On Gameranx,10 dumb but cool moves in video games

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In video games, there are tons and tons of moves,different things you can do to outsmart, outwit, or just beat down an enemy, and some are kinda dumb.

And even though some are kinda dumb,they’re also kinda awesome.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,10 dumb but cool moves in video games.

Starting out with number 10:

“Dying Light” 1 and “2’s” drop kick.

Now, this game has a primary
focus on melee combat,

and that makes dealing
with zombies a challenge,

at least until you start unlocking

some powerful abilities to take them down.

In terms of basic usefulness,

few other abilities match
the simple drop kick.

You jump in the air, kick with both feet,

and any zombie you
connect with goes flying.

If there’s anything else around,
they get knocked back too.

It’s kinda the perfect
move for crowd control

or when you just want to send
zombies flying off buildings

’cause, like, genuinely look at it.

It is incredibly satisfying to pull off.

The thing is this move is ridiculous.

You’d think in a zombie apocalypse,

the most important thing
would be defending yourself,

not just literally throwing yourself

at the flesh-eating
monsters like a projectile.

There’s a reason why people
aren’t out pulling drop kicks

all the time in MMA fights or anything.

It’s a high-risk maneuver,
even in those situations,

where no one is trying to eat your flesh.

Ignoring the real-life implications,

the move itself is just totally insane.

The height you can pull this
thing off from is just crazy.

You can basically jump off a skyscraper

and drop kick a zombie on the way down,

and suddenly you’re fine.

Basically nothing about
this move makes any sense

in either of the “Dying Light” games,

but it’s so fun to use,
it just doesn’t matter.

(wind whooshing)
(solemn music)

(protagonist grunts)

At number nine: “Yakuza: Like a Dragon,”

the Essence of Orbital Laser.

The seventh installment of the
long-running “Yakuza” series

is a weird one.

It’s got a new protagonist,
new city to explore,

and oh, yeah, it’s a turn-based RPG now.

Now, the “Yakuza” games basically exist

in the real world, more or less.

Mostly they’re just about
fighting rival crime organizations

and getting caught up in crazy schemes,

but they basically exist

within some kind of recognizable reality.

That is not always the case, though.

Sometimes things get weird.

In fact, they tend to.

But at least in terms of attacks,

things generally stay ground-level,

but this is not so much with “Yakuza 7.”

If you manage to get top rank

in the business management minigame,

then you unlock this ability,
the Essence of Orbital Laser,

which is exactly what it sounds like.

You get into a fight
with a random assortment

of street thugs as you wander Yokohama,

and instead of fighting fair,

you can summon a space laser
to do your dirty work for you.

This move is as over the top
as a “Final Fantasy” summon

and is literally Dr. Evil’s plan,

I think in the second one.

The fact this game is basically set

in the real world makes that insane.

Like, “Final Fantasy”
summons are all strange

in their own way and
obviously Dr. Evil is strange,

but neither of those
things represents itself

as existing in a more-or-less-real world.

And that makes this
attack just seem dumber

and even more insane.

(energizing music)

(Ichiban speaking in Japanese)

But there’s no denying that
the Orbital Laser isn’t cool.

It’s so dumb to see it deployed

in the normally-low-stakes world

like that of the “Yakuza” franchise.

At number eight is “Devil
May Cry 5’s” Dr. Faust.

The “DMC” series is filled
with bizarre weapons,

but in my opinion, the dumbest

and also most amazing
has gotta be this one.

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It’s a hat that Dante uses as a weapon

while pulling silly Michael Jackson poses.

(funky music)

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

There’s not much about this
thing that isn’t laughable,

and what’s even more impressive

is how overpowered it can be.

Now, the main thing that
makes it so incredibly good

is that you can earn tons of
Red Orbs if you use it right.

The Set Hat ability has Dante
throwing the hat at an enemy,

which literally puts the hat on them.

From there, any damage
you inflict on the enemy

makes them drop extra Red
Orbs, but if you get hit

while it’s in effect, you lose them,

so there’s a risk-reward
mechanic to using it.

Like every weapon in “Devil May Cry 5,”

there’s a lot of mechanics to it,

even on top of everything
we’ve already explained.

But it’s a cool-as-hell
weapon with a lot going on.

