Dan doing a play through of the original slenderman game would be the dose of nostalgia we all want and need

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Last time on Game Grumps. Large pizza man in on right poster is pizza.

Oh pizza, large pizza man on right poster is pizza. Dan Avidan, 2022. Put it on my tombstone.

Hey I’m Grump, I’m not so Grump, and we’re the Game Grumps!

I’m about to pee in my own mouth pee in my own mouth aim it up and pee in my own mouth

Well, welcome back to spectator. If you put ice cubes in your mouth and you pee in your mouth it becomes cold pee

Let’s see what’s up with the new room today

We’ve still got two rooms to go. Well three I guess. Well yeah we got four actually. Do you want to do forest, paranormal house or factory? Forest sounds fun. Forest sounds fun.

Yeah, you know what, we never really done an outdoor one.

We never really done an outdoor one. Yabba dabba doo.

All right, oh

This isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. Oh jeez. All right quickly quickly. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah stop

Hey, what’s that sound? Oh man this forest sucks.

There’s a sign. There’s another sign. Okay. So chairs, chairs, chairs, door,

coffins, candles. Great. Taco Park. Taco Park? Yeah, sign, things, door,

Chair, window, door. What kind of forest is this? Okay, we went through the whole thing.

We got something new.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying like we spent too much time. Can we start over?

Actually, let’s start over and just just so we don’t waste like a full playthrough. Okay. Okay. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

I see bench, I see cars. Next. Car, yep. I see London, I see France. I see

trees, that little tree in the middle is tiny.

Just note that. Okay. Picture. We got bench bench, bench. Bench bench bench. Only three bench.

Boy, this is a tough one to wrap your head around. Yeah, there’s a lot of darkness. Taco Park.

I think it’s Taste Park. Okay. Well, we see what we want to see.

Okay, there’s something different already. We might want to start over a third time. Oh my god, dude. You’re like…

Well, just give ourselves like a fair shake. Okay.

Lamp. Uh-huh. Door open. Mm-hmm. Open windows. Yes. Bloody window. But that’s fine. Papers.

Two barrels.


Door, missing person. Planks. Planks on ground.

Planks, planks, planks, planks, planks.

Coffin. Coffin. One, two, three candles. One candle. Two candles.

What? Oh, that’s okay.

Extremely close-up grave.

Got it. Okay, benches.

Picture. Mm-hmm.


Who fucking cares if this forest is haunted? Oh, shovel. Just let it be haunted. That’s always been there. What? Yeah, that’s that’s been there.

Motherfudger, dawg. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, we got an anomaly to find now.

You beautiful man. Was there always a hole in the roof?

I don’t, I don’t know. Were there always those books on the left windowsill? These? Yes. I had no idea.

I know. Welcome to hell.

Uh. Taco Park? That is, I think, was there light coming out of that house? This? Yeah. Oh, okay.

Well, it’s very inviting. This might be new. I don’t remember this. Oh, yeah, it’s moving around.


Yeah, what’s with the overhead lighting in this forest? Something changed here. Oh.

Christmas. Maybe this one was light? Was that tombstone?

Oh, tombstone.

Yeah. Thanks. Yes, sir.

Salute the soldiers over here.

Oh. Tombstone gone. Excellent. You are a genius. No. Chairs knocked over blood. There’s some blood for you.

Nothing here.

Yeah, I get it. Do you think that the camera does that shaky thing? Because whoever made this didn’t feel like programming in the actual movement.


Like, you know, you can actually see stuff moving, and I’m on observation duty. Yeah.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Well, you don’t actually see stuff move here. You just see the camera go blip, and then it’s in the other spot.

Oh, right. Yes. I think, yes. Yeah.

Yes. Just checking. I agree with you.

Two benches? Give it a shot.


Help me. That’s new. Oh.

I would love to. More information, please. If you could come back and write a little poem.

Listen, if you can write help me, then you can write. Oh, dear. Tree small?

Tree small. Maybe tree small.

Taco Park is different. Taco Park is Slender Man now. Taco Man, yeah. He became Taco Man.

I’m not Taco Park anymore.

I don’t know if you got rid of the help me note. Did I not?

Nope. Oh, maybe it’s drawing, yeah.

