Woah this took a huge left turn

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Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!

I’m coming for you.

Uh, I’m coming for you.

You might have thought…

They’re not going to keep playing this, right?

This game sucks.

But, oh, it does not suck.

I mean, it’s a little, but I don’t know.

It sucks in the best way possible.


That guy has text neck.

Yeah, he does.

Yeah, and they didn’t even have text in 1995.

I think it’s like dork neck, like computer neck.

You know?

Who could be?

He’s always, his nose is always in a good book.

You’ve got dork neck!




He had a shotgun!

Um, alright.

Let’s go in this room and then fire!

Fire, fire, fire!


Yeah, boy!

I should probably turn it down a little, man.

I don’t know, that was pretty good.

It’s like my hair blew back.

Uh, oh, is that the cowboy, um, from the war?


Uh, from the television station we saw?

Oh, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Uh, I mean, the television station burned down.

A while ago, we, I believe he was dressed as a cowboy.

I can’t remember.


We’ve been through a lot in this game.

I know, man.

Baseball bat.

Give me the baseball bat.

I’ll take it.

Salmon pool table.

Someone scratched.


Vieira sang.

My nuts!


It rips, it rips!


You eat the gumball and feel better.

Oh, cool.

Give you health back.

Hey, look at the stumped smile.


I thought you just ate a gumball.

Didn’t eat a gumball, just chewed on it.


Well, it was a very healthy gumball.


Okay, I guess I gotta get Tom.

Just step over this.



This feels like a save point.



Well, why listen to Dan?

What does he know?

I didn’t think it would be that sudden.




Well, you know.

Let’s go ahead and, uh.

Well, we’ll see you again, mister.


That’s okay.

I get to kill this guy again.

I get to kill this guy again.

Yeah, that is fun.

That is fun.

Excuse me, sir?


Bad reflexes on that guy.


I got hit?

Oh, I got hit.



Back here we go.

Aw, man.

Aw, man.

Aw, gee whiz.

Son of a goat.

Son of a boober.



Are you fucking ready for this?

I’m so very ready.

I’m about to kill this fucker again.

What’s up, fucker?

I just wanted to play pool.

Ooh, ooh.

I was hoping you’d be my-

Did you just shoot the bat?

No, I didn’t shoot the bat.

Yes, I might have shot the bat.

No, you got it.

I shit the bats.

See, that’s what I told you.

You get upset, you shit the bats.

Or whatever that line was from long ago.

Each pulley, you shit the bats.

Oh, that’s right.

That’s right.

Alright, let’s go over here and save it.

You gotta save before every fucking room transition.

Well, I mean, that’s where we’re at in this game.

There’s something to kill you in every room.

They gave you 25 slots.

Aw, that’s nice.

Alright, here we go.

I assume you have to throw something in there.

Bubbles rising from below the murky surface.



Do I throw something in there, like a sandwich?

Yeah, throw the sandwich in there.

Perfect idea.

Well, that didn’t work.

Well, that didn’t work.

Damn it. Damn it.

Damn it.

Well, that didn’t work.

What could I use this sandwich on?

Damn it.

Oh, maybe throw the chunk of meat.

That makes sense.

Oh, they love it.

I see it.

Can’t get enough of that good good.

And you still have a torso left over for lunch on the way home.

Num nums.




Can I flush the toilet?

Olive-toned slime runs down these bowls.

These bowels.

Obviously the product of a vegetarian with the runs.

Dude, like a bows.

Wow. Vegetarians catching strays.

Okay, I flushed it.

Out of order?


Even in the future, nothing will happen.

You’re killing this game, Arin.

You’re just crushing and flushing.

Thanks, man.


Let’s see what this is.

Oh, that’s a weed killer.

Weed killer could be helpful.


I’m into that shit.

Do you need a little traffic cone?

Oh, there’s that fucking plant.


Well, you’ve got the other hunk of meat.

Oh, I do?


Just make sure.

Oh, yeah.

That will.


Got it.

And go.

See ya, see ya, see ya, see ya, see ya.

You thought it was unnecessary to take a carved up human torso and an arm.

But here we are.

Don’t you look like the asshole.

No, you didn’t take any of those.


The asshole?


All right, all right.


Probably want to save here.

Oh, my God.

You’re such a negative Nancy.

It’s Sierra, man.

Years of Sierra games play more like negative Nancy.


It’s okay.

Shake that one off.

Listen, you don’t have to.


You really don’t have to.

Very rare self-burn.


All right.


Take out that pesticide.

And put that pesticide.

Nice, nice.

All right, okay.

He’s like, oh, fuck.

Get the fuck out of here.

Examine the pod.



What’s up with that pod?


You want to eat that pod.

A cool, refreshing fountain.

