Star Wars (Ubisoft) Just Got Even Bigger…

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Alright guys Wes here welcome back to

the channel today we are back again

talking about the new Star Wars open

world game from Ubisoft as you guys are

well aware Star Wars is one of the

biggest IPS in the entire world

regardless of how much the last decade

or so may have pushed you away from it

in fact I would say the constant tug of

war between good and bad Star Wars

content has kind of woken up the IP’s

owner Disney to the fact that they

actually need to put some real effort

into the projects if they want to keep

people on their side the backlash 2 Star

Wars games started a few years ago when

EA lost their exclusivity rights to the

series as they were not renewed due to

the amount of backlash generated by the

terrible launch that was Battlefront 2.

and we’ve recently been hearing a ton of

rumors that Disney is currently in the

process of pretty much resetting all of

their current efforts for Disney content

in the form of theaters Disney plus and

now video games now in today’s video

we’re going to talk about the mysterious

and allegedly gigantic open World Star

Wars game that if you didn’t know is

currently in development by Ubisoft

massive and I’m sure Ubisoft as a whole

So today we’re going to go over

absolutely everything we know about

ubisoft’s open World Star Wars game and

talk about what it can mean for the

future of the studio as well as Star

Wars games as a whole especially if you

consider all of the insane statements

that have come out from the company in

recent days so get ready guys get

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those details will be later on in the

video so without further delay let’s go

ahead and dive into it now before we get

into all of the new Star Wars stuff I

want to do a really quick recap about

what’s been happening over at Ubisoft

over the last few weeks as that stuff

will be important when talking about

what the company’s future holds and what

they’re going to be up to going forward

and their most recent Financial update

Ubisoft was confirmed to be canceling

three unannounced games while also

delaying skull and bones for the sixth

time and declined to put a release date

on it meaning the highly anticipated

Pirate game may not come out in 2023

after all it was also confirmed a while

back that Ubisoft quietly canceled

another four games in July of 2022 and

recently reports are claiming that they

were trying to shave a whopping 200

million dollars off of yearly operating

costs now this isn’t the first time

Ubisoft has been in a rough position in

the mid-2000s Ubisoft was pumping out

games far too early in advance leading

to most of them I’m coming out buggy and

underwhelming which is what led to the

DraStic overhaul of Assassin’s Creed

into an RPG Ubisoft has been in the

weeds before but this time it feels a

little bit different for a big reason

they don’t really have any other

fallbacks when Ubisoft was struggling

before they had multiple franchises to

keep them afloat when Assassin’s Creed

was struggling the Tom Clancy and Far

Cry games kind of picked up the slack

and vice versa however over the last few

years Ubisoft has been severely lacking

in output but now that they’re in a

financial hole they really don’t have

anything in the pipeline to save them

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the next major Assassin’s Creed game is

still another 8 to 12 months out and the

next Far Cry game isn’t even announced

yet as for Tom Clancy that entire IP has

essentially been run into the dirt over

the last few years with the exception of

Rainbow Six Siege and when it comes to

new IPS the constant delay of skull and

bones are making things quite difficult

Ubisoft Star Wars game is being headed

by Massive entertainment the same Studio

behind the division games and who is

currently working on Avatar frontiers of

Pandora now I know many of you may have

rolled your eyes when you heard me say

the division but honestly I think this

is a good thing rather than a bad one

the division may not have been

everyone’s cup of tea but there’s one

thing that we can all agree about on and

that is the attention to detail within

the open world which was incredible

massive entertainment are experts at

creating really immersive open worlds

and it’s not really a surprise to me

that Ubisoft chose them to make Avatar

and Star Wars the game is also confirmed

to be running on the Snowdrop engine

which is pretty good news to me assuming

that they have worked out all of the

Kinks they had in previous Ubisoft

titles creative director Julian garetti

stated that previously we want to make a

unique game within the Saga with a

captivating story instead of characters

that players can relate to and connect

with we want to take what is known and

familiar about Star Wars and tell

stories of new characters who have their

own motivations and Stakes while that

doesn’t really tell us anything about

the gameplay itself it does make it

clear that it will likely not be

following any of the established

characters granted this doesn’t really

rule out that it takes place during the

era they were familiar with like the

Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War but

it does confirm that we shouldn’t expect

it to feature too many familiar faces

which is pretty welcome at this point I

don’t know about you guys but I am

pretty much over the Nostalgia baiting

and would rather have new Star Wars

Adventures and stories the gameplay is

getting a ton of attention despite it

being in still really early in

development according to a number of

insiders and official sources Ubisoft

Star Wars game is going to feature a

gigantic open world with a planet

hopping gameplay Loop similar to No

Man’s sky and eventually Starfield

you’ll be able to jump from system to

system to planet to planet and the game

will basically be bursting at the seams

with content now it’s unclear how deep

or detailed this content will be even if

it’s simple stuff there is going to be a

lot of it with the upcoming release of

bethesda’s Starfield which also promises

to have a No Man’s Sky Galaxy to explore

it seems that these gigantic open world

games are getting more popular likely

thanks to the Resurgence of No Man’s sky

in recent years along with the insane

funding that’s going on with the

upcoming Star Citizen if done right in

open World Star Wars game of this scale

could be absolutely incredible and it

could be the Star Wars game that we’ve

all been waiting for similar to how

Hogwarts Legacy is the game that Harry

Potter fans have been waiting for there

seems to be a shift happening where game

companies are finally realizing how much

money there is to be made in licensed

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games done properly and I’m really

