Welcome to escape the backrooms an exploration game with massive maps that you can explore for hours on end without ever finding the exit. 

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Welcome to escape the backrooms an exploration game with massive maps that you can explore for hours on end without ever finding the exit.

Wait,is that the whole map?

So my game kind of has a problem.

The back rooms are supposed to be millions upon millions of square miles but the size of the levels in my game can be measured in inches.

So I’m going to be adding massive
new levels filled with brand new

adding procedural

generation to make the levels
unique every single playthrough and

making the levels that are
already in the game even bigger.

So the First new level I’m going
to add is level 5 which is a 1930s

Vintage Hotel which is presumably
infinite with many rooms

and Halls that contains three
main areas the main hall,

the Beverly room in the boiler room.
So I modeled out the lobby,

as well as the main hall.
That connects it to other rooms and I

really don’t know what a Beverly
room is

So I just modeled out this hotel
room along with hallways that you can

explore to try and find the exit.
And for the boiler room,

I created this massive underground
system filled with pipes

and boilers with different
temperatures throughout the level.

So be sure to keep a thermometer on
you to make sure you don’t over heat.

this level is a class 2 unsafe level,

which means that it’s not completely free of risk.
Not only are their skin Stealers and

Hounds spread throughout the level,
but the closer you get to the Boiler Room,

The more you’ll encounter
entities called Death moths,

which are moths that are
extremely hostile and dangerous

and will attack anyone that
tries to aggravate them.

I’m not a fan of bugs

So looking at this
send shivers down my spine.

So if you’re afraid of bugs and I
suggest looking away because this is what

it looks like in game.

these male death moths are some of
the most dangerous entities in the

entire backrooms.
Not only because they can fly,

but also…

and I forgot to mention I
also added female Death moths,

which are the same thing
but way bigger.

as soon as you hear any buzzing whatsoever,

that might indicate there’s a moth nearby,
you need to stop whatever you’re doing.

and instantly
make a run for your life and whatever you do.

Don’t go in their hive just trust me
Don’t do it.

I also added smaller groups of
male death mod scattered around the

level and a new item called Bug Spray
which can kill them to drop moth

which might sound pretty

gross since it’s a gelatinous slime
that drops out of a bunch of dead

insects but it’s actually really
helpful since it gives you a big speed

and stamina boost which can definitely
help out if you make the mistake

You’re shining a flashlight in one of them.
The next level I’m going to add well,

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more like change is Level 94.
So in most pictures Level

94 is just a bunch of houses
in a hilly grassy level,

but that’s not good enough for
me or the people in my Discord.

Which if you haven’t joined then you
definitely should if you want your suggestions

to be added to the game.
So I added roads, sirens,

that play vintage cartoon
music and trucks

you can use to ride around the level
and I already mentioned it in a previous

but there’s

also a day and night cycle and whatever you do
Make sure you don’t get caught outside in the dark

because there are entities called

which are extremely hostile
entities that look like puppets and

will hunt down Wanderers at night.
They aren’t the most intelligent entities

so your best chance for
survival is to hide from them.

I got this doll model and…

this guy looks totally harmless.

There’s no way he can actually be dangerous.
What the f—?

So even though animations might look friendly
once it gets dark

they become extremely vicious
and will kick down doors and search houses.

So be sure to hide and
don’t let them see you under

any circumstance.
So the way you escape level

94 is by going from house to house
moving through the level during the day

while maintaining your sanity level.
And also avoiding any flying trucks is

a result of my terrible
coding skills.

And if you can survive the level for long enough
you’ll eventually reach the floating Castle,

which is a castle that appears to
be a fun house area and contains

a large doorway
That will lead to the throne room,

which contains a brand new boss
entity known as the animated King who is highly

intelligent and will put you through a test
to see if you can withstand your

own worst nightmares.
So good luck with that.

So I modeled out this room based on the
reference from the wiki that contains an

entrance to the throne room
which looks like this.

I couldn’t find a

reference of what the animated King looks like
so I decided to go with everyone’s worst

a plastic clown with green hair… or is

that just me?

when it comes to the boss fight,
it can’t just be a typical boss fight

because it really wouldn’t make
much sense in this game.

So instead,
I made it so that it only spawns

behind you and will chase you around
in the dark and disappear

before you get a chance to see him.
So make sure you’re constantly checking your back.

