What are the most scarce weapons in video games?

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The video game world is one that’s full of weapons.

Some that are easy to get and plentiful and some that are not.

It’s Falcon and today on Gameranx the 10 rarest weapons in Video games.

And number 10 is golden wrench from Team Fortress 2.

One of the rarest weapons on this list

is also one of the most controversial.

Back in 2010 Valve released
the engineer’s update

for TF2 which, among other changes,

introduced the golden wrench.

It functions exactly the
same as the regular wrench,

but has the added effect of turning people

into gold if you manage
to kill them with it.

Now what makes it so rare is that

it was basically a promotional tool.

Only 100 of them actually
drop for players to craft.

And with thousands of people trying

to craft this thing at the same time,

basically the only way
for players to get it

was to figure out how the rollout worked

and start crafting at the exact moment

a designated drop time happened.

What makes this whole thing controversial

is how some angry players
got for missing out.

People quickly started accusing

anyone who had one to be a cheater.

So even people who got them legitimately,

which was probably most of them frankly,

would generally try to keep them a secret.

Even though 100 of them were released,

there aren’t nearly as
many of them left nowadays.

Valve gave out an additional
golden wrench during

a charity stream bringing
the count up to 101.

But at least as far as I can tell players

have intentionally destroyed
at least 21 of them.

And one was actually removed by Valve,

so they’re even rarer than they were.

And number nine the Sword of Dormin

from the Shadow of the Colossus remake.

There’s plenty of stuff like
the Team Fortress weapon

on this list, but for
now let’s switch over

to something that in the
grand scheme isn’t as rare,

but is definitely incredibly hard to get.

Added in the PS4 remake
of Shadow of the Colossus,

The Sword of Dormin is an incredibly

difficult piece of equipment to get.

To unlock the weight of this weapon

you have to collect 79 gold coins.

They’re scattered around the world.

And in most games that’s not
that big of a deal, you know?

Like a collection quest like this

wouldn’t be a lot to write home about.

But in this game, oh it’s an ordeal.

First off, the world
map is totally massive.

There’s a ton of empty
space and these coins

can be hidden literally anywhere.

The developers of the
remake got pretty creative

with it too and managed
to hide these things

in the most unbelievably obscure places.

The only thing the game does is give you

a total of how many you’ve found too.

And it doesn’t mark anything on the map.

It’s just up to you to keep track

of everything that you’ve already found,

so you pretty much have to use a guide.

That’s what it really comes down to.

And even with a guide,

finding all these coins, it’s tough.

It takes a long time and
it is really tedious.

Now it is the strongest sword in the game,

but I don’t know that it’s worth it

for any reason other
than saying you got it.

I think the main reason to get
it is just bragging rights.

Its merits as a sword just
don’t really matter, you know?

And number eight is Excalibur
II from Final Fantasy 9.

Final Fantasy games love
hard to get weapons.

And there’s so many you could easily make

an entire list just using
examples from this series,

but let’s focus on this
one from Final Fantasy 9.

This weapon is infamous.

What makes it so hard to
get is not just that it’s

a low drop rate or was only
given out in a promotion.

It’s just that accomplishing what you

have to do is super difficult.


Kind of like the Shadow
of the Colossus one.

To obtain Excalibur II,
apparently the sequel

to Excalibur, a weapon that’s apparently

even better than
Excalibur, you gotta reach

a room in the final dungeon without

exceeding 12 hours of play time.

Keep in mind this is one of the longer

Final Fantasy games, so most players

take about 40 hours give
or take, so beating it

in just 12, wow that’s a lot faster.

That’s almost a quarter
of the average play time.

Little bit more.

Basically the only way you can do this

is cheat a little bit.

The game has got a ton of cutscenes

and on the PS1 original
they can’t be skipped

unless you use a trick and open and close

the PlayStation disc to
cause the FMV to skip

which was the only way to
save that precious time.

To put just how difficult
this is into perspective,

the world record speed run
of the game with no glitches

is about eight hours and 37 minutes.

That’s the fastest player in the world,

so you have to approach that time.

Yeah, it’s about three, four hours longer

in terms of your time limit, but still.

And number seven is the Sword
of Kings from Earthbound.

