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Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!

Hi. Welcome back to Chicken Feed.

Today’s the game episode-


Sorry, sorry.

On today’s episode-

Damn it!

Sorry, ah!

Okay, it’s good. We’re good. We’re good.

We’re good. Sorry, sorry.

Ah! Jesus! I’m so sorry!

We’re gonna start with some light tapping on the microphone.


Can you-

It’s happening again!

Thanks for joining us today.


Oh man, that kills me.

Alright, so welcome back to part two of Chicken Feed.

I ended up breaking my Kylo Ren lightsaber.

Did you really? Oh, you didn’t need to do that.

The little button that you press to go up to turn it on broke off.

It was for the bit, though. It was worth it.

I hope it reads.

People will laugh.

Okay, so yes, we just found out that there may be more to Chicken Feed than we thought.

Um, so we’re just gonna continue and see what happens.

Sebastian is a zombie man.

The chicken was helping him.

Yeah, who’s suggesting that he and the chicken are innocent victims of the person who’s giving us instructions.

Cyber chicken terror.

His name was Corey, but it turns out his name is Eric.

Oh, oh, oh!

Push the button.


Nice button pushing, Arin.

Dude, it didn’t work!

You died.

Yeah, but you died, though.

Alright, it didn’t work. I pressed the button and it didn’t work.

Is that right?

Yes, you heard the beep.

Okay, I guess I gotta-

That is some good horror music.

I gotta release the gas.

There isn’t gas in the pipes yet.

Alright, let’s put some gas in the pipes.

Where does one find such a thing?

Is it this over here?

That’s just a breaker.

And that’s a power box?


I don’t know.

I don’t know, electricity, electricity.

I think he’s right on the other side of that.

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

I just hide.

Oh, maybe you have to get through that door that he was blocking.


Where am I?

See me!

Man, their fast, head twitchy movements are not the best.

What? I gotta go in there, though.

Maybe you can follow him.



Oh, good.

Oh, good job!

I was sneaking, though.

I bet they had fun at the chicken feet office, making that death scene.

Is it all computer graphics, or is it a rubber chicken that they shook in front of the camera?

It’s definitely computer graphics.


That would have been hilarious if they actually shot.

I would have loved that.

That’s how I would have done it.

But then again, I also don’t know what I’m doing.

Get those fucking rubber chickens that go like…

Oh, there he goes.

Oh, there we go. Yeah, boy.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

He’s behind you.

Is he?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Somewhere to hide, somewhere to hide, somewhere to hide.

Oh, fuck. Oh, he lost me, he lost me.

He lost me.

Oh, he’s close, though.

Oh, he’s real close.

I can feel his delicious presence.

Good job, Arin.

I didn’t know he was going to be there.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, Jesus.

You ran into his chickeny buttocks.

Okay, so this is going well so far.

Welcome back to episode two…

…of Chicken Fucked.

Did somebody do an ASMR horror channel?

I feel like that’s an easy bit.

That’s got to be a thing. It’s a very funny bit.

The chicken has scared me once again.

Startle me.

Oh, shit.


You got under there in a hurry.

Fucking idiot.


Come on.

Don’t go that way, don’t go that way, don’t go that way.

She’s going that way.

Oh, man.

Hey, asshole!

Oh, no, wait. That’s good.

I got some IV hydration today.

Go, go, go, go.

Oh, yeah? Was it good?

Because I had a migraine.

It went away pretty quick.

It was great.

But it does that thing where it makes your pee smell like the vitamins.


Per Eric’s instructions, we must execute the 43 newly delivered pigs.

He says they aren’t sure enough or something.

Order more.

He’s also requesting that we produce more rat embryos of type 16.

Ah, yes.

Also, just a reminder to perform the usual nightly cleaning routine.

You forgot last time.

Clean the bloody machinery, sweep the floors, and dust off the pones and deposit them in the bag.


A lot of combinations of words.

He’s a bastion kid.

He’s not affected by the sleeping gas.

Eric isn’t happy.

