There’s a new Saints Row game right around the corner

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[Narrator] Hey, so there’s a new Saints Row game right around the corner.

Now, we have no idea whether or not it’s gonna be any good,but don’t worry, we’ll be reviewing it when it comes out.

But for now, if you just wanna know what the deal is,here’s everything to know about the game before it launches.

We got 10 things, so let’s get started off with number 10 and talk gameplay changes.

Now, the gameplay change that
is most prominently featured

in the trailers has got
to be the car combat.

Instead of just shooting
from a window while driving

like before, you can now
hold down Y or triangle

to get on the roof and
shoot at enemies from there.

This seems like a simple, but fun addition

that should make driving
around in co-op a lot more fun.

You know, while on the roof,
it looks like your ally

will automatically drive your car for you.

But we’re not sure what happens
if you’re just by yourself.

The car probably keeps driving anyway,

similar maybe to like how it
works in the Just Cause games.

We’re not sure, just
speculating, but yeah.

Of course another major
change is that you can fly.

Well, not fly, but you can
get access to a wingsuit

that lets you glide around

similar to, again, Just Cause games.

You can use it to get around the city,

seemingly pretty easy, quickly
escape a crashing plane,

or more efficiently hijack a vehicle.

One fun edition is that
apparently you can bounce off NPCs

while flying to get back into the air

and keep your hover going for longer.

Also, it’s worth pointing out

that cars have signature abilities now,

like this Gibraltar
that has crab steering,

which is probably some
kind of side swipe ability.

There’s also a dedicated dodge-roll,

because you gotta have those in games now.

I’m kidding.

But yeah, that’s probably
gonna be pretty significant.

How it actually all feels, how the aiming,

how the movement feels, we
don’t know for sure yet,

but it looks like pretty standard stuff.

Now, next over at number
nine, let’s talk story.

It seems like a complete
continuity reboot,

where your custom character
becomes the leader

of a new gang of saints,

which looks like it’s
going to model itself

as kind of a startup, rather
than a criminal organization.

That’s just semantics though,

because it looks like
you’re still gonna be

inflicting just as much death and crime

and destruction as usual.

Now, your character is new to this town,

and looking to make a name for themselves.

You meet up with allies like
Eli, the brains of the group,

and the quote unquote
strategic business associate,

Nina who’s your getaway driver,

and Ken, who’s basically
the muscle of the group

and described as a thrill junkie.

El Luali gets a mention in
the gameplay trailer as well,

a mysterious hitman who
may or may not be an enemy.

I have no idea how he factors into things.

It’s also worth noting that
instead of driving to locations

to start missions, it looks
like you select your next goal

from a planning table which
has a map of the city on it,

similar to how progression kind of worked

in Assassins Creed Valhalla.

Maybe that screen is just
for selecting your target

and then you’re free to
do things how you want,

or maybe it’s just for starting
main missions or something.

We don’t know for certain just yet.

Now, next over at number eight,

let’s talk about the open world.

The game is set in an entirely
new city for the series

called Santo Ileso,

which looks like a combination
of Las Vegas, Nevada,

and Phoenix, Arizona,

with a touch of South Central Los Angeles

thrown in for good measure.

There are the usual areas
you’d kind of expect

in a Saints Row game.

You know, there’s a downtown area,

there’s casinos, there’s
rundown sections of the town,

and the suburbs.

But one thing that stands out

is that there’s actually what looks like

a pretty big badlands area

you can explore outside of the city.

There’s a lot more country
here than in previous entries

in the series with a lot more open spaces

and dusty trails to drive down,

and with a lot of the
emphasis on car stuff

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and car combat in this game,

we think there’s a lots of room

for wide open crazy
opportunities hopefully.

Now, there are 15 districts total

and while we don’t know what they all are,

they’re pretty varied as far
as Saints Row open worlds go.

The Providencia is a dusty area

overlooked by a gigantic
rock shaped like a Panther.

Lakeshore is the upscale downtown area,

while the Monte Vista district

is a Hollywood Hills-like
gated community area.

Now, one thing that is
clear from the trailer

is that the world is just
a much more vibrant place

compared to previous Saints Row games,

with a lot of unique
architecture and secrets to find.

Yeah, it’s been implied

that there might be some
familiar things here and there.

Now, I’m not sure how many
interiors there will be.

So far, we’ve seen very
little indoor space

in any of the trailers so far,

so it seems like that’ll
be a more limited element

to the game.

But maybe Volition just wants to keep

some of that stuff a surprise.

Next over at number seven,
customizing your character

to just an insane degree

has always been a key part
of the Saints Row franchise

since the second game
and it really looks like

they’re keeping up that tradition here.

