That classic BGS single player game there’s over 200

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awesome its concept is.

Bethesda could completely turned on and if we get a showcase or we get a trailer first half of this year whether it’s the release date in the showcase or in a fish delay we will hear about Starfield very launch then I’m going to be perfectly fine especially if we guys that’s going to wrap it up with this video let me know game is right.

So, hopefully the final lap of development shooting.

This game is going to have a lot of shooting but from and expectations for Starfield seem to be pretty mixed.

There actually gets out the door but keep your eyes peeled for a was pretty promising but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing get that classic BGS single player game there’s over 200, setting rather than the actual moments and moment actions of experience if it’s not adjusted.

I don’t think it’s and it’s starting to seem like the game play is going to play but now Starfield is bringing back the RPG elements which would be a great thing to see happen but until we get all for me but like I said before I am the outlier here completely destroy themselves if they don’t make sure this shooting and combat from Fallout four has been addressed soon I’ll go over everything in that trailer so definitely game again.

Like I said, Bethesda really has one shot to looked pretty solid and if that’s the game that we get at developers of Doom and Doom Eternal have been helping out Bethesda describes Starfield as Skyrim and Space and I guess but in terms of the gun play, it kind of has me a bit a better idea on when they plan on doing a big showcase for surprised since we’ve been told that its software, the up, the weapons get better and we have more abilities unlocked Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios enough time to really got the last batch of game play and the last thing that we saw abilities and weapons so the setting enough to keep you that could be done to make it even better.

Personally, the be the month that we get the big showcase for Starfield if Bethesda’s RPG routes but it doesn’t seem like the simple soon and I really hope this game is amazing and blows away subscribe to stay updated and until next time this has been redeem themselves with this game but they could also obviously soon is the most vague statement ever but impossible to have an engaging in deep RPG with awesome combat goes well in this game manages to blow us all away whenever it shoot with light RPG elements instead of being a true RPG and that will likely do some major damage to the overall time of this video’s recording and when you’re watching it we Skyram’s combat was pretty reliant on the immersion and biggest issue I saw with the game as of right now is the Bethesda that this game was absolutely worth the wait from the fact that the game is still coming out this year.

I sometime in the second half likely in the fall or winter poorly optimized product.

We saw what happened with Fallout story the last major Bethesda RPG was fallout four and that Showcase.

In my opinion, I think the best time to do it is plenty of delays that have pushed this game back time and don’t think that’s the case I think in the next couple of the release day for Starfield in March for a June release and works now things could have obviously change they might really hope that there’s a lot of variety in the enemies as that’s kind of still up for debate now that we’re criticize fallout four for basically being a first person struggled with that balance ever since Skyram and again, suffer but why can’t we have both? I don’t mean to harp on experience.

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Starfield seems to be trying to get back to play to kind of warrant them going through the rest of the that will just make the game play look a lot more fun.

I work that could still be done on this game when you look at improved from the last game play showcase, I don’t think official word from either Todd Howard or Phil Spencer the video subscribe to the channel with your notifications 000 lines of dialogue so that right there is not a concern at for hundreds of hours and if the combatant gameplay isn’t month we really don’t know but the fact that we have multiple least, we’re going to get some kind of announcement in the I’m a massive fan of Bethesda Game Studios.

So regardless of what your thoughts are in the comment section below guys like about what the horizon is looking like for future games it as long as Bethesda would like them to.

Overall opinions everything we’ve seen so far, it looks very basic and kind of to be revealed, Phil Spencer said and I quote, right now Starfield showcase in the near future because at the very was from earlier in the game and as the game actually scales this but Starfield is a game that is supposed to be played boring.

It doesn’t look bad per se but it certainly doesn’t skeptical about the game’s quality regardless of how we got some news regarding Andy Robinson from VGC who stated on engaging than it was since the last game play demonstration.

game had a ton of issues in its combat as well many people themselves or the official Bethesda account everything the Follow four sacrifice RPG elements for the sake of game all expectations but really only time will tell but yeah focused on June.

He then went on to say that there’s some to say, they’re long overdue for something really awesome engaged for dozens of hours.

I’m obviously the outlier here.

and game play but as a developer, Bethesda’s kind of on the other hand, there’s tons of people that are currently are tons of people who are 100% stoked for it like myself but casual players are going to have the patience to stick with Starfield is going to have a heavy emphasis on shooting imminent we just don’t exactly know when that could be by the because of how much hot water that they’ve gotten themselves but the casual player has to be interested enough with the game what we’ve seen so far.

It’s been quite some time since we going on its own regardless of the depth.

Put simply, if else is just speculation there is a reason that Starfield has console.

There’s really not been anything big but we just the state of the game play, I’m going to sync a ton of hours in either but it was also a fantasy game with tons of cool might have already gotten a Starfield showcase announced look like the kind of thing that will key a lot of people whenever there’s some smoke there’s a little bit of fire which I think is just a win for all of us now late last month 76 and I’m sure Xbox’s Phil Spencer as well as Todd Howard Greenberg still stays true then a Starfield showcase is but right now, we have nothing.

It’s been radio silence.

Apart officially in March I’ve got a feeling that this is going to that release date is still going to be in the first half into the last decade.

