We’re taking a look at 10 upcoming survival games that are a bit different or trying something new

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[Narrator] We talk about survival games all the time here at Gameranx, and today,we’re taking a look at 10 upcoming survival games that are a bit different or trying something new.

Now, please note, we’re not really gonna talk about sequels or anything, like, you know, “Frostpunk” or “ARK 2.”

Just some fresh stuff here.

We got a lot of cool games to talk about,

so let’s get started off with number 10.

“Pioneer” is a wild one,
right out of the gate.

I mean, look at the gameplay here.

It seems really impressive, right?

This is actually a super
ambitious indie project,

seemingly being put together
by a very small team.

Details are still kind of slight,

but they have outlined certain combat

and player movement elements

as well as just kind
of the overall concept,

and what it kind of is is, like,

the “Metro” series, the
“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” series,

and maybe even a little
“Escape from Tarkov”

had a baby with a survival game.

The concept seems awesome,

seems like a no-brainer, total winner.

It’s just really coming down to whether

or not this team can pull it off.

From what we’ve seen, the
combat does look pretty cool

against a lot of humanoid enemies

in some pretty dense environments

where you scrounge for items
to craft cooler weapons

with tons of customizable
capabilities for all of them,

a little bit of a blend of sci-fi

with the weapons themselves

getting a little more experimental.

And just everything I’ve
seen of this one so far,

I’ve been loving it.

It was announced, really shown off,

like, two years ago now at this point,

and with these small-team,
really insane-looking projects,

we’ve talked about many of these before,

and sometimes we’ve been fooled.

Other times, we’ve been
completely blown away.

So we don’t know for
sure about “Pioneer” yet,

but we’re keeping it on our radar

just because the concept,
the mashup of genres,

the inspirations, is
just too good to ignore.

Now, next over at number nine,

we have “The Lord of the
Rings: Return to Moria.”

This definitely seems like the kind

of “Lord of the Rings” game

that should’ve already existed.

You play as a group of
dwarves who return to Moria

to reclaim it from the
evil that’s taken it over.

As you probably know,
Moria was an impressive,

prized possession of the dwarves

until some certain events happened

that left some people high and dry.

Let’s just say that.

So now you’re jumping back
and making it awesome again.

Now, in typical dwarf fashion,

you’ll be mining for resources

and then using those resources
to craft new and better gear

as well as excavate and rebuild
Moria from the ground up

with some good ol’ base building.

That base building in
particular has us interested

because it’s not like
“Valheim” where you’re just,

like, building in a big, open space

or like “Minecraft” or anything.

No, here, you’re building in a condensed,

contained mine area, which
could lead to some really fun

and interesting building
and just scenarios.

You’ll also be hunting and
fighting off hordes of orcs

and other creatures that lurk
down here, and best of all,

it’s cooperative, so you can get together

with up to apparently eight players

and just take back Moria together.

This is another one where the
concept is just unique enough

but really cool.

Obviously, the property
of “The Lord of the Rings”

is something that we’re super into,

so this could be a match made in heaven.

Next, over at number eight,

we have a game called “Earth: Revival,”

which, on the surface,
might look a little generic,

but it’s actually got a lot more going on.

This has been teased
for quite some time now.

It was originally called
“Project Revival,” but now,

it is officially this big,
crazy sci-fi survival game.

It’s fully multiplayer.

It’s open world.

It’s got base building elements,

PvP, PvE, crafting, all
the stuff you’d expect,

but with a really cool
sci-fi sheen to it all.

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It’s in third-person shooting as well,

which is something you don’t see every day

with these types of games.

I’ve seen some websites,
including “PCGamesN,”

kind of dub it “‘Destiny
2’ meets ‘Fallout,'”

which is kind of clever
if you think about it

and definitely is gonna
appeal to some people

because, like, it has all the
“Destiny 2” multiplayer stuff,

like raids, competitive stuff,
endless dungeons, all that,

and then just all the
building fun crafting stuff

of a “Fallout” game.

But on top of that, it also
just looks really cool.

It’s got a little bit of a
different visual style spin

to it, like I said.

Seemingly very shiny, very high quality,

lot of cool sci-fi weaponry
and armor going on,

and this is going to be
available on both PC and mobile,

so I’m very curious to see
how they monetize this thing.