And if you’re in a multiplayer game,
be sure to let your teammates know he’s

behind them before
it’s too late.

So before I add the next level,
I need to add the most important mechanic by far

in the entire backrooms.
But first hit the like button and

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because we’re so close to 500,000 subs,

which is absolutely insane.

thank you guys so much. And if you don’t,
then there’s a possibility you might no-clip

into the backrooms…
I’m just saying,

the most requested

and most important feature in the entire
backrooms is sanity which gets lower

whenever you enter
dangerous areas and

can be raised by drinking almond water,
or by just chilling out in the poolrooms.

So I
added a sanity bar

and also added visual effects
the lower gets

and once your sanity is empty,
then it’s already too late

and you’ll start slowly going insane.

be sure to always stay alert for
your current sanity level and drink


I also added stats

on the sanity levels of every level in The Hub.
So it’s probably a good idea to check those before

entering into a new level.
The next level I’m going to add is

level 6 also known as lights out
Level 6 is an expansive

complex of indeterminable size
made up of metallic walls, brick floors,

and a complex system of pipes.
The entirety of level 6 is

shrouded in complete darkness
and very little is actually known

about it since even flash lights
don’t work,

but it’s widely regarded as
the most dangerous level in the

entire backrooms.

since almost every screenshot
of the level is just the black

it’s kind of hard to come up

with references for what it looks like,
but I managed to find this image

on the wiki and blocked it out and added pipes,

decals, textures, and some natural
lighting coming from outside.

Now don’t get too excited because
this is the only natural light source

in the entire level and
everything else is pitch black.

So once you get to a certain point even
your flashlight won’t work anymore.

Now it would be pretty lame if you and
your friends were just stumbling around

in the dark walking into walls.
So I decided to add an item that I

think is pretty unique called
a lidar scanner,

which lets you light up walls
and find your teammates.

I also had a motion scanner to it
which lets you stay

alert of the entities in
this level called wretches,

which are Wanderers
who have undergone extreme changes

turning them into this abomination.
Wretches are extremely hostile

and carry weapons and tools
such as firearms grenades night vision goggles and

melee weapons.
So be sure to drink your

almond water or you’ll end
up like this guy.

Now wretches have extremely good hearing
so if you see what on your radar coming your way,

be sure to hide and stay as quiet as possible
and hope it doesn’t hear you.

Now the final level I’m going to add in
this update is level 0,

which you’re probably thinking,
but didn’t you already add that level?

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And the answer is…


But you probably didn’t know
that level 0 also has sublevels

like level 0.1,
which is exactly like level 0

but with red lights. Level 0.2,
which is also exactly like level 0

but with red carpets, and
my personal favorite level,

level 0.McDonald’s sign,
which is literally just a McDonald’s

inside of the backrooms.

I know they seem kind of boring
but the reason I’m adding them to the

game is so I can experiment with a little
something called procedural generation,

which is what pretty much
everyone is asking me to add.

Now the reason I haven’t added it yet
is because there’s a lot of technical

issues that make it really hard to add since you
not only have to code an entire

procedural generation system,
but also use procedural lighting,

shadows and procedural

AI navigation which not only looks bad but will
also fry your computer. So

I’m going to experiment with making
this level procedurally-generated and if

it performs

I might start using it in some other levels.

So in Level 0.1,
you need to go through the level

and find the missing explorers while avoiding
multiple entities who lurk throughout the map.

be sure to take the time

when the lights are on to find as many explorers
as you can because the catch, is the lights

turn off.

So be sure to come fully equipped
with flashlights and scanners

and be prepared to hide if you need to

I also added a spray paint item
which I highly recommend you use,

if you get killed

then you’ll have no way to find your items.
So the new level 0 and its sub levels aren’t

going to be in the game this update
since I don’t want there to be a

bug in the procedural generation
code have everyone’s computer just

crash on the first level.
Which by the way,

if you haven’t noticed,
the update is out right now

so be sure to check it out.
The game is called “Escape the Backrooms”,

not any other name.
Since I’ve seen so many comments

describing things that aren’t even in my game.
So I still have tons of plans for this game


even more official levels,

the player model to not look
absolutely terrible.

Why you bully me?
And of course adding VR support,

so don’t worry because I definitely
didn’t forget about that.

So if you want to stay up to date
then be sure to subscribe and hit

the bell notification icon
so you won’t miss my next videos where I add them.