It just so happens it’s
also a white cowboy hat

that you do a bunch of silly
’80s music video dance moves

when you put it on, for some reason.

At number seven is “Resident
Evil 4,” suplexing the zombies,

one move we hope to
and expect to see again

in the upcoming “Resident Evil 4” remake.

It’s dumb, but it is iconic.

When you’re playing as Leon,

there’s a few different context moves

you can perform on the Ganados.

If you stun ’em normally,
then you can follow up

with a jump kick that sends enemies

that are close to you
right onto their ass.

It’s a great move for crowd control,

and it looks cool to boot.

Now, if you manage to cause a
Ganado to fall to their knees,

usually by shooting them in the foot,

you can do something a little different.

Leon grabs them and gives
them a full-blown suplex.

Like, he’s such a badass that
he is doing wrestling moves

on zombies, and not even any old suplex.

Like, the Japanese manual describes it

as a belly-to-belly suplex,

accurate as its usage in actual wrestling.

It’s an actual wrestling move.

Well, the very idea of
using wrestling moves

on enemies in a horror game is nuts,

but “Resident Evil 4” makes it work.

In a “Resident Evil” game

where you’re fighting these,
like, parasite zombies

in a creepy-as-hell
Spanish village/castle,

the wrestling move stands out, let’s say,

as both very dumb and very cool.

At number six, we’re talking
about “Super Smash Bros.”,

and not just anything in
it, but Snake’s taunt.

Snake’s standard taunt ability

in “Smash Bros.” is incredibly dumb.

It just makes it so he hides

in a cardboard box until you stop.

It’s slow, it does nothing at all

to actually hide you from enemies,

and it essentially serves no purpose.

I mean, there’s one thing it can do.

When Snake discards the box,

it’s actually considered a projectile,

so if anyone is hit by the
box, they’ll take damage.

It’s not a lot or anything.

It’s a cardboard box.

But if you really wanna show
some ultimate disrespect,

it’s the move to use.

Knock them onto the side of the map,

and when they try to jump onto a ledge,

just drop a cardboard box on their head.

(intense music)

It looks goofy, but it’s effective.

It’s also one of the very few taunts

that can do any damage in these games,

even if only a little,

and compared to Luigi’s little kick taunt,

there’s something
particularly goofy about this.

I mean, you’re beating
somebody with a cardboard box,

which looks about as flimsy as it is,

but somehow it has the force
to knock someone mid-jump

back down to the abyss.

Honestly, and this isn’t even
exclusive to “Smash Bros.”,

the basic concept of a
super-badass like Solid Snake

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sneaking around in a
literal box is funny enough,

but the fact you can make it a weapon

in these games makes it even dumber.

And it is cool and satisfying as hell

when you manage to beat somebody down

by dropping a cardboard box on them.

At number five is “Hulk:
Ultimate Destruction,”

the Shield Grind.

Yeah, “Breath of the Wild”
has a shield grind as well,

where, yeah, it does have
that specific function,

and it is pretty cool.

There’s something a lot goofier

when a superhero like the Hulk does it.

One of the coolest things
about “Ultimate Destruction”

are these weaponization moves
that let you take objects

and turn them into weapons.

Like, you can smash cars and
make brass knuckles out of ’em,

flatten a truck to make a shield.

The shield’s mostly good
for blocking projectiles,

but if you buy the Shield Grind skill,

you can actually ride it
around like a snowboard.

It’s not particularly useful.

(people screaming)
(metal smashing)

And even with the added ability

to send your board flying at enemies,

it’s not very effective most of the time.

It’s slow and too situational
to really be used.

But being able to grind around

as the Hulk is really
fun, and I don’t even care

that it’s effectively useless in practice.

At number four is “Dead
Rising,” so many moves.

One of the cooler features
of the original “Dead Rising”

was all the special moves
you’d learn as you leveled up.

Later games kept the system
but mostly removed the goofier

or more useless abilities,
which is a shame,

because there’s some
really hilarious stuff

you could do here.

I honestly couldn’t keep
it to just one, though.

There’s so many dumbass moves
you can pull off in this game.

They’re all hilarious.

Most of the moves you get
are actually functional

at the start, but the
closer you get to max level,

the goofier they get.

Stuff like the Double Lariat,

where Frank spins around
and plays to hit zombies

with a “Resident Evil”-style suplex,

or the Giant Swing where Frank
hilariously grabs a zombie

and swings it around by the legs.

