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Everyone in Japan has disappeared. And now, you’re trapped in a deserted city, and forced to compete  in terrifying games, where every mistake is fatal.

Everything in this world is designed  to eliminate you.

Well, we can outsmart it with five simple rules to stay alive. And by the end,  I will show you how to beat every single death game that they have to face.

I’m going to break down the mistakes made, which you should do in how to be the death games of Alice in Borderland.
We meet this guy, Arisu, who’s living life

one game at a time. He looks like a loser, but
looks can be deceiving. He’s an experienced gamer,

which makes him a strategist. He reads
textbooks on math. He’s familiar with mechanics,

and this digital dexterity is impressive.
Now, this might look like a useless hobby,

but these games train your brain to make fast and
practical decisions in high-pressure situations.

Also, being told you’re a disappointment every
day by your family is going to put a serious chip

on your shoulder. And sometimes you just need
the right scenario to unlock that part of you.

He joins his friend, Karube, the
bartender, and Chota, an IT guy.

All of them have had some bad luck today and wish
they could hit the reset button on their crappy

lives. Karube here imagines what they would do
in a zombie outbreak, and he’s convinced that

his friend, Arisu, has the most potential
to survive. This guy seems to understand

everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. And this
immediately makes him a leader when things go bad.

He does have a massive weakness, however, and
that’s situational awareness. As they run out

of the road, the IT guy hears a loud boom from
it looks like strange fireworks. The noise gets

the attention of everyone else on the sidewalk,
including the station police. Thinking they’re in

trouble, they hide in a bathroom stall. The lights
go out mysteriously, and don’t come back on.

And everything outside has gone quiet. What
just happened? The friends leave the stall to

find the entire city is completely abandoned. And
what’s even creepier is that their phones aren’t

even working. This is seriously unsettling. But
the important thing right now is to stay calm.

There’s a lot of information out there
because we have a whole city to ourselves.

We don’t know what else has disappeared.
So, I would scout the city to look for food,

fire, water, animals, and any signs of life. We
won’t find all the answers, but at least we can

confirm what we have to work with in this new
reality. That night, a nearby building lights

up with a message, welcoming players to a game
and guiding them to the GM building. The only

place in the neighborhood with any power.
Okay. We obviously shouldn’t trust any of

this. So, I’d first want some protection. Japan
has stricter gun laws, but you can buy rifles.

And there’s a shop right here called Shibuya
Firearms Inc. only five minutes away from them.

I’d also grab a battery powered flashlight and a
backpack before investigating what’s out there.

They arrive to the location, but nobody is there.
Now, I would scuddle the perimeter of the building

before entering. We have no idea what this is. And
we might find out more from our surroundings. They

enter the building, and then only pass-through
lasers trapping themselves inside where they

find a table full of phones. They actually work,
and they all have facial recognition, but they

don’t have any signal. This is highly suspicious.
A computerized voice starts a two-minute countdown

waiting for other players to join. That’s when
this foxy lady waltzes in and drops a truth bomb.

They’re now players in a game and running away
is not an option. This guy’s ID tag got shot

with a laser, and it came straight down from the
top of the building. But it’s important to keep

calm because critical thinking and observation
will be more important to you than before.

If we were cautious, and been more suspicious
of our surroundings, we might have expected

that these lights were luring us here for
a reason. We won’t survive this new world

without learning how to be observant of every
detail, no matter how small. Another girl runs

in and passes the laser grid trapping herself
in with the rest of them. If this is a game,

then these are either our teammates or opponents.
Now, everything must be thought about in terms of

competition and survival. And whoever realizes
this first will have the advantage. I would

immediately start looking for weaknesses in my
opponents. This woman is dressed to impress,

but it means she’s more about perception
than practicality. She also knows a lot,

but doesn’t seem helpful. So, she won’t share
knowledge without a trade-off for her benefit.

And all this means, we can’t trust her at all.
They step out of the elevator into a square room

with two doors, live and die. And all they have
to do is pick the correct one within the time

limit. It’s got a difficulty rating of three of
clubs. And if they win, they’ll be released from

the building. The IT guy starts recording from
his phone. This is a great idea because they

can keep track of information as it happens.
But they should have been doing this from the

very beginning. The woman tells them to choose the
door on the right, but doesn’t give any reasoning.

