Top 15 NEW FPS Games of 2023

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2023 is bringing us tons of new

first-person shooter games for all the

major gaming platforms now we’ve got 15

here today that we’re really looking

forward to so let’s talk about them

starting off with number 15 of course

it’s redfall this is arcane’s newest

game these are the people behind

Dishonored prey uh more recently death

Loop and with redfall they’re going in a

bit of a different direction you’re in a

small New England Town hunting vampires

and monsters in some fun four-player

Cooperative action all the characters

have different traits and skills and

abilities and to be honest we’re really

just looking forward to it because of

the developers involved Arcane we’re

still curious to see how exactly they’re

going to provide their specific spin on

this they’re very creative with the

games they make where a four player

co-op Monster Shooter sounds pretty

typical stuff I’m expecting it to feel

different because it’s Arcane also it’s

cool that there’s vampires involved as

you guys know I always talk about how

there should be more vampires in games

and I am Pro vampires in this so we’re

looking forward to seeing what they got

with it

now next over at number 14 IGI Origins

this is actually a prequel to 2000’s

project IGI and it’s this tactical first

person shooter yeah I mean we’re big

fans of stealth games and we’re always

excited to see more like this especially

like a tactical military one can’t help

but get Splinter Cell vibes from this I

mean it’s being developed by anti-matter

games who brought us Rising Storm 2

Vietnam and have contributed to the

Killing Floor series that checks out to

me sounds enough like they know what

they’re doing uh with this like many

other military stealth games you can

take and should take the stealthy

approach or you can go on guns blazing

you know you probably know the drill

with games like this by now but honestly

there doesn’t seem to be much that

anti-matter is doing different here to

push the genre forward but if it ain’t

broke I guess don’t fix it because I

mean either way it’s like a new stealth

tactical military shooter and we’re

about it because you don’t see a ton of

these every day now

next over at number 13 we have rip out

this is a co-op horror shooter where

you’ll be fighting your way through a

procedurally generated ship that’s

infested with these gross looking

mutants now the enemies are actually

reconfigurable so bigger mutants will

attach smaller mutants to their body to

make themselves more powerful which

could be a fun way to really change it

up a bit more intelligent enemy

encounters and especially in such

creative sci-fi ways like this we’re

just about and while you’re exploring

these ships and mowing down mutants

you’ll be collecting loot that you’ll

use to customize your character and your

weapons and well toying around with

different character classes to seemingly

find a really good mix for your own play

style there’s a lot of stuff here that

is checking boxes but they’re spin on it

seems like it might be cool this is

actually being published by 3D Realms

who have been around uh forever so it’s

always nice to see them pop up from time

to time and especially with a creative

looking one like this we hope it’s good

next over at number 12 we have a game

called Luna Abyss now this one may have

not been on your radar but you’ll

probably be glad now that it is because

I mean look at it this thing is

absolutely wild looking from the

graphics to the environment and enemy

design there’s just some really

unsettling sci-fi horror going on here

and that’s exactly what this game is

it’s a narrative driven first person

action-adventure game and it’s all about

trippy Cosmic horror but they’re

building it as like a fast-paced bullet

hell Style game so expect it to be

pretty intense and challenging and not

just this gorgeous thing it seems like

it might have the gameplay chops to back

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it up with a bunch of cool guns and

