Deadpool Is A Game Changer For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Deadpool is now available in Marvel’s

midnight Suns and he brings exploding

pinatas to the battlefield yes really I

finished all the new story content so I

want to go over everything that is new

from the hilarious cutscenes to the

brand new enemies you can fight there

are no story spoilers whatsoever thanks

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check the game and the DLC out by the

link in the description a like would

really help us out and let’s go you can

already unlock Deadpool very early on

after completing the third main mission

of the game called Spider-Man’s you get

access to the three new DLC story quests

and this entrance is pretty much what

you would expect you the new guy huh

sorry the new fully customizable

heroically upgradeable monster Masher

wisecracking anti-hero Merck very

occasional Hero whatever I’m adaptable

spin me off it’s a big franchise finish

this first mission and Deadpool is

unlocked for your team and maybe you

already heard it but he’s voiced by

Nolan North who was also the voice of

Deadpool in the 2013 game so it’s a

perfect fit in my opinion in this new

story you are helping him steal bag a

mysterious statue that summons evil

vampires and these new enemy types are

definitely not easy to kill more on that

later Deadpool is joined by a variety of

midnight Sun’s characters that are

sometimes already logged in but that

doesn’t stop him from being his chaotic

self and breaking the fourth wall a ton

of times

the level designer says she went that

way on our left careful and you be

careful it makes a dangerous situation a

bit more light-hearted and fun to play

the fact that he never takes himself or

others seriously and also the

interactions with blade or your Hunter

for example in and out of combat are

hilarious I need to stop taking jobs

from mysterious internet strangers this

could have been dangerous now Deadpool

has his standard red outfit but if

you’re able to open a lot of chests in

the Abbey area which you can easily do

after increasing your Arcane knowledge

level you can unlock some different

color schemes almost immediately like

this super silly unicorn one if you got

the legendary edition you will

immediately have access to two other

outfits like this Cowboy one or the X4

suit which makes him look even more

deadly and there is of course also a

special midnight Sun’s legendary outfit

but for this you need the max friendship

level so make sure you keep an eye out

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for a little heart above that pool’s

head so you can of course do Hangouts

after a mission now one thing to keep in

mind is that because of his unstable and

unpredictable nature Deadpool only loves

or dislikes an activity there’s snow in

between so think twice before choosing

one and you will get the maximum level

in no time you can also bring him to a

Haven after finding a location on the

Abbey grounds and give him compliments

to increase the level it is really good

for his ego as he mentions quite often

and getting to friendship level 2

unlocks a nice passive ability for

during combat called Staying Alive his

healing Factor will provide Health

recovery each turn and can be improved

the more you befriend him next to that

Deadpool also has some great active

skills you start with four and

eventually can unlock new ones by going

to Tony Stark at the forge and analyzing

new gamma coils you’ve got your basic

Attack cards like quick shots so you can

play more cards if you take out an enemy

with this skill and Def from above where

he jumps into the air to slice enemies

up with his katanas all together now

makes you draw extra cards during your

turn which is quite handy if you don’t

have a lot of heroism for example and

again you’ve got that amazing and

Powerful pain pinata grenade which deals

damage to each enemy in an area I love

this animation what’s so special about

Deadpool is that he is able to improve

the effects of his cards with the En

Fuego status effect when he knocks an

enemy out while using one of his ability

cards he gains a stack which you can see

on the bottom left of the screen each

stack can increase the effect of his

abilities like raising the damage of the

death from above skill increase the

damage area of the main pinata with 25

so you can blow up even more enemies at

once and your passive healing ability

can get affected as well the more Stacks

you have the more Health that will get

back each turn there is one catch though

every time Deadpool takes damage he

loses the stack so you better make sure

he doesn’t become a target of many

enemies the next turn or use the epic

card hey face yes we’re bleeping this

one out for YouTube guideline reasons so

Deadpool can taunt an enemy but he also

gains resistance that prevents all

damage from the next damaging attack so

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the most important thing to make him a

very op character is to attack a lot of

enemies but again make sure he doesn’t

become the Target and just like all the

other characters in Midnight Suns

Deadpool has a legendary heroic ability

which he unlocks after completing a

special challenge when reaching his max

friendship level it’s called burning

sensation and Deals a huge amount of

single Target damage which you can even

double with en Fuego’s Stacks so when

you get this one I suggest saving this

for a big boss or an enemy with lots of

health or Shields next to the new story

missions there are also new general

missions added with this DLC which you

can also access at the war table you’ll

recognize it by the title of the mission

which in my example was to feed vampire

so easy enough here you will fight

against the new vampire type enemies

which may vary from standard to even

turned Hydra soldiers or Mystics so when

the standard vampires attack a hero they

add one bleed to random hero cards which

you will see on the bottom right of your

screen what this means is when these

cards appear in your hand and you use

them the bleed debuff will activate this

works differently than the bleed you add

with blade for example because this time

it doesn’t work in your favor the bleed

effect even works through active Shields

or blocks so be careful with your next

move now some locations may contain

hemolisks so-called vampire AG sex where

new vampires can hatch out of if these

aren’t destroyed after a specific amount

of car place this means that every time

you use a card the timer counts down so

it’s very important to kill it off

before it’s too late after the final

score Story Mission you may also

encounter turned Hydra soldiers and

Mystics and these are the most

interesting new enemies in my opinion

they have their own abilities mixed with

those of vampires so while they deal

damage to a hero there’s a 50 chance

they apply one bleed to them as well

some Elites even have the power to turn

into an undead vampire minion after you

knock them out so you have to kill them

twice in order to defeat them all and I

gotta say this gave a refreshing feeling

to the combat not only because of the

many time the facts that makes you think

twice before making a move but also the

variety of new enemies and what they are

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able to do and next to unlocking

Deadpool he also comes with a new

research project that may improve your

overall combat a food truck after

reaching research level 3 and playing at

least two missions with Deadpool you can

unlock the ability to discard one card

from your hand to gain one extra move so

next to the use of abilities you’re also

able to move around the battlefield to

get out of enemy’s way or to shove

enemies into the environment or each

other to do extra damage for example so

getting an extra move slot during a turn

can be quite crucial to keep all your

Heroes Alive by upgrading it later on in

the game you can even get one extra

shove to deal even more damage you can

only discard one card per encounter

though so think about it carefully

before using it another item that Paul

has pitched an idea for to do research

on is a combat item called the effort

maximizer which you can unlock at

research level 8 and after upgrading two

Deadpool abilities it’s an energy drink

that lets you generate a copy of each of

a specific hero ability in your current

hands so if you want to use blade a lot

in one turn for example you can use this

item to get more visibilities available

to you one thing to keep in mind though

is that it will discard the rest of your

hands so you will only have skills of

one hero in your current hand at that

moment so after playing with Deadpool a

lot I can for certain say that including

him in this DLC was a great thing you

can unlock him via the Midnight Sun

Season Pass or you can buy The Good The

Bad and The Undead DLC pack separately

Deadpool is the first of four characters

who will join going to roster so when we

know more about the rest we will let you

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