The most interesting PS4 and PS5 games recommended

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– [Falcon] There were a ton
of PlayStation games this year

and some of ’em were more
worth your time than others.

That’s why Gameranx went ahead
and put together this list

of the stuff that’s probably
most worth your time.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon
and today on Gameranx,

the 25 Best PS4 and PS5 games of 2022.

Starting off with number
25, it’s Steelrising,

a very unique Souls-like

with a look that you’re not
gonna forget anytime soon.

Now not only is this game really fun,

but it’s also probably the Souls-like

with the most comprehensible
story out there,

like you can tell what’s going on,

they tell it in a very straightforward way

and sometimes smaller aspects of the game

visually aren’t completely up to par.

And also in terms of
the French Revolution,

it probably would’ve
been a lot of fun to see

it advance a little bit further,

like it takes place closer
to the beginning of it,

but all in all those
gripes are kind of small.

Steel rising, fantastic.

It’s exclusive to the PS5 and
definitely worth the play.

At number 24 is Cult of the Lamb,

a Rogue-like in which you are a lamb

and you are starting a cult.

It’s Rogue-like, it’s got
this sort of cutesy aesthetic

despite being actually fairly dark.

This is a really interesting game

that somehow manages to combine elements

of Animal Crossing into a rogue-like

where you go dungeon crawling
to find new cult members,

bring them back, indoctrinate
them, and so on and so forth.

It’s one of those really replayable games

that really manages to hit

a totally unique stride very quickly.

Cult of the Lamb is available
on both PS5 and PS4.

At number 23 is Mount
& Blade II: Bannerlord.

Takes place 210 years before Warband,

which is itself an expansion

to the original Mount & Blade.

We’ve talked a lot about this game

’cause it was actually
in Steam early access

for quite a while.

In a lot of ways it retained
all of the best elements

of Mount & Blade and Warband,

but updated the graphics a lot

because frankly, those older
games really show their age.

That’s not to say this is the
best looking game of all time,

it just looks a lot better
and it’s incredibly fun.

I don’t know if you’ve
ever played Mount & Blade,

it’s kind of a hybrid of an
action RPG and a strategy game,

has some sandbox elements and
really, really fun combat.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
can be found on both PS4 and 5.

At number 22 is LEGO Star
Wars: The Skywalker Saga,

which is a sort of new take
on the LEGO Star Wars formula,

I say sort of new ’cause
it’s not a total revamp

like you’re gonna be at home

if you’ve played a LEGO
Star Wars and enjoy it,

but it takes every one of
the nine mainline movies

and LEGO-ifies it, gives it a lot of humor

and I always rivet
because it had to include

The Rise of Skywalker, which
is The Rise of Skywalker.

But again, it’s a worthwhile experience

’cause it makes it all
fun and funny in a way

that the LEGO Star Wars games always have.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s

on both PlayStation 4 and 5.

And number 21 is Stray,

a third-person adventure
game where you play as a cat,

that’s enough to get a
lot of people in the door.

But the world of Stray is
incredible, detailed, beautiful,

strange, melancholy and
you get to go around

and knock stuff over like a cat in it.

Honestly, it sounds like a simulation game

but it’s actually more of a narrative.

If you’ve never played it,

it’s one of those games that really shines

at its smallest moments, weirdly enough.

But the big stuff is also
really satisfying as well.

Stray’s really a fantastic
game to be completely clear.

You can find it on both
PlayStation 4 and 5,

and if you can, I would play it.

At number 20 is Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite, obviously, widely regarded

as pretty much the best sniping series.

It’s probably the longest running one

and you know, it has good reason for that.

It’s mechanics are fantastic,

the slow motion deaths in
it are really satisfying

and also kind of Mortal Combat like.

And Sniper Elite 5 really just sort of

makes everything better,

like there’s nothing
completely new in the game,

but it’s got the same really
detailed level design,

weapon customization

and just really enjoyable game play loop.

Like seriously, if you’re
seeing this footage,

Sniper Elite 5 is a game
that a certain type of person

is absolutely gonna love the hell out of

and that type of person is not

going to be disappointed by
it, it’s really a good game.

Sniper Elite 5 is available on PS4 and 5,

check it out if you have not.

At number 19 is Thymesia,

which was kind of a game that maybe got

a little bit harsher
criticism than it deserved.

I’m not gonna say that
this is a perfect game,

but it really is a compelling
take on the Souls-like formula

with a spin on the combat
that really introduces

something enjoyable and new,

which is that there’s a
health bar and a wounds bar

and you have to alternate
between types of attack

in order to actually kill an enemy

otherwise they will eventually just heal.

