Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s huge secret

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Welcome back to the channel and today, we’re going to talk about Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s huge secret.

With the release of every single new Zelda game, there comes with it a ton of mysteries to be solved and after the six-year-old development cycle for this game, that also seems to be the case.

To say that Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a ton of secrets to be solved is nothing short of an understatement.

So, in this video, we’re going to be doing just that.

We’re going to take the footage from the trailers in the marketing materials and we’re going to uncover the biggest secret with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

As a quick disclaimer, I will not be covering any of the information in the leak that happened with the artwork.

This is only going off of official sources via marketing material.

Any form of trailers and different images that were posted by Nintendo.

So if you guys have been trying to go off of just official information from a Nintendo and nothing too spoilery, then this is the perfect video for you.

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Cheers to the King has been in development for almost six years and its journey has been a little up and down.

There are some conflicting theories as to whether or not the game actually started development as a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild but we know for certain that a lot of the gameplay mechanics were born out of unused DLC ideas specifically for the previous game.

Now, apparently, the DLC and the works for Breath of the Wild was just too big and innovative to be released as an expansion for Breath of the Wild and the decision was made to turn them into a brand-new Zelda game.

At some point in development, be it immediately or a little ways after the production started, the decision was then made make the next Zelda game a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild which they most famously did with games like Akron at Time and Major’s Mask.

This weird approach of storytelling is kind of how we ended up getting the incredibly strange timeline of Zelda games and Breath of the Wild served as kind of a reset for everything thus far.

So, I guess it does make sense to directly continue it especially considering the fact that according to some theories, this game is actually set to completely loop the Zelda timeline.

So, not only would Zelda Tears of the Kingdom be a direct sequel for Breath of the Wild but it would also serve as a prequel to Skyward sword which would effectively loop the timeline hence the logo having the Zonai Dragons that are eating each other which is one of the reason the developers didn’t want to give away the title too early as the title is allegedly a teaser in itself now as I stated this is just a fan theory but what if I said that that wasn’t even the huge secret I’m talking about now to briefly set the stage one of the biggest criticisms I’m seeing with Tears of the Kingdom is that a lot of the marketing material we have seen only makes the game look like it’s a big expansion of Breath of the Wild rather than a whole new installment to the Zelda series thanks the recent Antenna Direct, we have a lot of new information to go off of regarding how the game play is going to be for the next game.

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Now, I’ll be talking about the theories regarding dungeons returning in tears of the kingdom as well as the underground being a massive element to Tears of the Kingdom as well as the Sky Islands but instead I’d like to talk about one gameplay feature that cannot only increase the longevity of this game but also fix or rather repair one of the biggest issues in Breath of the Wild and that is the weapon degradation system but what if I told you that Tears of the Kingdom is already looking to resolve that issue in the four of weapon crafting and weapon repairing.

Now, if you take a look at this shot on the trailer, you see that there’s multiple enemies that seem like they have weapon-like horns on their head.

Now, this could very well be just a coincidence but this seems way too consistent and deliberate to just be a stylistic choice.

Some enemies have an axe-shaped horn while others have spear-shaped horns.

We saw a samurai sword and just a regular sword so you kind of get the idea.

Now, there’s other shots in the trailer that shows a bocablin that’s mining for some precious materials which confirms two things.

One that there’s going to be farming materials in the game and two, we’re going to be able to use those materials to create different weapons.

Now, if this theory is correct, then, let’s say you take a bocablin and you kill it and instead of it dropping monster parts, it’s dropping weapon parts.

So, in tears of the kingdom, we’ll be able to defeat enemies and then, we’ll be able to use their horns as crafting resources to make weapons and tie that into the new crafting system.

This would not only keep the combat engaging but it would also keep it rewarding while also preventing you becoming overpowered too quickly.

Obviously, there’s going to be weapon degradation but this also confirms the fact that there’s going to be some sort of repairing system.

One of the central themes to tears of the kingdom is rebuilding something that’s broken.

Obviously, we have the Master Sword, rebuilding a calamity broken high rule as well as the entire Zelda timeline itself.

Now, if you look at the zone eye vehicle as well as the zone eye drone, you see a sort of sticking agent being used on various vehicles throughout the trailers and it’s very likely this same sticking agent could be what we use to make weapons out of enemy horns and loot drops.

There’s even a brief part of the trailer you see a sword being used as a shaft of an axe which kind of suggest that we’ll be able to stick things on the existing weapons to make brand new ones.

A lot of the metal items in the game seems to be corrupted by malice so when you mix that together with the sticking agent that’s been seen through the trailers as well as the various weapon-shaped horns on enemy’s heads.

It’s starting to look more and more like an elaborate weapon crafting system is upon us.

A recent article from Gamerant made somewhat of a strange comparison but it’s one I actually agree with.