Yeah, go in there.

You look great.

What is he, checking his titty size?

Like, what is happening there?

I’m a cute little girl.

They’re coming in nicely.

What the hell?

Is there anything to do here in this oddly frozen single-frame picture?

Yeah, I think there’s something hidden in here.


Yeah, there’s got to be, right?

Why else would this be here?

Yeah, it’s a great point.

It’s because in the walkthrough it says somewhere in this fountain is a key.

Oh, okay.

I’ll let you try to find it.

Right side.

Oh, I see it.

I don’t see it, but right around that area.


I thought I saw a key.

Is this it?


Just keep clicking, man.

This is one of those wildly intuitive things they got going on in this game.

Is this it?


Allie was circling the right side.

Bro, you got to be S in my D with this S.

Hold on.

Is there like, do I have to use a tool or anything?


Try to fish it out with a scythe?

Try to fish it out with your titties.

Try, I guess?

Try to fish it out with my titties?

No, you’re the scythe.

Oh, I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s because you’re using the dagger right now.

Oh, man.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Oh, there it is.


That didn’t work.

Found it.

It was inside your own pocket.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

How in the world?

That is one of the most obtuse things that’s ever happened to me in this world.

This game is, that’s it.

This game’s silly.

There’s a hole?

An odd-shaped hole on a raised surface.


You know what to do.

Should I use the key on it?

Oh, there we go.

Wow, all right.


Oh, oh, oh.

Shooty, shooty.

Rooty, shooty, aim at shooty.


Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Oh, my God.


Dad’s going to kill me.

Did you kill the minotaur?


Oh, shit.

Oh, you scream.



You’re not Stephanie.

Welcome to the Harvest Moon art gallery, sir.

I’m the curator of this place.

So delighted you could come.

Have you seen the first floor?

Yeah, do you get up here via rope?

I expect it’ll be an engaging experience.

That it will, I’m afraid.

Art often forces engagement, doesn’t it?


Lovely works, pastoral scenes, noble sculptures.

These are easy on the ironed mind.

But when confronted with a work of hideous form,

you’re forced to deal with it,

even if only to dismiss it as trash.

You’re trash.

Sadly, the most extreme works are the hardest to dismiss.

Oh, go off, queen.

Her tescaries amid works of beauty are necessary.

That should be taken for granted.

Are they trying to justify this game?

It’s important that each individual determine his own sensibility.

You’re put in this because you’re saving mankind,

because you’re in an experiment or something.

I don’t know.

Which forces you to linger too long in the gallery.

I’m just passing through.

With a shotgun.

Surely it were that simple.

Um, okay.

Let’s just check out some stuff.

A very disturbing painting.


Dark and mysterious.

No telling.

It’s a big pacifier.

It sure is.

I wish I could pacify this guy.


You can.

With a shotgun.

Oh, okay.

Just says the same shit.

Lovely work.

It’s just painting.

I was looking at the lights.

Oh, good for you.

Sickeningly offensive.


Do you not like spheres?

What the fuck?

Is there something I’m not getting?





You pick a painting.


Strangely calming.

I think it was blood.

Boy, I hope I can find some more shotgun shells.

Yeah, me too.

Something about ovaries.

That’s how I like my eggs.


Come on.

Roughly hewn in jade.

The cow’s gonna charge you.



This guy’s offended by everything.

What is this, 2023?

Oh, no.


Oh, my God.


Stop right there.

Maybe that’s what the key opens, that the statue dropped.

The key opened the wall.

Oh, the statue.


I’ve only got one shotgun shell left, dog.

I know.

I gotta get in there.

I gotta be careful.

Maybe I should save.


Out of bullets.


Inside, please.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I forgot to bring my library card.

Oh, shit.

It was the library.

Can I help you?

I’m looking for a girl.

Looks like you found one.


You don’t understand.

I have reason.

I hope to believe that she was brought here.

Do you know anything about that?

I’m afraid not.

I tend to stay out of lodge affairs.

Unless it’s a library affair.

Well, if she is here, she’s not been invited as a member.

There are no female members of the order, to be sure.

What about you?

Who have qualified throughout our history, but they’re generally not of our caliber.

I doubt there are any females in this building.

At least none that are extant.

What about the bake sale?


Yeah, all right.

Is that part of the chewy decimal system?



I’m sorry.

I was not planning that.

I swear.

Some jobs are beneath men, so too can certain services only be supplied by women.

That’s very progressive.

If she is here, you’ll find her on the third floor, which you’ll have difficulty finding

without my help.

And you want something in return.

Just a bullet in the brain.

I’ll give you a clue as to how to get to the third floor, but only if you’ll retrieve an

overdue book from one of our charter members, a Mr. Kane.

Dean Kane?