Find something stronger.


All right.

One last thing.

Those pigs we need to reorder?

Eric says he wants exactly 98 pigs.

Exactly 98.

He’s got a taste for pork.

Not 100.

All right.


Got that?

We’ll be terminated if the count is off by one.

Eric’s words.

Not mine.

Terminated as in we’ll lose our jobs.


Yeah, that’s what he’s saying.

Anytime someone uses the phrase rat embryos.

Oh, dear.


Cow you doing?

Oh, no.

This game is getting a little more upsetting.

Go back and release the gas.

Okay, hide.

You can see me.

I’m fucking John Cena.

That’s why he says it because he’s Cena him.

Or however it goes.

How do you get back to the sleepy gas chamber?

He always says you can’t see me, but you can clearly see him.

People say a lot of things.

Well, it’s like that’s his thing.

It’s like, can you, uh, what is it if you, if you smell what the rock is cooking?

Yeah, and you’re too close.

You’re too close to the chicken, man.

How do you get over there?

You can’t anymore, bro.

Oh, no.


What the fuck?

Yeah, get down there.

Yeah, get fucking down there.

Oh, what the fuck was that?

Oh, cute little chickens.

Can’t get in here.

Can’t get in here.

Oh, there’s little chickens.

This game gives you an appreciation for how adorable chickens are when they’re regular


Oh, no.

That’s another Mandela effect thing we were talking about earlier.

What’s that?

Uh, if you smell what the rock is cooking.

What about it?

Everyone says it’s can you smell what the rock is cooking.

It was never can you smell what the rock is cooking.

I’ll be damned.

This is big.

I know.

I honestly, it kept me up last night.

That’s why I’m a little slow today.

Thinking about the rock and what he was cooking for breakfast, whether or not I can smell



Well, this chicken needs to fucking get the fuck out of here.

Cooper Cooper.

That’s a Jaws reference instead of Hooper.

Maybe I can get Cooper to, Oh, it was Cooper traveling away.

All right.

So this door goes straight to Cooper.


The coops as they call them.



We should fly the coop.

Cooper comes back this way.

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This way.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Chicken pasta from Chickalini’s very stressful.


All right.

Holy shit.

Be careful.

He’s probably right around there.



Oh man.

There he is.


He was on the other side of the wall.

Just get in there.

Get in the gas release.



Thank you.

Thank you.

You have no idea how much this means for the lab.

What if I don’t wanna?

It didn’t give me an option to not do it.

It’s okay.


Sebastian said to follow Eric’s instructions.

Oh, okay.

That was tough.

Thank you.

I never actually learned your name.

Not that I needed to.

It’s Klargenstein.

Or even wanted to.

Mr. Klargenstein.

You did well as an intern.

Dr. Klargenstein.

Your sacrifice is in the name of science.

Oh, man.

Turns out Eric isn’t cool.


How did you?

It’s over, Eric.

Whoa, the surround sound.

It’s over.

Please don’t.




He did have that gun for a reason.

That was Chekhov’s gun.

You were never worthy of forgiveness.

Come on, we’re all worthy of forgiveness.

And for you, I’m so sorry.

This world didn’t deserve you.

And you deserved so much more.

You’re gonna shoot us, too?

Come on, man.

The mercy kill.

Now you play the rest of the game as the chicken.

Blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip, blip.

That can’t be it.

That can’t be it.

Is that it?

I think that’s it.

Son of a bitch.

That can’t be it.

Is that it?

Oh, okay.

I shot you with a safety gun.

A heal gun.

I killed Eric.

He’s gone.

He can’t hurt us anymore.

My lack of skin can hurt me a lot, though.

It’s better this way.

He’s 20,000 nuggets.

He was filled with too much pain and anger.

Oh, that’s who he was talking to, not you.

He was never going to return to normal.

He deserves peace.

That was a fun little place.

And you deserve this 12 piece.

I am free.

You and I, we share something special.

Something special.

We are human.

The youth of the nation.

