Godivor Ragnarok is rapidly becoming one of Sony’s biggest success stories in history of the company boasting

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Today, we’ve got some news for God of War Ragnarok.

You guys do not want to miss out on.

Including new details revealed by the developers that kind of paint a very interesting future for Sony Santa Monica as well as the Godivor franchise.

So as you know Godivor Ragnarok is likely going to be Sony’s poster child exclusive for a while now.

At least that is until Spider Man two comes out.

The second installment of the Nor Saga was a massive success and while it was a single player only game with no plans for DLC it seems like that Sony and the developer Santa Monica Studio aren’t done with it just yet.

So we’re going to be going over all of the recent news that has come out about Godivor Ragnarok and what it could mean for the future of the series and where Sony Santa Monica could be taking things in the near future.

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Godivor Ragnarok is rapidly becoming one of Sony’s biggest success stories in history of the company boasting millions of copies sold in the first few months of the game’s life cycle Ragnarok of course launched on November 9th last year and was the first cross gen entry in the entire franchise which helped to quickly become one of the fastest selling first party Sony games of all time it’s crazy what happens when you don’t lock a good game to one platform right aside from receiving critical acclaim and dozens of award nominations Ragnarok managed to sell 5.

1 million copies in its first week and has reportedly sold over 11 million copies as of February 20 twenty-three.

Now obviously there’s been a ton of rumors floating around about the game’s future regarding DLC director’s cuts and whatnot including an all but confirmed PC port that should be announced by the end of the year.

The game’s director Eric Williams stated in an interview a while back that the team was not currently working on any kind of DLC but he didn’t rule out the possibility going forward.

Maybe they’re working on the spin off game that’s rumored to be starring ATreus but are kind of waiting on Sony to give the green light for that.

Now it’s also worth noting the God of War six is confirmed to be ditching the North setting and bringing Kratos into an entirely new world similar to how God of War 2018 ditched the Greek mythology for the Norse one.

That being said, Ragnarok at the current moment is the final norse entry in the God of War franchise.

In Santa Monica Studios likely have a few more ideas they like to get into the world before leaving the setting behind for good.

But what if I told you the developers kind of had a different idea for Ragnarok that could have had massive implications for the future of the God of War franchise.

Well a few days ago a link the interview with the Ragnarok writing team was on a podcast with the YouTube channel Minmac I’ll leave a link in the description and revealed a number of crazy things about the game’s production and what could have been.

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As well as some ideas that may be implemented in the future.

Be it through an expansion pack or even in God of War six.

Now one point in the interview, the subject of Atreus and his fate came up to which one of the writers said that it was actually controversial in the studio during development.

Also real quick spoiler alert ahead but Richard Grobert, one of the writers stated that while it made narrative sense for Atreus to leave at the end of Ragnarok, it made post-game narratives much more difficult since he would have to up with some kind of reason for the other companion character to be present without stepping on any emotional payoff that was already reached with Atreus in his arc.

Apparently, they even threw the idea that Atreus just saying that he was going to leave and then sticking around with Kratos for the post-game material for the sake of the game play but eventually, they all agreed that this simply wouldn’t have the desired emotional impact.

Leading to them altering the story and giving him a definitive departure.

I don’t know about you guys but I think the studio made the right call here.

It’s also worth noting that the writers agreed that it was important for Atreus to leave for the sake of future of the God of War franchise which could be taken as indirect confirmation that he will not be in the next game or at least not to the extent that he was in the recent entries.

Perhaps the craziest scrap story concept revealed in the interview was something that almost made it into production that would have drastically changed the course of the game itself.

According to the writers, there was initially an idea to have Kratos actually get killed off by Thor early in the game.

At which point the objective then becomes getting Kratos out of Hellheim so he could take his revenge 20 years later.

One possible gameplay scenario would that you would lose the first boss fight with Thor as Kratos and then play as a Traus for the middle chunk of the game until pulling your father out of purgatory before the climax another idea could have been that after Kratos dies in the first boss fight.

Like I said, there’s a 20-year time jump and then you’re pulled out of hell by a Traus and after work to undo all of the damage that’s been done in your absence.

It’s a little unclear just how far this dead Kratos concept got in the planning phase or how it would have impacted the middle portion of the story but it’s a pretty old school god of war idea and I would have been totally down for it.

Kratos went to the underworld a few times in the classic trilogy so this wouldn’t be the first time he’s essentially angered his way back to life.

However, with the North Series being a bit more grounded and serious, I think scrapping this idea was a good idea to maintain the tone.

Now, Loki’s Mask is a bit of a mystery to the community and fans are always looking for a solid confirmation on its backstory.

Interestingly, the two writers actually talked about Loki’s Mask in the interview revealing that it was actually a relatively late addition to the story.

