Marvel’s Avengers – What Does End Of Support Mean For Live Service Games

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Hello everybody and welcome back to the

triple jump podcast it’s a video game

podcast my name is Ben my name is Peter

and my name is Ashton good morning

gentle people hello good morning how are

we doing no I’m doing all right thanks

so good how are you how are you yeah I’m

all right actually uh we don’t because

it happened last night at the time of

recording uh we don’t have a specific

question about it so I thought maybe we

could hop in right now and talk about

the developer direct that Xbox slash

Bethesda did uh on Wednesday well I’ve

only looked at Hi-Fi rush I didn’t watch

the I’m not caught up yet on the whole

event it was only like 45 minutes long

yeah because I’m not that interested in

red four so I was like it’s probably I

was like I’m not gonna watch it live

because it’s probably going to be mostly

red four so I’ll just wait and see if

anything else and I will probably watch

the actual redfall stuff as well

eventually but I wasn’t desperate to see

it so right yeah Ashton you were you a

big fan of the presentation yeah I

watched it this morning and I was really

like just having a good time just

thought it was nice it was all like kind

of as if they were writing on the screen

like old school it kind of gave me like

old school PowerPoint presentation Vibes

yes but in the best way I really really

love a PowerPoint you do

um and yeah I thought it was really nice

and they got like chats from the devs

there wasn’t any like extra kind of like

snazzy unnecessary Guff it was just kind

of like here the devs yes I’m talking

about the gameplay mechanics it’s a

little fun fact about them underneath

their name how fun and cute aren’t we so

quirky and I was like yes you are I love


um lots of uh dot matrix printer sound

effects as well yeah yeah

noises I just thought it was nice it was

just a nice little show it was we only

saw a handful of games there which is

five games which is what we were we were

expecting Minecraft Legends uh you again


I didn’t really wasn’t really that

interested and I don’t know if I I’ll

spend money on it but I was watching

they were talking about the PVP version

of the game and I was quite intrigued by

it they were like you can get in a team

of four go against another team of four

and you can like run and explore the

world they’re all procedure generates

every time it’s different well you are

our resident child so yeah anyone’s

gonna cover that game that’s to get you


um and you can like go off and play or

like go off and explore or try and get

new mounts or resources for your base or

you can stay at the base and just build

it up so people can’t get through

there’s like traps you can set you can

collect mobs that you can go and attack

the other base and you’ve got like 50

skeletons behind you that are coming to


um I just thought it looked quite fun

um I don’t know how it plays like the

story mode itself but from that the PVP

version if I had three friends to play

with I’d be well up for giving that a go

um in online because I think it looks

quite fun yeah I liked the uh the look

of it as well obviously it’s got the

Minecraft aesthetic but I enjoy that

being applied to other genres there’s

also the baddies are called Pig lens and

I thought they were quite cute that’s

great they were like they will attack

you because they’re going to attack both


they’re coming pieces they’re coming

they’re coming and I just thought they

were quite like ah if not friend why so


try and pet one see let’s see what

happens can you pet the pig then yeah we

then had a discussion about Forza that

felt like it honestly it wouldn’t end

there was there was a lot of car

information in there if you if you’re

interested in thought so maybe go and

watch that a Hi-Fi Rush was the surprise

uh appearance it was announced being

developed by Tango Gameworks who

previously worked on The Evil Within and

is headed by Shinji mukami Resident Evil

uh Creator and survival horror Legend

and Hi-Fi Rush is not that no like a

combination of uh it looks a lot like

Sunset Overdrive yes

radio-ish jet set radio-ish with sort of

a combat stylings of metal hell singer

from last year where everything’s in

time to the beat they must have been

gutted when metal helsinger was

announced yeah but I guess it’s like so

aesthetically different and even genre

wise yeah

metal Helsing is meant to be quite

challenging and it looks like there’s a

lot of uh hello

someone really wants to get into the

building it looks like there’s a lot of

not accessibility as such but also yes

accessibility to make this game fun to

play because everything’s in time to the

beat the whole world moves to the beat

uh enemies attack to the beat QT easier

in time to the beat boss fights are in

time to them and I think they said that

like your combat will always be in time

of the beat but if you actively are in

time of the beat when we do button

presses your combat’s more but you get

for rewards yeah they said like you

won’t if if you like missed the B it’s

not like your attacks not gonna do any

damage or whatever it’s just like you

get bonus stuff if you’re on on the beat

and they Shadow dropped it no less yeah

slipping flipping ages and something

like that’s happened they said it’s

available right right now on Game Pass

so when you’re listening to this you can

go and play it and check it out it looks

really cool I’d I’d like to give it a go

it’s honestly the first game that’s been

released not that not that I’ve heard of

because the Starfield as well that has

made me like actually think I now

require an Xbox I know I can you can

play on Steam as well but uh you know

everything else that Microsoft have

released up to this point or it has been

an XBox exclusive I’ve been like okay

well you know that looks great but I’ll

wait until this this pile builds up

before I really want to get the other

platform but now that has been showing

off and been released and I’m like I

really want to play that that looks

really good so I’ve already downloaded

it on PC game pass to play tonight yeah

I might have to get on PC

the Elder Scrolls Online there was a big

old section about that they’re making

all of their expansions free for a time

yeah I think so and they’re introducing

their third class since launch like a

new one so right I think she was like

called an Arcana or something something

magicky I kind of tuned out a little bit

because uh I did give the Elder Scrolls

Online a go admittedly a long time ago

and I I bounced off it because I wanted

Skyrim with friends and that’s not

really what it was uh it was definitely

an MMO and it has a lot of players who

really like it it does like for an MMO

it looks like it’s pretty good but I

have a kind of a bit of a resentment for

Elder Scrolls Online just because I

think partly because it’s continuing to

do so well you see all those expansions

like elsewhere and Morrowind yeah man

imagine if those were single player yeah

I think because it’s doing so well

they’re like they’re not in any hurry to

bring out a single player game so it’s

potentially causing a longer delay for

the next Elder Scrolls but absolutely

well hopefully we get some Elder Scrolls

news soon the main event though was red

for which I believe is releasing on the

6th of May

2nd second second of May first week of

May uh is coming out and we’ve got a big

old uh look at the gameplay of that it’s

I have a lot of faith in

um okay okay thank you Arcane and I

really enjoyed death Loop and there was

a section in there where you’re where

clearly they’re playing on their own and

they’re doing some sort of side content

where they’re sneaking into uh thank you

a brewery that’s been overtaken by

vampires no no not actually

thank you uh yes and uh that looks like

proper Arcane it looks like you were

able to go up the ladder around the side

and go in where you wanted but the

actual sort of

almost uh left for dead back for blood

uh style gameplay wasn’t really doing

much for me and when they were in the

house there’s like a vampire who runs at

you and he’s he’s like running a

straight line and then just 90 degree

turns and then runs at you again I don’t

know how scary that’s gonna be no if

indeed it’s meant to be scary that’s why

it’s not at the moment it’s not for me I

mean like I say I will actually watch

that at some point but uh I wasn’t

wasn’t desperate to watch the events I

was like it’s gonna be redfall and I

don’t think redfall is the one for me or

even though I do historically I you know

Arcane have done some really good stuff

but yeah I’m quite excited for redfall

have been since they announced it and I

quite like the way it looked and the way

you can interact with her there’s like a

one of the characters makes like a jump

pad that other characters can use and um

it looked like there was a lot of ways

that you could help other players out so

as I can quite and focus on having

friends with you as well as a single

player which is nice and it’s coming to

game past day one as well so yeah it’s

more open than I was expecting as well

yeah quite a big open map rather than

the sort of linear approach we’re used

to with well at least my expectations

for redfall was it’s like left for dead

and so I thought you’d play through it

in a linear fashion but it seems you can

kind of just wander around and do side

stuff there’s like safe rooms and areas

you can like

um what’s the word

areas you can you can from vampires you

can um nests yeah but can you take you

can take the you can liberate them from

them right yes there’s sections that you

take yeah you’re taking back the city

right and also there are these nests

that you have to clear out that sounds

like they’re procedurally generated they

said they’re different every time you go

in and there’s a resource at the heart

of them or something like that it looks

like there’s a lot of stuff to do in

this game I don’t know if I’m hugely

excited for it but I think it looks way

more fun to play with people obviously

and I don’t know that I’m gonna have

people to play it that’s the thing I

just don’t play multiplayer really like

hardly ever

um unless we’re on couch uh you know if

I’m around your house or we’re streaming

that’s when I multiply do multiplayer

games sofa yeah exactly but um at home I

don’t I just don’t log on and play

multiplayer games so I don’t think I’m

gonna have that much opportunity to even

play this game okay well then we’ll play

it actually we’ll give it a go but that

was the uh the developer underscore

direct and I I liked it it was almost

state of play Nintendo direct-esque in

that it’s a very sort of truncated

experience highly produced beforehand

and it was not awkward in the slightest

which a lot of these conferences run the

risk of being uh so yeah I’d recommend

people go and watch it it’s only like 45

minutes long and there’s some good stuff

in there now though it’s time to talk

about this week’s sponsor each and every

week we are sponsored by a very real

video gamer Jason sponsor that helps us

keep the lights on in here Dead Island 2

the spider is still not on holiday on

holiday it’s still on holiday the

longest holiday Everton’s house

um Ashton I believe you have the ad read

I do yeah so there’s a game coming out

tomorrow that some people might find a

bit scary okay a little bit spooky

especially if you suffer from celiac

disease and you can’t have gluten yeah

okay yeah I see it coming yeah and it

might have there’s little Ghoulies

running around their wheat protein and

you can’t chop off that limb top off

their limbs to stop them from giving you

tummy aches yes it’s of course bread

space rebake rebate

okay the rebate I didn’t see coming that

complete that was a left jab that caught

you it was yeah for that yeah bread

space the rebate is coming this week

this week I’ve heard this week I’ve

heard it’s got like quite a good special

edition that comes with some physical

goodies can you talk us through that the

toasty version the toasty version

exactly yeah yeah it comes with um a

helmet that’s made of bread yeah it does

you have to consume it exactly

um a steel book that’s just bread yep

there’s a bread book it’s like in inside

the steel book there’s just one nice

slice of bread

um a nice crisp white slice of bread

um it’s like a war button sandwich thing


and then like all of the like art is

just you know the the concept art of the

the wheat Ghoulies and stuff so it’s not

actually real though oh no that’s wrong

this one’s really snuck up on us though

Dead Space remake I knew it was coming

out in January but God it’s so now at

the time of release yeah it’s out uh we

don’t know if it’s any good actually or

if we’re getting a code even we would

have no idea we asked for one and they

said okay you’re on the list you’re on

the list that means nothing that could

mean absolutely anything that’s just

sort of like a Facebook like from from

happy birthday like means I’ve seen it I

acknowledge uh but no promises no we are

in fact sponsored by our wonderful

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there’s loads of other tiers available