I hate you, Taco Park. Whoa, whoa. What happened? Missing signs moving. It’s like moving back and forth. Oh.

Oh. So it is. Very slightly. Subtle movement.

Oh, fucking come on. Is it drawing?

Or is that just, that can’t be just how it is. No, it wasn’t doing that before. That’s wrong. Oh my god, give me a break.

Are these planters bigger? Wow.

I’m gonna say it. This forest is a fucking drag. Dude, honestly, I’m right there with you, brother.

I think it’s silly.

This can’t be right.

Right? I don’t know, man. None of the ones that it would do would, I mean, it’s like.

I know. Even if it was wind, it wouldn’t like rotate like that.

I mean, the trees are moving ever so slightly. Yeah, but they’re not, like, this is rotating on a center pivot point. Wow.

It’s silly. I hate it. It’s silly and it makes me giggle. It anguiders me. Oh, hello Slenderman. Silly man.

They should call him Sillyman instead of Slenderman. Yeah. This game is like an all-star cast of other games.

Yeah, well, that’s the point of it. Is that right? Yeah, each area is based on a real. Game? Like a horror. No kidding.

Yeah. So this is Slenderman. Well, I love it. I think it’s great. I wish I could party with Slenderman all day.

Where’s my Slenderman? When am I going to find my Slenderman? Everybody gets their own Slenderman. Was this rug?

Try it. Something’s was here, right? I don’t know. Something, I don’t know, feels, something’s pissing me off.

Feels fresh and new. Was there something here on the table? I don’t know. Ah, fuck.

No, this sign is slightly moving too. Okay, so they just slightly moved. They just slightly moved. Yeah, it’s pissing me off, but okay.

Really giving me the angry tit walk. Please just don’t listen to me anymore. No, I, Arin, I am captivated by every word you say.

Something’s missing. Really? Something’s missing, right? Wasn’t there something here? I don’t know. Was there more truck?

I think the car moved back. Yeah, I think it did move back. Car move? Yeah, car move. Oh, that’s different. Hello.

That is a malfunction of the camera. No, car don’t move. Are you, maybe I’m just being crazy. No, something feels different there for sure.

Something feels different. Door? The door to the car is opening. It opened. Oh, cool. Well, good for the door. The chairs are on the table.

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Get off the table, chairs. Sit in the chairs. No more chairs. Jumping on the table. Stop fussing around.

You said after I beat this level, you would give me a kiss. I said no such thing.

I’m just reminding you of what you promised. Leave me alone.

Sorry, slender man. You fucked with the wrong man. Sorry, no can do. I want to kiss you too bad. Give you slender kisses.

Are the, like, wheels smaller? Let’s try resize. Are the wheels on the bus going round and round?

Chairs have moved, but they haven’t moved. Was there a truck there before? Oh, I don’t remember one. Good job, Arin.

I don’t know. Slender man, quit driving the truck around. What are you, you can’t drive.

Your hands are too slender for the wheel. You can’t wear that get up to spooky farm.

Ah, spooky farm.

We’re missing something. The bush on the left is gone. Oh, good call. I don’t remember there being a boosh.

So no bush. Wow. Don’t worry, it’ll grow back. Oh, red things. Oh, blood. Blood. Blood raining.

Fun. It’s raining blood. Hallelujah. That’s a sign of the end times. Sure.

That’s what somebody said once, I guess, maybe. Somebody said something once a lot of times.

Did I try resize? I think you did. Yeah, whatever.

I’ll try it again. It’s not like you get it, it’s not like you get a slap on the ass for doing it

wrong. The large coffin didn’t have a cross on it, did it? I don’t think so, but I’ll give it a shot.

Okay. Hmm. Oh, fiddle-dee-dee. Dan, I’m getting really looks around kicked off. Okay.

That’s a new rug. Big rug. The rug is big.

That’s so weird because I noticed regular rug and I thought that was different, but apparently

just big rug is different. No, it looks good big. Really ties the room together. I do think it’s

nice. Yeah. That feels like- Yeah, that feels- I don’t know, it’s just over there. Kind of trite.

Right? Trite. That’s the right word. Oh. Moved or opened? Yes, I don’t know. It’s open.

