New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay With Female Character

01.02.2023 0 By admin

Hey so while we’re preparing some new

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay detailed videos

I wanted to share this footage that I

did not share before from a side mission

that I’ve really not seen a lot of

people cover it includes some other

things as well so let me know what you

think and I’m also curious what you

think this reward is that I get is it

for the wands or for the broom I’m

curious let me know in the comments down

below a like on the video would of

course really support the channel and

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deluxe edition giveaway if you haven’t

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want to participate I’ll reach out to

the winner very soon good luck

there’s something in there I just know


is everything all right oh hello nice to

see you again thank you for asking and

I’m afraid everything’s not all right I

may be in a spot of trouble with the

librarian you might recall that I was

trying to cast non-verbally when we met

in the common room well I mastered that

and now I’ve taken to creating my own

charms thought I’d perfected my light as

a feather charm to use on my library

books my arms get so tired carrying them

around all day but I must have confused

the Latin word for feather with bird in

my incantation because when I opened my

bag just now in the library they

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literally took flight

that sounds a rather complicated way to

Simply avoid carrying your books


but where’s the fun and simplicity new

charms and spells have to I collect the

books and remove the charm myself except

this isn’t the first time one of my

charms has threatened the piece of the

library our meet told Madame Scribner

they were my books flying around so she

said that if I caused her any more

trouble she’d write to my parents

perhaps you could get them for me there

are only five she won’t be suspicious of

a new student looking around

I suppose I could help if I have the

time I’d very much appreciate it one of

the books is my diary I’d rather it not

fall into the wrong hands

if you could collect them and bring them

to me I can remove the charm


this cannot possibly be as difficult as

it seems

were you scared when the trolls attacked

I’d have been terrified

I’m going to have to use accio to get to

those books

got it only four more to go


thank you

handy resource indeed your Field Guide

I’m most pleased to be included




that’s the last book now to take them

back to Cressida


hello Cressida I collected your books

including your diary oh what a relief

thank you I’ll happily take the heavy

lot off your hands now

here you are well lesson learned I

certainly won’t be practicing any charms

in the library again anytime soon now to

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work out where I went wrong perhaps I

should start brushing up on my Latin

thank goodness some people are

trustworthy certainly wouldn’t want any

oh what am I missing



here I’ve come from the toilet bowl

where she said I could swim did you

practice your mole as long as we’re only

one time per week I can plunge the boy’s

lavatory not for the week


I’m glad you can make it lucan’s just

over there

can I help you can I help you

Sebastian told me to see you about a

club if Sebastian vouches for you that’s

all I need to know

I coordinated Jewels crossed once uh do

you think her

I’m flattered to hear that Sebastian’s

not a bad duelist either imagine it’s

quite something to see the two of you

Jill get me in the ring spect killer let

the fireworks begin

we’ll make you regret signing up


come on



nice work Sebastian wasn’t wrong about

you there’s strong competition ahead but

keep this up and you could be the next

school Champion brilliant Count Me In I

shall now it takes time to organize

these deals but check with me later I

may have something lined up for you

again congratulations on your first

crossed ones Victory well thought

see you back here again

thank you

glad you’re back

hello Lucan may I use the training dummy

of course I’ll fetch it and give you a

list of combinations to practice

ready to have a try now

that would be wonderful be sure to cast

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all your spells before the dummy lands

if you need to stop practicing before

you finish all of them let me know

excellent fall


good one

that’s it

I’d say that’s enough practice you

looked good out there thank you Lucan I

say better to discover one’s weaknesses

during practice than during a duel

you’ll be a fearsome Challenger now