New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Shows A Ton Of New Features

28.01.2023 0 By admin

I played two hours of Hogwarts Legacy

but it felt like I barely scratched the

surface of what the game has to offer

which is also confirmed by brand new

features that we now learned about

there’s an update on the game’s length

from the game director which is longer

than we first heard we know how many

side quests we can expect other secrets

we can find in Hogwarts and way way more

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there are over a hundred side quests in

Hogwarts Legacy and so far we’ve only

seen a few of them that you can find in

and around the castle by talking to

other students these quests are

indicated with a purple colored icon and

you will also see a variant of that icon

above an NPC’s head so then you know

that by speaking to them you will get a

side quest and these missions seem quite

varied that Summoners scored match

against the Leander Pruitt I showed you

before counts as a side quest as well

you have to beat him in order to

complete the mission and funny by the

way is that we saw another side quest in

the first gameplay showcase where it is

Gryffindor student was actually called

out everyone hates you

why because Hogwarts is full of bullies

and spoil Sports Leander Pruitt’s one of

the worst that no Talent Moon mind so

pretty cool how that is connected it

makes the school feel more alive and now

I’m extra sad by the way that I did not

beat him also because this first year

Ravenclaw student is kind of bragging

about the fact that he’s really bad at

playing gobstones if you’re not familiar

it is a marble game in The Wizarding

World Only The Loser will be sprayed

with a vowel smelling liquid we sadly

cannot play this in Hogwarts Legacy

that’s why I’m showing Order of the

Phoenix gameplay here from 2007 by the

way damn comparing these Graphics to

Hogwarts Legacy is wild so cenobia NOK

defeated Leander and friends they did

not like that so they stole her Gap

stones and hid them throughout the

school like the most common side quests

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are the ones where we have to help

students out like me getting the five

flying books for crestada Bloom as

discussed in my preview video I will

link to it by the way in the video

description for if you haven’t watched

it yet these missions are quite short

and seem to take place close to the

quest giver and by holding up on the

d-pad you can get extra information for

that current mission that is active and

if you have trouble finding location for

the quest they can use the Golden Trail

that will just easily lead you there and

this seems to be available for at least

every Quest we’ve seen so far like I

used it to get to the Dual Club this was

by the way also a side mission which

just kind of shows you how diverse they

can be and I also like the fact that

there are side quests that these secrets

inside Hogwarts like Nelly Here who

talks about special the daily and keys

that we should be able to use to open

special cabinet locks which might

contain a reward now I’m curious if we

can also find these keys without talking

to her it does seem that the five flying

books from cressada were only in the

library if you had the quest in your

mission lock and there was also a side

quest that teaches you about the

painting puzzles which there are more of

in Hogwarts even in the library close by

so it’s nice that other students in the

school push you to explore Hogwarts in

ways you maybe did not think of before

and according to developers the games

radar interacting with someone in a side

mission will impact how you interact

with them in the main storyline and vice

versa so being kind of a jerk to cenobia

during this Mission should have an

influence if we see her later on

although we of course have to wait and

see how big of an impact this will be

while we do know that our choices

regarding the unforgivable curses will

have huge consequences we cannot learn

these curses at school while that is of

course the case for most of our other

spells and learning these probably has

discussed them on someone first like we

saw with crucio in the Sebastian Mission

from Gamescom what we now learned thanks

to the narrative director is that

characters will react visually and

audibly to seeing the player cast an

unforgivable but we don’t have a

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morality system that punishes them for

doing so as you maybe saw in the recent

gameplay you can at any point Cause a

spell mostly it is just random and kind

of out of place but it also makes sense

because it’s needed to interact with

some objects in the environment now I

would imagine that if you cast an

unforgivable curse like this so while

being surrounded by students that they

will have some sort of reaction should

the player continue these actions so

cause the unforgivable curses the world

will reflect back knowledge of them what

I noticed is that a lot of students in

Hogwarts were referring to a troll I

took out at Hawks meet which we saw

footage of in the first state of play

watch out it’s the troll Slayer of

hawksmeade so I would imagine that they

will talk about us using unforgivable

curses in a similar way so that after

using them to complete a main mission or

something we will explore the halls and

hear people gossip about what we just

did it at least seems that even if you

use crucial to torture people in combat

or if you just cast it in in school that

you will not be locked out of any

classes or other content winner also

learns that even if the player learns

these unforgivable curses that they

don’t have to use them as just like the

other active spells they’re just like a

slottable thing that you have to put in

your spell wheel so you can’t just learn

them to get 100 completion but if you

don’t want like people gossiping about

you then you don’t use them now I do

still think that of course unlocking

these spells will come at a cost as it

seems that we have to torture our

dueling mates and companion Sebastian to

learn crucio and I also think that we

will have to pay a pretty big prize to

learn afara kadafra also curious if

there will be some sort of special

interaction if you use the unforgivable

curses in the dueling Club could be

interesting now speaking of 100

completion it took the game director on

his first playthrough over 80 hours and

he of course knows the game by heart so

I personally think we’re looking at 100

hours to see and do everything which

makes sense looking at the amount of

small puzzles and hidden secrets that we

already found in Hogwarts and by the way

have a video about that coming up

talking about all the hidden secrets we

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found so far so subscribe to not miss it

and if it’s already up you find a link

to it in the video description there

were also already disillusionment just

spotted in Hogwarts one very sneaky

behind a tree in a big greenhouse and X

gaming also found one outside the castle

now as you maybe expect you cannot open

these chests by simply casting a spell

on it they have an eye and the moment

they spot you they will do an animation

and then cannot be opened so while not

100 confirmed it seems obvious that we

have to use the disillusionment charm to

cloak ourselves and then get close to

the chest without them seeing us in

order to open it at this point in the

demo I don’t think that spell was

available yet or we were not able to do

it so yeah we have to wait and see what

the reward will be I’m really curious

and there are also probably resources or

Collectibles hidden in the water as we

already noticed on the mini map in a

previous gameplay showcase well we now

learned that you can indeed swim to get

to these points during the linear main

mission with poppy we also saw a dog

book come out of the water to take out a

deer seems like we can fight these

creatures at one point as well because

they somehow turned more aggressive Jack

Frags though went into the water after

encountering this creature during this

Mission but it did not attack so this

was probably just a scripted event like

I also don’t think that there will be

combat while we’re swimming diving is

also not possible still any reloads was

able to confirm that you can jump in the

water with a pretty cool animation you

can also get in the water from your

broom and summon your broom at any point

while swimming to quickly get out which

is pretty nice now subscribe for way

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things I did not like and really liked

from my play session you can watch it by

clicking on the screen I will speak to

you soon goodbye