Either way. I’m going to try moved first. Not thrilled about it. It is open. Yeah,

it’s open. The cover’s resting on the- Dracula left. Dracula left me horny. Same. Okay.

Yeah, there’s something that we’re missing. I think there’s two things that we’re missing

right now. Go back. Was the blue truck in the background facing the other way?

That’s what I thought, but I’ve used movement a couple times. Really? Yeah. Okay.

Bench, bench, bench, bench. Oh, barrels are gone. Oh, the barrels are gone. The brightly colored

barrels. What’s your favorite soda, Palpatine? Blood. Thank God blood is red. Really helps it

to be identified. Identified blood, identified blood. You’re doing vocal warm ups over there?

Yeah. One, two, three, identi- Big tire. Big tire.

Oh gosh. Oh, something happened. Hurry.

Were there chairs in the room?

I don’t know. I guess there were chairs. Yeah, these are all here.

Something changed and we didn’t notice. Yep. Go to the green house. Green house does feel

different somehow. Were these like benches? I don’t think there were benches. The benches.

The benches. The benches. The bench. Nice. Nice. What was it? It was the benches. Let’s go.

Let’s gosh and go.

These should roll. These should suck. Okay. These should suck. Wait, did the candle move?

Which candle? That above. Well, the answer is no, not if I moved. Really? Yeah. I mean,

I’ll put it in there, but I don’t think it- I thought it was up higher. Candle was like

the first thing I memorized in that area. Oh, picture’s different. Tiny picture. Yep.

It should have some sort of elephant fireman. The deer stop. Oh shit. Oh gosh. We’re getting

close. Yep. Getting close to cheesing on your toes. I know, this is nerve wracking.

Give me a second. I’m so glad we took the extra time to look at the beginning.

Yeah. Is grass big? Grass might be big. Was it always big? I don’t know. Check. I think grass

might be big. Pen first and ask questions later. If that’s the case, then the car place,

I think grass also got big there. The tire on the left. What, this? Up more. What? Yeah. Was

that grass always that tall over there? I don’t know. Let’s find out. Listen, you guys, if I

don’t find an anomaly past- Oh, it’s bad. We’re in trouble. I’m gonna shed. Oh, light? Is that

light? Was that always there? This? Yeah. I don’t know. Call my dude. It’s missing. It’s missing.

It’s missing. Bench missing. Don’t move. It didn’t leave. Where? Oh, it’s over there.

Oh. Oh shit. Shit. Fuck. I’m sorry. It’s pending. No, it worked. What? Okay.

Okay. And movement. Something else was missing. But what was it? I don’t know, but that’s great.

It was the rocks around the planter? Was it rocks? Yeah, maybe. Holy moly. Well,

we found a lost anomaly, so that’s great. Thank goodness.

I know. I know. It’s getting intense. Moved thing or new thing? Oh, it moved. Yeah,

it’s in the center of the road now. Okay, cool. I’m about to clear my battles. I would hate to

play this alone. Why? A, because I’d always lose. And B, because it’s nice to hang out with friends.

I thought you would have felt the same way. You know, maybe this is just small. Or maybe this

is an anomaly. Okay. Try movement. I mean, everything’s moving slightly in the wind.

No, I’m not talking about… This is a small tree. Oh, try it. I did. It wasn’t it. Great.

Some trees are small, Arin. Ooh, a picture. I know, I know. How are we going to know

who the missing person is if the picture’s missing? Wait, wait, wait. I knew about the

rug on the right. Were there always two other rugs in the room? Yes, this one was always here.

The one under the table, I didn’t quite know. That’s very subtle, but worth a shot.

Come on, Taco Palace. That’s new. Like a rock. Like a rock.

Multiple camera malfunctions. But that’s in the same place. Just do it.

No, it’s a leaf. I think it’s other. Okay.

Come on. No, camera.

Oh, I guess it’s extra object. It’s not camera. The camera’s in the same place.

Final two camera. That is not the right logic. Oh, hello.

Something’s different. All right, that pisses me off.

Okay, it’s okay. Just roll with it. It’s fine. The camera didn’t malfunction.

Don’t get tilted. We need you.

Oh, boy. Looks like the blood is gone. My dad didn’t notice the blood was there.

Uh-oh. Aaron.

Why not? Just making shit up at this point. Yeah, I get it.