Now, behavioral psychologist will look
for signs of lying from shifting weight

to defensive posturing and avoiding eye
contact. This woman is showing all three,

so there’s no way of walking through that door.
But we should first think about the bigger

picture here, which is geometry and space.
We need to figure the bounds of the arena and

its rules before anything else. This is a fake
ceiling. I would get on my friend’s shoulders,

and see if I could remove the panels to get a
better view. There’s an obvious possibility that a

trap is waiting in the next room. So, I would even
consider unscrewing the light bulbs, and throw

them into the rooms to see they trigger anything.
Smoke begins pumping through the floor. They’re

going to suffocate if they don’t do something.
The woman pressures the school girl to pick a

door quickly. She panics and rushes through a
door, getting killed on the other side. This is

a death game and the stakes are real. All three
men are horrified, but the woman doesn’t blink,

and picks the other door. They follow after
her as the room behind explodes into flames.

And this time, they have 10 seconds less, the
woman tries to manipulate the others to open

the next door, and Arisu here nearly falls
for it, but he’s too scared. The bartender

Karube decides to take a wild guess, and they run
through. As the group escapes another close call,

each room has given them less time than
before. And they’ve been lucky so far.

But unless they find a pattern here, they’re
all going to die. Now, with deductive reasoning,

we can extract quite a bit of information to
help us decide which doors to choose next.

We know there are at least three rows of rooms for
the door patterns, from where they’ve been so far.

And that one left most end of the building
because there are never doors on this wall.

Also, the rooms are square. So, the
three rows can make a grid of nine or 12,

depending on the shape of the building itself. But
observation here is the key to beating this thing,

because if we were paying close attention to
our surroundings, we would see it from the

evacuation map that the building is square.
Therefore, it must be nine rooms total.

And by the process of elimination, it tells us
which rooms are safe, or where we’ve already been.

Arisu here, figures this out another way. Since
he’s a car fanatic, he remembers the model and

length of the BMW downstairs, and uses it
to calculate the buildings that mentions.

He then measures the room size of his feet to
extrapolate the complete layout of the game.

This is the moment that hooked me into the
series, strategies like this just blow my mind,

and the theory works perfectly, as they make
another escape. Until they reach the last room,

we need to realize that something is wrong.
They’re in the back-left corner of the building.

The dyed door doesn’t lead anywhere at
all, but if they take the leave door,

they’ll be back in the trap room where the
school girl died. He’s completely stuck. Okay.

Every building is required to have a stairwell
for fire escapes, and we haven’t seen one yet.

Based on the evacuation plan, we can be
confident that the exit is to the right.

But if I wasn’t sure, I’d encourage the woman to
open the door first. She’s more likely to trust

me if we made it this far, but if I’m wrong, at
least it’s on me or my friends that pay the price.

The gamer remembers his friend was recording,
and asks to look. The friend’s video recording

confirms that there’s no door on the
other side of the room, and they barely

make it out as the IT guy burns his leg.
They finally exit the building, and get a

message that they’ve beaten the challenge. The
woman finds a playing card, the three of clubs,

and their phones say they’ve each earned
a three-day visa, which begs the question.

If they’re not in Japan, where are they?
Suddenly, another player walks down the alley,

say his visa expires today. The group watches as
a laser falls from the sky, killing him instantly.

That’s when the power to the whole building
shuts off again. They’ve got to find another

game to play to extend their own visa, because
if they don’t, it’s game over. Okay. It looks

like we could be here for a while. So, now
is the time to start thinking about shelter,

food, weapons, and lifestyle changes. Canned food
is the obvious choice to start because it’s quick,

stores well, and there’s a lot of it.
But it’s not going to last forever.

And we’ll need to learn how to hunt, cook,
and guard it. Long-term, I would designate

a nearby park to plant and harvest vegetables.
Squash, potatoes, and beans are filling high

nutrients and easy to grow a lot of. If there’s
no electricity, it means no refrigerators. So,

cabbage will be good because it can be fermented
into kimchi, and stored for a nutrient-rich meal.

That night at dinner, the woman tells them she’s
been here for three whole days, when the guys

have only been here for one. So, when everyone
disappeared, it happened two days earlier for her.

How is this possible? Arisu realizes this means
time doesn’t work the same way here. The IT guy

thinks there might’ve been an EMP bomb because
after he saw the explosion, the lights went out.

But with all the missing people and the death
lasers from the sky, we should know there is

no natural explanation for any of it. Somehow,
we’ve crossed a border outside the normal world,

and we’re playing by different set of rules.
Every game has a designer, and we have to find

out who that is. The only way to do that right
now is to play more games to look for clues.