I am human.


Go into town and see what they say with your gun.

I am gun?

I am human.

Oh, come on.

Chicken feet.

Chicken feet.


Poor Sebastian.

It’s a game by Dylan Bassett.

Thanks, Dylan.

That’s okay, I got a 15 minute horror game we can play.

Oh, really?




We got the whole team right here.

Kevin Wieland.

I feel like we didn’t run into some of these people.

Execution hall worker?

I don’t recall Hannah Trusty.


Oh, no, Mrs. Lawrence, rather.

Oh, okay.

Mrs. Lawrence.

Was there, like, a girl?

Mrs. Lawrence.

Maybe Mrs. Lawrence was Cooper all along.

Oh, my gosh.

I really enjoyed that.

That was a fun experience.

Well done, Dylan Bassett.

Thank you for giving us this present, this treat.

A nice little treat.

It was like peppermint bark on a Christmas.

Cold, windy day.

You know?

And also just, like, I mean, it was goofy and ridiculous,

but also kind of a little exhilarating and scary

and also slightly moving at the end.

It was, like, it did all the things.

Oh, Cooper.

We’ll always remember Cooper.

The dead chicken.

I killed it.

They had the gumption to bring you back to the main menu.

Where they, like, we need one more song.

It’s gonna be called Adagio of Cooper.

Oh, this makes more sense now, too.

Oh, because he was, like, the one survivor.

I don’t even know what the story was exactly, but…

Hello, and we’re back to another game.


Chicken feet wrapped up a little quicker than we thought it would.

Which really pissed me off.


Because it’s great. I want more.

I know. That is true.

And so Arin has decided to do a virtual open house.


15-615 Hollow Oak Lane.

Gotta make sure…

This is the house party house, apparently.


My name is Agent Name, and I’m one of your North Tree real estate agents

for the Client Neighborhood area.

Nice to meet you.

Seems very personalized.

Thank you for being part of our alpha testing program.

We’re excited about our partnership with Optics Dynamics Lab

to help you bring the latest in cutting edge real estate technology

through nanodrones photogrammetry?


Photogrammetry, yeah.

And industry leading machine learning.

All right.

But what does that all mean?

Well, Client Name, I’m glad you asked.

I did.

For the first time ever, we’ve made the home buying process

more convenient by bringing the full open house experience

to the comforts of your personal digital devices.


It’s home to buying revolutionized…


It’s home buying revolutionized for the 21st century.


Through a combination of camera drones and thousands of still images,

we can now scan and recreate a fully explorable

three-dimensional snapshot of any home.

For a seller, that means there’s no more dealing with the inconvenience

and multiple showings.

For a buyer, you can now browse our entire portfolio

while sitting on your couch.

Well, that’s just swell.

What is this, Arin?

I don’t know.

We’re excited to show you a perfect home

in your Client Neighborhood area.

It’s a fresh listing from one of our newer developments.

But before we can get into all that fun stuff,

I’ll need to go over some basics of how this all works.

Don’t worry.

It won’t take long.

I promise.



This indicates what room you’re currently in.

Ah, yes.

It is the house party house.


Oh, my God, it is.

You can turn left.

You can turn right.


Now I think we’re ready to get started.

I highly suggest that you wear headphones

to get the full virtual open house experience.

Please keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times

and remember to have fun.

And do let us know if there’s anything we can do

to improve your experience

because here at North Tree Real Estate,

you, client name, are our highest priority.

Thank you.

Well, I’m glad they told it like it is.

Yeah, highly personalized.

Please be patient, as this may take a few minutes.


Oh, no, we’re here.

All right, so I know this house pretty well.

Come in here.

That’s where Frank sits.


This is where the creepy…

Creepy picture.


This cozy living room receives tons of natural light

during the day and the brick fireplace

adds the perfect touch of warmth for the cold winter months.


All right.

Nice little dining area.

How about that?

Oh, that’s the same thing.

I just walked into the table.