One of the more outlandish
abilities is the Disembowel move,

where you literally ran your
fist into a zombie’s stomach

and yank out their guts like a lunatic.

It’s gnarly as hell and completely insane,

but it is actually effective.

The setting and character
are really what makes it

especially dumb, though.

The guy you’re playing as isn’t, like,

a super-soldier or anything.

He’s kind of a schlubby
looking dude with a camera,

so seeing him whip out
these “Street Fighter” moves

in “The Walking Dead,”
it looks ridiculous.

Like, wrestling moves.

I guess Capcom just really
loves doing wrestling moves

on zombies for whatever reason.

It’s hilarious, so I’m not complaining.

It’s just another one of those things

where it’s so dumb and it makes no sense,

but it’s cool as hell in spite of it.

At number three: in
“Dragon Ball Fighters,”

that is, “Dragon Ball
FighterZ,” the Body Change.

If you’ve ever seen “Dragon Ball Z,”

you know what we’re talking about.

When Goku fights Captain Ginyu,

he pulls out a special
move where he manages

to swap bodies with Goku for a while.

(fighter shouting in Japanese)

(heroic music)

This move has been perfectly
replicated in “FighterZ”

and works exactly like you’d expect.

It swaps control between
you and your opponent.

There’s even an additional
attack that you can perform

where Ginyu hurts himself
before attempting the attack,

which is pretty cool.

The fact this whole
thing has been replicated

for a fighting game is really cool,

but the actual function of
the attack’s very situational,

and it’ll probably end up
getting you killed, honestly,

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not just because playing
as Ginyu is difficult

in the first place but
because the super can be hard

to land even if you try it.

So trying to use this move
at all is usually dumb

because you’re just punished for it.

But if you pull it off, it
is a really impressive feat,

and especially if you win
the match based off it.

At number two is “Final
Fantasy VIII’s” dog cannon.

When you think of special abilities

in “Final Fantasy” games,

most people remember
the over-the-top ones,

like the ones where you summon a creature

that blows up half the planet
literally every single time.

This is not that.

This attack is about as small

as these kinds of attacks can go.

But while it’s not incredibly flashy,

it is incredibly dumb.

The character Renoa’s Limit Breaks

all revolve around her dog Angelo.

On top of being a very good boy,

apparently the dog also makes
some excellent ammunition.

For her first-level Limit Break,

Renoa pulls out this move
called the Angelo Cannon

where she somehow attaches her dog

to her little wrist crossbow
and fires at enemies.

Yeah, this also creates a big
explosion for some reason,

and no, the dog is not hurt by this.

Just the image of a dog
strapped to a gun is enough

to make this one of the
all-time dumbest moves.

I mean, seriously, look at… What are…

Look what we’re looking at!

It’s a dog in a gun. In a gun!

I don’t actually know
exactly how to describe this,

but on the other hand, the
idea of launching your dog

at an enemy is cool in its own way,

even if it’s pretty goofy,
to say the very least.

(cannon whirring)
(dramatic music)

And finally at number one:

from the “Tekken” series, the Fatal Wind.

In the “Tekken” games,

one of Kuma’s signature moves is this one,

where they bend over and, yes, fart.

It’s incredibly slow and easily countered,

and the range on it is short,

so short, in fact, that your opponent

literally has to be walking
into you for it to work.

But if it hits, it’s an
instant KO, guaranteed.

That’s what makes it cool,

it’s crazy powerful and can end a match,

but the actual animation is
extremely goofy and awkward.

Probably the most hilarious
form of this attack can be found

in “Street Fighter X Tekken.”

It’s not an instant KO there,
but the animation’s hilarious,

and I mean, the faces
some of these guys make

after getting farted
on, completely amazing.

I mean, it’s a fart attack
that automatically…

That’s dumb. That’s just dumb.

You don’t get around that.

You don’t make a fart attack and go,

“Well, that was the sensible
and dramatic version,” no.

But Kuma manages to stay
out of the Bo’ Rai Cho zone

because his fart attack
is also incredibly deadly.

Silent? Not so much.

Ah, right, it’s unlikely you’ll
actually hit anyone with it,

but it is amazing when you do.

(upbeat music)

And that’s all for today.

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