as well the support goes a long way and

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you got a question there yeah um it’s

from Nexus Polaris who says hey Ben

Ashton and also Pete off the tiny

variety hello I’ve recently been

downloading some meme games that’s like

multi-arcade uh what does it stand for

uh I have I did look it up and I forgot

but it means it’s like a it’s an arcade

emulator yeah that has like multiple

arcades all on it it’s just an arcade

emulator uh onto my steam Deck with such

Classics as Turtles arcade Simpsons

arcade Gauntlet Etc which arcade

cabinets would you personally have in

your home if given the space and chance

I’d personally go for Mortal Kombat 2

Area 51 Moonwalker and Marvel vs Capcom

2 thanks to Nostalgia make sure you

follow like And subscribe keys keys your

boy next EP we should say that the thank

you Nexus we should say that the main

emulator is perfectly legal because it

is an emulator however ROMs are a bit

more dicey unless you’re ripping your

do follow the law and don’t do crimes no

you can only use your name if you

already have all of the physical arcade

cabinets in your house you need to put

it from the magical device where it goes

on a conveyor you load your arcade

cabinet on its side on a conveyor belt

it passes through like an Acme machine

exactly and then it comes out as a

little USB stick that you copy the file

on and that’s how it works legal that’s

the only legal way to do it the only way

uh so I brought sort of two categories

of arcade games I’ve got um the kind of

the very old like 8-bit Classics and

then some stuff that I would play I’d be

more inclined to play now at an arcade

um even though it’s not what you

typically associate you know it’s not

your Pac-Man’s or your or your pongs no

it’s your whoa 3D Graphics bloody hell

interesting peripherals what hate that

so in the former category uh I’ve always

been quite a fan of

Galaga I say some people say Gallagher

I’ve never heard it Galaga

a lot of people say Gallagher because

it’s like Galaxy right again it’s in

space it’s just

a debate yeah it’s a debate it sounds

like beer advertised for women yeah it

does Galaga

um but uh I’d drink that yeah uh

apparently there’s a debate as to

whether it’s Gallagher or Galaga I most

people do say Gallagher but I’ve always

been Galaga for some reason hey let us

know in the comments is it Gallagher or

is it Gallagher yeah

um but I’ve always been a fan of that uh

first time I played that it was bundled

at the start of Tekken because it’s an

Amco arcade game Tekken one on PS1

started with Gala Gaga

um where you could uh if you if you beat

each round it would just keep ticking

over it would keep playing

um so uh that was that was a lot of fun

uh I also weirdly although it’s very

simple I’ve always really liked Frogger

don’t know why you know I don’t know I

particularly have latched onto Frogger

and not you know joust or Pac-Man or

something I don’t like Pac-Man that much

I’ll play one round of Pac-Man like

everyone will and then I’m done yeah

um but Frogger I find quite satisfying

um but then in the more kind of recent

category uh I would definitely in my

house have

um the proper like peripheral version of

Star Wars Episode One racer with the the

the the actual yes engine controls above

your head like this is pod race Anakin’s

Pod racer yeah uh I would probably have

a Tekken of some sort either Tekken 3 or

Tekken Tag those are my favorites and

they always start in the arcades before

they make it to uh make their way to


um and I really like Crazy Taxi as well

I like arcade driving games where it’s

got that weird reactive steering wheel

that spins by itself and yes uh pedals


um so I mean almost any driving game

would do to be honest but I think Crazy

Taxi has a nice kind of vibe to it so

probably probably that next question

what would you have in your house well

thanks for asking Peter

Peter I would like a Daytona


so I could do a little driving game I

see people like someone I know has got

the full like driving setup like full

like steering wheel and the screen that

goes like round yeah pedals and for like

F1 simulation games and I I don’t want

any of that I just want little Daytona

with my little yeah the least

comfortable seat in the entire world

yeah it’s a fake seat belt that you just

pull around you for full immersion

um and I would also like a house of the

dead game because they’re fun and you

never really get that far into them so

you never really know what the story is

because you die very quickly yeah and

you don’t get to hear all the amazing

voices no exactly because she’s too busy

again we really want to be Sega we’d

love to be in the new house so love to

be in it if you need some voice actors

to go what was what was that noise

you’re still alive you must go and

Control the Chaos in the city if you

want that we can do that yeah that is

clearly our calling clearly our calling

yeah if we’re not busy doing Wells

interactive yes

it’s difficult to decide between the two

but uh I’ll talk about Wizards in a


um and I would also just like I’d like

pinball and I’d like a pinball game one

time which flavor of pinball

well when we went to

um a bowling alley a little while ago me

and Peter’s wife Amy spent about 10

minutes someone had put a pound in a

pinball machine and they had left and

there were still pimples no the CSI was

the CSI yeah right okay and we spent

ages just playing pinball we had a great

time and I’m like okay I just want

pinball maybe I want a CSI pinball just

because it’s like you go in and they had

like a little like spinny thing like a

science where they spin like a

centrifuge yeah centrifuge thank you and

it had one of those in the middle of it

and it would spin your ball around and

sling it off and I was like I hadn’t

thought about like physical games I

would probably also have air hockey if

we’re including stuff like that I’d

rather man cave yeah yeah 100 a massive

one yeah because an air hockey table is

Big Air is good yeah it is good I’m

always scared I’m gonna get hurt my

fingers yeah I’ll get my teeth knocked

out not that it ever comes off the

ground but like I just feel like that’s

gonna come up and hit me in the face

yeah now that’s it yes real air hockey

thank you Ashton for asking thank you

Ashton for asking no problem I’ll uh

tell you the ones

uh I would have uh House of the Dead

four is the one specifically yes that’s

the one I like that’s the one with the

uzi because it was in a bowling alley

near uh where I grew up and me and my

friends used to play that quite a lot

right and it’s the one where you when

enemies uh grab you you have to like

shake the the uzi from side to side to

get them to get the zombies off

and it hurts your hand actually because

it’s getting the zombies off yeah

getting the zombies off hurts your hand

because it like pinches each side of

your thumb and your finger it’s like ah

and I always uh I always quite like that

when I always play house that has the

Dead four when I see it I know it’s not

the classic one but uh I enjoy that

enjoy it so I would like that one I

would also like Time Crisis too because

everybody loves Time Crisis and as far

as I’m concerned that’s the best one I

don’t really know a great deal about

time crazy I think this is generally

considered to be the best one everyone

loves not but I know anything about it

either but Guitar Hero arcade I can’t

play Guitar Hero but for the sake of not

having plastic peripherals all over the

living room it would almost be nice to

have a permanent Guitar Hero station set

up uh for people to play on uh The

Simpsons arcade is one I would also like

because I really like the Simpsons

arcade game and it’s one of those great

arcade titles where four players can

play on the same machine it’s got

buttons for each of the characters so

you all have to sort of squeeze in but

you can all play uh at the same time

which is which is fun and the last one

I’ve got written down here is the Fast

and Furious Superbikes which based on

two minutes of Googling may or may not

be the arcade machine I put lots of

pound coins into on a holiday when I was

a teenager we have the motorbike in it

like yeah you have to tilt there’s a few

that I like that but based on

screenshots I think it’s this one that I

played and it’s the first arcade game

where I managed to get my name on the

high score

um not very high but it was on there and

uh my name is three letters so it can

fit on all high scores which is really

good that’s useful

that’s the that’s the one that’s the

ones that I would like in my house

please those are good ones yes thank you

speaking of things we’d like to play

should we talk about things that we have

played this week that sounds like a new

and exciting thing this section that I

brand new sex I’ve never heard of I

think we’re calling it what we playing



time to talk about the video games what

we have been playing over the past week

or so Peter what have you been playing

uh so principally mainly largely I’ve

been playing for largely

garageley uh I have been playing


um but I won’t talk too much about that

because we’re going to do a little

review corner on it in just a moment but

uh I also streamed it as well so some of

you will have seen my kind of in the

moment reactions to some of it there and

I’ll talk about you know some there’ll

be some slightly more coherent thoughts

in review Corner I’ve also to be a bit

Coy I’ve been playing a game that I

can’t really talk about right now

um but uh all I’ll say is it’s it’s kind

of an indie thing so it’s not it’s not

like a mainstream upcoming game uh

spread space

uh so don’t don’t even try and guess

because you won’t uh but I’ll I won’t be

able to talk about that until like

sometime in February so uh sorry

um and uh I have played a little tiny

bit of the game that I’m going to be

streaming this coming week so on Monday

I’ll be streaming Silo Psy bill

um yeah sorry what it’s also an indie


um it’s this guy who has made it’s one

of those where they’ve done it in like a

PS1 rendering style which I love oh it’s

getting it’s quite trendy now to do that

lots of people are doing yeah

um and it’s clearly like heavily

inspired by Crash Bandicoot

um the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy you play

as like a mushroom boy it’s basically

the last of us really uh it’s nothing to

do with the Last of Us you are a

basically just a sentient mushroom

instead of a head and face you just have

a mushroom cap on a neck

um and you have to just platform through

these very clearly crash one inspired

levels that are

kind of very difficult at times and it’s

in a lovely retro style so I reached out

to the guy and said hey if you could

send me a code I’d love to cover your

game on on our Channel and uh it’s been

in Early Access for a very long time but

it’s only just been like fully released

like the actual like proper version is

now available on Steam so I’ll play that

on uh on Monday properly I’ve not played

enough to really do a review corner on

it but uh it would be nice to do maybe A

Brief Review Corner next week so that’s

what I’ve been playing

um basically I haven’t really talked

about any of them in particular for

reasons because one will be spoken about

momentarily and the other two can’t

really say anything about right now so

that’s what we’ve been playing Ashton

well I’ve been a bit sad boy this week

so uh I’ve not really wanted to play

READ  Please note when playing video games: you must take these things seriously!

