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– Hello, folks.

Today is Friday, December 16th, 2022.

As usual, my name is Jake Baldino.

Here to talk about the video game news

that has been going on this week.

It’s been quite a week,

so let’s just jump in.

First, with some hot rumors.

Now, this is,

take this as an extreme rumor,

take it with a grain of salt,

of course, but there’s
actually some stuff coming up

about “The Last of Us Part 3,” apparently.

Now, this comes from Twitter
person, anonymous leaker,

and by the username ViewerAnon.

Who, you know, could just be
a random person on Twitter.

But they actually have a
more recent track record

of getting a couple of things right,

including leaking some details

about “The Last of US” HBO show,

specific details and getting them right.

As well as the existence
of “Crash Bandicoot 4.”

So there’s that, at least.

Some people are hanging onto this.

Now, ViewerAnon suggests

that the “Last of Us Part
3” is well in the works,

and it is Naughty Dog’s next game

after the “Factions” multiplayer thing

that’s going to be released.

They talked about that earlier this year,

but apparently, right after that,

“The Last of Us Part 3” is
their next official game.

Now, people behind Naughty
Dog like Neil Druckman

and stuff have one on record

saying that they have an outline
for a possible next game,

but this is apparently now a real thing.

Again, if this guy is right.

When somebody asked this leaker

about like what’s going
on with “Uncharted,”

they suggested that another
studio is working on it.

Now, that could mean anything.

Another studio internally,

another small group within
Naughty Dog working on it,

or is “Uncharted” going to be outsourced

or rebooted to another Sony studio?

We don’t know for sure,

but me, at the end of the day,

I personally was hoping for something

other than “The Last of Us Part 3”.

I’m not an anti “Last
of Us” person at all,

believe me, but I like Naughty Dog enough

that I just wanna see them
take on different things,

come up with new things.

Or I’m gonna be one of those weirdos

still telling them to go
back and make cartoon games.

I want another “Jak
and Daxter,” goddammit,

but that’s besides the point.

If this stuff is even true

and “The Last of Us Part
3” is their next game,

there’s also the big question like,

where does the story go now?

it’s the same question I had

after the end of the first game,

I have after the end of the second game.

What do we do now?

Like, there’s some open-ended stuff,

but I don’t know, man.

On the other side of it,

like the money making business side of it,

I mean the another “Last
of Us Game” can make sense,

especially if they’re going
off the momentum of the show.

The HBO show, it seems like
they’re building this thing up

to be a big deal.

They released “Last of US Part 1,”

a cleaner, newer, more expensive version

of the original game for
more people to play, access,

new people, new players,

along with it going on PC.

So like the “Last of Us” is
a ball rolling right now.

It’s a snowball thing.

So maybe 3 is the obvious next choice.

I don’t know, they should stop,

and make like a “Last of
Us” cart racer in between.

Okay, bad, stupid old game jokes aside,

that’s where we’re at with this news

so let me know what you think.

I’m sure you’re gonna
have lots of opinions.

In other news, Rockstar
Games has been in the news

because they unveiled like
a cool new flashy logo

that people are like,

“Oh my God, is it “Grand Theft Auto 6?”

Whatever ,dude, I don’t know.

But the big thing is that
they just dropped ray tracing

in “Grant Theft Auto 5” for
PS5 and Xbox Series X and S

in an update.

And holy shit, like,
this looks really good.

I mean, granted they’re
putting ray tracing

into an older game

that technically should
be able to handle it,

but like, damn, this video
of it via GTA Series Videos,

it’ll be linked into
description down below

if you wanna check it out, is pretty wild.

I mean, this is pretty
cool, impressive stuff.

Video Game Tech gets
more and more impressive.

We talked about it last week,

a couple weeks before.

And it’s nice to see cool stuff

being implemented more and more now.

That’s really it.

That’s the long and short of it.

Oh, and some other surprise news.

If you’re watching this on
Friday when this goes up,

just yesterday, Sony just low-key dropped

that “Spider-Man 2,”

the next insomniac big “Spider-Man” game,

is releasing next year,

fall of 2023, believe it or not.

I didn’t expect that.

I thought we were going
to be waiting longer.

But in their PlayStation blog,

kind of like looking at
what’s coming in 2023,

one of the big things
right at the top was this,

“Spider-Man 2,” fall 2023.

And games get delayed all the time.

Let’s be honest, (chuckles)

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especially, like, I don’t know.