You can now customize your character,

your vehicles, and your guns as well,

and not just by swapping out
skins like in the older games.

Now, of course the big thing,

character customization is
pretty in depth this time.

There are a lot of options
and a lot of goofy options,

even if it’s not as granular
as other character creators,

like say the one in Dragon’s Dogma,

but still it’s pretty cool.

You might not be able to make

like your perfect
celebrity lookalike here.

In fact, you know

the character creation
and customization menu,

the options feel very
similar to what we’ve seen

in Saints Row 3 and 4.

You know, the layout is
actually pretty identical.

But you can be fat or
skinny, young or old,

muscular or doughy.

There are a lot of options
in just your body shape.

You can even give yourself
a custom prosthetic leg

if you want.

There’s a lot of opportunities

to make the coolest, perfectest person

or the stupidest looking
person of your dreams,

as well as eight different
voice options for your boss,

similar to how the previous games did it.

There’s also gun customization,
which we’ll get to in a bit.

But car customization
is just as impressive.

It looks like you can swap out presets,

which are custom styles for your car.

You can change out the
paint, the trim, the tires,

and the horn.

Next over at number
six, let’s talk weapons.

Now, Saints Row has been
famous for the last few games

for its ridiculous weapons.

So here’s what you gotta
know about the new one.

A big shout out to TechRadar,
who compiled a list

of all the known weapons from previews.

We’ll link them and everything
down in a description below.

But with this being a reboot,

and it kind of straddling
a line between normal

and super over the top
like previous games,

it seems like weapons
might be paired down a bit,

but there are a lot from what we saw.

There are assault rifles,

including a burst one and fully auto ones,

there’s long range
rifles, rocket launchers,

and a handful of shotguns from sawn-off

to like big, crazy tactical auto shotguns.

There will be SMGs.

There’s gonna be pistols

from the smaller type of pistols

to like massive magnum hand cannons,

and a big revolver that
shoots explosive rounds.

Now, all that stuff might not
sound too crazy or amazing,

but a few things worth pointing out,

now we haven’t seen every weapon yet.

They all do have varying stats
that leaves the floor open

for more fun and customization,

and within these groups, there
does seem to be visually,

usually at least one gun that
is like a fun, weird variant,

like take, for example, the SMGs,

there’s an old school-style Tommy gun,

so you’re gonna be getting these weapons

at the friendly fire weapon
stores around the game world.

And thankfully, like I said,

there is a little bit of
a level of customization

to the weapons that in my opinion

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might make, ’em feel a bit cooler.

Outside of slapping different
colored skins on them

and swapping out parts, you
can also completely change

the visual appearance of a gun,

similar to how it worked in Saints Row 4.

Along with that, there are
a bunch of melee weapons

from a like a brutal
baseball bat to a machete,

a stun baton, an ax.

But I wonder how far
they’re gonna take these,

if you know what I mean.

Still, I’m hoping the customization

and stat upgrading is satisfying.

You know, that’ll probably
make it a lot more fun.

Now, next over at number five,
outside of the main story,

there’s the expected
side activities and jobs.

Now, the more traditional side quests

are a thing called side hustles,
where you complete missions

like riding shotgun, where
you shoot at pursuers

while the AI drives the car.

But then there’s also

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-like systems

where you can take over enemy territory

by engaging them in battle on the streets,

and as you’d expect, this
runs that gang out of the area

and makes getting around a lot more easy.

There are tourism locations,

which kind of reminds us of
something from Watchdogs 2.

You know, if there’s
something noteworthy around,

you can take out your camera
and snap a picture of it.

One thing the old games had
were a lot of mini games,

and it looks like some of
them will be returning here

with criminal ventures.

Now, they’re businesses you can buy

that all have unique mission
types associated with them.

Now, one is a food truck
that also deals drugs,

which sounds a lot like
drug dealing missions

from previous games.

While another is a ridiculous job

where you have to drive a
truck full of toxic waste

and try to avoid spilling
its contents everywhere.

Now, apparently there will be
15 of these criminal ventures

in total.

And according to this
Game Informer article,

Saints Row Project Manager, Ray Hazlip,

confirmed that insurance
fraud is coming back,

which is absolutely incredible

’cause that’s like the
funnest, silliest mode.

Other goofy stuff includes a mission

where you leave bad reviews

on competing restaurant’s websites,

and then fight them when they
come back at you for revenge.

Completing these side activities

can apparently unlock
some pretty cool rewards

like a hover board, so
that’s a positive as well.

Next over at number
four, let’s talk co-op,

because you can play cooperatively

and just crime around the
open world with a buddy.

It’s two player online co-op.

Most likely, you’ll also
probably have the option

to match-make co-op with
random people as well.

