We’ve got some more news to talk about for Hogwarts Legacy including new details on some of the professors that have just been revealed.

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Today, we’ve got some more news to talk about for Hogwarts Legacy including new details on some of the professors that have just been revealed on Twitter.

Along with that, we’ve got some details on how character slots will be working in Hogwarts Legacy whether or not you’ll be able to have multiple characters or have different save slots so you can play the game multiple times without overwriting your previous saves. We do have some great news for that.

So, I’ll
be covering those details a

little bit further later on in
the video. Now, along with

that, there’s a lot of concerns
about whether or not Hogwarts

Legacy was getting delayed again due to
an update on Steam where the

release date was removed from
the Steam Store page which had

a lot of people concerned on
whether or not the game was

going to get delayed. So, I’ll
be going over all of that and

more in this video so
definitely stick around until

the end because you guys do not
want to miss out on all of this

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foremost let’s talk about the
issue with the Steam Star page

removing the release date as
according to this tweet from

Game Revolution. com they said
Hogwart’s Legacy fans fear

another delay after its Steam
release date is changed and

inside the screenshot it
showcases the release date as

coming soon instead of February
10th of 2023 now if you guys

have ever used the Steam
platform then you know that

they are constantly updating
things things are getting

reverted it’s unintended it
just happens all the time but

fear not the game is not
going to get delayed on Steam

it’s releasing it on February
10th and even earlier if you’re

purchasing the digital deluxe
version of the game so fear not

it’s not going to delay it it’s
still releasing as intended and

this is confirmed by none other
than Chandler Wood who is the

community manager on Hogwarts
Legacy to which he stated no

delay other upcoming games on
Steam are also experiencing the

same thing so this was a
platform wide problem this

wasn’t just for Hogwarts
Legacy’s game it was for

multiple other games that are
coming soon and let’s be honest

if Hogwarts Legacy was going to
do another delay again they

would have already announced it
we are right now less than a

month away before the games
launch if they did a delay

again people would absolutely
lose their mind and the

preorders that are already
doing really well would suffer

greatly because that right
there is a major red flag like

I said it’s still going to
release next month have no fear

this was just a glitch and I’m
sure as you’re watching this

video the issue on Steam has
already been fixed and moving

right along we’ve got some more
news on how saving will work in

Hogwarts legacy whether or not
you’ll have multiple characters

on one game or like some games
where you have one save and

then if you want to start a new
game you’ll have completely

restart the game to start a new
character but we do have some

clarification from WB Games
Support a user tweeted out high

WB games I would like to know
if it would be possible to

create more than one different
save on Hogwarts Legacy on PC

because I plan to play one
character and my sister will be

playing another on the same PC
to which WB Game Support

responded thanks for your
question there are four

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separate character slots for
each new character we will have

the following two types of save
functionality in slots 5 auto

save slots and 10 player manual
slots we hope you your sister

enjoy the game so that right
there is great news because I’m

sure that a lot of you like
myself are going to be playing

the game on all four different
houses so we can experience the

game as a student in the other
houses this is a great feature

and a lot of games don’t really
support this even though you’d

think it would be a given but
since this game is all about

your legacy and there’s four
different houses for you to

choose I’m so glad that they’re
deciding to do this because

it’s such a quality of life
thing especially if you have

siblings that are playing on
your same PC or your same

console nothing like your
brother going through an

overriding your save after you
work so hard in playing your

game just to have it completely
wiped away by your brother

trying to start the game for
himself so that right there is

going to be something that
won’t happen in Hogwarts Legacy

you’ll have four different
character slots which is

amazing news and I’m sure in
modern support in the game will

increase that number even more
now next stop I want to talk

about kind of a controversial
issue with Hogwarts Legacy that

a lot of consumers don’t really
know about but if you actively

play games on PC then you are
well aware of this issue and

that is this little aspect in
the store page that was

recently updated, it states
incorporates third-party DRM

Denuvo Anti Tampering to which
if you don’t know what Denuvo

is, it’s a form of digital
rights management with the

primary goal that stops people
from cracking and pirating

games. It also has uses for
anti-cheat technology with the

goal of stopping cheaters and
reporting them to the

developer. Now, obviously, with
it being a current level driver

for the anti-cheat, that right
there is a problem on its own

but the biggest reason that
people don’t like Denuvo is

because of the performance
impact of the anti-tamper tool.