On that note, we can’t assume every game will be
exactly the same. Others might be different types

of challenges, and we need to be ready. Now, we
can actually tell a lot on the system they chose.

This was the three of clubs, which is a low card.
So, it tells me there are a lot more games to

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play, and they’re going to get a lot harder. I
would be training to improve my conditioning.

Work on improving memory functions, and
observational skills and common techniques,

like I was in a MARSOC special forces bootcamp.
And for a gamer who sits in a chair 14 hours a

day, this is a major adjustment that needs to
be worked on immediately. Later that night,

the two friends make a plan. They’ll join
a game, hoping to win. And by the time,

they’ll find a doctor for their friend’s leg.
This IT guy is an asset, but if he doesn’t heal,

he could get them all killed in a game. This is
why friends shouldn’t enter games with each other,

because there might be serious injuries that
affect the group, or even games that only have

one winner. If we split up, we can all be winners,
and learn from each other about the other games.

Mining information faster is
how we all survive and thrive.

They joined a game where they get new phones,
and see a lot more competitors than last time.

This one is going to be intense. This guy is even
using the electricity to charge his music player,

which is smart to take advantage of the
electricity while we have it. But those

old cassette players are battery powered.
Something suspicious is going on there.

These guys look battle-tested, and have probably
been here for a really long time. I would try to

learn everything I can for them to better adjust
to this place because people and knowledge are

the most valuable resources here. They’re also the
most dangerous. The game is a five of spades. The

number represents its difficulty. While, the
suit represents what kind of challenge it is.

In this case, it’s a game where physical ability
has the advantage. A player tells him clubs

represent team battles. Diamonds are challenges
of intellect, and hearts involve games of trust

and betrayal. This one is a game of tag.
Everyone must run away from the attacker,

and they’ve got 20 minutes to find a
safe zone before the building explodes.

They all spread out looking for a strategy.
As the attacker reaches the top floor and begins

the hunt. Now, this guy wants to funnel players
downwards because there’s a laser blocking the

exit below. And a chase is always easier downhill.
That’s exactly why I would position myself

at the top floor in the corner near this pole
because I can slide down, or climb up quickly,

and I can access it from every floor.
It also leads me to the roof, which keeps

me completely safe. These guys check the rooms
for a safe zone, but they’re all locked. They

hear gunfire upstairs and peek around the corner,
nearly dodging stream of bullets. The guys run

and hide behind a wall as the killer continues
downstairs. It’s risky, but this is the perfect

time to strike. We can’t run forever, and the
majority of this building works in his favor

because they’re long narrow hallways.
But the stairwells give us the advantage

because he can’t shoot around corners. I would
sneak up behind, and push him down the stairs,

and into the wall. He’ll probably put his arms
up to stop his fall, and it might free the gun,

giving us a chance to grab it. The gunman goes on
a killing spree, taking a few more contestants out

as the two friends move to a better vantage point.
The killer turns to their direction, but doesn’t

see them. And the gamer realizes the mask
impairs his vision. Now, they know his weakness.

The gamer yells to the other players that if
they call out his location, they can find the

same zone as a team and stop the bomb. This girl
is the first to try. As she yells out the killer’s

location, and climbs up to the next level.
This girl is scaling the building like a

freaking Ninja. The bartender wants to
ambush the killer and this guy agrees.

He’s also a tactical genius because he’s able
to figure the killers, height, weight, and level

of training just from watching him. But Arisu
here notices something else. Both this soldier

and his henchman have locker key wrist straps.
Even though this is a life and death situation,

this little detail is important because
it might mean they have valuable things to

lock up and hide. If either of them dies, I’m
coming back, and taking it off their wrists.

The climber girl offers to help, check the first
and second floor for the killer and jumps down.

The gamer goes looking for the safe
zone with the climber girl’s help.

While, the soldier and the bartender plan to
ambush the killer. It’s a good plan because

the killer will be distracted away from the
main objective, and they can beat the game.

This guy lures him out of the stairwell,
but the soldier doesn’t come to help. And

the guy gets shot to death. He’s devious. He was
waiting so the killer would empty his magazine.

Suddenly, the soldier sprays the killer with
a fire extinguisher, dodging a wild spray of

bullets. And now, he’s out of ammo. They take
turns fighting him, and this killer is tough.