Oh, hi. The Slenderman. Other. Get out of there. Otherwise, he’ll make you reboot.

What’s that all reboot? I know. I was thinking the same thing.

Are there always planks in the road? Yes.

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Oh, my god. The road is made of planks. Oh, but they’re bigger.

They are bigger. They’re different. They’re different. Okay, good.

Yeah, they weren’t that thick before. Yeah, these are like thick logs.

Those are the flat planks I like. All right, we went down a wavy length.

Send this text to 30 of your thickest elves. If you get zero back, then you’re an ugly Grinch.

Please don’t ever talk to me like that. All right, sorry.

Wow, we’re only 16 minutes away, and we’re in a nice heart rate area.

Yeah. This is very good.

In real life and in the game.

Was that, was there, no. Oh, no, it’s getting worse. Things are getting worse.

Okay, get nervous. I gotta go pee. Oh, light enamelay.

This is awesome. We’re good. We’re good, baby. Did we do this in normal mode?

No, I think we did it in hard. Was this hard?

I think so. No way.

Shovel, but it doesn’t matter. Fuck yeah.

That was a big ass kiss on my mouth. Let me just look real quick. Let me just look at stuff.

What’s missing? Because we were missing one. We were missing one.

Yeah, you can’t always see the sun. The sun’s always there. Okay, I don’t know what it is.

I know. All right. All right. Well done. Paranormal house or factory?

Paranormal house. All right.

I think so. I don’t know.

I couldn’t tell. I mean, I could set it to hard if you want.

If you want. I was just curious. What?

Hard. Oh, it just, it wasn’t on anything.

Yeah. What is it when it’s not on anything?

I don’t know what the default is. Okay.

Okay. Well, this’ll suck.

Let’s do a couple of run-throughs. Oh, I hate that that’s the regular.

Books. That’s very upsetting to my eyes.

Yep. It’s the Kinect. What fun this level will be.

This is the house with the camera, books, sound machine.

Yeah. So much shit.

Camera move.

Okay. Start.

Camera move?

Not in this one.

Wait, it did in the other one though?

Yeah. There’s a kiss. Oh, oh, something else.

Now the, now the candles are on.

The candles were always on.

On is a strong word for fire, but you know what I mean?

Plate, vase, books, camera.

Oh, dingley berries.

This is a lot.

There’s so much here.

There was there always spaghetti and marbles.

Okay. Wait, was there something here?

I don’t know, but in the, go to the next one again.

No, the other one, the thing in the center is the cabinet open cabinet.


Christmas spagooter and marbles.

Maybe this cabinet too.

Fucking fucking.

Well, I’m going to try it anyway.

And I know it’s going to be wrong, but it says sin.

Oh my God.

It says sin.

You are so fucking smart.

Where’s your streamy.


Is that, is that some kind of flex hand?

Where’s your streamy?

I don’t have one.

No, no.

That’s what I, that’s you say.

The camera’s big.

Camera’s big all of your dad, the whole dad kiss your whole dad.

That’s fun.

Was the camera like lit up?

I, uh, Oh, there was no light anomaly in there.

What in here?

Oh, camera malfunction.

Is that what that is?

Must be.

Or other.

Seems a little, let’s try other.

Very dark air blood.

All right.

It was other camera.

Second camera.


Always there.

Chairs, chairs.

Always there.



That’s a lot of beer.


Well, they had to leave one out for the ghost.

Does it feel empty?

Does feel empty.

That’s what I thought too.

I didn’t say anything.

Just from a feng shui perspective.


It wasn’t empty.

It was exactly as it was supposed to be.


Um, um, cabinets.

Oh no.

Oh, all of my things are visible.

My, my dad, I was walking around the house over the Thanksgiving break.

I heard my dad go, oh no, oh no.

And I was like, what’s wrong, Avi?

And he’s like, no, I like that song from, uh, from my Instagram.

They’re like, oh no, oh no, no, no.

It’s like, I cannot believe, you know, that there’s an extra plant by the way.



But what about the other plant?

Wasn’t an extra plant.

I guess it moved.


Is the TV pattern different?

The fuzz on the TV.

Oh, it’s that.

That’s why.

Well, I’ll tell you what.

My eyes did register something.