In general Earthbound, a pretty
forgiving game, you know?

Compared to everything else on this list

the drop rate on this
weapon, not that bad either.

But don’t tell that to anyone
who’s trying to get it.

The drop rate on the Sword
of Kings is one in 128.

So .8%.

It is, I mean gonna
take a lot of grinding.

There’s a few weapons in Earthbound

with a similar drop rate, but what makes

this weapon stand out is it’s the only

weapon in the game Poo can equip.

Literally the only one.

And the only way to get it
is through random chance

fighting enemies in the stonehenge base.

To make matters worse you
can permanently miss it

because once you finish the
stonehenge base, that’s it.

You never can come back.

It’s over.

That’s kind of what makes it
so infamous among players.

It felt necessary to a lot of people.

And it’s rare, can only be
obtained in a certain area,

and that area closes once you’re done.

In reality it’s hardly
necessary for beating the game.

Earthbound’s, like I said, pretty easy

for the most part, but missing this thing

can make it feel like you’re missing out.

In terms of rareness, everything else

on this list has got this weapon beat,

but there’s just something about it

that makes the actual
odds not matter so much.

What matters is that it feels
totally impossible to get.

Even if it isn’t necessarily.

At number six is the Pendulum of Doom

from World of Warcraft.

We’re far from World of
Warcraft experts here,

so the information on this entry’s mostly

coming from a Reddit post by P0R0WL.

From about a year ago chronicling

their quest to get this weapon.

And suffice it to say, it took a while.

Specifically three and a half
years of dedicated grinding.

Which is nuts for a single weapon.

The Pendulum of Doom is of
course incredibly strong

for its level, but the chances

of it dropping are totally minuscule.

0.06% from one specific enemy
type in the Uldaman Dungeon.

Or 0.02% from a few more.

And those are crazy small chances.

It took P0R0WL 2,000 runs in
retail and 292 in classic WoW.

Where it is actually a
little easier to find.

Apparently they could have
just bought one early on too,

but they wanted the satisfaction
of earning one themselves.

And after three and a half years

of trying to get just one weapon,

I’m gonna say I probably
would regret that decision.

It’s just me.

I’m not judging.

I’m just saying how I would feel.

And at number five is the Dreamcast Mag.

Phantasy Star Online
I and II it’s both in.

Calling it a weapon is
a little borderline,

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but it counts I think at least.

In Phantasy Star Online
you can equip these things

called mags which are small creatures

that you can feed items to.

The weapon part is they
have a special photon blast

that charges up when they take damage.

Kind of a stretch, but it’s so weird

it’s I think worth talking about.

I mean it’s a Dreamcast
that you can equip.

To get it you need a bunch of rare items

that are difficult to get on their own.

They only appear during
certain holiday events

and that’s tough enough, right?

But the real rare versions

of these things are in the sequel.

The only way to get a Dreamcast Mag

in Phantasy Start Online II is either

to have gone to a 2015 fan
convention that was in Japan,

or play the closed Xbox
One beta test in 2020.

These things are so rare that
they might as well not exist.

There’s at least some video evidence

of the Dreamcast Mag on YouTube, yes.

But this entry’s interesting
because it’s something

that’s not only incredibly
rare, but something

not many people actually care about.

It goes to show that not everything

that’s rare is necessarily sought after.

And number four, the Seitengrat
Bow from Final Fantasy 12.

in terms of pure rarity,
doesn’t get a lot more

ridiculous than this bow
from Final Fantasy 12.

The layers of rareness on this
mind-blowing, so strap in.

For one it’s in an invisible
chest that only has

a 1% chance of appearing on the Skyferry.

You’d think that would be enough, but no.

even if the chest actually
appears, the chances of it

actually containing an item, just 20%.

That’s of course not the chances

of the bow appearing in the chest,

but the chances that an
item will be in the chest.

To get the bow you
pretty much have to have

the Diamond Armlet equipped
because for whatever reason

it raises your chances
of finding this thing

all the way up to a whopping 5%.

So you got a 1% chance of finding a chest

that has a 5% chance of having the bow.

Also it’s invisible.

So really you’ve got a one in
10,000 chance of getting it.