Even taking several stabs from the bartender,
like it’s nothing. And he slices a bloody wound

into the man’s side. Meanwhile, Arisu here
tries to figure out where the safe zone is,

and spots a door the killer shot at.
It doesn’t make sense that the gunman

would shoot from far away unless he’s protecting
something. He’s also not the only one who realizes

this as another player shows up. It’s the same
guy with the music player. Arisu here slowly

opens the door and takes a look inside.
A quick note, if I’m opening this door,

I’m doing it from the other side because
I don’t know what’s coming out of there.

It doesn’t hurt to have some metal in front of
you until you can confirm there’s no threat.

Inside, they spot a door and investigate, but
there’s another killer, and the two survivors

have to run. But the player slams a taser into
his side, and the killer collapses. Earlier,

what we saw was him actually charging his taser,
which he made from scratch. This guy is really

clever, but it wasn’t enough to keep him down.
He runs into a room, and realizes he’s now trapped

in the safe zone, where he sees two buttons
to stop the bomb, but both must be pressed

at the same time. He yells at the location of
the safe zone and that he needs a hand. Now,

I would still give this a shot. I can’t search
far enough, but I could take off my shoes and

throw them hard at the buttons to beat the game.
The killer breaks in, and Arisu here tries to

fight him off. Luckily, the climber chick
hops to the window, and stuns him with the

stranger’s disguised taser. With one second
left, they jumped for the buttons, making it

just in time. The killer takes her mask off and
looks terrified as the collar suddenly explodes.

These killers were actually players, and they
were playing against us for their survival.

Downstairs, the bartender finds a walkie-talkie on
a dead player, and hears two phrases, the answer

is in her hands, and returned to the Beach. And
he’s not the only one looting. This guy finds

a note on the killer with a strange design. It’s
not clear what this means, but this is a lot more

important than you might think. I would definitely
be checking every dead body for anything useful,

or maybe even something I can learn from
them.Every piece of information is valuable,

especially when answers are so hard to come by.
The friends return with a warm welcome. They’re

grateful to be alive. And the group discussed
what to do with the information the bartender

heard on the walkie-talkie. Okay. This thing
is really useful because we can now listen in

on our opponents. We need to use everything
to gain a competitive advantage over others.

They might talk about game strategies, or food,
and weapon storage locations. All this information

could make the difference between life and death.
The next night, the group leave for Shibuya

to enter another game hosted at the Shinjuku
Botanical Garden. And this one is going to be

unlike any other. They walk in and see a table
of weapons and some high-tech headsets. Okay.

If there’s only four people here, and they’re
laying out weapons, I’m thinking this isn’t

going to go well for any of us. But when
push comes to shove, and you have to kill,

weapon selection is important here. It needs to
be light enough to wield and run with, but also

very sturdy. It also doesn’t say you can’t choose
two. I would pick the hammer and the hand axe.

Both are single hand weapons, easy to swing, and
neither of them will break from heavy impact.

When they put on the goggles, the headsets lock
around their necks and turn on, recognizing the

players with an advanced eye-tracking feature.
The game they will be playing is simple,

hide and seek. Difficulty, seven of hearts. And
we know hearts are about trust and betrayal.

This is about to get real ugly. One person will
be the wolf, the rest lambs, and whoever finds the

Wolf becomes the new one. However, to win this
game, you must beat the wolf by the end of 15

minutes. Whoever is the lamb afterwards will die.
Okay. This is terrifying and trust is so important

here. As soon as I see that this is a game of
hearts, I’m keeping a close eye on this woman.

We saw her throw someone under the bus in the
first game, and she’ll do it again if we aren’t

paying attention. The first Wolf was Chota,
the IT guy, and tries to remove the collar,

but he’s warned he might explode if he does.
He turns and makes eye contact with Arisu here,

and suddenly, he becomes the wolf. Realizing
the pattern, this one gets everyone’s

attention, tricking Arisu to look at her.
She steals the wolf role and runs away. The wolf

is not the hunter, but the hunted. Because only
the wolf will be alive by the end of the game.

The bartender chases her, but he’s too far
behind. She ducks behind a bush to hide from

the man trying to stay the wolf until time
runs out. This girl is all about survival,

but she needs a better strategy to hide because
she’s wearing heels, which make distinctive

marks that they could use to track her down.
If I was the wolf, I might consider climbing

a tree. Nobody can lock eyes with me even if
they climb up to get me. And I can kick them

down when they try. The bartender finds her,
and doesn’t hold back. But the woman slams a

rock to his wound, and they end up making
eye contact. Now, he is the wolf, except

his friend arrives, and locks gazes with him.
He gets cornered by the two of them who fail

to convince him to switch roles. This is
why they call it a hearts game because the

game designers want you to choose between your
life or your friends. There might not be a way

for all of us to win, but we have to try. This
is a botanical garden and there’s water here.