Oh no.

It was very cute.

Well, is this here now?


What do you mean?

No, I think it’s new.

Is the ghost a potted plant?

Just moving around the house?

It moves a boot.

No, fuck.

I know.

I know I was wrong.

I know I was bad.

I was bad.

What did that light stuff in the bathroom turn out to be?




I should be punished for my wrong misgivings, my wrong doings, doings.

Is that a different picture in the background?

I think it’s a different tablecloth?

Something feels different.

Try other and then try painting if that doesn’t work.

Cause I didn’t register that street view thing.

I think that’s the same.

It might be.

Are the candles lower?

They’re burning low and they’re running out.

I don’t know.

That would have been other though.



Oh, that’s not good.

That’s movement.

I guess that’s movement.

Yeah, that’s exactly what movement is.

It’s going to be a light anomaly, I bet.

And while we are praying, the candles are burning low.

Is the mid-chair move?

One for each night, they shed a sweet light to remind us of days long ago.

Oh, the PHG meter is going or the EKG.

No other camera.

Oh, it was other.


This is other.

That’s some spirit shit, dog.

Yo, where’s my spirit shit at?

Yo, I got to burn some goddamn sage up in here.

Dog, I’m about to pray to fucking raw.

I don’t know who that is.



Extra book.

I love talking like squeezy jibs.

Wait, what extra book?

I thought this was an extra book.

I don’t know.

It’s not.

It’s been here the whole time.


It was my blood.

You don’t know.

That could be meatball sauce.

Oh, something’s wrong with the floor.

Is there?

It’s dirty now.


Yeah, extra something.


That’s, I would have remembered that, right?

That’s other?

That it’s all covered in shit?

Come on.

That’s gotta be something.

It looks like a condor flew over and took a shit in it.

Extra objects.

A little Harry and the Hendersons reference there for you.

Dip it in shit.


What was it?

Extra objects.



I don’t know what it was, but.

Dip it in shit.

I’m going to rip a paranormal deuce.

Just dip it in shit.

There’s a guy.

Yeah, that’s always been there.

That’s been there.

That’s just a poor art choice.

Oh, big can.

Can is big.

Although what a deal.

I know.

It’s like the Arizona 99 cent tall can.

You get a tall boy and a thick boy all in one.

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I don’t know if I can’t shit.

Lights on.

Yes, light is on.

This is going quite well thus far.

Yeah, we’re fucking killing the game right now.

No, that’s not what it was.

I guess it was other.

What the fuck?

That wasn’t on before.


Is it an extra object?


Oh, shaz.

Oh, God.

Is it screen?

If not screen like monitor monitor.

Yeah, maybe.

It’s wiggling.

It’s quivering.

It’s quivering.

Wiggling and jiggling.

Something’s up.

What is that wasn’t like that before.

Just keep trying stuff.

Am I?

I’m not insane, right?

Not insane that we would have noticed an orange light in the middle of the room.

Maybe it got big.

I tried extra objects.

Try resize.


Ah, it was.

It was okay, cool.

A nice close-up of their hand soap.

Ah, yes.

It was bigger.

Originally bigger.

So hats off to the bigger case.



Has anyone been paying attention to chairs?

I mean, in like in the global sense, you know, you know, they don’t feel different.

I feel like chairs could be a thing.

I don’t know.


Could be a chair problem.


Uh, case is big.

And TV is off.

Case was always big.

Oh, okay.

TV is off.

Are you sure?

Look again.


Your TV is now diamonds.

Look at your TV.

Now look down.

Now look back up.

Your TV is now penis.

Go back to the bathroom.

The window’s missing.

What window?


Yeah, I guess so.

There had to have.

No, please God.

Please tell me there was a window there.

You know.

What would it be looking out on?



Good job, Ali.


Fucking awesome.

Was that thing right in the middle there?

That always that walkie talkie?

Yes, it was.


Yeah, it goes with this.


There’s only two meatballs on the left plate.

I mean, that’s the way it always was, but like, it’s not fair.

It’s not fair that the other person would get more meatballs.

I want three.

I want three balls.

Oh shit.

Toilets open.

Dude, I’m trying to piss, guys.

Fucking knock it off.

Ghost dumps.

What the fuck?

