10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of 2023

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Every month everything gets weirder and

that includes the world of gaming I have

a feeling the year 2023 is going to be

the year of weird which is saying a lot

why oh you’ll see just stick around for

a few minutes hi folks it’s Falcon and

today on game ranks the weird gaming

stories of January 2023. starting off

you know how in Metal Gear Solid you can

hide in a cardboard box and AI powered

guards seem unable to understand that

you’re there anymore well guess what

that’s how it is in real life too a

writer of an upcoming book on artificial

intelligence by the name of Shawshank

Joshi posted an excerpt from the book

talking about how Marines who were

tasked with helping an AI robot improve

its AI eventually got tired of their

task and decided to try to defeat it so

they parked the AI robot in the middle

of a circle and played a game whoever

can reach the robot from a long distance

without being detected is the winner so

pretty much all of them did it so it’s

kind of like an eight-way tie like

different methods used we’re doing

cartwheels legit holding branches and

quote unquote acting like a tree but the

best one was the Metal Gear Solid method

in which one wears the box and

approaches is now here’s the thing I

will say this is a foolhardy method of

defeating the robot because the point

was to teach the robot right well now

the robot probably knows something about

cartwheels and cardboard boxes still

they defeated AI by literally hiding

under a cardboard box like Solid Snake

beautiful absolutely beautiful

at number nine what seems to be the most

passe argument now loot boxes is

something that EA apparently wants in

its latest beta of their new game skate

why I don’t know because I’ve gone ahead

and basically counted loot boxes out why

because World governments are just like

you know this is a problem we know what

gambling addiction is like and selling a

video game that includes gambling that

isn’t labeled as gambling is a big

problem various governments have acted

to differing the harshness but it’s

gotten to the point where European

Parliament which is not a country but

rather a collection of countries being

like okay we gotta take action against

loot boxes I don’t know why somebody

would be adding in loot box stuff while

this stuff is happening but according to

EA the loot boxes are not paid which I

guess is okay because it’s not really

what everyone’s problem with Luke boxes

are which is that it’s real paid

gambling but still I just don’t really

understand with the total hatred of loot

boxes why anybody would put it into a

game sometimes EA just makes some very

strange decisions

at number eight Lost Ark decided to ban

a bunch of players for being inactive so

lost ark has kind of a bad bot problem

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and they’re trying to do everything they

can to to bring that problem to heal so

to speak and they really pissed

everybody off by going to the extreme

length of just Banning inactive accounts

permanently Banning inactive accounts so

it uses steem’s anti-cheat to do this as

well which leaves a mark on a steam

profile and just to be frank Lost Ark

launched huge and then a lot of players

kind of dropped off so this is a lot of

people who just gave a game a shot and

ended up getting a mark on their steam

profile just for you know not playing

Lost Ark anymore it notes that you were

banned for cheating from Lost Ark which

not good it’s hardly shocking that lost

ark got review bombed for this one but

they did it’s gonna take time to know if

it really messes things up for lost ark

it’s still a pretty big game but also

that really pissed people off we’ll see

at number seven EA lost about 60 percent

of its Madden players saves due to a

data corruption issue for anyone who

played it or logged in during a 22-hour

period a few weeks ago and that pretty

much ends trust like if you’re going to

have all of your franchise saves on a

cloud storage setup they all need to be

backed up because if you can’t recover

most of them who the hell is going to

want to play franchise mode which is

what was affected and also the main

thing that people want to play on Madden

just a bad month for people doing stupid

crap with their servers honestly can you

imagine wanting to play after your save

was just annihilated in an online game

where ongoing statistics are important I

would not be happy and I would

definitely lose my motivation to play

the game at number six uh WWE 2K 23 the

last few years hasn’t been the Next

Generation and guess what this one is

not going to be a port this year 2023 is

not going to be a port of the Next

Generation version it’s going to be a

port of the PS4 and Xbox One version

that version is the one that the PC

players are getting the same version

that Nintendo switch is gonna get is

what the PC players are getting as if

the PC can’t handle the PS5 and Xbox

series version that’s insane I cannot

believe that is a thing people were

pissed last year we’re several years

into this generation of consoles and the

PC version which is technically the most

powerful most flexible Hardware I I mean

I I’m as angry as everybody else and I

usually play the WWE 2K Games like I do

play them but I don’t play them on an

ongoing basis I play them for about a

month when they come out and I like

playing them for about a month when they

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come out but I don’t play them on PC