This dining room is the perfect entertaining space

with clear sight lines to the backyard and living room

as well as easy access to the kitchen.

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It is quite pleasant, I will say.

It’s not a bad layout for a house.

It’s this cute living room situation

right off the front door.

They get this kitchen in the back.

It’s pretty open.


Ooh, but they made the garage a different thing.

This is usually where the other living room is,

the dance room.


What do you have to say about this kitchen?

Ooh, induction.

That’s nice.

With modern appliances and tons of space,

you’ll never have to worry about having

too many cooks in your kitchen.


It’s all right.

Let’s go to the garage.

Well, it’s the same garage, but it’s just in a different place.


What do you got for the garage here?

The two-car garage has plenty of room for storage

or it could be converted into that perfect personal space

you’ve always wanted.

What is this, Arin?

Uh, well, we’re trying to buy a house.



Oh, okay.





Thank you.


All right.

Now it’s getting weird.

Yeah, it’s fine.

We’re just over here in the kitchen, hanging out.

Let’s go outside.

Oh, can we not go outside?

I want to see the yard.

Can we just get faster?

I believe this is Bach.



Bead oven.

Bead oven?

The guest bathroom has been recently updated

with new fixtures and plumbing,

so you can rest assured that your guests

have the latest in modern convenience.


Well, that’s really nice.

There’s a dildo here.




No, it’s gone.

It’s like I’m on observation duty.

What a relief.

Just fixing anomalies.


Hey, the door opened.


Let’s just go ahead.

What’s going on with that?

The entryway has a nice modern look

with spacious vaulted ceiling.

There’s also a convenient guest bathroom

located just down the hall.

I saw that.

It’s a half bath, as they call it.

So I can’t go upstairs.

It’s fine.

Must be some cool little things I can check.

Oh, okay.

What’s going on here?

Oh, oh, no.

I think somebody might have, uh…

Entered the house?

Yeah, I think there just might be someone else.

It’s an open house type of deal.

Entered the virtual house?

Probably, yeah.



Uh, did you see that?

Did I see what?

It was a reflection of a person.

Is that a person?


But they’re not there.

Maybe that’s you.


I guess it could be me.

I don’t know, though.

That’s cool.

That’s cool.

It’s fine.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

How very upsetting, this is,

during the entryway.

I guess they just didn’t clean very well, you know?

Yup, uh-huh.

Is she still the same thing about the kitchen?

Too many cooks.


All right.

Please note, some browsers have issues with WebGL.

If you’re experiencing issues, please try a different browser.

Try downloading the standalone files below.

I thought I could take the saw, maybe,

but I guess not super important right now.

Well, this batch certainly is putting me at ease.

Let’s check out the bathroom again.

Anything new or fun going on here?


Nothing. Oh, well.

Oh, pretty nice house, I will say.

Yeah, can we leave?

I don’t know what the, um…

Oh, no, you can never leave.

Oh, okay.

Uh, oh!


That’s not bad.

I don’t know where the area is.

I mean, if this was like in bumfuck, then…

Then this would be an outrage.

Yeah, I’d be like, that’s too much.

That’s too much.

Oh, we can go upstairs.

Oh, good.


Is it easy to say something about the stairs?



Maybe there’s a…

Let’s check out the master first, you know?

It’s like everyone wants to see the master.

So weird that this is the house party house,

but it definitely is.

And therefore also that Santa game we played.

That’s right.

Tell me about this, uh…

A massive walk-in closet and…

En suite?

Yeah, en suite bathroom.

Make this 500 square foot master bedroom your sanctuary

from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Got it.

Yeah, you know, I’ve seen it.

It’s good.

It’s got a nice tub.

It’s got a hamper by the toilet.

By the shitter.

What do you have to say about this?

This shitter is what…

Marble counters and tiling add a sense of luxury

that helps you unwind and relax after a long day.


I gotta try, like, I just gotta go to some,

like, realtor.

Like, I’m not looking to buy a house or anything,

but just, like, show up

and then just start being, like, really vulgar with the realtor

and see if, see if, see if they, like,

respond in kind.

