Since a lot of you guys liked the last Destiny 2 Hot Takes video,  I decided to do another one including some of the Hot Takes you guys left in the comments of that video

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Since a lot of you guys liked the last Destiny 2 Hot Takes video,  I decided to do another one including some of the Hot Takes you guys left in the comments of that video.

So be sure to comment your own Hot Takes down below to be featured in the next episode.
And we’re going to start off with the top comment of that last video.
Sundial was a good activity, but it suffered from
being released when menagerie was in the game,

so people just compared it to that. I think
it’s fair to say that Sundial was decent,

but it for sure was a less fun version of
Menagerie. And with the previous season

we had Vex Offensive which was also a less
exciting version of Menagerie, its easy to make

comparisons. And the same can really be said about
almost every single seasonal activity, I mean all

of them are essentially just a slightly different
variation of Menagerie. Which brings me to the

second Hot Take that is related to this idea.
The menagerie was one of the worst things

to happen to the destiny seasonal model.
It’s great activity but for some seasons

there have been copies with slight alterations.
Was it the worst thing to happen? Not necessarily

at first, but again Bungie found something players
liked with Menagerie and proceeded to replicate

it. And the result has been that we really have
been playing copies of the Menagerie for the last

3 years now, with just a few exceptions.
At least for me, Aksis is the best raid

boss in all of Destiny’s history. From the
triumphant soundtrack to the feel of pure

action when blasing all your ammo into the
boss, nothing can compare to that feeling.
Massively agree. While Wrath of The Machine
isn’t my favorite raid, it certainly is the most

replayable for me. And Aksis is a big reason for
that. There is just so much movement and chaos,

yet harmony with the mechanics. Especially
Aksis Challenge mode which I believe is

the best fight in the entire franchise.
That music really is unforgettable too.
Crow of Sorrow boss (Ghalran) was
one of the best raid boss encounters.

Required excellent team communication.
I know there’s a pretty even split in the

community of those who hated Crown of Sorrow
and those who love it. And while I can’t say

I loved the entire raid, mainly due to the intro
encounters, I do gotta say that the boss fights

were certainly some of my favorite in D2.
Especially gahlran. Like they said, it does

require excellent team communication and that’s
what I love about it. Everyone had a crucial role,

and if runs weren’t going smoothly, it could come
down to 1 player not performing. Great boss fight,

great mechanics, and honestly some of
the more unique ones to be honest. I

really do miss this raid and
wish I could still play it.
Season of the Drifter was actually pretty
good compared to seasons we get now.
As much as I loved the Forsaken Year in Destiny
2, I really can’t say that I particularly loved

Season of the Drifter. Gambit Prime I thought
was a downgrade from the Original Gambit mode,

although I did love going for the armor sets,
and once I got my invader set I felt like a god

with the perks it granted me. Reckoning was a cool
idea, but not really my thing. It was challenging,

which I liked, but I wasn’t a fan of the gameplay
loop of doing a few games of gambit, then doing a

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run or two of reckoning and just repeating that. I
just didn’t enjoy that. As for if it’s better than

current seasons? That’s completely subjective
to your own opinions, but I can say that I’ve

enjoyed certain other seasons over Drifter.
Festering Core was the best D2 strike we ever

had and it got removed after
only 1 year. It’s criminal.
Definitely agree with this one. And in case you’ve
forgotten about this one, because it was in the

game for such a short time, I’ll remind you.
Festering Core was added in Shadowkeep and took

place on Io. It actually had some decent mechanics
throughout the mission and had some great looking

Vex Environments infested with Taken. With Content
Vaulting coming in Beyond Light it meant this

Strike had a very small window of time which
is a shame because it was one of my favorites.
Breakneck/Loaded Question
over Mountaintop/Recluse
When it comes to which was more effective I gotta
give it to Mountaintop/Recluse. But if it comes

down to which was more fun, I will agree that the
Breakneck/Loaded Question combo was my preference.

In fact Breakneck and Loaded Question might be
my favorite loadout in Destiny 2’s history. It

was on par with the Fatebringer, Black Hammer,
Gjallarhorn combo for me before these weapons got

sunset. Mountaintop/Recluse was a nasty combo but
I just had more fun with Breakneck and Loaded.
IO > Dreaming city based on
looks, atmosphere, and skybox.
Definitely disagree with this one. Dreaming City
is one of the best looking areas in the franchise

and Io was just a more bland version of Mars with
a green tint. Which makes sense considering Io was

originally designed to be on Mars. But the Skybox
certainly was pretty cool, I’ll agree with that.
Jotunn is easily avoided in PvP if you’re
paying attention. You’re getting caught off

guard because you’re tunnel visioned.
I don’t know how much I agree with this

one. Partially, yes, the same could be said for
literally any weapon in the game. But some weapons

certainly are painful to play against and for me
Jotunn is one of them. Noobs can get easy kills

with it, but they can be outplayed no problem.
But in the hands of great PvP players Jotunn can

definitely be frustrating.
Whisper of the Worm needs

to be in the special slot.
This has been a long debated topic and I’m torn on

it. If it’s gonna stay in the heavy slot, I think
it needs to revert back to its original design

where it refunded ammo from thin air instead
of reserves. But if it doesn’t see that change,

then it should move to the special slot.
Weapon crafting has ruined loot in Destiny.
So I have a confession. I haven’t crafted
a single weapon since Witch Queen released

except for the ones it forces you to do for the
quest. I simply dislike Weapon Crafting in D2. I

find it ruins the loot grind aspect of the game
and replaces it with a more tedious and annoying

grind. I think it’s a lose lose system for the
game and would be happy to see it removed.
Destiny 2 campaigns are cool, but I judge the
quality of an expansion based on how it improves

the overall core of the game. The campaign lasts
a few days. The expansion lasts the entire year.
I 100% agree with this one. That’s really my main
problem with Witch Queen because it had one of