That white bar will come right back

because you didn’t take
the green bar down.

And it forces you to vary
your attacks in a certain way

that you had to strategize

and it makes the combat
experience more satisfying.

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This is the easy highlight of the game

and is pretty much the selling point.

If that sounds like a
good spin on Souls-likes,

Thymesia is for you.

Again, there’s a couple
of points in it there

that are a little weak,

some of the visuals are samey,

the story we’ve heard a
million times at this point,

but it doesn’t matter, it’s
a hell of a lot of fun.

And in terms of the PlayStations,

it’s exclusively on the 5.

At number 18 is MultiVersus,

which is a crossover brawler

along the lines of a Super Smash Bros.

with a very large number
of different types

of franchises involved.

Like there’s Batman, there’s Scooby-Doo,

there’s Tom and Jerry, Steven
Universe, it’s pretty wild.

And in truth it’s a really
fun game on its own,

but the fact that it’s also a free-to-play

and manages to actually be enjoyable

and not a lot to complain about.

I mean there is the
free-to-play monetization crap,

but who cares?

I don’t pay a lot of attention to it

if I’m completely honest.

MultiVersus is out on both PS4 and 5,

it is definitely something
for you to try out

if you like a good smash session.

At number 17 is The Quarry,

which comes to us by way
of Supermassive Games,

the creators of not only, Until Dawn

but the Dark Pictures Anthology.

This is a game that does
follow along the lines

of Until Dawn a little bit more

than the Dark Pictures Anthology.

It has that kind of game play

but also trends closer to
sort of Friday the 13th

and The Thing rather than
some form of zombie story

and it does it really well.

If you enjoy Until Dawn
and the narrative style

of Supermassive Games,

this is definitely a
great and treat to that

because it’s a little different, you know?

I do love Dark Pictures Anthology,

but after a while a lot of
’em start looking similar

and this one’s got a very different look

and a different story,

and it’s always good to change
things up from time-to-time.

It’s also available on PS4 and 5.

And number 16 is JoJo’s Bizarre
Adventure All-Star Battle R.

Was actually a game that
came out a long time ago

on the PlayStation 3.

It’s a game that actually
holds up pretty well

if you look at footage
of the original game

in terms of a PS3 game
that we might see now

but it definitely benefits
from some visual upgrades.

Now this is a game that can
cause some divisive opinions.

It’s definitely got a unique pace to it

and some of the modes
that were maybe a little

more innovative back in 2013
are a little bit less so now.

That being said, it’s more
than a solid fighting game

and a very good celebration

of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime,

it’s available on PlayStation 4 and 5.

And number 15 is Marvel’s Midnight Suns,

which, wow, was a lot different

than we thought it was gonna be.

I was looking at this game and
the developer and the genre

and thinking, wow, so this
is gonna be X-Men XCOM,

it is not that, it’s not super
far of a departure from that,

but there is so much more going on here

and the combat is definitely
not the same thing as XCOM.

The story mode actually has some

Persona-type influence on
it, which is really bizarre,

but it all comes together pretty well

between the card-based combat system

and the pretty extensive
ability to role play

in your day-to-day.

It’s a different one and it’s refreshing

on top of just a good
way to pass some time.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It’s out on both PS4 and PS5.

And number 14 is Crisis Core:
Final Fantasy VI Reunion,

a game that I think some
people might be expecting

to be more elaborate than it is.

It is in terms of gameplay,
very, very similar

to the original PSP game,

but has some refinements that make it

a lot more enjoyable to play.

And I’m not talking about the graphics,

which are significantly
better than they were on,

you know, a 15 year old portable game.

It is not mind blowing
in terms of graphics.

It doesn’t quite compare to
the Final Fantasy VII remake.

It clearly takes the same approach

but understands that it is
ultimately a handheld game

with a new coat of paint

and because it embraces
that, in my opinion,

it works very well.

Also, despite having a pretty
large amount of content,

it’s not a full pricer, it’s
49.99 price point for this one

and I think that that’s more than fair.

You can get that for both PS4 and PS5

and I would recommend it

if you’re a Final Fantasy VII fan.

At number 13 is Ghostwire:
Tokyo, a different gam.

It was one that had kind of
a weird development cycle

where we weren’t completely sure

what was going on all the time

and it came out and it’s
basically a detective story

with some good action stuff.

This is a game where you’re
just trying to figure out

what the hell’s going on, more or less.