that much but when I am sad I play The

Sims and whatever Christmas I walked by

a house in Whitley Bay and I thought

this house looks silly so I took a

picture of it and I built in The Sims

wow and I’ve been and it’s like a series

of houses so there’s like four or five

houses so every time I’ve been sad this

week I’ve booted up the Sims and I’ve

like furnished one of the houses and

I’ve been like cool okay I’m done now I

don’t know what’s what’s in the houses

wow currently there’s I’ve done four out

of five and they all have different like

people who live there so one of them is

like a couple that like met in college

and he’s like a contractor and she’s

like a marketing person and they’re

really basic and their their house looks

like real do you get to give them back

stories yourself or I just yeah this is

backstories you’ve invented yeah okay

cool and the second one the basic trait

though yeah right yeah well I don’t I

haven’t actually made the Sims that go

in these houses I’ve just made the house

oh right I just made the Story Of My

Mind of like when I’ve been decorating

for it eventually but I would but I

don’t think I’ve actually got enough

that you can only have eight Sims in a

house and because it’s one

um I wouldn’t be able to have and then

the second house is a lesbian couple

with three kids

um and then the third house is like a

goth couple because their house is all

like edgy and black and it’s got like

sick furniture and stuff and then the

fourth house I built is like a show home

and currently it’s got like the same

picture in like every room because it’s

like they’ve been decorated but I

thought it was quite funny because when

I was decorating that one and this is

just to myself

um I was like oh it looks like the basic

girl because she saw the show home and

went this house is perfect yeah right

and then basically

yeah yeah from my house so that’s what I


um and then I’ve also played some plate

up because as I like that game and you

can make dumplings in it at the moment

because it’s Chinese New Year so we’re

making something it’s just temporary

well there was a turkey over Christmas

and I think that maybe you can still you

can continue to make those going forward

but they’ve introduced dumplings and it

keeps giving you the option to do

dumplings do you have a photo of the

silly house in Whitley Bay that we can


um I want to see how silly it is

set because I

that’s okay I might do I have a look

while Ben speaks yeah

um and then also the last thing I played

was some Jedi Fallen order and I got to

the final boss fight

um and and then I was like I’m fighting

this person and then I turned the game

off because I know I can’t do that right

now but I really I need to replay that

game again because I did actually try

and replay it recently but I didn’t go

all the way through but I don’t even

remember who the final boss was

um I don’t think so yeah well I know uh

yeah no I remember yeah but I haven’t

fought them yet

I don’t remember okay

what um yeah in that location yeah that

one that one that place bloody yeah this

game sounds great why don’t you why

haven’t we talked about this I’ve really

enjoyed playing it I think it’s quite

fun I enjoy having I like Kyle kestus I

don’t know why you guys don’t like him I

think he’s fine he’s just doing his best

it’s not good enough I don’t know

everyone hates him well you also don’t

know why you’re not like as much on the

bandwagon of disliking Frey from for

spoken eyes no no they’re just they’re

fine that’s what everyone’s mean to them

all the time I I mean I am in in that

team I don’t think the clips that we’re

like being crucified on Twitter are that

bad but like across the game I do

dislike her

um but but anyway I like cow casters and

um I am excited for the second game to

come out I quite like seeing the things

that have appearing and also the woman

who plays seer in


that I Fallen order is in for spoken

she played one of the judges oh yeah I

saw one during your stream I was like

hey I know that she’s in a few video

games with her actual face yeah she’s

got really recognizable it’s really

weird I didn’t think that trailer for a

Tom Clancy game as well I think I think

she’s in the um she’s in Suicide Squad

kill the Justice League yeah she’s

playing like yeah but you’re in full and

order you can’t be here what are you

doing here

I must admit when I did see that judge I

thought that she looked familiar but I

was like I can’t think I was like does

she perhaps remind me slightly of Whoopi


um but because she’s got similar hair in

the as as the judge well not I don’t

think Whoopi Goldberg has that hair now

but like the classic will be Goldberg in

her Peak movie career hairstyle is

similar to the judge I was like is that

it it’s not really that though I don’t

think it’s her but that’s it’ll be her

yeah yeah so that’s why I played this

week well that’s a good selection of

video games actually thank you you look

for that funny house I’m gonna look for

it oh I have here’s the picture of the

funny house so it’s like four houses it

looks like a SIMS house

yeah it’s funny so I built that in The

Sims there’s definitely at least one

basic person living yeah she lives on

the end yeah I mean in in Whitley Bay


uh I have played this week uh Persona

three ports below finally finished that

um I’ve basically got

I was trying to get as many trophies as

I could in my first playthrough there is

frustratingly a trophy for finishing the

uh the game with both a female and a

male protagonist so you do need to play

through the entire thing again right as

the from the other perspective and

that’s for another day quite frankly uh

but there’s also these ridiculously hard

Mega bosses in there which they’re which

are optional and they’re in all Persona

games but these ones are just like you

need to follow a guide because if you

and you have to it’s ridiculous right

because if you do too much damage to

this character or this this boss at a

certain in a certain amount of goes you

just get insta killed you have to have a

calculator and make sure that you only

do so much damage in so many goes and

then you can hit them with like a big

attack so that’s that’s actually it’s

ridiculous like there’s no way that’s

just part of the game that is a trophy

it’s an optional thing so basically I’ve

got a save file before right at the end

of my play through where I think I’m in

pretty much the best possible position

to tackle this boss but I just thought I

cannot be asked for this right now so

I’ve got like 85 of the Persona

compendium as well so I’m pretty close

to getting the platinum in that game

pending another playthrough which

shouldn’t be too hard if I just skip all

the dialogue

um but that’s that’s for another time

really enjoyed that game

um but you know go listen to our review

discussion from last week for a more

in-depth conversation about that and

also the stream because I streamed it uh

this week too so you can see it in

action if you want uh I played a game

from start to finish that I also can’t

talk about frustratingly and the

embargoes up on Monday which is really

annoying because otherwise it’s just

missed the cup for this podcast we would

have been able to talk about it here but

I will be streaming it on Tuesday and

then we’ll be talking about it in depth

next week in review Corners we’re

insufferable aren’t we um there’s just

too many games at the moment I did say

insufferable there it sounded like I

said unsung but I did say in I’ve not

played any games I’m not allowed to talk

about I’ve just play games that are out

would you like everyone would you like

one I’d love one okay maybe at some

point well we’ll see hey next time hey

it’s okay Peter’s got two to be fair and

well no one of them I can’t talk about

I’ve just not played enough of it to

talk about it we’re offered for spoken

yeah and also the one that I that I’m

not allowed you didn’t want to play it

so you know there will be there will be

the perfect game will come along I’m

sure anyway outside of that I had a a

little a little boys get together on

um the weekend just gone and James

Jenkins and uh Kieran Henry uh who is

the editor of this fine podcast I came

over and we played a couple of games uh

we did uh Gang Beasts we played uh uh

uh four guys no we didn’t play four guys

that’s something I played the other

night and I was rubbish at it uh but one

thing we did actually try because I

thought it would be absolutely horrible

it’s a whale’s interactive game that

I’ve had downloaded for ages and I

thought it was going to be one of their

worst ones it’s not it’s one of their

best ones in all the worst ways uh it’s

called Dark Knights with Poe and Monroe

oh my gosh I’ve got that on my steam

yeah it’s a spin-off from the

shape-shifting detective right and it’s

six chapters and they’re all linear

because I was afraid some of Wales

interactive’s earlier stuff was

just go and talk to all these characters

and try and progress the plot if you

want whereas I think the best ones are

where it funnels You Down linearly based

on the choices you make that is how this

plays and it is absolutely unhinged the

acting is horrible it makes no sense and

we stopped at episode three because we

thought you know who would love this

Ashton Matthews we need to wait until we

can all get together I love that game

and replay it from the beginning so we

can all play through it because my God I

took a couple of screenshots of just

like close-ups of character faces and

they’re they’re just like

it’s just unhinged in the best the most

Welles interactive way possible so we

need to play that something yeah because


terrible and I love it uh and that’s

pretty much all I played apart from four

guys which I did play uh earlier this

week with a couple of friends and I’m

not very good at that game so that was

that never mind well should we talk

about the thing that Peter wants to talk

about AKA forespoken in this week’s

review corner


and we’re here welcome to the review

Corner Peter this time you are in the

hot seats talking about forespoken yes

uh the internet has I think it’s fair to

say not taken particularly kindly to the

uh to the to the initial showings or

forespoken yeah I don’t and and to a

certain extent I think people have kind

of put the cart before the horse really

and like they fair enough if you want to

make a judgment based on a demo that is

partly what a demo is for and you know

some people were playing the demo saying

I’m not sure about I think the combat

was one thing people were worried about

there are also people doing side by side

like stills from like earlier reveal

uh stuff and more recent stuff and

saying oh there’s been a visual

downgrade and yeah okay maybe those are

fair comparisons but there was

definitely an element of people jumping

on a bandwagon saying this game is trash

before they’d certainly before they

played the the actual game because it

was a chat that was happening before the

release uh and some of them I imagine

didn’t even play the demo and were

saying yeah this game’s trash

um someone made the point in the chat uh

of one of my streams recently saying

I imagine a certain subsect of those

people might be deciding that because of

just the nature of the protagonist

various attributes of the protagonist

other people for other reasons I’m sure

but uh I’ve gotten I’ve gotten into it

already I’m talking about I’m doing I’m

doing the the review already but you put

your car before your whole I have you

set me off sorry tell me tell me about

the game what’s happening uh well what’s

happening is that Square Enix sent as a

code thank you Square Enix I wouldn’t

