Experience of playing video game Minecraft for 10 years

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I’ve been playing Minecraft for over ten years

and it still surprises me

and I learn things every single time I play.

Here’s what I’ve recently found out

about Minecraft.

I was recently taught about

this super fast speed trick

where you can run so fast!!!


It’s amazing!

And don’t worry, I’m gonna explain exactly

what just happened.

So here’s what you need:

an elytra,

a pair of boots with Depth Strider III

and Soul Speed III

and dolphins.

And with a set-up like this

you too can go the speed of light.

You put a dolphin above soul sand

to keep it alive

and then water on top of slabs

and all you got to do is activate your elytra,

hold down control and get dolphin’s grace

and off you gooo!


Of course it does run out

after seven seconds.

However, if you top up this system

with regular dolphins,

you can make this last pretty indefinitely.

And if you don’t want to run,

you can always remove these

and just get stuck in swim mode,

you can go so fast!!

Yeah, I hit the end of the road.

You could technically go indefinitely.

Thank you for Etho for teaching me this one.

And here’s a very funny clip

of the very first time

Etho showed me this trick

and just how excited I was.

[GRIAN] Woohooo! Ahhaaahhaaa!!


[ETHO] You need ehm…

[GRIAN] Ahh!

[ETHO] You just need Depth Strider.

[GRIAN] Aaahhh woohooohooo!

[ETHO laughs]

[SCAR] Okay, what do you do?

[ETHO] I think you got it?

[SCAR] Ooohh aaahh haa haa haa!

[GRIAN] Waaahh!

I made the best noises there.

I’m disappointed, Cub,

in your R2-D2 game

[ETHO] That’s what it is!
You sounded just like R2-D2.

[GRIAN] Now this next one,

I haven’t even tested.

I don’t know if this is true,

so this is part myth busting,

part “I found this out”.

So apparently for some reason,

turtles drop a very weird thing

when they’re killed by lightning.

So if I summon some lightning bolts…


Apparently you’ve really got to try a few times

to make this work, I’ve just-

I would just embarrass myself

by thinking that this doesn’t work

but maybe…

Just maybe…

There it is!

Why is this a feature?

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This is made of wood!

It says-

Oh no, it doesn’t say wooden bowl.

It just says bowl.

So either,

your shell is meant to be made of wood

or one of you guys
have been eating some mushroom stew.

This is a real feature, by the way.

This is working as intended.

This blew my mind

when I was taught this.

As you can tell a conversation with Etho

unravels a whole bunch of Minecraft weirdness

including redstone ore

which if you can get some XP to sit on top off,

as you can see,

creates an incredible amount-

Oh my goodness!

– of animation particles.

Now for some reason,

the XP activates the redstone ore’s effect

multiple times over and over again

and this increases
with the amount of XP that you throw.

So use this knowledge

very carefully

because I believe you can probably make a client

very, very laggy.

Of course the XP won’t last forever.

Oh man, it looks like it’s on fire

but as soon as it comes off,

the effect is lost.

It’s been a feature for awhile now

that you can crawl into a one high space.

Hi there.

And it’s also well known that you cannot

go into a half a block high space

even if I try to crawl in this way.

However, there are a few tricks

that can be employed.

For some reason you can fly in between two beds.

So technically this sort of bunk bed is possible.

But it is actually possible

to squeeze into a half a block space

by using snow blocks.

By flying in here, you can crawl in

a half a block space.

However I cannot

go any further.

It only works with snow blocks

but as you can see,

it’s on exactly the same level.

This just looks so weird.

This might be useful for hiding your base.

Speaking of snow, using leather boots

and a couple of powdered snow buckets,

you’re actually able
to do something quite strange.

You can scaffold

in the air

with no trace whatsoever

using powdered snow

because of your ability

to pick it up with a snow bucket.

The practical use of this is questionable

but you could use this as a clean way

to get up to your builds

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without creating much mess

because when you’re done,

you can just… fall to your death.

I recently learned that you can die

in the most ridiculous kinds of ways.

And this one tops the list

of things I definitely did not know.

All you need is a chestplate

that has thorns on it.

And as a lot of us already know

if you punch something wearing thorns

it hurts you back.

But did you know you can put this armour

on villagers

and if you punch them

you can die?

Grian was killed trying to hurt a villager.

As you might guess by the fact
that there’s an allay up there,

you can also do the same with them.

Why can’t I hurt you?

So apparently I can only punch

an allay when it’s not holding something.

As soon as I give it the armour,

I can no longer hurt it.

Now I don’t know a lot about allays

but I have just learned that this second.

That wasn’t meant to be what was in the video!

Hold on, I need to test something.

I’m on a second account.

Look how pretty I am.

And I’m wondering if I can…


It- You can do that.

So it turns out

as long as someone else gives the allay

the thorns item

then it works!

Now probably the most embarrassing thing

that you could ever die to I think in this game

is an inanimate object

like the armour stand.

Look at that!

Grian was killed trying to hurt armour stand.

I think I deserved that,

shouldn’t be punching armour stands.


I feel like this next technique

might be something that every single person knows

except me.

Here is an ocean monument

where you can get sponges.

Now normally you need to break through

or go and swim in and try
and get it with some milk

but Etho told me

you can do it with just TNT

and it doesn’t matter if you have mining fatigue

because all you got to do is light the TNT,

break some string underneath

and it actually damages

underneath the water.

The TNT sits inside-

Oh oh noooo!

We’ll try this again.
The TNT sits inside the sand

and not only does damage

but also breaks the blocks.

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So repeat this over and over again

and you can get yourself

access to that all important sponge.

Another thing that you may not know

and I recently found out

is that there was an entirely unused potion

called potion of luck.

It looked like this

and if you drink it,

it gives you green particles

and gives you this lovely lucky symbol.

This was never formally added to the game,

hence why we needed a command,

but what it’s supposed to do

is increase your luck

in chests although…

That doesn’t seem to work at all based on this.

In fact I’d say it’s almost the opposite.

But still, it’s something I learned.

Now I don’t want to pretend

that I’m an expert in Minecraft rabbits

but I did recently find out

that there is a killer bunny

that looks like-

Yeah it’s even named: The Killer Bunny.

I’m in creative mode so it can’t hurt me

but if I go into survival,

oh yeah, yeah he even made a noise.

No no noo! Noo!

And something else I’d learned

is that you can rename bunnies

to Toast to change the way that they look.

But of course if you rename the killer bunny,

he still goes for you!

I really wish

that this was in Vanilla Minecraft.

Many of us may have actually seen

a flying squid in their time in Minecraft

but I’ve just learned why.

And it’s been a conundrum for quite some time.

Now squids are one of the few mobs

that actually ignore
the effect of a bubble column

where it pushes you to the top like so.

You see? They don’t get pushed up.

However if we step out,

the game still thinks that they’re flying

and eventually we start
seeing something very strange.

There’s definitely some miscommunication

between the game’s code

and what we actually end up seeing.

Is there something you can teach me in Minecraft?

Go into the comments
and leave your obscure Minecraft facts

and if you feel like it,