Root of Nightmares, The New Lightfall Raid in Destiny 2 has players pretty split

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Root of Nightmares, The New Lightfall Raid in Destiny 2 has players pretty split.

From discussions of it’s difficulty, to the length of the raid, the mechanics, and even the art design.

You’re gonna see a lot of differing opinions.

For sure the biggest, is in regards to it’s difficulty.

According to Raid Report, Root of Nightmares has a total of 104,000 raid completions in the first 24 hours.

Compared to 32,000 completions for Vow of Disciple during it’s first 24 hours.

And the world’s first team beat Root of Nightmares in 2 and a half hours with the last team in the top 10 being just over 3 hours.

Again, compare that to Vow, where the world’s first completion was a little over 7 hours and the last team in the top 10 sitting at 8 and a half hours.

With these stats in mind, it’s led a lot of players to claim the raid is too easy with takes like, I don’t care what anyone says, Contest was not on during that raid.

The health of the bosses needed to be doubled if not almost tripled.

And players mocking Bungie’s quote about wanting to bring back challenge to Destiny.

Then having the new raid be beaten so quickly and easily.

And there is an argument to be made that Root of Nightmares might have been a little bit too light on the challenge, as the last time a world first raid was beaten in under 3 hours was Scourge of the Past in 2018.

And that was before the days of the Contest Modifier which significantly increases the difficulty for the first 24 to now 48 hours.

Now the counterarguments for why Root of Nightmares was so easy, bring up these two points.


Players are getting better and better at the game.

The number of high skilled players, and how well they know the games mechanics has only increased year after year.

A lot of the teams that have gotten World’s First in previous raids, have now been surpassed by so many teams.

The competition is fiercer than ever.

And the second point.

We are Stronger now more than ever.

This one might be a bit debatable since the Lightfall update saw quite a few nerfs to a lot of powerful builds and a nerf to resilience, but even with those Nerfs we are still very strong.

The Powercreep is still very real.

So pairing Powercreep with the hardcore Playerbase actively getting better day by day.


These points hold some weight.

But let’s take a look at some hot takes regarding difficulty.

First up Gladd.


Visually amazing.

Lots of movement in the encounters.

Planet encounter was so dope.


Bosses had no DPS Check.

Main Mechanic is almost.

too simple? Contest difficulty felt.

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off? (quick and easy) New raid was a blast for me, but I can see how it would be disappointing for hardcore people.

I love it, but didn’t feel the same sense of accomplishment as when I cleared Vow.

Vow was a more intese day 1 raid, but Root of Nightmares will be more enjoyable in the long run for most people.

Cool environment, pretty cool mechanics (even if final Boss had basically no new mechanics).

Damage checks were way too easy, so it all came down to figuring out mechanics faster.

Difficulty was very very lacking.

World’s 1sst was achieved in 2.

5 hours and multiple teams are doing low man challenges in contest successfully.

We are very powerful with our current abilities/builds.

I think a lot of us are just surprised by the low level of difficulty and challenge.

Learning the Mechanics became the only real factor in beating the Raid for most teams.

Staying alive or trying to perfect DPS checks weren’t even an issue.

And like Lucky said, low man challenges are being done with little issue.

In contest mode.

Pretty insane to see.

And there’s some concern surrounding the ability to simply bypass mechanics by Brute Forcing your way through them for Nezarec.

Skipping mechanics and brute forcing DPS through them is something we in Last Wish a lot for multiple Boss fights in that raid, including the final boss fight.


Players having the ability to do that on Day 1 with the Contest Modifier, doesn’t bode well for the future when contest mode is turned off.

It might become the easiest raid in the game.

But maybe that’s not a bad thing, at least according to takes like this.

Not every raid needs to take 20 hours and require remember 20 symbols.

This raid was fun, will be easy to teach, and is kinda fast to get some cool loot for the future.

It’s a win for me.

Root of Nightmares down.

Great raid.

Definitely a little on the easy side but that’s gonna make it really replayable and chill.

Similar to DSC.

I prefer Root over Vow to be honest.

Vows odd pacing outweighs its strong moments for me.

Root is certainly the “hold w” aka fast paced spiritual successor to Wrath of The Machine that I wanted.

An action raid.

Will be easy for LFG to get together and run through.

Root is fast and replayable.

Something that makes it easy day one, maybe.

But makes it successful long-term.

