can recruit from the vast array of new companions with numerous unique skill sets and weapon preferences resulting in a plethora of possible builds. You will accept contracts that will take you on a task to defend, liberate and save the many inhabitants of the land… for money. You are not a hero, remember? Also you will be able to collect bounties! From the most insignificant petty thieves to the land’s most notorious figures, there’s no such thing as a profit too small to take.
Very wise words, probably many times spoken by Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Urtuk: The Desolation
This is a dark fantasy tactical turn-based RPG. Here you will guide your band of adventurers through the ruins of an ancient world in order to bring… you know, bring your own order and punish all the rest. You will recruit new followers, loot the corpses of your fallen foes, and do your best to survive in this harsh and unforgiving realm. Here you will find a procedurally generated survival campaign, will extract upgrades directly from your fallen enemies and enjoy detailed hand drawn characters. At the moment of writing this overview the game had 90% of positive reviews on Steam, so in my opinion – incredibly high score.
People are talking that Urtuk has a very nice variety of units, entertaining synergies and is light on the story in a good way. Songs of Conquest
For everyone who hopes this game to be another Heroes of Might and Magic 3 I have good news – this actually is another Heroes of Might and Magic game! Literally. It’s an honest clone made in pixel art style. When I played it I had the feeling that if you gave the same task of “pls make Heroes 3” to two different teams, then Songs of Conquest could be the alternative pixel-art Heroes 3 we never had. Until now. So… Is it a modern game filled with novelties and originality? No. Is it a nostalgic, really beautiful alternative Heroes 3 game we actually want? Yes it is. Although if you are allergic to pixels – it’s not for you. Avoid.
You know, even if you like the art style, like I do, sometimes you want to zoom in, so you could look at the creatures, at their features, but then you realize that you just zoomed in on a bunch of colored squares and you can’t even tell where the head or it’s butt is anymore. Also Songs of Conquest have no town screens – I think it’s the biggest flaw. I want my town screens, I can’t do anything about that. But in general – this is a great game. Endless Legend
Here you will evolve your civilization through discovery and new advanced technologies. You will keep one step ahead of the other eight civilizations by trade and diplomacy. Or eradicate your puny enemies with the help of unit equipment, abilities and the terrain to overcome the challenges using your humongous IQ. Game has quite high replayability because of randomly generated worlds and quests. You can set the size, shape and topography of your new world and even create new civilizations. Also all existing ones really differ from one another and have authentic mechanics.
By the way, Endless Legend is not computer power hungry, it runs quite smoothly even if you have a potato PC that is below minimum requirements. People on Steam are saying that Endless Legend is a wonderful game with great atmosphere, lore and mechanics. But it also eats your time in huge amounts. So be sure you have it. King’s Bounty: The Legend Some of you don’t even realize that everyone’s favorite Heroes of Might and Magic game was based on King’s Bounty released in 1990. Yeah, like literally King’s Bounty was first. Second part of King’s Bounty named The Legend was released by a different company in 2008 and it was an instant hit.
Game is a proud owner of very positive reviews on Steam and I can confirm that – it is a really nice game to play for a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic. Gameplay, as we are used to, is divided into two sections: adventure mode and battle mode. Combat takes place on land or sea, in dungeons, castles or even in some items! Also keep in mind that King’s Bounty has a lot of expansions and stand alone DLCs released, so it may be a bit hurtful on your wallet. But there is nothing a good old Steam sale can’t fix, right?
Sadly the second part of the game – King’s Bounty 2 was a massive let down, and I would rather recommend playing some older game than buying it.
Age of Wonders: Planetfall Emerge from the cosmic dark age of a fallen galactic empire to build a new future for your people. Or you know, ruin everything even more.
Here you will build your kingdom with one of six unique factions, ranging from the militant Vanguard to the dinosaur-riding Amazons, cyborg-zombies and unicorn-racoon-kittens of Despair.
Well, maybe not the latter, but I assure you that the diversity of units is really nice.
Here you will progress through each faction’s missions using your wits, military strength and diplomacy. Explore planetary ruins and encounter other survivors as you unravel the history of a shattered civilization. Game has a nice single player campaign and random skirmish maps. You can play the game alone or dive into multiplayer battles and feel the shame of defeat. Eador: Imperium
So let me start with the fact that there is one older part of the game, Eador Genesis, that has a slightly better review score, but it’s a way older game as well, so I decided to speak about Imperium instead which has about 80% of positive reviews score on Steam. So here you will be in charge of the intertwined lives of several characters. A young wizard pursuing his revenge against the fanatics who have ruined his life.
A barbarian priestess searching for a higher purpose for her people.
A mercenary facing the abyss about to consume his home or a governor appointed to rule over a defiant province in times of great crisis.
So, we have very different characters and only one overarching story. And because of that the campaign is really fun and interesting to play. Not so great is that for some people the game constantly crashes.
Almost all the bad reviews left on Steam are pointing at crashing.
So, don’t you dare to buy this game for the full price. It’s not a roulette you want to play, believe me.
Although on sale the price may drop up to 70% and that’s the price you may want to risk buying this game for. Disciples: Liberation Let me start with the fact that the best Disciples games are the first two titles. But they are very old and, honestly, very well known, so let me speak about Liberation instead.
And what about Disciples 3? Well, it’s not what you want to play. Honestly it’s probably the most beautiful one, but the gameplay is kinda bad and you should feel bad for even asking. Oh, OK, I’m sorry.
Yah, you should be. So Liberation is actually Disciples 4, and it is a mature, dark fantasy strategy RPG. As I always say, if Disciples and Heroes franchises were humans, Heroes would be this kid with blonde hair and loose shirt decorated with palm trees all over it and Disciples would be his goth brother sacrificing black goats to Satan.
So which one of these guys would you want to be friends with? Of course with goth, way cooler kid, although struggling in life, just like Disciples Liberation struggles with Mostly positive review score it has. But keep in mind that bad reviews are mostly given by players who live in the past, with nostalgia for Disciples 2, a game that was released 20 years ago. Yes, Disciples 2 is a wonderful game, I wish someone would remaster it.
But I can only imagine how hard it would be for a person like that to live every day life. “Oh man, these new movies are not as good as they were when I was a teenager”
“Yeah, 20 years ago computer games had a soul and today it’s just pure commerce”
“MTV was a real channel back then” “Young people forgot how to keep real conversation” “Back in my days…”
“This generation is lost, the earth is doomed” Oh shut up! If you recognize yourself, then geez man, life is hell for you. Nostalgia is like smoking – quit now, while you still can.
So in these brand new amazing Disciples you will get an 80+ hour single-player campaign and can experience a dark fantasy story with more than 270 quests and objectives, and five unique endings to unlock. That is as modern as it can get. And if you are still struggling with the decision – you can download and play the Demo version on Steam absolutely free. So again, check out SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – the sponsor and newest game on this list and I will see you next time. Have a nice day, bye!

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