Now, If a game is optimized
well, then the performance

decrease isn’t that substantial
but it really all depends on

how well the developer does
their job. For some games, even

Tekken 7, the actual director
stated that the reason that the

performance is so bad for
Tekken 7 is because of the

publisher’s implementation of
the Nuvo software to stop the

game from being pirated. Along
with that with it being a DRM,

a digital rights management,
that means you’re not able to

play the game offline or when
the servers go down, you’re not

able to play on specific
networks like university

apartments or some public
network but my concern is this,

if the publisher stops paying
for Denuvo, then your game

literally will not start.
There’s also the concern that

after the game releases and the
game has already been out, that

they don’t remove Denuvo after
the game has already been

cracked which is not a good
thing. Now, there are some

publishers out there that after
the game has been released for

quite a bit and they’ve got the
sales that they’ve wanted, that

they will go ahead and remove
Denuvo but then there’s others

that won’t. Even after a game
has been cracked by the best

pirates in the world, they
refuse to remove Denuvo which

isn’t a good thing. So, not do
you have DeNuvo DRM but you’ve

also got the Steam DRM and I’m
sure the Hogwarts Legacy

Wizarding World account will be
required to log in whenever you

play the game which is another
layer of DRM so all I’m saying

is keep that in mind if you
plan on buying the PC version

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of Hogwarts Legacy now if you
play on console you won’t have

to worry about that at all
because the consoles are so

locked down and they’ve already
got extreme measures for

anti-tampering which doesn’t
require a third party DeNuvo

installation. Next up we’ve got
some details regarding one of

the feminine voices in Hogwarts
Legacy and that is from Amelia

Gething who posted on Instagram
very excited to finally

announce that I’m voicing one
of the two player avatar voice

options in Hogwarts Legacy the
upcoming open world action role

playing game set in the 1800s
Wizarding World which launches

on February 10th they went on
to say that I’ve been working

on this game over the last
three years and I can tell you

now it’s going to be a gooden
now this last section is really

going to get you excited Amelia
then said so get yourself a

copy if you’d like to hear me
getting fried by a dragon or

falling off a broom to my
inevitable death. So, I guess

there’s that. Uh confirm that
you can get fried by a dragon

and you can fall off your
broom. I’m sure that there’s

going to be a number of ways
for our inevitable doom in

Hogwarts Legacy and just
hearing those two ways sounds

incredible. I know this sounds
weird but hey, I guess we’re

going to have to make sure that
we hold a tighter grip on our

broom and try to dodge from the
flames that the dragon will be

trying to breathe on us
throughout our experience in

this game. So, there’s that.
Moving right along, we’ve got

some more details for Professor
Onai from the actor that is

playing the character in
Hogwarts Legacy. They said on

Instagram I played Professor
Onai who is once a divination

teacher at Ougadou the largest
wizard in school in the world a

gifted seer whose faith in her
sight was shaken by the fact

that she did not foresee the
loss of her husband deciding to

leave those painful memories
behind she accepts an

invitation by professor Weasley
to teach divination at Hogwarts

it has been a pleasure working
with the Hogwarts Legacy team

and everyone at Avalanche
software and WB Games speaking

of Professor Weasley according
to the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter

account we got a brand new
character card for Matilda

Weasley to which the tweet that
they posted states Hogwarts

Legacy is an excellent hands
with professor Weasley as

deputy head mistress who is
indeed the Hogwarts Legacy

Transfiguration Professor the
character card for the

professor states Matilda
Weasley is an exceptionally

talented witch with a
background as a curse breaker

for the ministry known for her
composure and extraordinary

wand work she’s a firm but fair
transfiguration professor and a

slightly intimidated
well-respected deputy head

mistress professor Weasley has
been tasked with getting the

player up to speed their
studies and introduces them to

their wizarding field guide in
the room of requirement both of

which are invaluable resources
for a new fifth year with a

great deal to learn so it
sounds like we’re going to be

spending quite a bit of time
with Professor Weasley during

our time at Hogwarts which is
pretty awesome news I always

like the Weasley family and I
cannot wait to hear about how

their journey started with
Matilda Weasley as the head

mistress at Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry moving

on along we’ve got another
character revealed according to

the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter
account they posted how will

this ministry of magic official play
a part in your Hogwarts legacy.

A high-ranking ministry of
magic official, George Ostrich

is a charming and gregarious
fellow and a decades-long

friend to Professor Fig and his
wife Miriam. His uncanny

ability to unravel the most
enigmatic riddles combined with

his steadfast loyalty and
trustworthiness prompted Miriam

to enlist his help in solving a
seemingly indecipherable puzzle

she uncovered just before she
died. He may have bitten off

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more than he can chew however
and will need the player’s help

to pick up where Miriam left off now
moving right along in my last

Hogwarts Legacy video I talked
about how the hype and

marketing for this game was
about to be driven up to 1,

000% and that is indeed the
case according to this tweet

spotted in London# Hogwarts
Legacy I can’t believe that

after many years of checking
Twitter and read it for any bit

of news about this rumored game
it’s finally only days away and

it showcases in London a
Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin bus

which looks absolutely amazing
imagine just driving through

town and seeing a Hogwarts
Legacy bus like that it would

blow my mind. Moving on along,
we’ve got some more news for

the Hogwarts Legacy PC version
of the game including the final

specs for the game. So, let’s
go ahead and break down

everything that you’ll need.
For the minimum on low specs,

you’ll need an Intel I five, 6,
600 at 3. 3 gigahertz, or an

AMD Ryzen 514 00, 16 gigabytes
of RAM, a GTX 964 gigabytes, or

an AMD Radio RX 474 gigs with
direct X12 and on the notes for

all of the specs they stated
that an SSD is preferred and

will get you 720 P at 30 at PS
on low quality settings and

then for the recommended on
high specs they’ve got an

I78700 at 3. 2 gigahertz or an
AMD Ryzen 53600 at 3. 616

gigabytes of RAM on a 1080 TI
and RX 5700 XT, or an Intel arc

A770, which will grant you 1080
Psixty at PS on high quality

settings and finally for the
ultra specs they’ve got an

I7 10700K clocked at 3. 8
gigahertz Or an AMD Ryzen seven

fifty-eight hundred X at three
point eight, 32 gigabytes of

RAM on an RTX 2080 TI or an AMD
Radio RX6800 XT and that is for

1440 P at 60 FPS on ultra
quality settings and last but

not least on ultra 4 K specs.
You’ve got an I7 ten 700 K at

three point eight. An AMD Ryzen
758 hundred X, 32 gigs of RAM,

an RTX 3090 TI, or an AMD Radio
RX 7900 XT and that will get

you 2160 P at 60 FPS with ultra
quality settings. But yeah guys

that is going to wrap it up
with this video. Let me know

what your thoughts are in the
comment section below. Are you

concerned about the PC version?
Do you think Denuvo is going to

heavily affect it? And what are
your thoughts on all of the

characters in the game? And
answer this question in the

comment section. How do you
think you’re going to die the

first time in Hogwarts Legacy?
For me it’ll likely be falling

off my broom but I’m curious to
hear what your thoughts are in

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Wes and I will talk to you guys

in the next video.