They really need a massive win to dive that officially announces the release date whether or not going to take up extra time during the Xbox Game Showcase big Starfield showcase would be a great time and if we’re lucky state of play that happened last week, Xbox announcing a maybe that’s not the case here but if the statement from Aaron quite a few things right now however all he said was soon now whether or not soon is this week next week or sometime next usually whenever Andy Robinson says something he tends to get imminent he then further clarified as in soon now industry insiders talking about a Starfield Showcase usually Twitter I hear the announcement for Starfield Showcase is has not been the best Like I said before, there’s been now there’s also the reality that Starfield’s development There’s also the fact that the game play that we likely saw this game than release a bad and let’s just be honest, two’s Lightfall already released and the PlayStation the year 2023 and the things that make the most sense then June showcase will be fully focused on new games things, the shooting needs to be way more interesting and get things right and I know for a fact that they’d rather delay you could argue that Skyrim was never super deep or varied are going to ensure that that doesn’t happen again but it is and I mean, we gotta be really lucky for this, they announced well as some more movement abilities to allow us options with Starfield’s combat system.

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Now, there’s also the fact that gets released in the first half of this year and rather release during combat encounters but overall the game play we got time again and it is still possible that they delay this game actually is and I’m sure that there’s still a lot of months we’re going to see a big Starfield showcase as a deep been delayed many times and that is because of how big this we don’t get it this month then I just don’t see how Starfield mostly there’s some things that will come up but we’re mostly stated on Twitter it’s going to be a big year for us it starts the same that other publishers and the big three do their usually don’t happen.

Now, when could we get this Starfield focus on June for their big showcase with Star Fi but I personally have my doubts on whether or not the game is of the games that are coming to Xbox PC and Game Pass over the next few months and also to dedicate proper amount of time their normal Xbox game showcase in June to kind of line up with there will be a big Starfield showcase sometime very soon showcases now this statement doesn’t really contradict what twenty three so there really is only a few more months on the of anything about their plans for the rest of the year and prove to the world that they’ve still got it.

The last likely sometime this month or rather March.

With Destiny coming to Xbox Series X and it means that Starfield is not we’re not going to have Xbox at E three likely.

They’ll have that the game is set to still come out in the first half of happens around June to kind of line up with Ethree.

Obviously, they previously said which was from Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg who on January 25th as we take you inside our studios to see some Studios now from what we know so far according to Microsoft we do know that Xbox always does their big showcase that for a deep dive into Starfield a stand alone show is in the bit.

I’d like to talk about a recent interview with Xbox’s news that’s coming out which he kind of left it out that.

Now, and I truly think that this game will deliver.

However, I Phil Spencer on the YouTube channel Xbox on.

When asked especially because how much Xbox really needs win.

I don’t do have some reservations but I’ll talk about that in just a that launched all the way back in twenty eleven.

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So, needless think it could be understated just how important it is for critically acclaimed Bethesda developed game was Skyrim and has been delayed tons of times.

That said, I completely major player in the gaming industry about what they’re month of 2023 and so far we’ve heard something from every planning to do throughout the year Microsoft Sony and plans Bethesda is one of the biggest publishers in the world probably the main reason why it’s been delayed so many get things right.

The reality is right in front of us.

We understand why Bethesda is taking their sweet time with it times.

Remember, this game was first teased back in 2018 and recently got some comments from Phil Spencer that could give us Starfield but more on that in just a bit.

There’s a lot on have not gotten a major Xbox exclusive on the series X again maybe to late fall or early winter.

So, it gives going to launch by the end of June because I think we would the line for Bethesda Game Studios with this game which is have had a showcase at this point as well as a release date personally think the game is likely going to get pushed back make no mistake Bethesda is a huge publisher under Xbox Game starting to suggest that there’s going to be some big news dropping in the near future including new gameplay clock if that is their actual plan.

That being said, I upcoming Elder Scrolls online expansion we haven’t heard much when that is is something that we don’t know although we know and while we’ve heard quite a bit about their upcoming arcane studio shooter Red Fall and we got a solid look at the now everyone has elite said something about their 2023 reportedly planning some bigger showcase for a few months from Nintendo have had some kind of showcase regarding their upcoming releases and while both Microsoft and Sonia video you’re watching on the game, I’m going to go over that’s just tied in with the Xbox Showcase? Whether you’ve showcase we were promised we’re now officially into the third and official release date and so much more but where is the 1, 000 planets and thankfully rumors and insider reports are hyping things up.

Long time fans of Bethesda are eager to decades and Bethesda boss Todd Howard has been seriously see more of this ambitious Galaxy size project filled with list of disappointing releases.

It’s their first new IP in about to ramp up like crazy and today, we’re going to talk currently being built as their big comeback game following a upcoming sci-fi RPG from Bethesda Game Studios that’s will get revealed and whether or not they’re still planning an official Starfield showcase or is it going to be something won’t lie has me a bit concerned about when Starfield been following Starfield for a long time or this is your first on doing it before their big showcase in June.

Will we get everything new that you guys need to know.

Starfield is the some recent comments from Phil Spencer in an interview that I news regarding an upcoming showcase that you guys do not about when the next showcase is going to be.

We also just got want to miss out on.

The marketing for Starfield is today, we’re going to talk about Starfield as we have some Alright, guys.

Wes here.

Welcome back to the channel and Wes and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video