He is so highly regarded among the order.

I’m loath to approach him on such an embarrassing matter.

Therefore, bring me the book and I’ll help you.

How will I know which book?

Oh, you’ll know it.

I was just gonna forget.

You’ll know.

I’m looking for a girl.

It’s right behind me, isn’t it?

What the fuck?

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Did I accidentally activate her again?


Not bad.

Me too.

Sorry, I didn’t mean it.


It’s okay.

Oh my god.

What a lovely library.

You’d hardly know that you’ve murdered 12 different creatures of the night.

Yeah, man.

Wow, this feels like the end of Gabriel Knight.


Let me see.

Oh yes, the new initiate.

I’m the large membership director.

And I see he has a shotgun.

You’re a real go-getter.

I’m looking for a girl named Stephanie.

Can you turn up the volume ever so slightly?



Thank you, my man.


That’s a little too slightly.

All right.

I’m looking for a girl named Stephanie.

The lodge is a traditional place, young man, and by tradition, when a young man is courting

a young woman, he wins for her acupi doll at the fair.

There is no fair within the lodge.

There’s no fair anywhere in this town.

I’ve seen a thing which resembles acupi somewhere on this floor.

Seek it out, slay it, and return here with a prize if you would seek your lady.


All right, I’m just going to get out of here for now.

Yeah, I just, ugh.

I got a book returned to find or something.

Oh my god.

See ya.

All right, gotta find a doll and a book.

Kill the doll.

Only got one shotgun shell.

Kill the doll and kill the doll.

Um, okay.

The doors are barred.

It’s fine.



So I’ll go the other way.

Hey, this looks like a fun room.

What joyous things await.


Good day, sir.

The chess master.

The chess master.

He’s got a fucking portrait of himself.

I love it.

Any initiate who wishes to pass this way must do so over my dead body, being a civilized

man, I offer my opponents a choice.

Solve my problem or fight me to the death.

Do you know how to play chess?

You’re goddamn right we do.

Of course we fucking do.

We’re a two-headed dragon in chess.

In that case, make me and you may pass.

And also play chess.

I love to fuck.

Are we, um-

We’re white.

We’re white?


Uh, hold on.

Let’s move the king.


So, is- do we have to do it in one move?

It doesn’t look like we can in one move.

No, I don’t think so.

So, it’ll be here, yeah?

Uh, yes.

Oh, no, that’s a stalemate.

Well, maybe not.

Give it a shot.

Yes, okay, he can still move the pawn.

Then, yeah, then move the king to the left.

And then night, ugh.

Uh, then night to here.


That’s a checkmate.

Oh, no.

Yes, yes, yes it is.

Yes, it is, dog.

Boom, baby.




That was a high-stakes game of chess.



Oh, wow, look at that.

Got the chess key.




How exciting.

Uh, I guess-

Did you ever see the horror movie Society?


It was super gross and dumb, but also kind of, like, gory in this exact way.


Um, and I think I might have loved it, even though it was gross and dumb.

I like how they gave you the option to, like, if you don’t know chess, just to kill him.

Yeah, that is cool.

Save yourself a shotgun shell.

You should probably save it.

That’s right.

I still have one, eh?


Save the game now, save the game now.

That’s what we’re gonna do with the next time we play chess, on Game Grumps.

Loser has to take an axe to the head.


Just my luck.

Horse win?


Alright, first of all, if you’re gonna call yourself a chess master, you gotta stop calling them horses.


They’re horses.

They’re knights.

They’re so horses.

Oh, shoot him.

Okay, good job, man.

I hope you’re happy.

Holy shit, dude.


Let’s try that one more time, shall we?

Oh my god.

Okay, very, very small window for action there.


Shoot him.

Uh oh.

You might need more than one bullet.

Oh my god, that’s so funny.

Can you just see if you can swing your cleaver at him?

Yeah, I got it.

Or maybe the scythe, because that’ll have more, like, distance.

There we go.

Use my scythe now.


Yes, yes, yes.

Queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, scythe, scythe, queen.

Keep scythe, queen, queen, queen.

Queen, excuse me, queen, scythe, scythe, queen.

Why does he sound like that?

He’s just a man.

Oh my god.

Wow, he exploded.

Boy, that last hit really connected.

Oh, it’s Mr. Kane.

Yeah, here’s the book.

His sole material possession since the death of his brother.

Should we know who he is?


Mr. Kane, like, I feel like that’s a reference to something.

Does he have a book or something?

Yeah, you grabbed it, right?

I think you grabbed it.


There it is.

That was his sole possession.

Wait, how did this happen?

Because you got your ass beat by Mr. Kane.

Eat that sandwich.


I didn’t realize he was hurting me.

That doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

You should save.