Everybody’s pretty much ghost-snapped,

for lack of a better word,

and you’re dealing with this really weird,

empty Tokyo that’s occupied
by spirits you gotta fight.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit,

although if I have a criticism,

it’s that the gameplay loop
can get a little repetitive.

That being said, it is a
very unique looking game

with a different story

and feels like a different experience.

It’s also only for PS5
and is a very pretty game.

And number 12 is Evil West, a gamers game.

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All of us who used to play
really video game ass video games

back on the, like the PS3, Xbox 360 era,

feel completely at home in Evil West.

This is one of those games

where I just immediately felt at home,

I enjoyed the hell out of this.

It is weird but familiar, it looks great,

certainly better than most of the games

that inspired it from back in the day

and just a hell of a lot of fun.

Flying Wild Hog, the
developers of Shadow Warrior

really just hit a great balance

of kind of Devil May Cry

with the new form of God of War.

It’s somewhere between those games

and it just works so good, in my opinion.

You could play Evil West on PS4 and 5.

And number 11 is Sonic Frontiers.

You’ll recall the before you buy,

we were a little critical,
but it was out of love.

This is one of those games where

it had a lot riding on it

and could have been a huge disaster,

but in fact it’s probably the
best 3D Sonic game, period.

They really nailed a good
gameplay loop for a 3D Sonic.

They give you a very different story

that’s sort of subdued and interesting

and even if a little predictable

feels like it’s got some weight to it,

and the characterization of
everybody is actually good.

Like, you feel like you get to
know all of these characters

a lot more over the course of this game.

And really you spend most of
your time with Sonic and alone,

which is counterintuitive,

but really, if you think
that Sonic is worth playing

and that may take a very
specific kind of person.

Sonic Frontier is the new
Sonic game, it’s where it’s at,

it’s really, really good.

You can find Sonic Frontiers
on both PlayStation 4 and 5.

At number 10 is A Plague Tale Requiem,

a very worthy sequel
that takes the concepts

of the first game, A
Plague Tale: Innocence,

and makes them a lot bigger.

The storytelling is better,

the characterization is better

and wow, are there more rats.

This game takes place six
months after the first game

and is really just a sort of

straightforward continuation of the story,

Beatrice and Lucas are
heading to Providence.

Now, this is one of those games

that is gonna go ahead and
beat you in the gut repeatedly,

I will give you a warning,

but it is also beautiful
on the PlayStation 5.

You should definitely
play it if you haven’t

and like narrative games.

And number nine is Rollerdrome

and this is a game that I have wasted

a stupid amount of time on.

It’s basically, I’ve seen so
many people describe it as

Tony Hawk with guns

and that’s exactly what it
is, and it works so well.

It’s a single player game,
it’s not multiplayer,

which you might expect
it would be, but no,

and I think that it benefits

from being kind of the same
kind of experience as OlliOlli,

the other game that Roll7
is known very well for.

Just between the kind of
Tony Hawk like skating,

the grinding and the bullet time shooting,

this is just a joy to play.

If you have not played Rollerdrome,
you owe it to yourself.

It’s out of both PS4 and 5.

And number eight is

Stranger of Paradise:
Final Fantasy Origin.

Now, if you remember the
before you buy about this,

I didn’t love this game and
if I’m completely honest,

there is still a lot about
it that I don’t like,

but the stuff that I do like,

after you let a little time
pass and come back to it,

it is actually pretty darn good.

The combat and particularly
the integration

of the sort of Neo and Final
Fantasy traditional job system

are really the highlight,
the acting is not.

It’s kind of so earnest and weird

that it can be funny at times,

but it also does wear out
its welcome after a while.

That said, a lot of people
really like this game.

It’s gotten a lot of
steam after its release

and I think there is
good reason to play it.

You can find it on both PS4 and 5.

And number seven is Sifu.

Just a beautiful, wonderful, Rogue-like,

martial arts, beat ’em up,

where when you die you become older

and better in terms of martial arts,

but worse in terms of taking a beating.

The thing about it is you’re
probably gonna die too.

It’s one of those games
that has a few parts in it

that are just over the top,
and that is not a criticism.

This is a game that pulls no punches

and is just a balls to the wall experience

the whole way through.

I really enjoy Sifu, it’s on PS4 and 5.

At number six is Gran Turismo 7.

It’s Gran Turismo 7!

It is the 7th Gran Turismo
and wow, is it Gran Turismo.

And it might sound like I’m
being sarcastic or critical,

but I am not,

that is exactly what you
want outta Gran Turismo.