So, maybe if we all look at the same
point in the water at our reflections,

everyone’s headset will register eye contact,
turning us all into wolves and we’ll all survive.

The woman goes to attack him, but his injured
friend tackles her to the ground and tells him

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to run. Arisu here dashes off to hide and tries to
remove the headset. He’s about the clip it, when

he remembers seeing the collars explode in the
previous game and refuse to go out like a coward.

Karube here is distraught and starts hunting
for his friend. Arisu here is very emotional,

but he doesn’t want them to go out fighting,
and tells them he will sacrifice himself.

The bartender hears this and has a change of
heart. Since the very beginning, he always knew

his friend Arisu had the most potential of them
all, and he must survive. The gamer tries to find

them, but they’ve all gone silent. He finally
finds his friend, but by then, it’s too late.

His collar explodes, leaving Arisu here, the
sole survivor, and lucky winner of this death.

This is the worst possible outcome. But
keep in mind, these games won’t stop.

I’m taking all of these weapons back with me. This
is seriously tragic, but if I were Arisu here,

I would channel my grief and rage into the games.
From now on, I’m building a prebuilt strategy for

each suit of cards, and training every day
so that this never happens again. Workouts,

aerobic, endurance, solving riddles,
and building a new team I can trust.

This is what I’m focused on. That way, my friends
won’t die in vain, and I get more time on my visa.

The climber girl from the tag game finds the gamer
lying in the street and looking miserable. So,

she takes him back to her shelter for
food and a pep talk. Even though she’s

been through her own hardships, she still
keeps going, and he should too. Whether

he’s ready or not, his visa will expire today.
And they both must join another game to stay

alive. That night, the two of them had to the next
game in this tunnel, where they find a bus in the

road. Inside, there are three other men on board,
and one of them has an injured leg. They find out

this game is called distance with a difficulty
four of clubs, and clubs is a team game. Now,

his injured leg is looking like it might
put them all at risk if he can’t contribute.

Their phones tell them to reach their goal in
two hours, and it shows a distance counter,

which starts at zero. This is the
time to explore the parameters of

the game. I would walk both backwards and
forwards to see how the steps are counted,

to get a clear indication of which direction
the goal is. One of the other players realizes

that this older bus doesn’t need electricity
to start so they could drive to their goal.

Unfortunately, there’s no gas. So, they’ll have
to run. The injured man tells his friend to go on

without him, reassuring them that he’ll find his
own way to survive, and they leave. Personally, I

hate running. So, I would have spent a little more
time investigating gas options closer to the bus,

maybe even pushing it to the next car
so we don’t waste time going back.

We also don’t know how far away the goal is.
So, this bus might be early option. If this

is a clubs game, I’m inclined to strategize as a
group. So, I might have them all scout the tunnel

to find gasoline or other working cars with keys
left inside. By the time they reach 5,000 meters,

they’re exhausted. Okay. This is already a
clear sign that you’re doing something wrong.

So far, you’re physically drained,
and you’re not working as a team.

And if this is a clubs game, that
you need to rethink your approach

because the strategy needs to match the card suit.
They push forward, making good time on their jog,

but then they see something coming in the
distance, and realize it’s a panther. They

split up dodging underneath cars and behind doors
as one of the guys gets a mauled to death. They

find a flare inside of a car and manage to
scare it off, but they have to keep going.

Managing to escape, the remaining survivors
see a truck with Royal Enfield on it,

a motorbike that uses a diesel fuel, and
can be started without electricity. They

don’t have the key, but the gamer realizes
that if they can take this back to the bus,

they can refuel it and take the
injured player straight to the goal.

The girl and the player keep going, while
Arisu here runs back with the motorbike.

Diesel engines use compression ignition and
gas-powered cars use a spark plug to ignite

the fuel, but they can still use regular gas to
power diesel cars. So, using this motorcycle was a

great idea, but it’s also completely unnecessary.
The other two have made it to the end only to

find the steel wall leaking out water, and it’s
about to burst. They’re duped. This is no joke.

Water like this can crush you quickly because one
liter weighs a full kilogram. I would’ve jumped in

the car because a steel frame could protect
me. And I might be carried down the tunnel.

The man trips, and gets caught in the incoming
flood, leaving the climber to her impending death.