According to Richard Gobert, the idea for Loki’s Mask came out of Atreus’ search identity and an embodiment of what he learned from Kratos and his mother.

Also another kind of funny bit, co-writer Matt’s office also emphasized that the mask in God of Oragnerock had nothing to do with Jim Carrey’s movie The Mask which is kind of a relief honestly.

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I was going to feel a bit silly if this big emotional part of God of Oragnerock that allegedly has implications for the future of the series was just a troll in an Easter egg based on the Jim Carey movie The Mask.

The writers then jokingly admitted that one of the team members actually brought up that there was a decent number of between Loki’s mask and Jim Carey’s mask but they insisted that it was all accidental so I’ll take it.

Now, while God over Ragnarok was critically acclaimed, there was one piece of common criticism and that was the amount of chatter your NPC companions let out while you were trying to solve puzzles often resulting in them solving the puzzles for you.

Depending on who you are, this could get kind of frustrating but according to the writers, this was an intentional decision on their part.

While they did want the characters to be talking a lot in order to make things more fluid, they didn’t actually realize that they went a little bit too far, a after the game launched and players started giving their feedback.

Apparently, play testers didn’t say anything about the characters talking too much but the writers agreed with the criticism.

Saying the timing for the first hint during puzzles probably shouldn’t have been so quick or aggressive and if they had more time to fine tune everything, that’s likely a change that would have been made.

Interestingly, they said that they would love to issue a patch that fixes all of the problems but since that really isn’t up to them, they couldn’t promise any changes in the future.

Perhaps, if the rumors of a director’s cut end up being true, I’m sure this is an aspect that will end up getting fixed.

Because it is a little bit annoying when you’re trying to figure something out and then one of your NPC companions just gives out the solution before you can even put all the pieces together.

I’m all forgiving hints during tough puzzles but when the hints come too quickly or aggressively, it could feel like the game doesn’t trust you to do anything on your own.

Next up, one of the biggest bombshells dropped during the interview was that the writers referred to it as the biggest piece of cut content.

Apparently, there was an entire chunk of the story based around Cin Mara that was extremely personal to the director Eric Williams but that unfortunately had to be completely cut out in order to preserve stories pacing.

According to Matt’s office, you would have visited Serter and then you would have visited Cinmara and it would have been a much slower section of the game but a very emotional one as well.

However, it was seen as being far too slow and there really wasn’t any good way to speed it up.

So, they decided to cut that entire subplot.

Ultimately, I think this was the right call since a lot of us were eager to get to Ragnarok and see how it all went down but I would have loved to see this subplot play out.

All I’m saying is this would be the perfect thing to be added to a director’s cut.

Now, the interview on the Midmax YouTube channel also talked about The God of War Amazon Prime Show but the writers didn’t have a ton to say about it.

They did however confirm that Cory Barlock is working very hard with Amazon to make it as authentic as possible which is good news.

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It’s also good news that someone close to the game is taking on an important creative position with the show similar to how Neil Drugman is working hand in hand with the team at HBO on The Last of Us.

The God of War Ragnerock writers stated that they have seen a few outlines for the show and were available for consultation but were not really directly involved with the writing of the show itself which sounds pretty standard to me.

Writing a TV show is very different from writing a video game so it makes sense that Amazon would want to bring in a different writing team but as long as Corey Barlog has as much control as I think he will, I’m confident in the final product and it’s also reassuring that what the writers did see about the Godivor show has been great so far according to them.

So, that’s pretty good news.

With the insane success of Godivor Ragnock as well as the opening interest in its world and story, I don’t think it’s all out of the question for Sony and Santa Monica Studios to want to push out a DLC or some kind of cut before the Amazon show.

While the developers have been rather quiet about whether or not a DLC is out of the question, we know for certain that God of War six is not going to come out for a few more years and with the insane amount of cut content and scrapped ideas that Ragnarok had during development, there are still a million places this game could go in the future.

I said in previous videos that I don’t think Ragnarok is going to get an expansion or some kind of director’s cut if Sony waits much longer but I think I may actually be wrong about that.

Ragnarok’s ongoing sales and lasting impact could actually be the ticket to a DLC expansion sometime in the next year or two perhaps even coinciding with the Amazon show or as a way to hype it up.

Similar to how the remake of Last of Us Part one was released very close to the debut of the HBO show.

With so much cut content and so many stories over at Santa Monic Studios.

I find it hard to believe that they’re not going to make use of Godivor Ragnarok especially before Godivor six comes in and totally changes everything.

But let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.

Do you think Godivor Ragnarok is going to get an expansion in the future and do you think Kratos dying and Godivor Ragnar would have been more impactful for you.

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