You did great.

You could just save his poop wall to save time.

Oh, no.


Camed the cane.

Well done.

I spelled cane wrong, but that’s okay.

It’s fine.

I like that you’re tiptoeing your way.

Yeah, a little sneaky move.

No one will hear me on this incredibly soft carpet.

Okay, go back to the labrari.

Talk to Ms. Lady.

Well, no, you gotta show the-

Oh, no, you’re right, you’re right.

She wanted the book.

She wanted the book.

The guy wanted the doll.

Hence the name Guys and Dolls.

Oh, there you go.

Ah, you’ve returned the book I see.

Thank you, young man.

Now you must die.

Feel free to look around the library for anything that interests you.

Everyone in this game has such crazy vocal fry.

Ah, yes.

You’ll need a special key.

Special key.

Which is in the keeping of our resident chess master.

I think the way it’s compressed really brings it out.

Along with the positions of his pieces, the chess master holds the key to the third level.


Yeah, I know, he already chopped his head in half.

That’s the clue?

Okay, take it easy, Steve.

Best I can give you is five bucks.

If you don’t find this key, I’m afraid you’ll never-

Why do I need clues?

You walk into his room, he’s like, play me in chess,

and you beat him, he fucking cleaves himself in the head.

Are you fucking serious?

I didn’t have to do any of that?

All right.

Yeah, I’ll look around the room for some unread books.


Fucking see ya.


Oh, jeez.

Take it easy.

Freaked out for a second.

Okay, so you need to find a doll.

A doll?

Yeah, you need to find the cupid doll that-

Oh, that’s right.

Robiman was talking about.

As far as from the other side, all right, kick it in.

I thought we’d already tried everything.

Well, I have the key now.


It’s the wrong key.

Try the- oh.

You fucking idiot.

Well, it’s barred.

It is barred.

It’s bade.

I’ve got a fard.


Damn it.


Oh, man.

Damn it.

Well, that didn’t work.

Damn it.

Well, that didn’t work.


Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Well, that was the chestmaster.

My bad.







How do you get to the third level?

And then this was came, right?



Maybe it’s just at that very front door.

No, it’s over here.


Oh, the other- okay.

So it’s a circle.

Got it.

With like two little hallways heading off.

Ooh, lovely.

Am I about to get replenished by a Zelda fairy?

I heard that harpy music for a second.



Excuse me.

You can’t come in right now.

I just mopped the floor.

I’ll mop the floor with your fucking entrails.

Hey, yo.

Hey, buddy.

Give me a break, will you?

Keep up the floor.

This guy seems like a decent dude.


You think just because I’m a janitor I got no pride?

That’s all I got to do all day is clean up after you rich bastards?

Take a hike before you get hiked.

I’m not done.

Alright, bud.

You asked for it.

Oh, oh my god.






Oh, he’s pushing me back.



Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

Alright, take it easy, man.

Oh, you can’t exit.


You gotta fight.

Oh, it’s not actually doing damage.


Do you have- wait.

Arin, go to your inventory?


Go to your inventory?


Are there- yeah, you have more shotgun shells.

Perhaps not.

No, I think I ran out.


Oh, fuck.

You don’t have any more shells.

Maybe the baseball bat.

Maybe the baseball bat.

Maybe the baseball bat.

Oh, this is so annoying.

Maybe the baseball bat.

This is so- yeah, yeah.

Penetrate his wall of- oh.

Here we go.


Thank you.

I want that nail gun.

So, anyway.

Mellow dramas involving the brutal murder of men.

Ungrateful suffragettes.

Ungrateful suffragettes?

They’re so ungrateful that we withheld voting rights from them for years.

Don’t say we.

Well, I was speaking from the perspective of the men being murdered.

Oh, god.


Is this the chess master key door?

Don’t put that shit on me, man.

I just got here.



Did it work or what?

Isn’t that where we came in from?

No, it’s a different door.

No, I guess not.

God, this place is so confusing.

Oh, shit.

Oh, god.

Oh, okay.

He had superior weaponry.

Wait, so I don’t have any more shotgun shells.

Oh, yay.

All right.

Well, I don’t need to talk to the fucking librarian.

Sincerely, I have the fucking key.




How are you going to deal with that chainsaw clown?

I guess I’ll use the scythe.

Maybe the nail gun?

Oh, word, word, word, word, word, word, word, word.

Yeah, because you need a long distance weapon.

But first, you have to kill this guy.

I don’t know if you killed him.

Maybe you just knocked him out.

No, he was all bloody and shit.

Fuck off, dude.

The bat is what you used before.


Maybe that lets you get in closer somehow.

Yeah, it does.


I don’t know.

Jesus Christ.

It’s the hardest combat I’ve ever had in my life.