say that first uh so you play as Frey

um she is a an orphan she was found in

the Holland Tunnel

um in uh New York I think I don’t test

me on my American geography but you’re

certainly in New York when the game


um and she uh doesn’t know her parents

she was passed through a few foster

homes growing up and then just set out

onto the Mean Streets as soon soon as

she was able and the game opens with you

in court because you’ve been stealing

again you’ve got a bit of a record at

this point the judge is lenient and lets

you out and uh it’s fortunate that she

does because you’ve actually been saving

up a whole lot of cash there’s a big

sports bag full of a hundred dollar

bills that she’s been saving up and

she’s gonna get out of town and start a

new life for herself it’s a birthday

coming up she’s born around Christmas


um and she’s like a couple more days and

I’m gone unfortunately she’s um in some

she’s she’s got into some trouble with

the local gang uh who she’s been doing

some work for and they burn down the

apartment that she’s been it’s like an

abandoned Apartment that she’s been in

and all of the money Burns no so she is

basically sitting on a bridge or a big


it looks like she’s thinking of

basically jumping off because she’s like

there’s nothing left for me now I’ve got

you know uh but she decides no no I

won’t and in that moment she her

attention is uh

kind of drawn by this kind of I I can’t

really remember what it was now but this

little flying thing like a bug or

something or a bird or shiny and uh as

she follows it she finds what she refers

to as a cuff

um it’s like a kind of a gauntlet thing

you’ll have seen it in the artwork uh

she pops it on and suddenly she’s in the

world of Athea oh okay

um and Athea is being as there’s a

there’s a kind of a corruption happening

that’s affecting various places

geographically and also the animals

within that and the people as well turns

them into zombies and basically most of

the residents are holed up in one city

um and the people who used to lead Athea

the various uh regions of it

um are kind of uh they’ve gone mad

basically they’ve gone they’ve gone a

bit evil and uh so you’re basically

moving through

um they’re called tunters they’re these

women with like magical powers and uh

you’ve got to basically save the world

so that’s the story okay

um it starts with a lot of mystery you

don’t know you can tell that like phrase

Origins are likely going to be explored

in the game and there’s probably going

to be some big reveals as the game goes

on I’ve not finished it yet I’ve played

probably five hours now I think

um and replayed the intro I’ve played

the intro twice because I streamed it

um but yeah so that’s the setting in the

story for the most part okay your cuff

talks to you sounds a bit like Hugh


um and uh that’s where my biggest gripe

with the game begins really is with the

writing and the dialogue so going into

the game based on some of the stuff that

people were saying online the things I

was most worried about were

um the uh whether there had been some

sort of visual downgrade and like the

performance associated with that as well

you know whether it was going to chug if

you had it on to a higher setting and

also uh people a lot of people who

played the demo

um were saying to me that they weren’t

that into the uh combat and the controls

you played it didn’t you I did yeah how

did you find that in the demo I was just

left kind of feeling a bit flat about

all of it right including the the combat

but it may well have been just because

it it just yeah yeah

um so I went in thinking well if there

are going to be problems here those

might be the problems that I have and

actually surprisingly I think the game I

think it looks great

um I’ve got it on Ray tracing mode

um uh well I say great I mean it’s not

like it’s gonna not gonna win awards for

visuals of the Year sort of thing but I

think it looks looks good looks fine uh

I have had a little bit of a performance

issue uh in some areas where there’s a

lot of combat going on a lot of particle

effects and stuff it does seem to drop

some frames which is not good

um but yeah I certainly don’t think

there’s been a graphical downgrade even

if that is it at the expense of the

performance and I actually really like

the combat I think it’s you I think it’s

one of those games where you feel like a

badass without having to do very much

um so it’s kind of got a bit of a god of

war effect or a Spider-Man effect where

yeah you’re just even if you’re just

doing basic attacks the animation of

those attacks involves you flipping the

hell all over the place and you know uh

it can be quite easy to take down

certain enemies I am admittedly playing

it on

um story mode at home but when I

streamed it I had it on the default

balanced mode and that seemed relatively

straightforward as well it’s not a grind

the combat which is something I don’t

like in modern games where a single

enemy takes you know a couple of minutes

each to take down yeah so combat and

visuals I’m fine with but I have to

basically agree with what has now almost

become a bit of a meme online with the

uh the way this game is written I find

Frey just wholly unlikable or largely

unlikable I think to be fair some of the

clips that were going around to

demonstrate the uh how how kooky and

weird the writing was I don’t think

they’re some of the worst examples

actually I think the one where she’s

saying I I moved moved that with my

freaking mind and there’s one where her

and the cuff are doing impressions of

each other saying that’s what you sound

like both of those I think all right

they’re not great but they’re they’re

okay yeah I think it’s a bit unfair to

cruise Fire game based on those but

actually there are other things in the

game that are way more annoying she

swears constantly yeah

um I don’t mind a bit of swearing I do

swearing occasionally on stream when I

shouldn’t do people know that I’m not

like prudish in that sense that like all

swearing is bad but I think if you’re

just swearing all the time it kind of

just loses its Effectiveness right and

she sounds like a kind of angsty kid

who’s like her parents have gone out for

the night and so she’s gonna sit around

and say flip in the house because she

because she can so there’s that aspect I

don’t like

um and I also just so you can turn off

uh you can turn the combat chatter to a

minimum uh which I think a lot of people

are doing uh it’s not but it’s not the

frequency that bothers me it’s it’s the

actual content of it you know I don’t

mind if they’re going to talk a lot

through the game yeah um but it is just

this sort of like angst this it’s sort

of it’s it’s me me people are saying um

Iron Man has a lot to answer for you

know like the the kind of the Marvel

hero effect right okay where it’s like

yeah I mean just dangerous situation but

I’m just quipping all the way through

and Kieran are one of our editors told

me before I played the game that he

played the demo I think he played the

demo or he’s seen oh an hour of gameplay

was leaked wasn’t it before the game was

launched from the beginning and in the

opening uh segment of the game phrase

being beaten up by the the the criminal

gang that she’s run into and

it’s like really brutal like one of them

like properly like clocks her in the

head and I think her head smacks against

this concrete wall and she just like

looks back at them and says another

quippy thing like she’s just saying

stuff to pissed them off right and it’s

like I don’t care how Street wise and

like independent you are if you’re

getting laid into by three people who

are bashing your head against a concrete

wall you wouldn’t continue to go with

them but because she’s like hey this

light hero that you you really want to

you would love to be friends with in

real life because she’s so witty uh

that’s what she does so uh I I don’t

think I’m going to be playing much more

of the game I don’t think I’m going to

get through it because I still I’ve

given her her time for her character to

develop and she just continues to be

this kind of angsty teenager which is a

shame that is such a shame how do you

feel generally about the story not just

in terms of because as you alluded to I

imagine you’re uncovering some stuff

about uh phrase background yeah but

what you’re doing in athia and the world

there is is it is it interesting is is

the world interesting are the people

interesting it’s not like it’s not

uninteresting but it’s it’s not actually

that original

um I think it’s quite easy to pick up

like to just throw a bunch of sort of

fantasy tropes into a mix and then maybe

paint a semi-unique veneer on them and

say this is our interpretation of of

this thing but this thing is something

that you’ve actually seen quite a lot in

a lot of Fantasy games now I couldn’t

necessarily pick on this game in

particular for doing that because by

definition if I’m saying it’s a bit

samey and it’s a bit done then other

people have been doing it as well so

this isn’t like a sin that is uh unique

to this game but yeah it’s not it’s

nothing special really there’s a

corruption moving through the world you

know no that that’s something we’ve seen

before in games there are these like

powerful tunters who you go up against

and yeah all right there’s some Intrigue

around phrase backstory but if I’m not

like actually forming an attachment to

Frey as a character then I’m not exactly

going to be invested in finding out what

has happened to her in her past and

maybe just like somewhat interested into

like how she actually magically ended up

in this world to begin with and how

she’s going to get out but even then I

imagine it’s just gonna be not hand

waved away but just say you know this is

the magic system that happens in our

world and this is how you ended up here

and here’s how you get back so yeah it’s

it’s not got a really you it’s not got a

USP really as a story it’s nothing just

like particularly hooking me in and uh

unfortunately some things are pushing me

away including the writing so that’s a

real shame gameplay wise it’s fun I like

the combat and of course I’ve not even

touched on I mean I’ll I’ll wrap it up

now but there are there are uh the sort

of the things you would expect to have

in an open world fantasy RPG so there

are various map markers that you can go

and wander off the Beaten Track and do

all sorts of things collecting things

and working your way through clearing

enemies out of certain areas and all

that sort of thing there are sort of

Boss style creatures you can encounter

as you’re wandering along so you’ll just

be in the wilderness and they’ll be like

uh quite early on you’ll encounter this

giant deer that I found too tough to

defeat so it’s like okay I’ll come back

and do that later which is good gives

gives you a sense a reason to come back

and and to explore the world

um and there’s like various unique

things you can do to level your

character there are skill trees

um you can craft and upgrade items and


there’s this like nail mechanic where

she paints runes onto her nails okay

um and you collect the certain patterns

as you go around the world and so you

can apply one to one hand and one to

another and kind of combine them and you

know create your own sort of build and

they’ll just give you various upgrades

and abilities and stuff so that’s

something that yeah it’s pretty unique

yeah you’re painting your nails but

again like fundamentally it’s still just

attached this attachment kind of thing

yeah it’s it’s presented as nail art

which is an interesting take on it but

uh ultimately you’re just equipping a

thing that you found in the world so uh