Still a lot of questions,
but so far, it seems

like the survival community
has been kind of into it,

so maybe it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Next up at number seven, we
have “Wizard with a Gun.”

This is a fresh, new survival
game simply because it’s,

it’s called “Wizard with a Gun.”

But seriously, actually,
it does seem really cool

from the incredibly striking art style

to the actual gameplay itself.

It’s an online cooperative
sandbox survival game

where you play with friends and venture

out of your wizard tower
to find stuff for crafting

and developing and growing
as a little wizard character

and of course killing enemies.

The cool thing is that
all the wizardry aspects

are highly customizable, from
actually creating your wizard

to experimenting with different
types of spells and magic

to create more powerful,
devastating effects

and just be more
effective against enemies.

The twist, though, is that messing around

with magic is actually pretty dangerous,

so you have to really kind
of trial-and-error experiment

and sometimes learn the hard way

while you’re making cool
new magical abilities.

It’s a really, really cool spin

on magic weapon customization

that I haven’t seen before,

and to do it with friends

in this cool sandbox survival style

just really works for me.

It’s being published by Devolver Digital.

You know they definitely
have a good track record

for finding weird, quirky,
unique, and fun games,

and as of right now, we just know

it’s releasing sometime in 2022.

Next over at number six,
we have “Forever Skies.”

Now, here, you’re returning to Earth

hundreds of years after it was devastated

by this disaster that left the surface

covered in a layer of toxic dust.

So you land in an airship
that then you can customize

and build up as it acts as
kind of, like, your lab,

your workshop, your home
base, and obviously,

of course, you’ll also be
using it for getting around,

which is just a very
cool spin on the thing.

Now, as is in the case with
a lot of survival games,

you’ll be scavenging materials

from ruins that were left behind,

but a lot of it is built up really high

to escape the layer of toxic
dust sitting on the surface,

and it just looks really
cool and kinda unique.

Now, you can also descend
down below the dust,

where things are different
and much more strange.

Now, I don’t know why,

but this is definitely giving us kind of,

like, “Subnautica” vibes,
but instead of underwater

in a submarine, you’re up above
the clouds in a spaceship.

Definitely unique enough for us,

and it’s coming sometime in 2022.

Next up at number five,
we have “Sengoku Dynasty.”

Dude, this one was not on my radar

until making this video,
and now I am so glad it is.

What this essentially is is kind of, like,

a typical survival game
set in feudal Japan

but with, like, a sense
of adventure to it.

You go from, like, lowly peasant

to slowly building up your own village

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and becoming a leader, and
you do it how you want.

Do you wanna be a badass warrior?

Do you wanna be a craftsman
or a religious monk?

The game is going to
apparently give you a lot

of different choices and
ways to approach things

while you’re going out
in the world foraging

for food to survive, to
build for your family

and then a greater community

filled with apparently unique NPCs

and kind of go from
zero to hero, or, like,

just simple guy to a badass legend.

Now, this is incredibly ambitious.

The publisher behind this
does have a good track record,

but a lot really has to hit
for this to work, you know?

It has to be interesting.

The character building has to be in depth.

The combat has to be engaging.

And also, they gotta just nail, like,

you gotta really feel for
this village you build up.

You wanna feel like you
actually have to fight for it.

I really hope this game nails it,

because just the idea on paper
is absolutely incredible,

and the glimpses that we’ve gotten

of the game so far do
look pretty gorgeous,

but you can’t really judge it

until you fully get your hands on it.

All we know right now is that
“Sengoku Dynasty” is slated

for the first quarter of 2023.

Next up at number four,
we have “Night is Coming,”

which combines survival elements
with a city building game,

which is perfect for me personally.

Now, the game is inspired
by Slavic mythology,

and you’ll spend your time
doing survival game stuff,

building up and upgrading
your settlement and settlers

to take on and withstand
these hordes of creatures

that will come out at night.

And by the way, all of the monsters

look really, really cool, incredibly cool.

A lot of them look straight
out of “The Witcher,”

which is legit.

But each settler is
also a unique individual

with different abilities
and a cool look and needs,

and they’re also heroes
that you can recruit

to fight alongside you.

You wanna make sure
you’re ready for winter

because that’s when the enemy hordes

become even more powerful.