abilities and enemies that hurl all

kinds of glowing orbs at you kind of

looks like fraternal but in first person

and I think that’s a good thing this one

doesn’t have a release date yet it’s

just billed as coming soon we’re really

hoping we get to see this one in 2023

next over at number 11 we have amnesia

the bunker this looks like a big change

up for the series I mean we’ve had some

sequels to Amnesia but nothing really

topped the absolute Smash Hit surprise

that was the original that kind of

ignited an indie horror craze for a lot

of people now the landscape has changed

things are very different uh and with

amnesia the bunker we don’t know too

much about it yet other than the fact

that we’re including it on this list

because there is a gun yes gun confirmed

you can have a gun and probably shoot

some creepy ghouls but this is all

speculation the trailer was short they

showed the character use a gun so it

counts as a first person shooter alright

we’re cheating a little bit but there

you go

next over at number 10 we have Destiny 2

lightfall this is Destiny 2’s next big

expansion and this one seems like a big

deal and a pretty big change up

especially visually now you might be

watching and you don’t play Destiny and

you might even go and comment and say

that it’s a dead game I’m not really a

big Destiny fan either but there are

tons of people that still absolutely

love the hell out of this game and it

seems like they’re gearing up to be

pretty excited for lightfall it’s gonna

come with a new location a new subclass

a bunch of stuff to do and a bunch of

Loot and stuff and terms I don’t

understand as a non-destiny player

complicated stuff but it seems like

people are going to be getting what they

want with this one they won’t have to

wait too much longer because it’s

dropping February 28 2023.

next over at number nine we have atomic

heart now we’ve mentioned this one in a

lot of lists this is essentially a kind

of open environment a first person

shooter Adventure heavily inspired by

Bioshock but like with an alternate

sci-fi Soviet twist you’re fighting off

against all sorts of weird mechanical

creatures with cool guns and strange

other worldly abilities and a heavy dose

of melee weapons too uh the visual style

for this thing is incredibly unique

that’s what initially caught our eye and

we’re hoping that the gameplay traps

really back it up still it just seems

incredibly unique they’ve been crafting

this thing for a long time and it’s

dropping soon and we’re excited to see

what comes of it

next over at number eight we have

Warhammer 40K bolt gun which to me looks

like it’s just straight up bringing back

the fun to first person shooting this is

just over the top arcade style shooter

with cool graphics lots of Gore and just

some old school sensibilities set in of

course the Warhammer Universe with their

weapons their enemies and stuff like

that I mean we just love the whole craze

of things inspired by 90s Shooters I

think dusk really kicked that off the

Gunplay just looks really intense and

satisfying here especially if you’re an

old school fan I actually did not know

about this one until we started doing

research for this list and I’m glad I

did I wish listed it immediately

next over at number seven we have payday

three yes which believe it or not it was

announced and it’s slated technically

for 2023. unfortunately we don’t really

know too much about it other than that

star Breeze is once again developing it

it’s being published by Prime matter and

it seems like it’s going to be a New

York setting which is very cool these

games tend to live on for a while so

we’re hoping that developers really take

their time and make this one Rock Solid

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because people keep coming back to