Oh, something’s up on the, oh.

Don’t look at it.

Look at what?

This second floor bedroom is perfect

for a smaller child or home office,

for when you really need to get work done.

Oh, man.

Man, I gotta get some fucking work done, man.

This is my, this is my art room.


I feel like this could be a good art room.



We gotta, there’s a bedroom up here.

Very nice.

I said, I said bedroom.

I’m in bathroom.


Let’s check this out.

Another completely redone in modern full bathroom

means never having to fight over

who gets to use the shower first.


I feel like this is a new construction.

This is redone?


It doesn’t seem redone.

It seems kind of old-fashioned.

There’s the laundry room where you’re hooked up with Frank.

Oh, fuck you.

Oh, don’t love that.

A second floor laundry room means

no more hauling heavy loads of clothes

up and down the stairs.

Talk about a real time saver.


Hate that.

Guess I’ll just leave that be.

Don’t look at it.

Oh, scratch.

Someone just ran down the stairs, I think.

Oh, dear.

Was that there?

That was there.

Oh, okay.

I like it.

They kept the bunk bed.


Very stylish.

I guess it’s like a raised bed with a desk underneath.

This end hall bedroom is a large enough

for two small children or that moody teenager

who enjoys their privacy and loud music.

All right.

A couple scratches.

Wait, what about the thing at the end?

The scratches?

Under the door.

Oh, boy.

It wouldn’t let me do anything.


Oh, there’s more pictures now.

What the fuck?

You can open that door?

Oh, the scratches are gone.

Oh, I can’t.

Oh, okay.


Is there anything new over here?


All right.

Well, I guess I’m going downstairs

because that sounded like what was happening.

It’s quite the open house.

Yeah, things are looking pretty good.

Well, let’s check out the master bedroom.

Whoa, whoa, hold on.

Whoa, what happened?

There’s something in here that was different.

There’s three now.

Yes, there is.

Don’t look at it.


Maybe those are the tasks you’ve completed.

Oh, maybe.

Anything new in here?



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Where did you go, Batch?

Don’t look at it.

What the fuck?

What is this?


Oh, that’s the thing you’re going to look at.

Oh, that’s weird.

Oh, no.

How very Doki Doki.

Oh, okay.

I guess the game crashed.

Oh, well.

Oh, great.

This is just great, Arin.

We just have to do shit like this.

I don’t want this job anymore.

Why do we do this for a living?

I hate this shit.

That’s a much more melancholy batch.

Oh, they turned it down a little bit.

It’s like in another room.

That’s when you go on YouTube and you’re like, oh, hello.

What’s up?


Oh, dear.


Can we party?

Guess something.

Oh, that’s not good.

Don’t love that.

Oh, spaghetti.

Mom’s spaghetti.

Spaghetti is grumpy.

Did it say the spaghetti is grumpy?

Was it spaghetti?

I think so.

Missing scan data.

Has control of your pointer.

Please rescan second floor.

Use arrow keys to reposition.



You know what, Arin?


I don’t think I want to buy this house.

I feel like it’s a fixer-upper.


I guess I got to go somewhere.

Why did it show me the spaghetti?

Why did I get the spaghetti?

Where did the spaghetti go?

What was I trying to do?

I don’t know, man.

Rescan second floor?

It says something about second floor, right?

Oh, this door’s open now.

It’s inside.

Oh, neat.

Do you think?


I just got saw-tacked by spaghetti.

And the meat monster man looked at me.

Do you think it’s inside?

Oh, shit.

Looking okay.

Looks good.

All right.

Scan’s doing good.

How about this one?


Why can’t we just play Pac-Man?

Pac-Man’s not modern, dude.

Pac-Man’s not it.

Pac-Man’s not the fuzz.

Pac-Man’s not an icon, the legend,

and he is not the moment.

Saving and compiling.


Looks like I’m done.



It consists of scans and dimensions.

What do you mean?