From all of the early footage we’ve seen of vehicles and twos of the kingdom, it seems like crafting and creation system is going to be very similar to that of Banjo Kazoi nuts and bolts.

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Now, if you’re like me, you probably were wishing that you never have to think about that game again but to its credit, it featured a very elaborate vehicle creation system.

With the various crafting parts around Tiers of the Kingdom and the emphasis on creating your own tools and equipment pieces, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we get to make our own vehicles in a similar fashion to nuts and bolts.

So, not only are we getting a weapon crafting system but we’re also getting a vehicle crafting system as well.

So, from just the official marketing for Tears of the Kingdom to say that it’s still a DLC or an expansion is a massive slight to what Nintendo has created.

Now, this all leads me to my next topic.

While Tears of the Kingdom maybe used in the same art style as Breath of the Wild, the graphics have pretty clearly been overhauled and beefed up to represent a more next gen experience.

Breath of the Wild was already a gorgeous game but it was obviously held back a bit by the technical power of the Switch and the Wii U.

Granted the art style did a great job masking some of those technical shortcomings but now that the hardware has been out for a little bit and there’s a new model in the of the Switch OLED which to clarify is not an upgraded system, the screen just looks better in handheld mode.

Nintendo’s team is putting tons of hours in making sure Tears of the Kingdom is just as beautiful as any other open world game you want to play.

Judging by the early footage, draw distance seem to be increased from Breath of the Wild allowing you to see things much further away and reducing pop in.

Textures on trees and other pre-existing items also seem to be improved as just about everything that’s rolled over from Breath of the Wild, two Tiers of the Kingdom look sharper and crisper.

Now again, the Nintendo Switch isn’t the most powerful machine on the planet by a long shot but now that the game doesn’t have to run on the Wii U as well and the developers have had more time to experiment with the hardware even patenting a new graphical image processing system that is likely being used for tears of the kingdom a ton of graphical updates have been made to make the experience more immersive and while I’m comparing the technical aspects one major detail came out a few days ago that not a lot of people are talking about according to data miners on Reddit the exact file size for Tiers of the Kingdom has been confirmed and it’s currently weighing at eighteen 2 gigabytes.

This was later confirmed by UK Nintendo E shop that officially claimed you would need 18.

6 gigs of free space to download the news elder game compared to other triple A games like Call of Duty and Halo 18.

6 gigs is nothing but you have to remember that this is the switch we’re talking about.

Twitch games are generally a lot smaller than you would see on other platforms and for reference Breath of the Wild Weight in that 14.

7 gigs so Tears of the Kingdom is already making a pretty big jump.

So make sure you have close to 20 gigs of free space available on your Switch in May because Tiers Kingdom is going to be the biggest first party Nintendo game ever released.

So to continue saying that it’s just a big expansion for Breath of the Wild is just a slight Nintendo and everything that they’ve been working on for the past six years.

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Now I’d like to briefly talk about the biggest leak that happened with Tears of the Kingdom.

I’m not going to go over any of the spoilers but I want to just vaguely address it.

Now if you’re still skeptical about Tears of the Kingdom and you still think it’s a big expansion then I implore you check out the leak.

Scroll through a few pages and then after that tell me it’s a big expansion because you would be lying to yourself.

Nintendo’s worked on this game for 6 years, the development cycle was about the same time as Breath of the Wild and to say that it’s anything less than a new installment to the Zelda series is a slight to Nintendo as well as all the developers that have been spending their time working on this game.

Next up, I want to talk about a new pre-order bonus for Tiers of the Kingdom at GameStop.

Now, as time goes on and the release day gets closer, I’m sure we’re going to see a ton of preorder bonuses pop up from different retailers but buying the game from GameStop already kind of has an appeal.

By preordering any version of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom at GameStop, you’ll get an exclusive wooden plaque with a pretty carving on it.

I know it probably seems lame to get a piece of wood along with your Zelda Tears the Kingdom copy but it honestly looks like a prop straight out of the game itself with some really awesome markings and carvings.

If you’re a die-hard Zelda fan, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one especially if you’re a collector, I would recommend checking it out.

Now, if you’re not a fan of physical merchandise and copies of games, then your best bet is just to preorder it on the E shop like I’m doing.

So, what do you guys think about all this? Are you excited for Tears of the Kingdom or you just one of those nervous ones who doesn’t know if the game is going to be worth the hype? Personally, I will buy every product for Nintendo and have some blinders on when it comes to Zelda but I truly feel like Nintendo and the developers are going to knock this game out the park and the fact that there’s going to be vehicle crafting, weapon crafting, and just farming in general.

That is going to be an aspect of this game that I am super excited about but obviously, I’m going to reserve all final judgments until the game comes out and after I’ve tried it but I think it’s going to be absolutely amazing but yeah guys, that’s going to wrap it up with this video.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section.

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Thank you all for watching guys.

This has been Wes and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.