depends how jaded you are I suppose as

to whether you think that counts as

unique or not yeah

um so is there a group of players that

that you would recommend this game to

that might enjoy it or is it just

generally across the board maybe just

avoid this one to me to use a slightly

dated comparison the things that I like

about this game and the things I I

dislike about this game map on quite

well to Dragon’s Dogma okay um in the

it’s got a a nice open fantasy world

which is quite pretty at times

um and the combat is very fun I really

like the combat in Dragon’s Dogma but

what I didn’t like in Dragon’s Dogma was

your protagonist was actually mute so

it’s a different problem but it’s it’s

someone you can’t really form a an

attachment to

um and the story was kind of complex and

it felt maybe a little bit bloated at

times so if you happen to like Dragon’s

Dogma for for kind of all that it was

like Wars and all then I imagine you

might like this game you know in spite

of its flaws

um I don’t know why that game in

particular like I think maybe just the

setting I guess is is why I formed that

kind of comparison in my mind as I

played but uh yeah I think if you like

that game maybe give for spoken ago and

uh as always the best thing to do is to

maybe find some footage online someone

who’s playing the first hour or so and

just have a look at that and try and

find my judgment based on that

um but yeah probably not for me I don’t

think I’m going to finish it I’ve given

it a good go

READ  10 playing skills in video games

um but you know there’s a lot coming out

end of January early February so uh it

might have to take a back seat now

unfortunately okay well it’s available

right now on PlayStation 5 and PC as

well yeah it is so uh a couple of

options there so uh fingers crossed some

of you out there it will be for you but

uh not not quite for me unfortunately it

was one of the ones I was looking

forward to this year

um at the tail end of 2022 but uh it’s

not had the best Star unfortunately

that’s a shame yeah it’s a shame

wonderful well thanks Ben thank you

Peter should we go back to the podcast

let’s do it okay thanks Peter thanks

Peter thanks Peter Ashton would you like

to ask a question I would this comes

from bartek triple bap I finally

finished Xeno gears with a clear

conscience I can say that completely

understand the cult around it and

worship what a philosophical and

emotional Journey best of all one hero

has a name like me as you can guess he

is super handsome charismatic and humble

so the question for all you for all of

triple jump and walruses is how do you

feel when a character in a game has your

name your weeb bartek I did a quick

Google and I think the character is

called Bart I think I don’t know yeah so

I was like oh is that code called bar


um and uh I think they’re Bartholomew

short for Bart or at least there is a

Bart somewhere in the franchise I don’t

know I’m not sure but uh so we were all

trying to think of characters who have

our names I didn’t bother thinking

because I know there isn’t any okay it’s

really hard to Google characters yeah

it’s really hard yeah because you your

mind goes completely blank there are a

few but outside of actual existing

licensed properties like Star Wars or

Marvel and all that kind of stuff that

happen to have games around them there

are very few original video game

characters with our names as well as far

as we could tell there’ll be people who

can offer up examples I’m sure and

there’s perhaps like the odd NPC in

Fallout because they all have like you

know non-fantasy names so you do get you

your Benz and your Peters and your Johns

and yeah those were the best though

because you would go on to the Fallout

wiki and Google Ben and the three

characters there’s like there’s a photo

of the character and it’s a charred

skeleton yeah mine was as well pin

cushion Peter it’s a skeleton with like

six axes in his back up a mountain

um but what I came up with other than

Marvel characters so Peter Parker and

Peter Quill

um was Pete from bully uh well I’d say I

came up with it was it you Ashton

someone suggested

Alex someone did

um so I do remember Pete from bully but

I mean I didn’t feel any like

particular connection or disconnection

to him and I think broadly to answer the

question uh how do I feel when a

character in a game has my name I don’t

think it actually affects me that much I

don’t think I get like any more into it

or less you know people have always well

not always but occasionally like said oh

Peter Parker to me like if we’re talking

about Spider-Man or whatever and I don’t

sort of feel like oh yeah he’s got the

same name as me that’s really cool it’s

just uh it’s just it’s just his name I

think perhaps if I had a more unusual

name not that there are that many pizzas

but there are a fair few

um then perhaps if suddenly you

encountered someone like oh wow like

this person’s actually got my name like

if an Ashton came along particularly a

female Ashton you would you might think

like oh this is kind of interesting how

exciting I don’t want to speak for you

but like you know it’s like an unusual

it would be an unusual thing for you

people feel the same to me as it did

when I was a child when everyone would

go and get personalized keyrings with

their names on it and I’d look for a and

I’d be like

it’s like Alex or Ashley and I’m like no

no that’s not my name and then

eventually when they were like Ashton’s

appearing I was like oh my God Ashton’s

fight I couldn’t finally have it they’re

all written in blue yeah



um so but yeah I don’t

I don’t think it really necessarily

makes me feel more immersed or connected

to a character I’m I’m just in it for

how they’re written and whether they say

silly things or not

I think if I saw a character I’d be

really excited uh if they were like

here’s the main character of this game

she’s called Ashton I’d be like oh my

God oh my God I think I’d be excited

yeah I need that game

um but yeah it’s never really happened

to me because I have a stupid name


but if I if I can name my own character

like if I can name my protagonist I

still don’t give it my name no I don’t

I’ll pick a completely random name or

like give it a stupid name rather than

giving it my name because most of the

time I’m if I’m playing an RPG where

it’s like my character is created

normally I will give that character a

name that is not mine because it’s not

me playing it’s like I’m pretending to

be someone else

um because yeah they always have stupid

like I also think it’s funny if you’re

going into a story game and it’s like hi

buttface thank you for coming to my

rescue like that’s funny thing just

saying hi Ashton thanks for coming to my

rescue but um I do like if I saw a

character with my name I’d be as excited

as bartek was about seeing character

with his name I just think it’s neat I

know that you guys have got basic names

so you’ve probably seen people with your

name all the time but I’ve only never

met one other Ashton when I was a child

um I don’t know when I was like a

teenager a child moving across the

street from me who was called Ashton and

I’d never met anyone else with my name

and then suddenly there’s a woman down

the street shouting my name at her son

and I was like

who’s shouting my name like what is

happening and I’m look I’m like coming

out the door like yes me me hello and

then she like grabs this kid Ashton

sorry my son is also named Ashton and I

was like what are the chances of that

and then one time we’re both in the

local doctor surgery and then she said I

said my name and the woman was like

to do and I was like that’s crazy yeah

yeah I have a boy name

uh yeah I’m

there’s only one

real character that I could find uh

based on the suggestion of our team uh

that that is that actually has my name

that isn’t a licensed character there’s

a Pokemon Ranger Guardian science

character called Ben apparently right

um or there’s all the Ben 10 games of

which there are many uh Ben Drowned the

Creepypasta from Majora’s mouth oh yeah

yeah uh sorry Margera’s mask uh Ben

quadinaros from Star Wars Episodes

really quadraneros yeah I don’t know if

we trust Peter with pronunciation

it might just be a typo I think it’s

quadrin arrows or arrows yeah there’s

Ben in there uh he’s an alien man he’s

in Star Wars Episode One racer but the

main one is Ben Paul from The Walking

Dead Season one The Telltale Game who’s

like the high school student who’s a bit

of a coward and keeps he means well but

keeps making mistakes to put everyone in

danger and uh yeah he kind of pisses me

off I didn’t think anything of the fact

that he had my name Beyond oh cool he’s

got my name that’s cool but did you

think like when you were saying in

Fallout one it was quite

your name

I think that’s like if you came across

that skeleton and it was like Ben above

its head do you not like you’d probably

laugh at that because it had your name

maybe so maybe so yeah but the way that

you like if you just saw a skeleton with

a bunch of axes in its back you probably

wouldn’t laugh but because it’s called

pin pincushion Pete and because your

name is Peter it’s then funny because

yeah maybe by your name possibly I think

it’d be I’ve in a way I’d find it funny

if it was just called Pete or Peter if

it’s like pinkish and Peter at that that

like gives immediately gives it a whole

personality that I don’t know associate

with me Chad and Ben but if I just found

a child skeleton that said Ben or Peter

my mind might initially go oh it’s like

if I was dead that’s me I’m dead I love

the fact that you know what I get more

excited when I see my friends names and

games in particular Borderlands 2 where

there’s a tiny loader bot and there’s

wanted posters all over the game for


she’s amazing uh considering James

Jenkins is someone who we know well in

real life so whenever I see the Jimmy

Jenkins post is I get a real kick out of

those I think they’re hilarious yeah

um but Peter you’re the only one out of

the three of us that could probably

speak to what it’s like to play a game

where a protagonist actually has your

name and they’re saying your name when

when they say hey Peter do you go yes

every time

oh sorry what are the chances well uh

Spyro the Dragon was nearly called Pete

the Dragon

um which I don’t know if maybe if he’d

been called Pete the Dragon I might have

in a way sort of like resisted that game

oh really because it might have been a

bit weird that like they’re always

saying my name and like if people found

out that I really liked Pete the Dragon

hi I’m Peter and I love Pete yeah they

might have thought right okay you big

baby feed the dragon yeah and you’ve

embroidered an r on the end exactly so I

think yeah I might have thought like oh

people will think I just like him

because he’s called Pete so it’s

probably just as well that they didn’t

call him that otherwise uh well they

also would have got in legal trouble I

think they changed it because of Pete’s

Dragon it was like a film called Pete’s

Dragon I was gonna say I think yeah I’ve

heard of that well there we are we don’t

really care is there is yeah

we’ve ever made a real connection with

them but Ashton would care a lot yeah I

would Jimmy Jenkins is gaming royalty

quite frankly well it’s time to move on

to something a little unusual

um a little bit uh of Monica in my life

it’s a weird news time

it’s weird news time time for some weird

video game news if you want to submit

weird video game news to us of course

send it to us on Twitter and Facebook

there’s a post that goes out at the

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Gabrielle Philippine thank you thank you