Now, when playing with a friend,

note there isn’t full
cross-play cross-platforms,

but what is pretty cool is
cross-gen co-op at least,

meaning, say, if you’re playing on PS4,

but your friend is on PS5,
you can still play with them.

Now, between the vehicles,
causing explosions, and chases,

and wingsuiting around, it’s easy to think

that doing it all with a friend

will probably make for a good time

as long as the internet holds up.

If it’s anywhere near as good

as previous Saints Row
games’ co-op, we’ll be happy.

Now, according to GamesRadar,
on top of the standard chaos,

you can also prank your co-op partner.

There’s like a prank meter
that can be filled up

that lets you turn your co-op
partner into like a trash can

or a toilet.

That seems very appropriately Saints Row.

So I’m going to definitely
be doing that immediately.

Now, down to number three, we
talked about the open world

and the different districts,
but who are you fighting?

Well, there are seemingly three factions

you have to deal with throughout the game.

There’s the Idols.

These are the guys you may have seen

that are all like tech glowing
party mask-type people,

like Watchdogs-looking dudes.

They kind of give off the
fast and dangerous vibe.

Then there’s Los Panteros,
the tough guy bruisers

who just kind of give off the vibe

of the classic Luchador
dudes from the older games,

like the heavier stuff.

Then there’s the
Marshalls, a military group

with seemingly a lot of fire power.

They’re like private military contractors

with a lot of money and guns,

and they actually have ties
to your main character’s past.

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You know from the trailers that we’ve seen

and the gameplay overview,

it does seem like in the game,

you might start out playing as a Marshall,

and then maybe things go wrong

and that’s why you start your own gang.

That’s just speculating.

But it’s worth pointing out

that all these groups
have their own looks,

their own hangouts,
their own cars, you know,

gang-type Saints Row stuff you’d expect,

but they seem like they might
have a bit of depth to them.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, over at number two,
there’s character progression

that should keep things interesting.

Now, you level your character
up to unlock skills,

and you can equip up to
four of them at one time

by using the menu in
your in-game smartphone.

These skills are a mix of
active and passive things

that get more interesting
the higher the level

that they’re unlocked with.

They use a thing you burn called flow.

It’s something that slowly
refills during the action.

So the skills right at the start,

there’s pineapple express you can unlock.

You may have seen this
in trailers or previews,

but it’s a melee move
where like you grab a dude,

shove a grenade down his pants,

and then toss him towards other enemies.

It’s just absolutely glorious.

I’m gonna be using that all the time.

Then there’s unlockable
permanent health upgrades,

a temporary health and strength
boost that you can activate,

the ability to spin around and
fire bullets in 360 degrees

for maximum damage,

and the ability to call in
other saints to help out.

Now, there might be more.

From what we’ve seen out there,
the skills stop at level 20

so that’s either it or there’s way more,

’cause in previous games
you could level up higher.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, down to number one, let’s
talk housekeeping, of course.

Saints Row is releasing August 23rd, 2022

for the regular price of
$60 in the US for PS5, PS4,

Xbox Series X, S, One, and PC.

On screen here, we have
the PC requirements

just so you have a heads up.

They’ll also be linked in the description.

If you pre-order the regular
standard edition anywhere,

you get the Idols Anarchy Pack,

which includes an Idol-themed helmet,

a weapon, and the sandstorm scrambler.

Now, specifically,

if you really care about the nitty gritty,

if you pre-order at GameStop,

you can get a saints custom convertible

and a saints custom jacket.

Then there’s the Saints Row Legacy Edition

that’s like a Best Buy
exclusive for 90 bucks,

which gets you the expansion pass

and Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

Then there’s the Notorious
Edition for 90 bucks,

which is a GameStop exclusive
with the expansion pass

and a bunch of items, a mini art book,

the American Muscle Bundle,
the Saints Criminal Customs.

And if you’re only buying
it digitally for 90 bucks,

you get the Saints Row Gold
Edition with the expansion pack,

the Idols Anarchy Pack,

and just more of those digital goodies.

But also there’s the
Saints Row Platinum Edition

that’s digital only for a hundred dollars.

That’s all the other stuff,

plus you get access to Saints
Row: The Third Remastered,

which is still worth playing.

This is too much stuff if you ask me.

Too much nickel-and-diming.

It’s kind of annoying to
figure out which version.

Either way though, as a consumer,

if you like spending more
on digital little things,

you got a lot of choice.

Either way, like we said,

the game release is August 23rd, 2022,

and we will be making a
before you buy video on it.

But that’s it, guys.

That’s everything you need to know.

So if you enjoyed this video

and maybe you learned something,

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Thank you.

Let us know what you’re
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your hopes, your dreams,
your expectations.

But that’s it.

We’ll see you guys next time.