Payday for a reason robbing banks and

doing Heist is just a ton of fun in

video games I legally have to say that I

I mean specifically in video games

next over at number six we have Dead

Island 2 which is a game that is finally

releasing it was announced in 2014. it

jumped developers it went dark for a

while and now it’s back in full Glory

with a cool sense of style and lots of

creative zombie murdering all in first

person hopefully this can do enough to

stand out from the horde of other zombie

games that have really kicked off since

the original Dead Island this one takes

place in California so you’re murdering

zombies amongst beautiful palm trees and

sunset beaches and from what we’ve seen

the little Gameplay trailer and stuff it

does seem like it’s a lot of fun is it

worth waiting like almost 10 years for I

don’t know but hey if it’s fun that’s

all that matters as of right now it’s

dropping in April

next over at number five we have RoboCop

Rogue City now this is from the people

behind the more recent Terminator

resistance which wasn’t a perfect game

but it did a good job using the license

you know the source material of

Terminator and we’re hoping that they do

that again with RoboCop here we know

it’s going to be in first person it’s

going to be about you upholding your

Prime directives as Alex Murphy and uh

as a die-hard Robocop fan I’m really

excited about this one but also really

nervous because there’s like a little

bit of weirdness to Robocop and some

cool satire that sometimes goes over

people’s heads and I would really like

to see them integrate that into this

game but on the other side RoboCop fish

is a cool robot that shoots bad guys and

that’s fun too so honestly it’s a

win-win as long as the shooting

mechanics are fun and if it feels

faithful to the world of Robocop which

is a pretty incredible and unique one

RoboCop used to have a bunch of video

games so you know what it’s about time

he makes a comeback

next over at number four we have Crime

Boss Rocket City this is a first person

shooter kind of like action movie Style

game focused around turf wars and co-op

gameplay you’re going to be able to play

it solo but it seems like the emphasis

is on just like crazy blasting Mayhem in

the city doing Heist and seemingly just

some real Grand Theft Auto style stuff

but you’re playing as a guy trying to

become the Crime Boss of this city but

you’re gonna be dealing with a colorful

cast of characters featuring Michael

Madsen Chuck Norris and a bunch of

others it’s really cool to see them go

for the whole 90s thing the game is set

in the 90s it’s supposed to go for 90s

Nostalgia and it’s featuring so many

famous people from the 90s that they’re

kind of bringing back which is cool we

need to see more of this game to be

honest it could just be kind of like a

generic crime first person shooter but

it’s got a little bit of a flare to it

that we’re keeping our eye on it this

one as of right now is going to be

dropping in March now down to number

three we have witchfire this is a dark

fantasy first person shooter where

you’re gonna be using guns and spells to

hunt down This Witch of the Black Sea

the story setup is actually pretty cool

it’s this war against witches where the

Vatican decides to resort to forbidden

Pagan magic to create Immortal witch

Hunters to hopefully help with this

battle the Gunplay I mean if you see it

here it seems tight and spells seem

powerful and fun to cast with all the

shooting and it’s all happening in what

seems to be like this kind of Medieval

World which looks very cool guns and

knights and witches yeah I’d say sign us

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up this is the next game from the

development Studio the astronauts uh

whose last game was the vanishing of

Ethan Carter believe it or not you know

it’s a very different game if you’ve

played that but with creative leads from

painkiller and Bullet Storm working on

this we can at least guess that it’ll be

fun to shoot fun to play at least so

we’ve been keeping our eye on this one

since it was initially revealed

now down to number two of course we have

Starfield what more can we say about

Starfield at this point you either are

really excited for it or extremely

skeptical this is bethesda’s next big

first person RPG set in space where

you’re going to be able to create your

own ship land on randomly generated

planets build your own base mind your

own resources go to planets with big

cities do quests join factions do

Bethesda RPG stuff the jury’s still out

in terms of like we’d still like to see

a little bit more gameplay we’ve only

seen little bits here and there but if

they pull it off it could be really

really exciting the potential is wild

for me the thing I’m looking forward to

is just seeing Bethesda do something

different they’ve been on this on and

off Elder Scrolls Fallout thing for a

while and they’ve decided to make

something completely different totally

new IP with its own lore its own story

so I want to see what that’s about

Starfield has been delayed many many

times but as of right now we know we’re

finally getting it in the first half of


now down to number one we have stalker 2

heart of Chernobyl now we’re really

looking forward to this one just because

we’re a big fan of the classic games uh

they were really good like double A

Style game that were just really unique

PC first person games there was nothing

really like them and with stalker too

from what we’ve seen it just seems like

a graphically incredible high tension

first person shooter with mystery

science and brutality it’s another

post-apocalyptic story but it’s going to

be non-linear with complete immersive

Sim gameplay that looks to probably be

pretty challenging but also pretty

spooky the gameplay videos we’ve seen

here so far are awesome and really uh we

don’t know too much more what to say we

still would want to see more gameplay

videos but this game looks pretty sick

and we’re looking forward to finally

checking it out sometime in 2023. we’ve

also got some bonus games worth

mentioning for you the first Starship

Troopers extermination hopefully this

one can really live up to the

awesomeness that was the original

Starship Troopers movie and everything

it was based upon also the System Shock

remake we’re hoping we see see it this

year because a remake of a legendary

first person shooter sci-fi Sim hybrid

could be really really exciting and also

Outpost Infinity Siege this looks like a

really ambitious hybrid between first

person shooter and RTS that goes full

sci-fi and all-out warfare we hope this

one’s good

but there you have it those are 15 new

first person shooter games for 2023 that

we’re really looking forward to of

course things get delayed so be sure to

double check on release dates but it

seems like it’s going to be a good year

so if you learned about a game or two

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