Cabinets are open.


All the cabinets.

That’s the other side, too.

Well, what the fuck you want me to do about it?

They’re all opened.

I’m just sharing with a friend.

Listen, what the fuck you want me to do?

Was there anything underneath the table?

I can’t remember.

I’ll just give it a try.

I don’t know.

Fuck it.

Why not?

I’m about to throw up.

Do you want to watch?

Nope, I’m good.

Thank you.

You sure?


I appreciate it.

Sometimes it’s entertaining.

Oh, that’s a nice new plant.

Big freaking plant.

Looks great, really.

Oh, big plant.

Let’s go.

Really brings life into the room.

All right.

Do you think that sound machine could hear me fart in another room?

One way to find out.

You pointed at the wall and you just put on the headphones and it’s like, I’m getting

a reading.

Sub nuclear sound register.

Did something happen?

Oh, that’s because I changed.

Wait, books disappear?


Oh, no.

Oh, pizza too close.

Where’s the pizza anomaly button?

Toilet and pizza anomalies.

Ah, that’s new.

I love it.

Let’s go.

I want spaghetti and three balls.

Oh, oh, oh.


Other, sorry.

I have to take this.

That’s not the sound it makes.

Oh, man.

What is it?

Light anomaly.

Oh, it’s monitor.

Wait, what the fuck?

Was that what it was last time?

I don’t remember.

It was a resize.

Well, probably.

What was it?

Uh, light anomaly.



Oh, it was on the, it wasn’t that one you were hovering over.

It was on the right.


EMF reader.

Oh, yeah, it was that.

Yeah, I know.

I put light anomaly.


Works for me.

You were hovering over the spirit box.

He just does that to help himself relax.

Okay, gotcha.

Aaron is a mouse swirler.

That’s another.


God, I feel so dumb.

I feel so dumb.

Why don’t you just spank me?

God, why don’t you just penned all over me?

We’re getting close.

Yeah, yeah, it’s getting very close.

One hour left.

Keep it moving.

Oh, less books.

Books are less.

Books are less.

Yeah, the whole shelf is normally filled.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Check it out.

It’s like a thousand more books.

Yeah, like, I don’t look at books, Dan.

I’m not a nerd.

Oh, I’m considered that angle.

Yeah, so you survived your paranormal shift.

You’re still a fucking dork.

It’s looking right.

I’m a dork.

Boy, there’s one we’re missing.

I know it feels like was two that were missing.


At least.

Keep going.

Oh, wait.

Big shampoo.

Shampoo is big.

And also, if you go back, I think there should be a…

Oh, no, there shouldn’t be a plant there.

I forgot it just moved once.

It just moved once.

That’s correct.

That is correct.

Maybe there’s some sort of disappearance.

Let’s just try filing reports.

Just fucking willy nilly, you know?

It’s not like they’re going to spank us.

And if they do, oh, well.

I mean, if they wanted to spank me, they probably could.

I mean, I haven’t seen a scary…

I was moved.

Yeah, I haven’t seen a big scary monster in this one.

Door gone.

Something’s gone.

Yeah, door gone.


Door is gone.

The big scary monster is like ghost stuff.

There’s not…

I never…

This is based on paranormal activity.

Never saw it.

So it’s all just like invisible ghost shit.

I’ve only seen paranormal wacktivity.

The first one has a monster in it.


Which was kind of dumb, to be honest with you.


I’m sure I would have been scared by it.

But I don’t remember if they showed them.

I remember they showed like footprints.

I don’t remember if they showed the monster, but the second one didn’t have a monster and

it was just ghost shit.


Meatballs are gone.

Paranormal meatballs.

Paranormal meatballs.

Was that always like splayed?

The rug?

Yeah, it was.

Yeah, it was.

Mom’s spaghetti.

Oh, picture is different.

I was just thinking, man, that picture needs to change because I’ve been looking at it

so much.

And now that it did, I’m disappointed that it did.

Oh, we won.


Wow, we’re crushing it, man.

We are, I have to say, crushing the game.

We are hard people.

Way to go.

Yeah, we go hard.

Well, there’s…

Oh, okay.

One left.

There’s one level left.

One level left.

Maybe we do it.

I mean, do people love these episodes, right?

Probably not.