These 5 New Pokemon are FAKE!

20.01.2023 0 By admin

The Paradox Pokemon from Pokemon Violet

aren’t actually Pokemon these futuristic

machine looking Pokemon are actually

exactly that machines the enigmas of

paldea entry for iron hands suggests

that it was turned into a cyborg to save

its light iron jugulus is described as a

machine mixed with high dragon and when

you get to iron Valley they just drop

the Hybrid part entirely quote it is in

fact a robot these Pokemon didn’t adapt

to survive they were built straight up

from scratches and machine parts why

well the Pokemon franchise is no

stranger to stories about wiping out

species through war or over harvesting

of resources so the idea that all

Pokemon were wiped out by humans and

then recreated in machine form isn’t

surprising what is surprising is who

exactly built these guys iron Treads

uses technology that is quote not of

this world and iron moth is quote in

fact a UFO being controlled by alien

life that’s right aliens are confirmed

to be a part of Pokemon they built

machines to look like the Pokemon

probably to rebuild the world that

humans inevitably destroyed aren’t

humans the worst that right there is

speculation but you know it isn’t the

fact that


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