hoping that the hole that Ubisoft Doug

for themselves is finally going to make

them realize it now granted I have no

idea how a Galaxy sized Star Wars game

can ever be completed in a reasonable

amount of time without some kind of

procedural generation which is kind of a

shame because I’m not a fan of that kind

of game design but you never know now it

is possible that a bunch of the planets

will be meticulously designed while the

rest will be procedural and it’s also

totally possible that massive

entertainment comes up with a really

cool and a new way to do something like

this but I’m nervous about this game’s

size to say the least when talking about

a potential release date it should be

noted that we’re probably at least

another two to three years away from

seeing even a little bit of gameplay

given the fact that the game is

currently being worked on by Massive

entertainment we really shouldn’t be

expecting much in the near future due to

the fact that they’re currently working

on Avatar frontiers of Pandora which was

recently delayed not too long ago

originally Avatar frontiers of Pandora

was going to release alongside the new

movie but since that obviously didn’t

happen Ubisoft is now claiming that the

game will launch by the end of 2024 but

that doesn’t exactly give us too much to

go off of and not too long ago a cryptic

tweet from the creative director made it

clear that 2023 was going to be a big

year for the upcoming Star Wars game

which could potentially mean that

there’s some important news for the

upcoming Star Wars game but further

specular regulation led to many believe

that it’s just going to be something

like a title reveal or maybe a

development update rather than a full

Gameplay trailer or anything that you’d

expect from a game that’s coming up on

its release date granted Insider sources

have stated that Disney wants a new Star

Wars game every six months and they

already have a few lined up on the

schedule but obviously not all of these

are going to be AAA titles and Disney

isn’t likely going to sign off on

anything that will get them in hot water

like EA’s Battlefront games did Disney

clearly wants to revive Star Wars and

gaming but they don’t want to dig the

Star Wars hole any deeper than they

already have which means giving

developers more space to do their thing

but also widening and diversifying who

they give funding to which explains why

they got rid of exclusivity deal with EA

but as for what this means for the

release date I think it all depends on

when Avatar actually comes out it’s

clear the massive entertainment are

working on both Star Wars and Avatar at

the same time but Star Wars isn’t really

going to get the attention it truly

needs until after Avatar launches and

since that may not happen until late

2024 at this point I’m not expecting

Star Wars to launch until 2026. granted

something may change and Ubisoft may put

more hands on the project but ultimately

I’m expecting Star Wars to launch

roughly two years after Avatar Frontiers

in Pandora and since that’s not

happening for a while I wouldn’t expect

to see this new Ubisoft Star Wars game

for the foreseeable future now as I

briefly covered before Ubisoft is

currently in the same situation that EA

was in a while back and honestly that’s

kind of reassuring remember when EA was

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getting blasted every year by The Gamers

and being voted worst company in America

over and over again while EA may still

be a bad company at this time they’ve

actually started to improve taking a

step back to let their developers make

better products and also making some

really pro-consumer moves like EA play

and the business model of Apex Legends

sure there’s still some bad eggs like

Battlefield 2042 but then again there

are some genuinely amazing games like

Jedi Fallen order and the extremely hype

sequel Jedi Survivor EA’s controversies

over the last few years have helped kick

them back into shape and with Ubisoft

now on the edge I’m really hoping this

wakes them up Ubisoft has been rapidly

pushing Gamers away with overpriced

undercooked games full of

microtransactions so it really shouldn’t

be a surprise that they’re now in some

pretty serious financial trouble Ubisoft

isn’t going under but if they don’t

start listening to the consumers and

giving Gamers what they want they may

end up getting snatched by a larger

company like Microsoft or Sony but

that’s a video for another day overall

I’m really excited for the prospects of

a giant open World Star Wars game like

this and I certainly think Ubisoft has

the potential to make an amazing game

but with everything that the company has

been up to recently I’m being very

cautious with my hype Ubisoft are some

of the best open world developers in the

world when it comes to the attention to

detail and sheer size but the level

design and storytelling have suffered

due to the lack of quality Care from the

developers which can ultimately be

blamed on the higher ups not giving them

enough time with Ubisoft at a really

hard spot right now I think it would be

a perfect time for them to pull out a

comeback and give us something truly

amazing but they could also just easily

take the quick and easy path as Vader

did and give us another half-baked buggy

no man’s Sky wannabe I know Ubisoft has

the talent and resources for something

amazing but I’m honestly not sure

they’re gonna make use of them only time

will tell I suppose but from the looks

of it we’re not going to see any

gameplay for this game for at least

another two years so I guess we’ll have

to keep waiting keep hoping and cross

your fingers is that it’s something

worth it in the end but yeah guys that’s

gonna wrap it up with this video let me

know what your thoughts are on this

Ubisoft open World Star Wars game are

you excited do you think it’s gonna be

as good as what they’re saying it’s

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