Oh, great.

My dimensions were totally consistent.

Please rescan master bedroom.

I didn’t do that yet.



Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do.

What the fuck is this supposed to be?

I don’t know.

Like, in terms of the narrative.

In terms of anything?

I don’t know.

I think it’s just messing with you.


Oh, good.

Now we have an escape the backroom situation.

Yeah, this is some backroom shit.

Welcome home.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Well, I guess I’ll just kick my shoes off.

I missed you.


Oh, it’s like, it’s like changing around every corner.

Oh, marvelous.



Now we have a fucking PT hallway situation.

Yeah, I’m in a loop.




Something broke.

Something broke.

Well, I’m going to go and fix it.

This is like, oh.

This is like creating new phobias for me.

How delightful.

It’s pretty silly.

It is.

It’s, it’s fun, but also awful.

Also, did you notice?

That’s today’s date.

Oh, shit.

It’s the time, too.

Oh, great.

It’s a live feed.

All right.

I mean, by the time this episode goes up, it won’t be, but.

Now they’ll know we’re recording at 3.44.


That’s messed up.

Oh, does it want me to turn around?

On January 16th, or.

Oh, hey.

Oh, good.

Oh, didn’t see me.


Actually, if it was English, the one would be the day, and the 16 would be the month.



It’s the first of shmanguary.

This has been a long minute.

System spawn it character.

Oh, good.

It is now.

Scanning, creating the moment.

Oh, fuck.

I don’t want to be here.

Stop calling me Mr. Risk.

What, potential spam risk?

Mr. Spam Risk?

My name is Risk.

Spam Risk.

Who sat there and made this?



Am I supposed to?

Changing the dimensions here.

Oh, God.

I’m not trying to match.

Is the hallway getting longer as you go?

Oh, good.

Do we have a house of leaves situation?

Look at this here.

I hate this.

Get to zero.

I’m in the negatives now.

I hate this so much.

UI element missing.

There’s no UI.



Hey, guy.

Now, this is ambient occlusion.

You know what?

I think we should find a new real estate agent.

It’s just not working out.


You know, I’m always looking for like a vibe check with these kinds of things.

It’s like, I think you’re great and all, but like, we’re just not vibing right now.

Oh, man.

Oh, man.

Oh, man.

It’s hot out there.

Oh, man.

Just going to keep going.



What is this game?

It’s called…

Are we at the end of the beginning?

This is the moment.


I think you are supposed to just walk to the end here.

I did though.

You went as far as you could go?

Yeah, pretty much.

Oh, press tab to change cameras.





All right.


Yeah, now we’re in spaghetti hell.

Is it?

I guess it is spaghetti.

Yeah, it’s definitely spaghetti.

I thought it was like ground beef.

Could be ramen noodles.

I feel like it’s ground beef before you put it in a little package and like, you know,

mush it all together.


Right you are.

What is up here?

Oh, there we go.


Should I…

You know, my wife and I are going to think about it and make an offer.

How’s 350?

Oh, man.

Will you take 350?

That’s fucking ridiculous.

Corpse Pile, well done.

Well done.


Oh, man.

I hope you had fun making this game.

We had fun playing it.

That was fun.


That was silly.

I didn’t really have a point, but…

What do you mean?

Well, you know, I feel like Doki Doki Literature Club is kind of like, it feels like it’s going



This felt like it was going somewhere, and then it didn’t.

I think that was the point.

It just kind of went into a meat room, you know?

I think it was just to…

For spaghetti.

I think it was just to fuck with your head for 15 minutes, just for the fun of it.

Ooh, the it.

This is the moment.

Oh, I’m the it.

Come on.

Come on.

That’s good.

I don’t care who you are.

That’s good.

All right.

You got me.


You got me.

I got eight.


Respect the call soon.


Yeah, there you are hanging.

Do you think the guy in these photos posed for this game, or are these just stock photos

he took for something else?

I think they’re all from stock.

Probably somewhere he’s sipping Jamba Juice or some shit.