producers Peter what’s your weird name

I’ve got a weird news here that was

submitted by Conor


uh I think it’s Conroy milk that’s

easier to pronounce

um it’s according to Kotaku oh

I just rejected cookies and it closed

the tab uh hang on if you won’t have my

cookies you won’t get me at my article

uh War Thunder players are once again

posting military documents on forums oh

I don’t know if it’s going to be in this

article but I saw on Twitter that

someone had been asked like in there

like their security do they play War

Thunder and they were like no someone

was a referee for one of their friends

who was getting a job at the US

government yeah some sort of military so

they rang them up and they’re asking

yeah like are they reliable and uh

what’s the all these things do they play

do they play War Thunder no uh yeah

right but why has that reputation been

earned please well yeah this is an

update to a story we’ve covered in the


um but here we go

uh maybe they should change the game’s

slogan to Can’t Stop won’t stop says

Luke Plunkett brilliant good one Luke

good job Luke

you may remember that one of the

funniest stories of 2022 according to

Luke it was so funny was the way the

players of War Thunder and arcade online

shooter featuring real military vehicles

just kept on posting military documents

in the game’s forums not as acts of

Espionage but to win arguments about


the last time we checked on the it

checked in on these guys it was some

tank players who despite ban after ban

just kept on sharing detailed classified

information on currently operational

main battle tanks and their armaments so

these are people who have access to

those documents because of their

position I guess or their their job or

maybe they’ve found them like in another

Forum with bad means unless it means and

they’re arguing about like this Tank’s

better than that tank and they say I’ll

prove it to you and they post this

document that should not be posted on

the internet why does this tank not have

a higher armor rating than this tank

yeah look here’s evidence as to why

here’s how you would destroy the tank in

an actual military situation yes here’s

its weak spot uh this week we’ve seen a

similar thing happen only now it’s about

fighter aircraft as massively op report

earlier this week a player shared

military documents relating to the F-16

in fighter jet in order to win an

argument the problem is that those

documents while not designated as

classified military documentation like

the tank guys stuff was still restricted

material quote under the jurisdiction of

the international traffic in arms relate

regulations itar a state department in a

state department enforced law that

limits disclosure and transmission of

U.S weapons data and information to

foreign individuals including

Distribution on the internet so not

classified but still not the kind of

thing you should be posting in a video

game forum then just a day later someone

else was at it again this time a

different user posted excerpts from over

a dozen weapon system manuals for the

f-15e again these weren’t classified

indeed they were for systems old enough

that they had been

indeed they were for all the indeed they

were for systems old enough that they

had been Declassified

but like I’ve already said just because

something isn’t classified doesn’t mean

you can freely post it on the internet

forums where anyone in the world can see

them so they were deleted as well I said

this last year but I will say it again

now the fact that a video games forums

have become one of the greatest opsec

hazards of the Modern Age just because

some dudes want to argue over a weapon

statistics it’s very funny thanks Luke

that’s now the funniest story of 2020

yeah it is next year when it happens

again again remember the funniest story

of 2022 and the people were

playing Dr

classified this time slightly less funny

yeah it’s still pretty funny though I

have some weird news it comes from RB at

our underscore b84 on Twitter from

kataki by Zack’s bison real soldiers use

Metal Gear Solid tactic to defeat

military robot I think Solid Snake and

Metal Gear sort of create a hideo Kojima

would approve of this tactic

there’s a lot of graph in this article

so I am going to skip past bits okay

um cardboard boxes are very useful you

can use them to move stuff create large

elaborate faults out of them and uh

probably other things too Webster’s

Dictionary defines cardboard box as

place where cat lives yes but did you

know that you can use a cardboard box to

hide from a highly Advanced military

robot it’s true even if it sounds like

something straight up a video game and

then it explains what metal gear solid

is and how in that game you can hide

under a box from enemies yeah and that’s

basically all you need to know never

really worked for me they would always

just kick the box over yeah saw me

moving or something

um it turns out this tactic actually

works in real life against AI powered

robot which Yes sounds like a metal gear

solid thing but it’s actually something

exists in the real life world in our

real life world The Economist defense

editor Shashank Joshi post an Excel from

an upcoming book about artificial

intelligence in the military and it’s

the author of the book Paul share it has

a story about the US military user group

of Marines improve an AI robot’s human

detection algorithm to do so Marines

walked around the robot for a few days

while Engineers use a data to improve

the AI but eventually someone decided to

flip things and asked the soldiers to

try and defeat the AI defeat the AI

robot instead of helping it

then there’s some excerpts from a book

taken just in a picture good


the eight Marines parked the AI robot in

the middle of a traffic circle and

played a game whoever could reach the

robot from a long distance away without

being detected one all eight Marines

were able to do so some did cartwheels

throwing off the robots at detection

algorithm I’d love to see that yeah

another pretended to be a tree yeah you

have to hide your Hydra Wilson while you

do them yeah another pretended to be a

tree using branches and slowly moving

towards the robot smiling the whole time

but perhaps the best tactic used by the

Marines was hiding under a cardboard box

apparently two different Marines shared

a single cardboard box and hid under it

while moving towards the robot you could

hear them giggling the whole time said a

person in the book referred to as Phil

as explained in the book The AI system

was trained to spot humans walking and

running not people doing somersaults or

hiding in boxes so it’s fairly simple

and childish tactics worked and fooled

the AI meanwhile any average person

would be would have been easily spotted

a would have easily spotted a moving box

or a flipping Soldier showcasing a major

issue with the AI in its Reliance on

previous data and algorithms

soldiersivated robot AI using cardboard

boxes and silly gymnastics moves silly

domestic moves sounds like a plot point

for Metal Gear Solid game just one more

thing Kojima predicted I guess yeah yeah

do you think when they were tasked with

you know get past this AI robot do you

think either one of them was actually a

metal gear solid fan perhaps I don’t

know what snake does get in a box the

future of warfare is uh it’s gonna be

funny yeah that’s what I’ve learned

today it’s going to be the funniest

Warfare of 2010 the next war will be the

funniest War yeah we’ll look back on it

and guys I would like to the funniest

have been there and just seen this

cardboard box with like two giggling

grown men like hiding underneath it or

the man just hiding a tree smiling the

whole way

my weird news comes courtesy of at Lloyd

w90 on Twitter thank you at Lloyd’s w90

on Twitter and uh I think this is a

kataku triple triple whammy triple

whammy yes thank you uh some people may

have seen this as a uh something of a

I’m something of a collector myself uh

it was quite hard quite hard to look at

a lot of people are very upset about

this Pokemon fan says US Customs

destroyed four thousand dollar classic


an original sealed copy of Pokemon

Yellow reportedly worth nearly four

thousand dollars was ruined by U.S

customs and border control after its

seal was not only cracked but its case

broken and the front of the Box sliced

clean off in a wanton display of

aggression against Collectibles the

owner claims uh that owner who goes by

the master of unlocking told Kotaku he

was disappointed to see such senseless

damage it’s Jill yeah we’re just see

such senseless Damage Done to the now

ruined collector’s item there’s a auto

playing video that’s taking up half the

screen oh you clicked on the video I

didn’t I tried to close it I hate


the master of unlocking’s friend night

dive Studio CEO Stephen kick Mr kick

tweeted a picture showing the ruined

Pokemon yellow copy on January the 19th

uh don’t worry it cannot display a video

but it won’t embed an image that we need

to see that’s pivotal to the article

let’s have a look slice the front off

yeah I’ll show you it’s real they’ve

here we are already minced it look at

the state of that they just they’ve

cracked the the grading case open and

then just sliced the front of the

why the game

or something I don’t know they didn’t

study the blade very well that’s for

sure A friend of mine received this

sealed and graded original copy of

Pokemon Yellow kick said U.S customs

broke the acrylic case ripped and

discarded the seal and sliced the front

of the Box off maybe they weren’t fans

of water games

I think yes water games is an

independent company that grades and

certifies games for collectors there we

are there’s the clarification uh chances

are you’ll encounter water games if

you’re looking for high quality mint

copies of old games the company was

responsible for grading and certifying

the master of unlocking’s copy giving it

an A plus rating and a score of 9.2 I

don’t know if it’s gonna get that

anymore according to what A Game’s

website the game is in exceptional

condition and worth three thousand eight

hundred dollars or it was until U.S

customs came through and decimated the

certification well I do know that if he

traded in the yellow cartridge at CeX

it’d maybe get 15 pounds cash okay so

that’s you’ve not lost everything it’s

not total loss it’s not a total loss uh

so either they hated the battery inside

the cartridge or they thought it it had

contained drugs or something can U.S

customs just destroy things without

recourse asked another Tweeter with many

others demanding consequences against

the Ancients when we learned when will

you learn uh it goes on and on there’s

there’s all sorts of sources there it’s

worth a read if you want to feel a bit

upset and angry about it and you think

classic game being destroyed do you

think you can get compensations and you

can get four Grands it wasn’t sure I was

looking into this apparently the

insurance tends not to cover what

happens in customs which is kind of

shocking and and usually when people

have problems with Customs it’s sort of

like the Spider-Man meme where they’re

both pointing at each other yeah but

it’s customs and then the the Postal

Service who are responsible for it

they’re like where’s therefore where’s

therefore yeah you go around in circles

and you don’t get anything the only safe

way to get your games is to drive to the

headquarters and get it yourself and

then drive back no matter how far away

it is you must drive yeah or make knives

illegal and then no one can cut them

open or can we just get rid of Customs

just let people Ferry whatever they like

we ain’t nothing but mammals let us just

walk across into another country let me

get on a plane with a gun just let me

let me go to Europe with no passport and

let me just go between the free travel

is basically what I’m saying yeah you

want free travel in Europe there’s a

break I want borderless travel in Europe

and I want to be able to sort of go

wherever I want Madness I want to be

able to stand in the line that says

everyone else and not stand in a

separate line where we have to get I

won’t I don’t want to be in the sad line

anymore I want to be in the fast moving

nice line well I want blue passports so

you’ve already got them so yeah anyway

that’s how Pokemon Yellow was destroyed

the end let’s have another question

yeah it’s from uh Amelia underscore01

thank you Amelia heyabap what game do

you wish became a series or a series

that got cut short that you would like

to see another installment off uh love

from Amelia kiss kiss Thank You Amelia

sorry for being so rude there


so I have got some of both um you know a

game that never had any sequels or one

that did have some and should come back

uh well I’ll get Beyond Good and Evil

and Haven out the way they both ended on

Cliffhangers that may never be resolved

Haven won’t ever be resolved uh although

it was a Biblical allegory so maybe I

just need to read the Bible to find out

what happened the next chapter’s been

waiting for you for thousands of years


um it was written just in a cave uh like

in in Bethlehem or something yes that’s

where they wrote it yeah in that cave in

Bethlehem yeah

um Bible cave you know those two go

without saying I’m sure

um but so I’ve got games here that never

had a sequel talked about it earlier

actually bully or in the UK canis Canon

edit because we weren’t allowed to call

it bully

um but for some reason they picked the

slogan of the school in Latin rather

than they could have just called it

bullworth Academy that would have been a

much better name but no but that was a

really good game Rockstar

GTA style thing but in school and

there’s been talk for a long time about

maybe they’re doing a sequel it might be

a university or I might just be back at

a school again who’s to say but nothing

official at the moment

um Diddy Kong Racing very underrated

cart racer and I would have loved to

play more of that there was I think a

Donkey Kong racer or some kind of

spiritual successor on like the DS or

something I don’t know my Nintendo very

well but it was mostly instead of all

the like unique colorful characters

there was like conquer and banjo that

was some of their first appearances I

think and it was like a tortoise and a


um in the spiritual sequel it was mostly

just the Donkey Kong family you know

like what they called Funky Kong and

girly Kong Grandma Kong yes that all

those ones king King Kong yeah

um so that’s less exciting give me that

interesting roster

um and then uh now onto some series that

should come back tombi tomber only had

two games everyone’s clamoring for a

sequel in the tombi community they’ll

never get it

um I think Whoopi Camp who developed it

would sort of close down or absorbed or

something after the second game even

though I think there was an intention to

make a third game

um if they do a third one they should

only print uh 3 000 copies yeah and

they’ll go on eBay for hundreds of

dollars imagine how much money they

READ  What can't be done in the open world games?