This is why we save.



Yeah, yeah.


Almost gone.


Game over.



Game over.

All right, maybe I’ll save her before I get to this guy.


Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do.

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum.

Got fucking Beetlejuice in my head, dude.

Got Beetlejuice on the brain, dog.


Examining my inventory.

I’ll just save it right here with cane to cane.

It’s amazing how he goes from like, please don’t step there, I just mopped, to you murdering

him in like five seconds.


Sometimes that’s just how it be.

Excuse me, you can’t.

Good job, man.

I mean, really, just top notch work.

Holy shit.

Just a warning shot, dude.

Yeah, yeah.

You don’t need to use the gun, though, because it just one hit and knocked him.

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Well, that’s after I shot him.





Doing pretty well.

Boy, the combat system in this game rules.

Come on, come on, come on.


God, this is the toughest janitor I’ve ever seen.

Good God.

Fucking just let me get to you.

Let me get at that bitch.

Jesus Christ.

This game is killing me.


It was so easy last time.

Is it because I like hit him in the head or something?

I don’t know.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.



Jesus Christ.















Oh, man.

God, dude.

Come on, come on.

Yeah, I think when you swing your way in, it helps.

Thank God.


All right.

Let’s go ahead, a little beat up, but that’s fine.


Let’s go ahead and save it.


This turned into a really different game

Click clack click click click click clack

Yes, yes, sir

You drink the bucket of mop water ah that’s better

Is that a thing? I don’t know. I’m just I feel like any anything you see you should try to put in your mouth at this point

Ha ha ha ha ha

Yes, nice

Yeah, I got a chainsaw and a kewpie doll

Wow, you got all the things something that looks like a key definitely save

It’s very

Fun in here that pin the tail on the donkey went awry. So no like food or anything in here

Looking at the screen and looking at the funny things taking the cake maybe I won’t take the cake

Save game

Dead clown

Cool owned nice


We’re fucking funny, dude

Ha ha ha ha

Great thing to say after a joke that you made by yourself

Bro, we’re killing it. Will you bring out the best in me, bro? I?

Can’t drink this fucking water man. Give me a goddamn break brah. Well. I can’t eat this mop or drink from this ashtray

What kind of Lodge is this?

What kind of Lodge is this? I think it’s possible to go back to the gumball machine. Oh

And get another one

Oh, that’s so far away. It’s really not though, but like

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Oh, I can do this. I forgot I can do this all right. Let’s try this

Yeah, let’s do it, okay

Wait how do we get oh yeah?

Oh dear oh wow really hack your way through that’s funny

Yeah, there’s no way to like go back. There’s no turning back. I’ll be no there’s the rope okay

All right, and I think Stephanie’s attached to the rope right

Yeah, I can’t go sorry, honey

Baby, you know baby. Oh, baby. How do you have limited nails?


You think I just have fucking infinite nails up my ass

It’s certainly what how it seemed when the janitor was shooting you well custodian. I’m sorry

He probably had a he called himself a janitor. Oh all right, then it was 1995

What’s so bad about the word janitor? I don’t know. It’s just a word from 30 years ago, so I just assumed

Fair enough that no one can say it anymore. Oh hello eat the whale

Just gonna save clowned yeah


Alright, is there anything in here beautiful grand piano a cologne?

Dolphins it’s rough hewn. Are you gonna play the piano? I don’t think there’s anything in here

Take a look at those pillars take a look at those pillars dog. What do we see? What do you see?

a pillar

There’s something hidden in it

I bet there’s something hidden in it wait hold on let me

make sheet oh

Interesting do you just chop at the thorns is that?

Okay, no. No if I have an item and it like it hovers over the thing right it can interact. Yeah, got it

Oh, is this the wrong one work?

Maybe the other pillar

Uh-huh, okay

Hooked flail. There’s a hooked flail in there. Okay. Well. I took it. Well. That’s a badass medieval weapon

Fuck yeah

Wait really whoa dude

Nice, that’s different than I thought it was it’s like a cat of nine tails. I was imagine wow wow

He really covers a lot of ground Yeah, that’s some good stuff. All right. I should re-equip the nail gun just in case

Oh, yeah, keep it all fine work

You’re obviously an earnest young man. Thank you. You’re in luck

Oh a quick check of my records indicates that indeed a woman was brought into the lodge

Although I neglected to get her name since females are generally not considered for initiation

All right young lady is currently being detained on the third floor in the Chapel of Love

killer seeker there Oh

seeker there and

Don’t forget to bring her her prize

little things

Means so much, okay

Thanks for being just weird about it. Yeah

Okay, bye

How’s it

Larry’s hairy someone should tell Larry

Apparently the kyubi doll opens the door

There’s a key the kyubi key

Okay, that looks like a very bloody room. Oh, no, just red chairs. Let me just go ahead and see yeah

This looks like a place where you could totally die. Mm-hmm. I’ll just save it under clay. No, no, okay. Well

A little Sierra tip for you. If you’re gonna keep saving stuff like that do it like one save back

Yeah, just in case you’re about to die and then you don’t have to go way back, right?