I’m more used to things
getting delayed so much

because of like the pandemic

and everything that
went on with development

for the last two years.

But even going back to normalsville,

like, games still get
delayed all the time.

That being said, I hope we see it.

Love “Spider-Man,”

so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sticking with me,

sticking with Sony for a sec,

also hot on the news

is that apparently, Gorilla Games

is working on a “Horizon”
multiplayer game.

Yes, a like new game set in the universe

of “Horizon Forbidden West,” “Zero Dawn,”

but fully multiplayer.

This is because of a job posting,

and they basically
outlined a multiplayer game

with familiar characters and elements

from the world of “Horizon,”

which is pretty big.

I’ve seen ramblings out there

of like a concept

of kind of like a “Monster
Hunter” style game,

like, in terms of
multiplayer for “Horizon,”

which I mean, makes sense, right?

You think about the way
monster hunting goes down

in something like a “Monster Hunter,”

and people love the hell out of that.

So I mean like, “Horizon”‘s already

kind of like this “Monster
Hunter” like type of thing,

so it’s a no-brainer.

I’d really like to see how this goes down,

and I hope it becomes a thing,

’cause, I don’t know,

actually, I don’t know how I
was gonna finish that sentence.

Robot dinosaurs are cool.

Oh, and a little “Tomb
Raider” update for you.

We got a little bit more about
the next “Tomb Raider” game.

We already know Embracer Group

who now owns Crystal Dynamics

has said that they are making
a new “Tomb Raider” game,

but now we know officially

that Crystal Dynamics is partnering up

with Amazon Games to put this bad boy out,

and it is going to be a
multi-platform “Tomb Raider” game

on Unreal Engine 5.

I think we knew the Unreal
Engine 5 bit already,

but Amazon is involved,

and just a blanket statement,

was basically the description,

you playing as a confident
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider,

in a world with combat
and mind-bending puzzles.

So as a “Tomb Raider” fan,

I still have so many questions

about like are we getting classic Lara,

’cause that’s, at this point,

that’s what I want,

and I know a lot of “Tomb
Raider” fans out there

definitely want that as well.

Or are we continuing from the last thing,

like, it’s like, it’s
been hard to tell really

with what they’ve stated so far.

Here’s my pitch.

“Lara Croft Tomb Raider” Battle Royal.

100 Laras drop onto an island,

and each one of them has two guns

and they gotta fight a bunch of wolves.

What, I don’t know.

Okay, anyway, bad joke, let’s move on.

I’m working this out.

Okay, I’m workshopping bits.

Okay, next up we have a little
bit of “Elden Ring” news.

Something I didn’t acknowledge last week

during the kind of Friday news
show game award type video

’cause I wasn’t feeling well,

I missed some stuff.

But “Elden Ring,” of course,
won Game of the Year.

And Miyazaki acknowledged
that they are working

on more things specifically
with “Elden Ring.”

We already talked about
the PVP Coliseum thing

that opened up,

but apparently, there is more to come.

We know that they’ve been
working on DLC, kind of,

but to hear Miyazaki,
head of FromSoftware,

acknowledged it himself, is good.

And the fact that he
said several more things

is pretty exciting.

Along with that, more
recently, Miyazaki and Friends

did the interview circuit,

and they had a conversation with IGN

talking about “Armored Core 6,”

where if you remember,

we got that sick ass, cool
concept trailer type thing,

and the game is apparently coming in 2023.

Well, he outlined that they are not

specifically trying to
make it a “Soulsborne”

or “Souls” like style game.

Like, it’s not going to
necessarily play like one.

Some people were kind of speculating that,

where “Armored Core” old
school fans didn’t expect that.

It seems like they’re going to stick

to the mecha stuff here
from what they’ve said.

However, he did say that
there are going to be

some really awesome boss battles,

and that is a main focus of the game

and kind of the challenge
of that boss battle

and outwitting them.

But he said specifically,

they had not been making
a conscious effort

to try to direct “Armored Core”

towards more “Soulsborne” type gameplay.

And I quote,

“Boss battles are the highlight this game

in this title.

The essence of the battles
in which the player

reads the enemy’s moves,

and then plays games with them,

is of course, provided as
is typical of FromSoftware.

But in this title,

both the enemy and your
own machine are aggressive

and violent in their attacks.

We are developing the game

so that players can enjoy the dynamic

and intense boss battles
that only mechas can offer,

along with the unique
aspects of ‘Armored Core.'”