would make just like that it’s like the

first two yeah

um time Splitters of course which should

be coming back apparently maybe

um and at least they’ve got a good

Innings with three games

um whereas only two of them are worth

playing though that’s true yeah

um and then likewise Dino Crisis did

actually have several games and the

reason that Dana crisis died out or went


was because there was a dip in quality

so I’m told I’ve not played the third

Diner crisis but apparently it was a

it’s on a downward trajectory but if

Capcom had just treated Diner crisis

like they’ve treated Resident Evil and

powered through some of the Duds and if

it was you know still being made today

the way that Resident Evil is being made

imagine what we’d have imagine the


um there’s still hope as well that that

will come back or at least get one of

the Capcom like re engine remakes

um so fingers crossed but those are some

that I would like to see more of

excellent Ashton there was only one game

that I think got the short end of the

stick and set itself or in the history

of gaming but no not in the history of a

game just that I can think of right

um and my brain’s not that big so

they’re probably there’s like

um and there’s only one game that I

could think of that I was like man this

game really got shafted and does that it

deserved to at least have the prospect

of getting a sequel but it was told no

pretty much immediately after released

um as Guardians of the Galaxy

um I think it was a really good game

after I got through the bit where I

didn’t like it for a while and they

actually said they’re not doing a sequel

to that I didn’t know that I also was

not aware I Googled it because I was

like I thought I’d heard news about this

but I think they said that they had

outwardly canceled making a sequel of it

because they were so unhappy with how

badly it performed yeah even though they

sold millions of copies and won awards

yeah can you imagine to me until you

said that I thought well that’s a shoe

interesting yeah

I thought so too but I Googled it and it

said I believe you if you yeah well it’s

it’s flipping Square Enix isn’t it and

it’s a western studio and who knows what

the license well yeah you don’t want to

touch Marvel again so it said

um because Marble’s gone as a Galaxy

developer idos Montreal has reportedly

canceled their new game

so I think you know they’ve kind of set

themselves up to be able to make a

sequel and have a really interesting

story but they will they’ll never get

that sad face it’s very sad face and I

like the first game a lot yeah ah never

mind uh mine are uh Guardians of the



um and also I’d like another Demon Souls

please yeah I know there’s a lot of Dark

Souls out there bloodborne bloodborne

well yeah I mean another bloodborne too

that’s a very good point actually yeah I

mean they’re they are functionally

similar games but I mean I’d like had

like a direct sequel to them please have

like a Demon Souls 2 that like a

bloodborne too I would like all of them

please thank you very much and the other

one which is a bit of an outlier uh not

the greatest received game in the world

but one that we’ve talked about quite

highly on this show before especially in

terms of its presentation was very nice

and also it has a very intriguing story

and that’s the order 1886. yeah I nearly

put that down yeah I think it’s a real

shame because that game ends on a

cliffhanger and I was really gripped by

the story of that game and very

intrigued by the alternative history

world that they created it’s just a

shame that it was bug and not hugely

inspired yeah gameplay wise and also I

think as we’ve spoken about before that

studio has since been purchased by one

of the big companies maybe meta Maybe

like a mobile game conglomerate I’m not

entirely sure anyway they’re they’re not

ready at dawn is the studio then they

won’t be allowed anywhere near anymore

however I think Sony still owns the IP

so they could give it it’s funny that

you mentioned that because this morning

I was looking to see if they’d finally

announce the PS plus games for next

month which they have not but someone

was predicting that that game would be

next month’s it was part of next month’s

PS plus it’s weird that you’ve said that

because I was like why they sometimes do

that before they uh like well more

before they release sequels rather than

announce sequels normally it’s the games

that are already it could be it could be

a test the waters kind of thing you know

how to yeah but it was a prediction that

someone had made people will be annoyed

by that because it’s a it’s a very old

game at this point and it’s it’s not

even it’s not very expensive the joke at

the time because it was uh it was the

forespoken of its day uh was that well

it’s not worth but I’m not buying it

until it’s 18 pounds and 86

I’m not buying it until it’s Force

pounds and Oaken Pence for Spinners uh

it’s yeah it’s it’s way cheaper than 18

86 now so but it’s that was a good game

that I liked and uh I would I would love

to see it followed up I’m actually

surprised that it’s not available for

free on one of the tiers of um is it not

well maybe it is but the fact like if

they’re going to add it to plus like

typically it might be an extra premium

situation yeah it could be I don’t know

yeah Lucky them

um wouldn’t know not in that club so no

no me neither can’t get any they won’t

let me in because because I won’t pay

for it

uh is it time to move on yeah to the big



it’s big discussion time time for the

big video game discussion this week

comes courtesy of Conroy milk Mr Milk

who says greetings Bap last week Crystal

Dynamics announced that they would be

ending development for Marvel’s Avengers

this continues the trend of live service

games having their support ended before

they’ve been able to reach their full

potential see other examples such as

Anthem and babylon’s fall why do you

think many of these games have seen a

lack of success and do you think the

industry will now move away from live

service games as the majority of them

don’t seem to live up to expectations

cheers Conroy milk good Alexa up here

okay from a Kotaku article late last

week Square Enix announced that that

it’s beleaguered 2020 live service game

Marvel’s Avengers will no longer receive

new content or major updates after March

the 31st and all official support for

the game will end on September the 30th

2023 with digital sales ending on that

date too while you’ll still be able to

play it offline and online with friends

after these dates it’s effectively game

over for the troubled online action game

they’re kind of just making it into a

game that people might actually want to

play now what by turning off I mean the

servers are staying on you can play with

just your friend or you’re on your own

or you can play on your own but it’s

worse on your own apart from the bits

that God I remember we would you

remember when we covered it when it came

out yeah and I was really keen on like

the first couple of hours that I played

as was everybody else like hey this

isn’t actually anywhere near as bad and

then it became like after a couple of

hours the missions were no longer linear

first person narrative focused it

suddenly became this sort of bland

here’s the here’s the world map where do

you want to go to do this this day this

weekly Quest where you get dropped in a

bland environment and have to do really

tedious A to B objectives which are

apparently missions you level up you I

don’t know anyway it was really exciting

for a while and I was super excited for

that game and I’m sorry to see that it’s

died uh but I can’t say that I’m

surprised yeah it’s weird though because

like so Conroy milk says you know uh

where is it um why do you think many of

these games have seen a lack of success

and do you think the industry will move

forward from live service games I’ve

I’ve wanted the industry to move forward

from live service games for a long time

but the fact that they keep continuing

to make them makes me think that like is

it just me am I well not just me but is

you know am I in the minority here not

liking live service games the fact that

they continue to make them makes me

think they must be popular yeah and

therefore I’m always surprised I think

it’s weird when like another live

service game comes out it just falls on

its ass like Anthem as well is another

good example and then it’s you know they

sort of it’s sort of brushed under the

carpet and they move on and say right

we’re doing new projects now and I’m I’m

like well yeah yeah that’s what I

thought would happen and then you

continue to keep making these games so I

think it’s the same thing we were

talking about last week in like one mine

will be different yeah mine will be

better it’s that it’s it’s such a huge

gamble every time because the the dollar

sign possibilities are pretty much

endless that I think most

let’s say for example speaking

completely out of our asses that there’s

a boardroom full of Executives who don’t

know anything about video games but they

like making money yeah and they see that

fortnite apparently generated 5.8

billion dollars in Revenue in 2021 we

don’t know profit but you have to assume

that it’s a fair chunk of that’s profit

um they want that they want a piece of

that pie but they either have to develop

a game that is premium like Marvel’s

Avengers was at launch like Anthem was

at launched like babylon’s 4 was at

launch or they have to push all their

chips in and make it free to play where

there’s no guarantees yeah it’s it’s a

risk reward thing where the risk I think

most casual observers would say is

probably far greater than the chance of

reward but even the chance of that

reward is seemingly enough for these

guys to just go yeah

we’re Sony we’re developing 12 live

service games by the end of 2025.

yeah so and especially if you can like

Snap up a Marvel you know the Avengers

license you’re thinking like this is