Doo doo doo doo doo doo

Doo doo doo doo. Yeah, I know, right?

Doo doo doo doo


Almost the same year a range rider lunchbox with feedback accessory

You grab a sandwich. Hey

Okay, it’s a hammer

What we got in here

I’m both of the flags what you can do that. Oh

Shit, oops, where the fuck oops. Oh, that’s right. I came through the hole

Came through the hole. I guess that’s usually where I hit flag on a pole

Hey work, all right, maybe a little wooden plank action

Let me steal that shit

What are you talking about, I don’t know man, yeah hard to say at this

Yeah, let me get off my case a prop street lamp circa 1890 evocative of a time when America was free of commie

concepts like women’s rights

Yuck glad I got to read that and that my voice is out there saying that

All right, oh, oh thank goodness you were prepared with the nail gun

This is a guy yeah, why did speak like a dude

I figured it’d be like that cigarette machine is called cancer station. Oh fun

Complimentary coffin nails. Well, please yeah, I need those for my nail gun. Yeah, seriously. I

Don’t think they thought that far ahead

What’s that thing on the ground like a silvery ball

Is that we’re talking about right here yeah, yeah, I mean there’s a couple lying around


It’s a fire extinguisher. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I see it

Doo doo doo boy that theremin was crazy in that room Oh God


Oh man, if I was playing this alone in 1995, I would have been really freaked out

Something happened

Great, okay

Something happened you wasted your time Wow, how did you do that? What just by turning them a certain way?

I guess so. Okay works for me. No more questions. Listen, I’m not I’m not exactly going on instinct here blood-red washer

Blood red water swirls around the glass

Epic just like blood wash. Oh, that’s so dope though. We’ve played so much weird shit on this channel

All right

Game shave

Laundry day garbage day. Oh

This looks like Stephanie’s clothes

Oh, okay

This cut-off valve is rusted, okay

I love the fucking ooga horn. Yeah

Looks like someone just saw a hot lady

Do you know the horns work? What? Oh go horns. Yeah, how do they work?

Okay, so get this. Uh-huh. All it is is it’s a gear and


Screw uh-huh and the gears teeth are touching the screw the gear goes and it goes like

Really oh, it’s time puzzles. That’s it. Oh good job Aaron. Sorry. I was just Ali was like, what are you doing, man?

it’s just

Cool anyway, yeah, you know what while we were busy talking about the history of a little horns

We didn’t stop to think why is an alarm going off?

All right, I got pipes

What do I gotta do here?

Put some pipes together. Oh

Man you gotta like attach some pipes. Oh, okay. Here’s a broken pipe

So all right, take this plate

Put this plate right here. I guess picks it up. No, that doesn’t work

Okay, maybe I use the wrench on the broken plate

Try this

Well, that didn’t work


All right, maybe go over here

Check things out

See if everything’s kosher. Oh, maybe oh I could use the wrench on them. Yes on the valve

Man solid, okay

Okay, go for it, yeah

Okay, damn it, okay


Man, okay. All right

And then put it here

Top left

Well, that didn’t work. Well that they worked damn it. Well, that didn’t work what?


Pipe on pipe. I got a lot of questions man. Hold on

What big one

There is no big fat one anymore

This into to the left. This is a wrench


Well, it exploded awesome

Hold on yeah, yeah

Oh Aaron thinks he’s got it. What is this? No battery?

Yeah, anyway, yeah, it’s a gear and a screw

Okay, and this screw whoops well that didn’t work shut up you wasted a nail

Screw hits this the gear hits the screw really fast

Fuck you wasted two nails. Sorry. Uh-huh. Switch box doesn’t work. All right, so

Did I miss a pipe? One of my fucking mated nails over here. Is there a pipe over here?

All right, so I

Gotta put together the pipe easy

Oh, man, yeah, man throw the wrench on the ground was the statement what the fuck

Just do it

That’s the thing

Ground Aaron


What am I looking at well that did well that didn’t work, okay

Oh, he uses the wrench on the where the steam pipe is that’s what I fucking did

Oh, man, well that didn’t work man, man, okay

Gee whiz can’t be undone while under pressure


No that fits up up up up left

I think that fits in that but we can’t do it while it’s um, all the steam’s going I see

Okay, so what the fuck ah fucking hygge

Try using the wrench on that steam valve

On this one the red one. Oh, it says I can’t cuz it’s under pressure

It’s in the on position

There we go. Give me a break. There we go

Okay. Oh, it’s still a working

There yes, okay

Queen and now put the pipe in there

Yeah, and then I play are we don’t know it’s still oging pretty strongly

That’s relaxing that was fucking stupid okay good stuff the boiler room key I

Got it. That’s okay. It’s not like we lost anything except for two crucial nails

Whoops I would have accidentally fired that again. Yeah, that would have been three crucial nails oh

READ  What do you think the degree of separation between the two places that Sean is looking is?