I’m really excited to see this one.

As somebody who never really
got into “Armored core,”

and I expect there’s a
lot of people out there,

I think this is pretty
exciting that the fact

that they labeled it “Armored
Core 6” specifically,

in my opinion,

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seems like they still
wanna give those OG fans

what they want.

There are tons of “Armored Core” fans,

so I’m really hoping
FromSoftware delivers.

And while it seems like
it’s gonna be hard to please

new FromSoftware fans
and “Armored Core” fans,

I think if anybody can do it,

they can, at this point.

They earned the benefit of the doubt.

And next up, this episode is
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We have no sponsors for
the rest of the year.

We’re wrapping things up here.

I think, technically, this is
the last Friday show of news,

but you’re gonna be getting
me every Friday still,

I’m not going anywhere.

But I just wanted to say,

as always, thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for dealing with,

or watching, or clicking on the sponsors.

However you watch us,

just thanks for sticking around.

Now, moving on, it’s the end of the year.

Just when you thought

they couldn’t have have
squeezed in another game delay,

somehow they did.

Warner Brothers has announced
that the previous gen versions

of “Hogwarts Legacy” are being pushed.

So PS5, Xbox series X and S,

and PC versions are still
launching February 10th,

but the PS4 and Xbox One
versions are dropping April 4th,

and the Nintendo Switch version

is coming in July, July 25th.

And I can’t imagine what the
switch version of that game

is gonna look like.

I don’t think it’s streaming.

I don’t, I should look into that.

But, yeah, that’s where we’re at.

Final game delay of the year.

Hopefully, nothing else
squeaks by, but yeah.

Also some stuff I just wanted to link

in the description down below,

some reminders, stuff like that.

The first is the trailer
for “High on Life”

that dropped this week.

People seem to be playing
that and enjoying it.

I haven’t jumped in yet,

but we might be doing a
Before You Buy on this one

over the weekend,

I’m not on that though.

I need a little bit of a break
from Before You Buy videos.

But, yeah, also, the
“Witcher 3” Next Gen Update

did drop on PS5 and Series X.

It seems like, for the most part,

it’s a pretty banger little update.

The PC version still has some quirks

that are getting worked out,

which is really unfortunate.

But otherwise, just some
thoughtful little implementations

and improvements here and there.

That’s just a nice reason
to revisit the “Witcher 3.”

One of my favorite games

I’ll always take an excuse to do so.

Also “Crisis Core” drops.

There’s a trailer for that.

Seems like people are
really, really digging that.

Lots of stuff floating,

a lot of memes floating around
out there, I appreciate.

And also, two things I linked.

The first is Hideo Kojima’s new studio.

This is like a flashy,

almost like billionaire YouTuber
style video game studio.

Like, it just looks crazy.

It’s absolutely insane.

Good for them.

He highlighted that they were working

on “Death Stranding 2” and another game.

And then also multimedia projects.

So there you have it.

Along with that, I also just
linked a quick interview

with the guy who went
viral at the Game Awards

at the Game Awards orchestra.

The guy who was playing the flute,

and going crazy,

and just really loving it.

The Verge, I believe did
an interview with him,

and it’s just really nice.

He’s just a passionate guy who loves music

and loves his job.

And I just thought that was
worth getting some eyeballs on.

It’s worth reading

if you wanna feel something
nice about someone.

Well, little Friday inspiration
for you, I don’t know.

Also, Valve kind of talked
about the next iteration

of the Steam Deck.

Yeah, in an interview with The Verge,

Valve let Lawrence Yang
and Pierre-Loup Griffais,

if I’m saying his name right,

to just kind of do a
full ranging interview,

and they touched on a lot of things.

Number one, that they still wanna revisit

the Steam Controller

and make a Steam Controller 2,

which is cool for a very
specific group of people,

you perverts.

I’m kidding. (chuckles)

But also, the fact that Steam Deck 2

is a possibility at
sometime in the future.

They reiterated that it is
a multi-generational thing,

and I still feel like Valve
isn’t going to just fart out

a completely new revision
every year like a cell phone.

But at some point, they
did specifically say

that the things that they
are going to upgrade first

are going to be screen and battery life.

They’re still confident in the fact

that the internals can
play a lot of modern games,

so don’t expect revisions
for that anytime soon.

But they are looking into the battery life

and the screen,

which, just judging from my
YouTube comments and stuff,

and what I’ve seen,

that’s the thing most
people take issue with.