going to print money yeah so maybe that

is partly uh an incentivizer an

incentive if you uh you might be

thinking oh do we take that risk do we

do a free to play do we do a premium

then perhaps oh Marvel oh we can stick

that on it people will pay for that and

that is what sends you down that path as

opposed to the free to play if Avengers

can’t do it and if Crystal Dynamics

can’t do Avengers it can do it yes it

just makes sense uh then you know it

just shows what a risk it doesn’t help

that it wasn’t the best game in the

world no uh but you know it’s those

those that’s a big Studio a very

talented studio and that’s a huge IP

should have done well yeah the only live

service game I’ve ever like enjoyed and

thought do you know what this I can see

why people love this game is Destiny 2

and obviously they put a lot of effort

into those games and they’re kind of

constantly changing the only thing I

don’t like about Destiny 2 is that like

if you take some time off you miss a

significant chunk of of Law and story

that you hadn’t have to just catch up in

and like

blank just text pages that come up when

you load them that’s one of the things I

don’t like about live service games I

don’t think it’s the case for all of

them some of them don’t like have like a

narrative threading through in that

sense so it doesn’t really matter but

yeah for those that do that is one of

the reasons I’m like I don’t want to

feel like I have to attend class you

know yeah

um it also feeds into the biggest issue

that I think a lot of like a lot of new

live service games have or even existing

live service games is that and we’ve

said it before on this podcast their

very purpose is to be the only game that

you ever yeah they want you to log in

every single day and if you don’t you

miss out on story you miss out on daily

rewards other players will get ahead of

you and they will tell you that like the

game will manipulate you and try and

make you feel bad for missing for

missing school you know whatever not

going and that’s why there’s only a

handful maybe two or three kings of this

genre and everybody else who has a go

stands no chance because if you’re your

entire model is to be the only game that

everybody that anybody plays forever you

can’t play multiple of those and it

doesn’t matter if you’re good it’s you

can’t you can’t attract everybody to

your to your game

for one maybe two live service games if

they’re playing them religiously yeah so

to try and flood the market and have

your own success or not even flood the

market just to try and have your own

success is is highly unlikely uh because

it’s such even though it’s not a

particularly it feels like it’s a really

busy genre in a busy space but it’s not

really there aren’t that many games in

it it’s just because of the nature of

what they are there can only be one or

two really popular ones yeah I think

that’s that’s it really isn’t it that’s

why they continue to be made and why

this won’t necessarily spell the end of

live server well it won’t it’s about the

end of live service games Sony it

because yeah doing that many uh because

these people in perhaps in a boardroom

can you know they’ve got dollar signs in

their eyes is they see how much

something like fortnite is making

they’re like we’re gonna do that and

then the reason that it pretty

consistently is going to be a flop when

you make one of these games is because

there’s just not room in it’s a you know

it’s a one-horse uh race in a sense or

maybe two or three horses at best yeah

yeah and even those that have had

success in the past are starting to drop

away I’m sure Call of Duty Warzone still

has millions of players but I know that

it’s it’s got to be down significantly

from the pandemic for multiple reasons

obviously people don’t have as much time

but as someone who played a lot of war

zone I can’t flip and stand anymore it’s

just not that fun anymore the new map

isn’t the big war zone 2.0 from from

anecdotally from what I’ve heard has not

landed with core players as well as they

had hoped and

so it’s really hot even if you do have

that established audience it’s hard to

keep them yeah really hard also you need

to put a lot of work in to keep these

games entertaining like you can’t just

be like well we’ve made the game now

we’ll do periodic updates maybe a bit of

content later on but we’ve done it now

we can move on to the next thing if

you’ve released this game you’re gonna

have to keep putting things out you know

weekly events monthly events season

events you have to keep thinking of new

things to add to your game to keep

people coming back because people aren’t

they’re going to get bored they’re gonna

like that’s not the same but Disney

Dream like Valley I’ve now finished

everything now and I can’t do anything

until the next like game comes out yeah

Animal Crossing like you kind of you

finish what you need to do you’re like

well I don’t have anything else to do

now suppose I’ll turn the clock forward

to Halloween yeah exactly any cool stuff

to wait

um but you know these things are things

you have to keep constantly doing which

is a lot of work for these devs and a

lot of work for these like Story teams

obviously they’ve got like probably a

road map of where it’s that’s going to

go but there’s only like a certain

amount of time Destiny 2 basically keep

Reinventing the game every couple of

years to kind of make it brand new

experience like the new is it the witch

queen that came out last year is that

coming out soon I don’t know there’s

like a new seasons but they’re

substantial enough that they add

an entire like almost an entire game to

the game itself Destiny 2 is massive

like the the size that you need to

install for that game is absolutely huge

because there’s like four games inside

of it because they kind of periodically

make brand new game content for it but

that’s the thing they just haven’t got

the time or the money when your game’s

not making any money like Avengers

wasn’t because I didn’t know anyone who

was still playing it

um to keep making it if you’re not

making that money then of course you’re

just gonna bin it off and work on

something that you can make a brand

spanking new amount of money yeah that’s

true that’s just happened with it’s not

live service in the same sense but the

uh that crash Crash Bandicoot Runner

game crash on the run it was like a

mobile game apparently when that launch

in its first 24 hours it it performed

better than any other like for like game

in in history like a mobile Runner game

so there’s like a Mario one Mario on the

run or something as well they perform

better than that uh perform better than

Temple Run is it cool what’s that temple

one called yeah

I think Temple Run was like the first

one that came out and then yeah so it

looked it had a really good it had a

strong start they’ve just closed it down

after like a year because I think it’s

it’s that maintenance like if you’re not

constantly Reinventing it and they were

for a time they were like adding bosses

and stuff I never played it but I was

following like you know I used to see on

Twitter and stuff and uh I I imagine

that perhaps they’ve just thought well

it’s not going to continue to make money

unless we keep injecting new levels new

bosses and and all that stuff so you

have to continue to spend money to make

money from the from that product yeah so

it’s a tricky model it’s like it’s not

the same level as Marvel Avengers but

project Mako though

every week There’s Something New

happening like it’s like a new way of

getting extra lives or there’s like an

event happening where you can like spend

these other kind of tickets on a

separate like makeover that’s happening

all month long or whatever there’s

always something different whenever I

load the app it’s like today’s a new

thing I mean they’re reused some like

some of the content happens every kind

kind of month or so but it’s like still

new content and every time I go and it’s

like oh something new to focus on get

it’s not that it’s it’s not that new of

a genre now no but it’s still very

exciting I think to a lot of big

Publishers and even you know smaller

developers as well because it’s so far

outside of the traditional model of

video games where you invest a certain

amount of money to ship a game and then

beyond perhaps a couple of patches and

some support you know just to make sure

things are okay after launch maybe some

DLC uh that’s it that’s the game it goes

out and you sell it and some eventually

the sales dry up and that’s the end of

it you’ve made your money from you’re

gonna make from that game and this is a

format where they can potentially if it

goes well make money indefinitely from

this game yes you do have to you know

sync development costs in constantly but

if your game’s doing well enough then

you can easily offset that but I don’t


we’ve seen the last of live service

games not only because Sony have

committed to them for a while and some

of those may be canceled but it’s they

seem confident if they said we’ve got 12

and they’re coming out by 2025. uh I

think it’s going to be a case of

it the the the chance of making

unlimited money is too alluring and it

doesn’t seem like anyone has their heads

screwed on straight enough to go a lot

of big companies are failing at this

yeah maybe we should back off I think

it’s going to be a case of each big

company has a go gets burned and then

backs way off maybe they’ll never do one

again or it’ll be a while before they do

it again but there’ll be some other big

publisher or developer who haven’t yet

made theirs well we’ll try we’ll have a

go yeah we’ll we’ll have a go but yeah

we will we’ll have to see I’m I mean I

don’t think any of us are really that

bigger fans of live service games now uh

but their presence is undeniable and

they will be around for a while I think

unfortunately for better or worse I



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