And wow, is it ever beautiful?

This is one of those games
that gives you a lot of choices

in terms of how you go about winning

and doesn’t make it
particularly easy on you.

Yeah, you’re gonna probably be able

to finish third without a lot of trouble,

but you’re gonna have to get good

at this game to finish first.

Now this game was the
subject of some controversy

regarding micro-transactions,

I would say, eh, it’s been
pretty resolved at this point.

Gran Turismo 7 is great,

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really a fantastic entry into the series

and is available on PS4 and 5.

And number five is Dying
Light 2 Stay Human.

A game that had a
troubled development cycle

but landed and really is a good game.

It is an open world survival zombie game

with a lot of parkour

and it really delivers a massive upgrade

over the originals.

Combat is great, a lot of the
changes to the daily loop,

I think we’re quite welcome in terms of

how aggressive the zombies
are during the day.

I mean there is a lot of
really good stuff in this game

and it’s easy to spend a lot of time in.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
is available on PS4 and 5.

And number four is The Last of Us Part I,

which was a really intense revamp

of the first of The Last of Us games.

A lot of people said, is this necessary?

We have seen several remasters
of this it feels like,

and I would say yes,

this one actually was the
real remaster slash remake

as far as I’m concerned.

It looks a lot better,

it incorporates a lot of stuff
from The Last of Us Part II.

And let’s just be clear,

like everybody looks a hell
of a lot better in this game

and feels more realistic
in terms of their acting.

It is an impressive and
enjoyable remake slash remaster

and definitely worth it,

especially if you haven’t bought
it more than once already.

And number three is
Horizon Forbidden West,

the sequel to the first Horizon Zero Dawn,

and really an upgrade in every way.

It’s a lot bigger,

a lot prettier,

and if you enjoyed the first game,

it’s just a bigger, better
version of the first game.

It clears out some of the tedious stuff

and gives you way more to explore.

Did I mention it’s beautiful?
It’s absolutely stunning.

And it is available on
both PlayStation 4 and 5.

And number two is Elden Ring,

you knew it was gonna be on here.

Elden Ring is the open world
attempt at a Dark Souls game

and it’s succeeded to say the very least.

I mean, this is a huge sprawling narrative

contained in the typical Dark Souls way,

littered throughout this
incredible, huge world

with, of course,
FromSoftware’s refined combat.

It’s just a joy to play Elden Ring.

It’s of course available
on both PS4 and 5.

And finally at number one,

and this is not gonna be
a surprise to anybody,

it’s God of War Ragnarök.

The most spectacular first-party game

Sony has up its sleeve, got a sequel,

and it’s every bit as good
if not better than the first.

God of War and God of War Ragnarök

just have a fantastic,
balanced battle system,

a great narrative, great characters,

and look absolutely
gorgeous on both PS4 and 5.

There is not a lot else to say

other than you have to play
this if you haven’t already,

it’s important.

It’s available on both
PlayStation 4 and 5,

you have no excuses.

Couple of quick bonuses for you.

First, UNCHARTED: Legacy
of Thieves Collection.

This gives you Uncharted 4 and
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,

both fantastic entries into the series,

and to be frank, still
both visually impressive.

Of course, these are available on the PS5.

Moving on to Inscription,

a deck building game that
blends escape room puzzles,

psychological horror into
a very weird rogue-like

available on PlayStation 4 and 5.

The Callisto Protocol,

which is not without its problems,

probably the best way to
play it right now is the PS5.

The PC version was in shambles,

it’s still, I think being worked on,

it’s available on PS4 and 5,

it is a good experience on both.

Again, has some problems,

but it’s actually shockingly

not just another Dead Space game,

it has some interesting mechanics
to it that are different

and it is worth actually going through

for a lot of the interesting
stuff that happens in it.

Next is Persona 5 Royal,

which, hell yeah, of course, absolutely,

it’s Persona, like Persona 5 specifically.

To have that on PS4 and 5
now, of course, of course.

Moving on, it’s The Stanley
Parable: Ultra Deluxe,

the expanded version of
2013s frankly very strange,

narrative-driven first-person
choice simulator,

more or less.

This is a weird game and also very fun.

And it’s now available

on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen,

a major expansion for Destiny 2,

which is of course Bungie’s
premier first-person

ongoing experience.

And finally Need for Speed Unbound,

which is a visual departure

as well as just a very enjoyable entry

into the Need for Speed series,

which maybe doesn’t reinvent the wheel,

but gives us a lot of interesting stuff

and will waste a lot of your time.

And that’s all for today.

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