You’ll get hit with blizzards
and dropping temperatures.

So you won’t only be battling monsters,

but also the climate as well and just,

like, a good combo of a survival sim.

Like, if it’s nailed gameplay-wise,

this could scratch a lot of itches.

“Night is Coming” is slated for 2022.

Next, down at number
three, we have “Voidtrain.”

Now, if you’re looking for a game…

If you really came here
for a survival game

that is just weird and different,

I’d say look no further with “Voidtrain.”

This thing is wild.

Now, we don’t know a ton about it,

but the basic gist is
that you’re kind of on,

like, a traditional
old-school-style train.

You’re on a track, but
that track is kind of just,

like, you’re cruising through
an interdimensional void.

And the game is based around
you building up the train

and keeping the train
alive, where sometimes,

you’re gonna need to go out on a tether

and fly out into the void
while the train is moving

to fight enemies and collect stuff.

Along with that, it seems
like you’re going to end up

in different dimensions
where you’re going to be able

to hop off the train and go wander around

and fight enemies and
forage for stuff there.

It’s got a cool, kind of
slightly steampunk style to it.

I’m not sure how the
combat’s gonna feel so far.

It does look a little rough.

A lot of the concepts
look a little rough here.

But this is another one where in theory,

it is an absolutely perfect idea

and a great creative
evolution for a survival game.

And there’s a lot of people out there

that really, really love trains, too,

so this could definitely work for them.

As of right now, “Voidtrain”
doesn’t have a release date,

but you can wishlist
it on Steam, at least,

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and keep an eye on it, because
I know we certainly are.

Now, down to number two, we
have “Stranded: Alien Dawn.”

Now, you might remember this game

from a pretty recent trailer
that was really stunning.

Apparently, this is a
planet-based survival sim

where you crash-land on a planet

and it’s up to you to survive.

So you’re not necessarily
completely primitive.

You do have some tools at your disposal,

you are capable people, and it seems like,

eventually, you can build
some pretty impressive things

on a really, really
beautiful alien planet.

It kind of reminds me of,
like, the opening minutes

to the more recent Buzz Lightyear movie.

But the game also is going
to focus a lot around farming

but also managing the needs
of your other survivors.

So not only are you going to be building

and strengthening your own
settlement to benefit you

and your farm and your
survival and, you know,

defending yourself from
enemies and stuff like that,

but you’re apparently
also going to be dealing

with hostile climate and
constantly changing weather.

And I think what this game
really has going for it

is just the really, really
unique creature and plant life,

just stuff we haven’t really seen before.

So it’s gonna be fun

to have kind of a lowkey farming sim game

where you barely even
know what you’re growing

in the first place.

This game, for what it is,

just seems like a really badass combo

of a bunch of different
survival game staples,

but in a way we haven’t quite seen before.

It doesn’t have a release
date, but we do know

that early access is
coming in the fall of 2022.

Now, down to number one,

“Nightingale” is a really interesting one.

Now, while it has your
typical survival elements

like crafting and base building
and hunting for resources,

it has a really unique
style and environment.

Actually, it has multiple
unique environments,

because you’re this Realm Walker

and you’ll be traveling through
transdimensional portals

looking for this, like, apparent
lost city of Nightingale.

It all just sounds really cool

from a story and kind
of, like, setup-wise,

and even without the portal stuff,

the game just does look like a lot of fun.

You know, building up your
own estate and recruiting NPCs

to help with gathering resources
and production is the kind

of survival stuff that we
really find the most addictive,

and the combat seems fun, too.

You’ll be making use of a variety
of different melee weapons

and really wild-looking
guns in first-person combat.

“Nightingale” also, interestingly enough,

is going to make use of these Realm Cards,

which you can use to change
up the procedural generation

of all the realms you’ll
be traveling through

to kind of get what you need.

But from a style and gameplay perspective,

it just seems pretty
unique and interesting,

and we’re excited to check it out.

So those are 10 unique survival games

that are at least doing a little bit

of a different spin on things.

We wanted to highlight these today,

but we wanna hear what you
guys think in the comments.

If you got some other games
you think are worth mentioning,

let us know, and if you discovered
a new game from this list

and you wanna hear more videos on it,

definitely let us know about that, too.

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