There’s a guy

Oh great


Dear fuck’s sake yeah equip the chainsaw

Oh my god, give me a brain that guy’s tough

It’s okay. This is this way you can get your nails back. I got my nails back

You’re so right Dan and when you’re right you’re right. You’re always right

It’s just like when Stella got her groove back mmm, but it’s Aaron and nails

And not a groove god and we get to listen to the ooga sound again

The best of all possible worlds whoops I went the wrong way

Man we could really use some like

food lying around or something oh

You mean in the game? Yeah?

Not in real life. No I could use that too. It’d be great I

I got a candy cane

Well I’ve been like obsessed with the fucking Slurpee noise today

It’s okay. I’m just like going

I find it very attractive

Well, thank you

Not yet

Turn the valvey valve. I did it just took a second to be a wiener. That’s okay

And now valve turn

Okay, well that didn’t work now. It’s a good time for savings, okay?

Now prepare for Call of Duty shoot a man

You better believe it and not how I would have spelled it, but I like it

Yeah, you know what now that I think about it. I probably would have spelled it the way you were gonna spell it yeah

Mentally should prepare your nail gun

My nail gun is prepared

Get ready for the poop

Dang it so you gotta use my cat of nine tails

Quickly wow very effective weapon one was dead. I should eat this sandwich

Okay don’t sir don’t burp. This is probably worth saving too. Yeah, cuz it could not have gone much better than that

Yeah there you go now you’re getting it

Turbine screams in a high-pitched whine boy. It’s deafening. Would you like some cheese with that nice?

Call the ambulance oh

I’ve got a plank nice diving board

Because you have someone farted on it

Better believe it

The book

The flagpole oh I didn’t grab enough planks I think

From where I don’t know from I guess the like playroom the stage room

Forgot I can double-click and just get there

Yeah boy yeah, yeah boy oh

Am I trapped in here?

Try going back to the left, I think I saw something really maybe here one more time


One more time, huh?

Can you grab those planks well planks?

They yes, yeah, they’re like I beams dang oh

Shit am I fucked oh

Boy oh, and you lost your previous blank oh

Oh oh dear I might be fucked

Really, that would be such a stupid way. I do have a long series of saves so yeah

I’m with for sure locked in

What was the door that maybe try using the key that used to get in here? I don’t have it anymore. Oh good

All right

Good lord, man. Yeah, this game is uh it’s probably clowned

Yep sure is

This wasn’t so far though

No, no we’re there because this is just take the flags and then damn it

Shit a new flag for me

All right, yeah, there’s a second point. Oh, yeah, got it all right any others

Super sure I think I just need two planks to get across

I’d take that third plank if that’s a plan

Take them all

Take every goddamn plank in sight if you see you up sir. Oh nice

Just some is he supposed to be the smoker is that why he’s all oh

He like put lighter fluid on himself. I don’t know

Cool um a key will is there any rhyme or reason to that or is that just trial and error?

I think it’s just trial and error. I don’t know maybe there was something around there. That was like

when the black

Mask points north yeah south west east


All right now. We’re in laundry time. He’s a very dangerous bite

There was nothing in here that I got right so for Steve is cool

All right, oh god. Oh god. I was hoping I would get to hear this again

I get this fuck isn’t it fuck?

Look at this shit. Isn’t it fucked?

Gonna find out who’s naughty and fuck whoops

Santa Claus is fucking my dad

I don’t I’m sorry, so I’m your mom isn’t

She’s not available for me. He’s not yeah. He sees you when you’re sleeping

I watch he knows when you’re awake. I do

He knows if you’ve been bad or good bad

Okay, I guess we don’t gotta worry about shit then

Okay five nails

You can save over our saves yeah, that’s a good time for the savings either one

Sugar sugar sugar

Mm-hmm no one better come at me with this nail then bang bang bang bang okay cool

Eat that sandwich

You do not have the same didn’t take the sandwich Oh


Fucking killing me dude. You’re actually killing me

All right, you’re immediately gonna get killed by the next thing fine, dude really just what evidence do you have down right yeah?


Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. I’m sure whatever created those bones won’t

I’m gonna say what look as if it’s a good plan

Okay, let’s see what we got here examine the balloons. I think the ceilings are lowering is it

Hold on let me just go into my inventory real quick. Oh

Oh ah so smart good thing you were able to jam those into your pants yep safe and sound

That’s what I always say

So just like done

There you go hey

Hey, that’s wonderful. Is there something in the middle of that shadowy part like here that yeah

I guess it’s nothing. I think it’s just a crushed head. Oh nice. I had them, but I didn’t have them

Alright, so there’s a guy in the next room

She probably save it. Yeah. Good luck with my zero health

Saved over poop law just remember that

Okay, it’s just a friendly night watchman Fred

Wow, I split him right in half what is with that weapon sugar enough Oh rope

I climb up to investigate darling

Don’t take that out of context hey nails, okay

That’s my favorite line it is pretty great. It’s god damn. I’m sorry. I’m click heavy

All right poop I mean you’re definitely gonna have to redo all this when you have to go get the sandwich


What in the world makes you think there’s not gonna be a big boss. Well. I don’t know maybe there’s more sandwiches

Not a mystery dude all within or hereby bound to a vow of abstinence

Abstinence okay, so should I eat the food? Yeah? You should kill everybody and eat the food

That’s the butter troll dude the central mystery is

Advocate abstinence or those who possess them. This is no time to talk about abstinence that you obey not to you

We just killed the butter troll inherit the earth when the strong are finished with it

the advanced initiate and remember what you have learned oh

My god yeah

Okay Wow let’s go ahead and load that up. Yeah, it was poop unhappy face

All right, let’s check it out. Yeah

Eat them burgers

Fuck yeah, thank goodness. I’m so healthy now. I ain’t got no nails though. You look great. Maybe I do


Dammit all right. Maybe I don’t I have one nail left. That’s okay. You needed to do that. It is okay

Man that guy’s head did not do very well


You look


This is the mystery


Everyone says motherhood is fulfilling


Kill those kids isn’t that this is no time for conversation. Oh

Yes, I’m such a pessimist what you must think of me

I’m gonna barf

Oh, oh, oh

Okay all right yeah quickly Aaron murder a child I mean oh

My god. Oh my god. He’s got the fists of fury

All right

And batter up

All right great job. I don’t like slightly injured

So let’s talk. Yeah, let’s chat time to chat it up. Oh

or not

Maybe she’s not

Maybe she doesn’t like you now that you killed all their kids. Yeah, it’s not really in a chatty mood. I

Mean I get it

She’s been through a lot

That was disgusting

Welcome to the temple of the mystery of religion

Forget what it was called temple of

Those who preach love and mercy and God’s name

Those who call for the death of heathen

Okay, do you believe in God?

I did before I started playing this

Down a little bit Ali

Yeah, it’s got me yes, you are wise his mercy anoints us all

And where does he dwell the Lord in heaven of course yeah, indeed

Made a new friend. You’re clearly a man of God cut to like 20 corpses. You’ve left in your wake. Yeah

Hello come Lord bounce on the spring or frolic with the wombat

What um he obviously frolics with the wombats yes the field of the Lord arrived with?

wombats wise


Why would wombats be capitalized if they’ll be verbose?



Heard them with his staff or with special imported wombat hurting

I’ll take the staff you got it


God being almighty hath no need to import anything his staff doth serve

Now I ask thee one final question

Which is only known to those amongst the ranks of the saved

but the

Is God a jar of strawberry preserves a size 12 sneaker a?

Footlong hoagie an all-expense-paid trip to Brazil or a new car

We’re just making this up as they went along. I think so yeah

You are correct wow pass in peace. I wouldn’t have guessed Brazil

The Lord is with thee

How would you possibly know that yeah, and now I think I have to kill them all wait save

All right

Save game. I mean you’re definitely killing everyone in your wake

Be careful

You’ve got murdering to do

oh, okay, and goodbye wait. Oh, oh

Don’t do anything. Don’t do anything

Okay, excuse me

Don’t you think don’t do anything?

Oh my Lord jeez louise. You’ve got quite the swing on that old Louisville slugger. Oh boy

Okay, a trip to Brazil

How much more game is left? I have no idea

Yeah, we better we better finish this next time on game grumps, huh?

Yeah, and there’s there’s ending stuff and we got a


Well, thanks for joining us. Yeah, man. This is wild. There’s one left. There’s one episode left

fucking harvester

My God yep, all right. Bye all right save the game Aaron. Oh, shut

Oh, fuck. Oh shot. Be careful. We make it really clear so we remember

murdered a man of God and

several kids


Lmao, I never thought it would come to this well it has lmao. Well, it has limo. Goodbye

I guess I could have just waited 40 seconds for it to turn over

nuh, heh, whoosh. Here we go, huh?