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the best campaigns in the Franchises history, it
really was great. The raid was also fantastic. Vow

is up there for me. But as a whole, Witch Queen
really didn’t evolve the game enough in many other

areas. Obviously lack of core activities being a
continued issue since Shadowkeep, but even other

aspects of the game either became grindier or
watered down, like the Throne World having less

things to work towards and discover. The core
of Destiny 2 either stayed the same or devolved

in my opinion. And for an expansion to really
land for me, its when it addressed pain points

of the game and breathes life into all areas.
Destiny 2 was a good game with good seasons last

year. Beyond Light and Hunt were a rough start,
but the rest was great. I still don’t know if I

would say if it was better than Forsaken’s year,
but it felt a lot more consistent in quality.
Now as some of you know, I didn’t play at
all during the Beyond Light year. After

that expansion released and was on its own not
something I enjoyed, Sunsetting and Vaulting

just turned me off entirely and I just had no
desire to play the game at all during that year,

which is why as some of you remembered I took a
break from YouTube entirely after Beyond Light.

Well Witch Queen brought me back and I enjoyed
certain aspects of it but the seasons have been

pretty shoddy to say the least. I have heard that
people enjoyed Beyond Lights seasons quite a lot

so I’ve heard this sentiment quite a bit between
my YouTube comments and hearing from others who

played during that year. So let me know your
thoughts on this take in the comments.
Hot Take: Destiny 2.
Level caps need to return to the game.
I absolutely agree with this one. Ever

since Shadowkeep introduced the Artifact Power
I’ve just hated it. The sense of a never ending

grind like never being able to reach a cap is just
frustrating. And adding this artifact power grind

wasn’t done for the sake of players enjoyment.
It was so that you never felt like you’re done

at any point. And Grinding Power level past
the Gear cap is pretty much required now

for Grandmaster content. When Destiny focuses on
Horizontal progression, its at its best. Meaning,

things like meaningful grinds for loot drops or
quests. That sort of stuff. But grinding for the

sake of numbers going up I feel like has run its
course in this franchise. Maybe it should happen

once a year for Expansions, but certainly not
seasons. One of the best updates in Destiny 1

was the Age of Triumph update which focused on
horizontal progression and updates to the core

game in major ways, added a bunch of new loot to
chase, but the level cap didn’t increase at all.

It didn’t need to increase when the rest
of the content in the update expanded the

horizontal progression. Farming Pinnacles and
Prime engrams just needs to go in my opinion.

It had gotten old once we’d reached Season of
6 of Destiny 2 and the same Pinnacle and Prime

engram grinding still exists. Why? Well we know
why its to keep players on the hamster wheel.
Destiny 1 Strikes were WAY better than Destiny
2 Strikes. Despite the grammatical errors. I

agree. There are some pretty good strikes in both
games, and some of my favorites in D2 ended up

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getting vaulted, but even now, there’s some pretty
good ones. D1 strikes however are certainly much

better. They have more unique encounters and even
mechanics at times. And I think that’s because in

D1 Luke Smith said in a Vidoc that they wanted
Strikes to have even rooms that felt like a boss

fight. Like areas leading up to the strikes were
minigame puzzles or challenges. And then for the

boss fights themselves to be more dynamic. So
we get things like 2 boss fights with opposite

tactics fighting you and other bosses mixing up
their strategies at certain health points, things

like that. Forsaken Strikes had a similar style
to D1 strikes which is why they were some of

the better ones in the game to me. In Destiny 1
Strikes feel like running Dungeons to a degree.

And in Destiny 2 a lot of them, not all, but a lot
of them feel like running through patrol zones,

just mindlessly clearing ads. You can’t
turn your brain off as much in D1 strikes.
Destiny 2 Battle Royale mode where it
drops you and 99 other players into

one of the bigger patrol zones, like the
EDZ, but there’s also low leveled ads.
Now this isn’t really a hot take, just
an idea, but I’m curious to hear your

thoughts in the comments on it so I included
it here. Now I’m not a big battle royale guy,

I just don’t find them that fun. But Destiny 2 is
inherently a looting game and the idea of being

dropped into a patrol map and looting from chests,
and high value targets or Public Events and having

to use that loot to fight other players in the
open world could be an interesting idea. But

again, let me know your thoughts on this one.
Festival of the Lost is Destiny 2’s best event.
Absolutely agree. No matter what state this
game is in, I do find myself wanting to log

in for Festival of The Lost because its just
got a great style and vibe ya know. Halloween

events are usually my favorite in other
games as well like with overwatch as well.

I do miss the Haunted Forest because I found
it to be much better than Haunted Sectors.
Eruption is worse than Rift.
Is eruption worse than rift? No. I

don’t think so. The changes to Rift in Destiny
2 were for the worse in my opinion like making

it round based. I don’t know why it couldn’t
just flow like it did in D1 or like Capture the

Flag does in Halo, really don’t like that change.
I actually quite liked Eruption. It made PvP more

fast paced and intense. I thought eruption was
a great addition for PvP. Now Bungie just needs

to make it an option to play on its own.
But that’s gonna be it for this video guys,

leave your thoughts and Hot Takes in the
comments below, be sure to check out the

previous episode if you missed it, and
I’ll see you guys in the next one..