If you hate yourself.

If you’d rather not torture yourself

it’s possible to exploit the game’s RNG

to make it so the bow
will spawn every time,

but the method reads like a fever dream.

But hey, that’s RNG
manipulation for you isn’t it?

And at number three is
Death’s Web from Diablo 2

which has some pretty ridiculous

drop rates on certain items.

Probably the most infamous
is Tyrael’s Might.

That’s up there with the rarest

equipment in the entire game.

But we’re talking about weapons here.

In general rare weapons are more likely

to be found than other
pieces of equipment.

But you’d never know
from looking at the kind

of percentages some of these weapons have.

Maybe the worst, at least when it comes

to these weapons, is Death’s Web.

A necromancer wand that
has some unique properties,

but what really makes it
special is just how rare it is.

Using the Silospen drop
calculator for Diablo 2,

this weapon can be dropped
from a multitude of sources,

but the actual chances of seeing it?

Pretty abysmal.

Seriously, the highest number I could find

was a shocking one in 13 million.

Or about .0000075% which is insane.

And actually it only
gets worse from there.

Compare that to the
uncommon chances of death

and those are way more likely to happen.

The chances of being eaten by a shark?

One in 3.7 million.

Chances of getting
directly hit by a meteor?

And we’re talking in real
life, one in 1.9 million.

Hell, you got a better chance of being

struck by lightning
with one in 1.2 million.

Almost 10 times less likely

than legitimately finding a Death’s Web.

That’s probably a little too rare

to even have in the game honestly.

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Yeah, people get struck by lightning.

It’s in the news from time to time.

But it’s technically more newsworthy

if somebody gets a Death’s Web.

And at number two is the
Gold Magnate from Eve Online.

Everyone’s favorite player driven economy.

Can be pretty fascinating
to watch from the outside.

But it’s gotta be pretty
stressful to actually play, right?

Some of these ships are super
expensive and beyond rare.

Anything in the Titan
class is gonna cost a ton

of real world cash to keep running too,

but nothing compares to the
Gold Magnate, a special frigate

that sold for around $32,500 back in 2020.

For one, crazy rare.

There’s only two known to
exist in the game currently.

The first one was given out as a reward

back in 2003 for winning a championship.

And that was eventually
destroyed by pirates.

There were four, however,
given out in 2006.

One was destroyed by the owner

when they decided to quit the game.

Another was caught in
a trap and destroyed.

And unlike pretty much
everything else on this list,

there’s a real danger to losing
these things in the game.

Even though they were
free rewards technically

there’s still a lot to lose considering

how much one managed to sell for in 2020.

And finally at number
one, Final Fantasy 11’s

The Excalibur which you get from fishing.

So here we go.

This is a weapon so rare that literally

no one has actually managed to get it.

The only reason anyone even
knows the weapon existed

is because a developer talked about it.

Basically when final fantasy
11 first came out in Japan

they made it so you could randomly fish.

And the fishing would let you pull up

this incredibly powerful weapon at random.

But chances were very low.

One in 20,000 or .005%.

And even if they did manage to find one

they wouldn’t be able to use it

because the weapon’s level was at 70

and the game had a level cap of 50.

Now they’ve looked at the
data and they’ve found

that literally no person has
managed to find this weapon.

And it was probably
patched out at some point.

So it’s a rare weapon that literally

no one in the world has.

Like maybe a developer or
somebody has it in secret,

but there’s really no way to know unless

somebody comes out and
admits they’ve got it.

Because otherwise it’s literally a weapon

that is so rare that no one has it.

And it kind of sounds like
they removed Excalibur

from fishing when they
added the relic version

of the weapon which was
before Final Fantasy 11

even came out in the US
back in October of 2003.

That’s probably a major
reason it was never found.

Nobody knew the weapon even existed,

and combining the low discovery rate

with the relatively small player base,

it just isn’t a situation conducive

to somebody finding it, you know?

Maybe there’s one or two floating around

out there right now, but unless somebody

actually comes out and says it we’re just

gonna assume literally
no one ever found it.

It doesn’t get much
rarer than that does it?


And that’s all for today.

Probably a great place to end on.

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