Battery Life hasn’t bothered me too much,

but the fact that it is
a concern for people,

they obviously wanna
improve that, so, cool.

Are we gonna see that right away?

No, I don’t think so.

I think they’re still focused

on doing little incremental changes,

both just to hardware manufacturing,

but also software.

The amount of updates
they’ve done to this thing

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over the course of a year
has been really impressive.

So that’s where that’s at.

That full interview,

like everything I talked about,

of course will be linked
into description down below.

But also, it’s worth pointing out,

you know, the whole digital future

and game ownership stuff.

Some games have been taken online by Epic.

They have shut down
servers and online services

for a handful of games,

including old “Dance Central” games,

old “Rock Band” games, specifically
“Rock Band 1, 2, and 3,”

and the “Green Day” and
“Beatles, Rock Band” games.

And the old “Unreal”
games like “Unreal II,”

“Unreal Tournament 2003, 04”
and “Unreal Tournament 3.”

They did announce that they are bringing

“Unreal Tournament 3” to Epic Games,

and they’re gonna like
bring it back as a thing

with Epic services specifically,

but “Unreal Tournament 3” really?

Wouldn’t have been my first choice,

but also, I’m not the expert,

I’m more of a “Quake,”
“Tribes” guy, but yeah.

As generation grows

and the span widens,

shit’s gonna move fast and loose.

I mean, just look at the
entertainment industry,

and look about how many
things just sudden,

the fact that HBO announced

that they’re just taking
“Westworld” off of HBO Max is wild.

They like just made that show.

So just pay attention and
be an informed consumer

as the digital future continues.

Now, finally, let’s just talk
entertainment real quick.

Couple of new announcements.

The first is “God of War,” the show.

We’ve known this is a thing,

but people have a short attention span,

so like the new announcement
kind of spurred interest.

but the new announcement

just comes with, specifically,

who the people involved are?

This is going to be a “God of War” show

coming to Amazon that is in the works.

And it is from two people

behind and very involved

with the “Wheel of Time,” “The Expanse,”

which is very cool.

And yeah, that’s gonna
be Sony Pictures TV,

Amazon Studios working
together for a thing.

And the official description

describes the plot of “God of War” 2018,

which is very interesting to make a show

about a character that
had a previous life,

like, he’s coming down
from a previous life

from somewhere else,

but it’s other video games.

Like, it’s just interesting.

I would’ve loved to have seen them

start with “God of War 1.”

Make a (beep) “God of War 1” show.

Could you imagine what that will be like?

I can’t.

But the people love “God of War” 2018,

and it’s a solid story and a good play.

It’s cool, so yeah, there’s that.

But also, the announcement this week

that “Death Stranding”
is also getting a movie.

Okay, good luck with this.

It seems like more of

it’s just like a sitting
on the rights thing.

I don’t know if we’re ever
really going to see this,

but the producer of the very awesome,

recent horror movie, “Barbarian,”

has announced a partnership
with Kojima Productions

to develop and produce a
film adapting the Game.

Good luck with that. (laughs)

I really liked “Death Stranding.”

I thought it was really creative,

but like the story and telling that

in just the format of a film,

I don’t know, man.

It’s the same thing with
the “Metal Gear” movie.

It’s like, how do you,

it’s a lot.

Let’s just say that.

But that’s a video game news

that has been going on this week.

So of course I wanna hear from you, guys,

in the comments, like,
what you’re thinking

about this stuff from those shows,

to “The Last of Us,”
and “Uncharted” rumors,

to delays, “Tomb Raider,”

a new “Spider-Man” game
possibly coming next year.

Let’s talk about all this
gaming news down there.

I definitely wanna hear from you.

And of course, if you ever
wanna yell at me directly,

’cause we’ll be in the comments,

we’ll be there as much as possible,

but things get a little crazy.

So just shout at me on Twitter
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And also, still, be on
the lookout for scammers

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It’s on our channel,

but it’s on all YouTube channels.

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If you get like a fake Gameranx account

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Dude, we’re not doing giveaways like that.

And also, we’re not gonna ask you

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Unfortunately, people are
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But just be aware,

as of right now,

we’re not doing any giveaways,

so stay safe out there.

And speaking of staying
safe, happy holidays.

Although you’re going to see
me much more up until then.

I’m still gonna be here every Friday,

just different types of videos.

But thank you very much for watching.

Have a great one.

We love you.

I’m Jake Baldino.

See you guys next time.

Pizza’s on me.