But then, she see the bus in the distance,
Arisu over there has managed to refuel it,

and leans out the catch her arm.
She grabs onto him in the nick of time

as the waters tip the vehicle over, knocking them
out. They climb out of the bus. They see that it

was the goal this whole time. Those numbers were
indicating how far away they were from it. Now,

if we had looked for the gas tank door to begin
with, we would have seen the giant sign that says

goal. But even if we miss that, pushing the
bus to the next car for gas, which showed the

distance meter remaining at zero, giving us clear
indication that we’re fine exactly where we are.

Outside, the gamer tells her about a place called
the Beach is unheard about on the walkie-talkie

and proposes they look for it. They don’t
exactly know what to expect, but they’re

bound to find some answers. But I got to say,
if I figured all this out about diesel cars,

you can be sure I’m not going to be riding a
bike anymore. Leaving the greater Tokyo area,

they’re further from the convenience of the city.
They’re low in supplies, and the gamer has three

days on his visa. They spend the night in
the park, and the girl teaches him how to

hunt and track wild boar. There’s a lot we
can learn from this girl. She’s a survivor,

and has more experience in nature, climbing,
hunting, camping, and cooking. We need to

learn as much as we can because you never
know when you might lose another friend.

I would also be scouting all the
possible venues on my new surroundings,

because the more familiar we are with them,
the more advantage we will have in the games,

like places to hide, or technical positioning.
That night, he spies a group of participants

about the play of death game and realizes these
players are all wearing locker keys on the wrists,

just like those guys in the tag game.
Something is going on, and they have to

get to the bottom of it. This is clearly an
organized society of players, and I wouldn’t

trust any of them. Life and death scenarios
bring out the worst in groups, because they

collectively take advantage of others, finding
ways to blackmail and trap you in. They followed

them to a hotel that surprisingly has running
power, unlike everywhere else in the city.

But as they’re spying, someone sneaks up from
behind, and knocks them out. I would really try

to be a little more secretive about it. I would
have taken the locker bracelet from the killer

in the tag game, and used it to try passing
as a member to find out more. They wake up to

these people in swimsuits interrogating them.
The gamer admits they’re here to find answers.

And this guy, Hatter, claims he has them,
as he reveals this wall lined with giant

playing cards. He explains that if they
clear the games and get all the cards,

one lucky person can go back to the normal world.
This is where the Beach was created to form a

giant team of players to collect cards, and they
have no choice, but to join up. I’m not buying it.

What if a single person needs to earn all
52 cards himself in order to escape. This

rule isn’t advertised, and they simply don’t know.
Groups like this aren’t interested in governance,

or equality, or representation. It’s always about
power and survival. Don’t get involved. This

is fool’s gold. And the truth is the more people
around you, the more to stab you in the back.

On the plus side, these guys have fuel,
electricity, water, and guns. So, if we’re

caught, we should take advantage. They have three
rules. Everyone must wear swimsuits. As that way,

no weapons can be hidden. Any cards won in the
game will be taken. And if anyone breaks the rules

or betrays the mission, they’ll be executed. They
want to test Arisu here to see what he’s made of.

And this scientist woman is here to observe his
decision-making. The group entered this room,

filled of water in a massive transformer above
them. The name of the game is light bulb.

Difficulty, four of diamonds. The goal, find out
which of these three switches turns on this light,

but you can only flip one switch with the
door open. However, if someone is in the

room with the bulb, the door won’t close.
They can only answer once in it. And if

they get it wrong, or the water touches these
electrical wires, they die. The water begins

to rise an Arisu here isn’t sure what to do. But
he thinks he can eliminate a wrong answer easily

by flipping the first switch with the door
open. The problem is if it doesn’t turn on,

the door will close, and they won’t be able to
confirm which of the remaining switches works.

The lady challenges him. Is it worth risking
all their lives on chance? The water’s up

to their waist, and they have the time to
argue. So, Arisu over here goes to flip A,

but he thinks about what’s been said. There’s
one chance to keep the door open, to confirm that

the light is on or not. And he has an idea,
to close the door first, and flip switch A,

then flip switch B with the door open, no light.
He has the player touch the bulb, and it’s hot,

switch A is the. Arisu here solves the puzzle
in the nick of time, and he’s proven his worth.