because this is what is

excellent It’s so so dumb it’s

it’s doing this again this year maybe it

shouldn’t be shocking but it is coming

in at number five I don’t know if you’ve

paid attention to the day before but wow

is that an interesting story long story

short a completely unknown Dev with a

not great track record of small scale

games that very few people played

decided to make the most elaborate

survival MMO and everything they’ve

showed off of it makes it look

incredible it’s also one of the most

wishlisted games on Steam often times

the number one the lead Discord

moderator for the game who had very

recently announced an upcoming gameplay

reveal has now publicly said they’re not

sure if the game is real and that the

mod team has seen no gameplay now this

game a massively multiplayer Zombie

Survival game with incredibly detailed

environments and mechanics supposedly

launches in about five six weeks I don’t

think I have to explain how this one’s

weird or really the entirety of the day

before is weird

at number four guilty gears strive a

very popular 2D anime fighter if you’re

not familiar with Guilty Gear is getting

hacked it’s not the first time it’s been

hacked either uh see there’s this thing

with online games they have to store a

bunch of data for players to interact

with each other and Guilty Gear strives

method is called R code a few years ago

hackers figured out how to use it to

crash games by changing players names in

the middle of a match and apparently uh

they just stop doing it for a while

rather than Arc system works the

developer of Guilty Gear strike fixing

it because hackers have recently been

using it again but they’ve also figured

out that they could not only crash games

in the middle of a match by changing

people’s names but also that they can

force people to send chat messages of

their design so let’s say I’m a hacker

and I want a certain player to

continually tell people that they munch

on turds I could do that that honestly

whatever Arc system works did to stop it

the first time apparently wasn’t enough

and it’s actually kind of Staggering

that it is basically the same problem as

several years ago and they’re just like

all right well let’s start exploiting it


and number three war zone 2.0 the latest

version of the Call of Duty Battle

Royale apparently has had a glitch for a

while where if you’re in a helicopter it

might just explode for no reason the

problem is apparently there’s just like

some random hitbox something that

happens I don’t know I look at it and

I’m like why is the helicopter blowing

up it looks like it’s hitting something

but it’s not I’m not really too deep

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into war zone sometimes I play it but it

doesn’t seem fixed and this was early in

the month that that this became a

controversy and that’s that and number

two so everybody’s favorite car soccer

game Rocket league has had a big old

problem with cheating basically by

having a bot that was trained with

machine learning psionics hasn’t fixed

the problem or stopped the use of these

Bots or anything apparently they’re

actively investigating Solutions but

machine learning Bots are uh scary good

at this game apparently like I said

psionics the developers Act actively

investigating Solutions and they also

told the developer of the bot RL gym not

to publicly release any more bots of

this caliber until they get the

situation under control so basically

they publicly said please stop and

that’s uh the action’s been taken it’s

not like super effective apparently

because uh yeah even if they did stop

publicly releasing bots of this caliber

as psionics worded it uh this one is

still there and they haven’t done

anything about it so I don’t know

and finally at number one a twitch

streamer rigged up an EEG machine uh

I’ll try to say this word correctly but

if I don’t excuse me on that EEG stands


electroencephalogram basically a little

thing with a bunch of sensors that brain

researchers use to record mental stuff

uh she repurposed this thing to play

Elden ring using your brain I don’t know

how but pericardial is just thinking the

controls to this game and it’s working I

I mean look at look at this clip what is

that how does that work like she’s

saying the things out loud but I think

that’s for the sake of telling the

person watching what’s about to happen

it’s wild it’s absolutely wild if this

is a thing that people can control games

with in the future that’s gonna be cool

as hell that’s all I’m gonna say like

start a company pericardial you will

succeed if this is something that is

viable and that’s all for today leave us

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