Gothalion likening it to Wrath is a good comparison.

Because not only was Wrath just fast paced action packed fun, like Root, but the worlds first was also completed in 2 hours, which was much faster than it’s previous expansion raid which was King’s Fall.

Which like vow took about 7 hours.

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But Wrath went on to be the far more popular and replayable raid.

King’s Fall Day 1 was far better than Wrath’s Day 1.

Not just because it was more difficult, but because of the size and scale of it.

It was a massive experience.

But Wrath was just pure fun start to finish.

And its now widely regarded as a top 3 raid of all time by many.

So right now it looks like Root of Nightmares is on it’s way to aging well in way of replayability.

But, how are the other aspects of the Raid? Art Design, Story, Weapons, Armor, Bugs? Art Design.

Everyone seems to be loving the aesthetics of the raid.

A lot of people saying it’s the most beautiful since Last Wish.

And honestly I think they’re right.

The Traveler’s Light Blast basically mixed with the Darkness of the Pyramid made for some pretty fucked up but beautiful designs.

But where there seems to be some debate on the artistic side, is with the Armor.

What goes through the heads of these gear design devs.

It’s always just flat out ugly gear.

Looks awful.

I’m sorry but that is the ugliest armor I have ever seen.

By far the worst end game armor I’ve seen in all my years playing Destiny.

What on earth.

Lots of complaints.

Many more just like these.


Then there’s some like this.

That Warlock armor is so incredibly sick.

I need it.

I will not stop doing this raid until I have acquired EVERY piece of armor for all my characters I love how unique the design is.

Now I gotta say.

I think this shit is atrocious.

Probably the worst armor set in Destiny 2 yet, and that’s saying something because each year it seems like the designers try to outdo each other for who can make the ugliest armor.

But yeah this one takes the cake.

However some players have a more balanced take on it.

This is what raid armor should aspire to be.

Love it or hate it, it’s unique and when you see it you’ll know its from a raid, and immediately which one.

And you know what.

This is true.

It does stand out.

And I will never forget that Root of Nightmares has the ugliest armor in the game.

And I gotta agree with this take from Maximus.

They didn’t make 1 good armor set for Lightfall aside from the Eververse set.

The weapons are seeing a much better reception.

The raid exotic Conditional Finality is getting a lot of praise for both it’s Visual design and How Strong it is, and the Legendary weapons look like some schlop slapped on top of existing gun models, but from the gameplay side of things, there’s some pretty decent god rolls that are already becoming meta.

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Narratively, Root of Nightmares has people a bit split again.

With a lot of comments noting Root of Nightmares doesn’t feel like it has a story and that Nezarec seems like he was just used for the sake of having a villain for the Raid, rather than doing his character Justice.

But others argue we knew so little about him in the first place, that it doesn’t matter as much.

There was one cool surprise in way of the Third Encounter where we get to see the location where the Witness was during the final Witch Queen cutscene.

That was a pretty cool moment.

But most players are still pretty confused about the Story for Root of Nightmares.

Bugs and Glitches? There’s a few like any raid.

But one of the most frustrating aspects of the raid, might not even be a glitch.

It’s another janky inconsistent mechanic.

According to Kujay, Root of Nightmares finally introduced a raid mechanic more buggy and inconsistent than the tether in Garden of Salvation: The demonic platform launchers in the 2nd encounter.

Literally never know what kind of momentum or trajectory you’ll have after using them.

Now one thing players were expecting or at least hoping for was for something to open up or unlock after the completion of the raid, like what we’ve seen before for previous raids.

But we didn’t really get anything.

Except for a few random collectibles for a triumph.

But speculation seems to point to Bungie initially having a new quest unlock for the Exotic Sidearm that would also lead to us unlocking the final Strand abilities, but due to the backlash at the lack of content at release, Bungie decided to release that content early in order to appease the pissed off playerbase.

Interesting theory, there’s no way to know for sure on that.

But it seems likely.

Another thing that has players scratching their head is this scene or image from Trailers.

This looks like a Raid Fly in intro cinematic.

But of course, that’s not the raid intro, so players thought maybe it’d be something else after the raid.

But so far, this cinematic doesn’t actually exist in game and turned out to be nothing.

But I want to know your thoughts on the Root of Nightmares raid.

Have you played it yet or not? And what are your thoughts on it so far? Thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you guys in the next one.