There is one thing they didn’t think of though.
This game gave them phones with waterproof cases,

and we saw the first game that they can record
video. I would put the phone in the room,

and face it at the light, close the door,
and flip every switch, recording the sequence

on the phone to tell which one the light is.
All players return to the Beach, and the leader

wants to talk with the gamer. He’s impressed by
his wit, and invites him to a meeting with the

executives. In the meeting, the leader brings up
that he needs to renew his visa, and the soldier

shares a look with his men. These people are
dangerous, and it looks like there’s a rivalry

that we do not want to get in the middle of.
And if I’m Arisu here, I don’t want to be caught

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in someone else’s drama. Because if we get close
to someone else’s enemy, then we put our lives at

risk. The strategic move is to stay low, stay
humble, and wait for your chance to slip out

unnoticed and forgotten. The next day, the girl
warns the gamer that the militants are keeping an

eye on them. And they start thinking about escape.
He goes around to asking different people what

they know about this world, and learns that there
might be lasers surrounding the entire country.

He scouts out the compound and
here’s gunshots. Around the corner,

he sees some of the militants near a dumpster.
Waiting for them to leave, he peeks inside,

and finds a pile of dead bodies. Then a stranger
shows up, the same person from the game of tag.

He explains that this is what happens when you
betray the Beach, and wants to do something about

it. He has a proposal for the gamer, steal all
the cards from the leader, and leave this place

for good. It’s a dangerous plan, but he feels he
must do something. The gamer agrees and tells his

friend the plan. Luckily, she knows where the
guns are stored, but they’re heavily guarded.

Later, he’s called to an urgent meeting,
and finds out that the leader of the Beach

is dead. He died from a bullet wound, and
they all wondered, did he die from the games

or was he murdered? The militants threaten the
others to elect the soldier Aguni, and they have

no choice. This is the time to steal the cards
and escape. Arisu here is upstairs looking for

the safe and after finding it, it inputs the code
that this guy tells him, but it doesn’t open.

The militants catch him in the act. This was all a
part of this guy’s plan. The gamer was being used

to find out where the actual safe is being kept in
the room. We should know that all people shouldn’t

be trusted and everyone is dangerous. There’s
also a better way to escape. In the Beach’s regime

change, everyone will be distracted enough for two
involuntary members to escape.I would be looking

for that opportunity more than worrying about
the legacy of a place I don’t even want to be in.

Arisu was gagged and bound in a room. He’s going
to be here until then visa expires, and no one

will be coming to rescue him. Meanwhile, the
stranger returns to open the real safe, find the

box of all the playing cards collected. The girl
gets dragged into a room by the second in command,

and this guy is ready to do some terrible things.
When luckily, the power in the entire resort goes

off. Confused, they all look around
and find a game sign in the room.

All the exits to the Beach have been closed
off with lasers. The entire hotel has become

the arena for a whole new game. Difficulty,
10 of hearts, the last remaining numeral card.

Everyone rushed to the lobby to grab a phone. But
in the middle of the chaos, the girl sees a woman

has been stabbed and everyone goes quiet.
The game is called witch hunt, and they

have two hours to discover who killed
the girl, and burned them to death.

The members interrogate the dead girl’s friend.
They find it suspicious that she wasn’t with her

since they’re practically inseparable. She claims
she was in her room, but they don’t believe her,

and get ready to burn her at the stake.
And she’s saved when the executive members step

in. Okay. This is a classic who done it. And we
have some information to work with here. First

of all, this is a hardscape, the most dangerous
kind, because the game maker wants everyone to

turn on each other. And that’s exactly why we
can’t do that. There might be an obvious choice,

but it also might be a trick of the game.
Now, this girl was stabbed with an ordinary knife,

and all the militants have firearms and
samurai swords. We also know where they

dumped the dead. So, I don’t think it’s
them. The best answers are with a friend,

because we can learn about any behavioral changes,
or if someone was stalking her, or even if she was

being blackmailed to do something. They all
start accusing each other when the soldier

Aguni finally steps in and threatens to kill
everyone if the real witch doesn’t step forward.

His second in command fires gun and sends the
crowd scattering. Okay. The key to winning here

is to understand the game maker’s design. They
will play tricks on the mind, and have you so

focused on your own survival that you don’t see
the big picture. So, first, we have to consider

if there’s a way where no one has to die at all.
Now, we already conveniently have a dead body.

I would throw her into the fire first to eliminate
every possibility before extreme measures are

taken. The girls run away to look for the gamer
who is still tied up. Meanwhile, the swordsman is

pouring gasoline in the basement. They’re going to
burn this place to the ground. And the dreadlock

girl finds the forensic scientist snooping around.
She’s looking for super glue to get prints off

the murder weapon, which is really smart.
But I would tell her to find out where the

knife came from and find out who’s been there
recently, instead. The second command gets

into to a faceoff with the shady guy who points
out the power supply at the Beach has changed

since this witch hunt started. Meaning, someone
working for the game has infiltrated the resort

to switch the power. And the only people who have
access to the power supply are the executives.

The shady guy rushes the gunman and sets him
on fire with a DIY flame thrower. Meanwhile,

Arisu here scrapes the tape off his mouth and
calls out for help. Luckily, his friend hears

him cry and tracks him down to this door. She
rescues him, and catches him up to speed. He

thinks the witch is also a player in their own
game having to kill the girl and stay undetected.

That’s when he realizes he’s looking at this the
wrong way. He should be thinking like the game

designer. They knew the leader died, and used
the chaos to set this game up. The witch could

have moved the victim’s body an hour before this
all started, and he thinks he knows who it is.

There are 15 minutes remaining, and
the witch still hasn’t been found.

The remaining members are cornered in the lobby,
where the leader orders his men to kill everyone,

but they’re stopped when the gamer arrives. They
know he’s not the witch because he’s been tied

up the whole time. He begs the leader to work
together to find the murderer and gets attacked.

Surprisingly, the soldier confesses that
he’s the witch. And Arisu calls him a liar.

But he knows the soldier did kill someone, and it
wasn’t the girl. It was Hatter, the Beach’s old

leader. The soldier’s eyes tell him all he needs
to know. The night had Hatter went to renew his

visa, the soldier shot him in self-defense. Arisu
here has figured out there’s one way to beat this

game without killing anyone. And that’s that the
girl killed herself. This revelation makes the new

leader outraged as he starts fighting everyone.
But they’re running out of time. It must put

an end to this before they all die. The
witch’s friend knows a way to stop this,

and getting everyone’s attention announces that
she’s the dealer of this game. A laser pierces

through her head and kills her instantly, shocking
the Beach in this silence. Okay. What the hell is

a dealer? There’s clearly some things that
others know about this game that we don’t,

and she just got killed for telling us.
The forensic scientists appears and confirms

that the murdered girl did in fact kill herself
because the fingerprints had a reverse grip on

the knife. Then, someone starts shooting at
them. It’s the second in command still alive.

He fires into the crowd, but his rampage is
stopped by the soldier taking several bullets as

he picks him up and carries them into the smoke.
With three minutes remaining, the group carries

the witch’s body to the fire. And they all
clear the game, watching as the beach resort

burns up. But the shady guy comes back inside
to add the 10 of hearts to his collection. All

that’s left are the face cards and it will be
a complete set. The next day, the gamer and

the climber girl look for answers. On it, they
find a confession that they were both dealers,

a group specially chosen to set up the games.
Sometimes acting as taggers or pretending to be

other players, they’ll be killed if anyone finds
out who they actually are. There must be other

people who are dealers pretending to be players.
This really sheds a new light on everything we’ve

seen. Maybe this chick was a dealer and wanted to
make sure everyone was killed in the hearts game.

And this guy who willingly stayed on the bus and
insisted his friends leave was actually a dealer

who set up the game for his own benefit. We need
to be more suspicious of others than ever before.

In one of the videos, the two girls go to the
subway, and revealed the dealer’s secret base.

It’s a massive surveillance room where
others like them watch the games.

And just like the players, these dealers have
to play games for their visas too. They trace

the girl’s step navigating the metro tunnels, and
find the door to the secret base has been opened.

Someone has gone here before them,
finding the dealers are dead,

and their computers powered down. That’s when
the shady guy in the dreadlock girl find them.

He realized the drawing on the note he found
was actually a route map of this subway station.

And came here to find out what happens when they
get all the cards. But instead found these people

dead and concludes that there’s someone above
the dealers who is controlling the games. The

computer screen suddenly turned on for a special
urgent broadcast. And to everyone’s surprise,

it’s presented by one of the Beaches executives.
She worked for the games this whole time.

She congratulates all the players for the victory
and announces there’s a prize courtesy of her

team. Tomorrow at noon, there will be a new round
of games, but this time they’re playing for the

face cards. They now begin to see there’s a grand
design to this whole thing. And this woman has the

answers that they’re looking for. As they make
their way outside, they look up and see a giant

blimp carrying a massive king of spades.
Citywide, more of these zeppelins fly

in with face cards of their own. And
the next stage has officially begun.

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