To help you work out what you’ll be playing this month here is your February gaming forecast

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Ah February, the month of romance, groundhog day and only 28 days. And though it may be the shortest of all 12 months it’s certainly packed to the brim with brand new games andexciting things to play on all consoles.

We’ve gathered together all of the big releases coming this month as well as all of the games dropping on Xbox Gamepass and Playstation plus for your convenience, and so without further ado, to help you work out what you’ll be playing this month here is your February gaming forecast.

The first game dropping this February is Frontier
Foundry’s Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to

2017s Deliver Us The Moon. Launching on PC,
Playstation and Xbox on the 2nd Feb, explore

a mysteriously empty colony base and attempt
to recover the stolen colony ships to save

the human race back on earth. Earth’s youngest
astronaut Kathy Johanson joins her crew on

the Zephy to recover the ships while also
secretly searching for her father. Solve puzzles,

climb through dilapidated ships and discover
the mysteries left behind in this 3rd person

space adventure!

Fans of Japanese history and beautiful locales
should be excited for EAs Wild Hearts. Play

alone or with 2 friends (or strangers) to
fight the giant Kemono, animal-like colossi

fused with natural elements. Using predominantly
melee based combat against these creatures

seems quite tricky but add into combat the
Karakuri power your character wields and things

get a bit more interesting. Build traps mid
combat, create boost platforms to perform

aerial attacks and even ride on a spinning
wooden wheel around the world – there are

plenty of gameplay mechanics to try and master.
EAs new RPG releases February 16th on Playstation,

Xbox and PC.

Once known as the Yakuza series, Like a Dragon:
Ishin, is a spin off from the main game series

set in the late Edo Period of Japan (we’re
talking 1850s). You’ll take on the role

of Sakamoto Ryoma using one of 4 fighting
styles (swordsman, gunslinger, Brawler and

Wild Dancer) and attempt to change the course
of history. Utilising a unique card system

to unleash powerful attacks, you’ll fight
your way to revenge while experiencing new

and familiar side content, you know, your
gambling, your fighting arenas, your battle

dungeons oh and of course some Karaoke. Like
a Dragon: Ishin releases on Playstation, Xbox

and PC on 21st Feb!

Coming to switch on February 24 is Kirby’s
Return to Dream Land Deluxe, the enhanced

remake of the 2011 wii classic. You can play
alone or with up to 3 friends, one of whom

can even play as King Dedede if they want
to be a menace, and side scroll your way across

lots of different landscapes and environments
while using a multitude of copy abilities,

including the new Mecha Copy Ability. And
how can we forget about all of the mini games

and challenges you can compete against each
other in – if you want to find out how good

the original Wii game is compared to other
Kirby games, go and watch our Every Kirby

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Game Ranked list!

Following on from the successful 2019 original
comes Octopath Traveler 2. The 2D retro style

sprites in 3D environments continues, making
this turn based RPG a unique and stand out

experience among the other similar titles
from across the Switch store. Explore the

realm of Solistia during a bustling era of
steam technology and sea trade that is flanked

by war, plague and poverty. Your team of 8
vastly different travellers have a unique

set of skills perfect for mixing up your combat
style and the way you can interact with the

world and its inhabitants. Octopath Traveler
2 launches on Playstation and Switch on February

the 24th!

Fans of the setting, tone and combat style
of Returnal should definitely check out Scars

Above, the 3rd person sci-fi shooter hitting
PlayStation, PC and Xbox on February 28th.

‘The Metaheadron’, an immense alien structure,
appears in Earth’s orbit and Kate Ward and

her team are sent to investigate. As they
do so, however, they’re pulled across space

and separated on a mysterious planet. Use
ranged weapons, melee attacks and elemental

damage to exploit weak points on your enemies
all while exploring a vast and unique alien

world. A challenging experience, this game
might not be one for those looking to take

a breezy walk in the alien park, but seeing
as it’s inspired by sci-fi movie classics,

this atmospheric adventure could be perfect
for players hankering for an indie take on

the sci-fi genre.

The biggest hardware drop of the year so far
comes on February 22nd with the release of

the Playstation VR 2, Sony’s second foray
into the world of virtual reality headsets.

Costing a whopping £530 or $549 on top of
the near £500 PS5 you need in order to be

able to play any games, this pricey bit of
kit launches with over 30 ‘launch’ titles.

Admittedly, some of those “launch” titles
don’t actually release until June, but boasting

some pretty beefy tech for the price, this
might just be ideal for those of you looking

to get into VR without having to purchase
a high spec PC!

Speaking of PSVR 2, their headline launch
title is the all new Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Set in the universe of the successful Horizon
series, this brand new VR title follows Carja

soldier Ryas as he attempts to save his people
and unravel another mystery surrounding the

machines. Featuring Aloy and some other familiar
characters this VR leap into the universe

is set to include action packed archery combat,
climbing, ziplining and more. This one may

not be for the motion sick among you, but
if you’re looking for a new way to explore

a narrative driven story from the Wilds, the
game releases along with the system on the

22nd Feb.

Also coming to PSVR 2 day one is Cities VR:
Enhanced Edition, the VR edition of city building

game Cities: Skylines. Though it may seem
like a game that may not translate well to

virtual reality, according to early reports
the UI and haptic updates make for an enjoyable

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experience for those of you who’d like to
get up close and personal with the virtual

people forced to live in your city.

Some of you will play it, some of you will
not, but trans women are women and deserve

respect and protection and sprawling wizarding
RPG Hogwarts Legacy launches on the 10th of

February on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series.

Launching day 1 on Gamepass is Atomic Heart
from developers Mundfish. This apparently

20-hour game is set in an alternate version
of the 1950s where the Second World War led

to huge advancements in robotics and other
tech. Obviously things aren’t all flying

cars and chrome plated boyfriends as the dominant
hivemind of robots have gone rogue and created

giant machines and feral half-human hybrids.
With gameplay reminiscent of Bioshock, players

have access to a range of melee and ranged
weapons as well as special abilities with

your combat glove. The game drops on Gamepass
for PC and console as well as on Playstation

on the 21st February!

Also coming to gamepass this month is the
2016 roguelite Darkest dungeon. Manage your

roster of adventurers and explore procedurally-generated
dungeons, fight monsties and cleanse your

newly inherited mension of evil creatures.
Darkest Dungeon is available to play from

the 2nd Feb.

The last thing currently announced to hit
gamepass this month is HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™

– Game Of The Year Edition. Tiny cars buzzing
around ‘spectacular tracks’ in ‘breathtaking

races’ what more could you want? This version
of the game features 6 extra content packs

on top of the full game so if you or your
child likes Hot Wheels maybe give this one

a go when it joins gamepass on the 7th.

Surprisingly announced and same day released
by Xbox Bethesda during last month’s showcase

was Tango Gameworks’ Hi-fi Rush. Hitting
Gamepass on the 25th Jan and also available

on PC this rhythm-action game has an incredibly
unique art style reminiscent of old school

saturday cartoons. Protagonist Chai is accidentally
implanted with his music player and suddenly

is intune with the natural beat of the world
helping him traverse, puzzle and fight his

way off of Vandelay Island through waves of
robots. Defo one to check out if you’re

got a gamepass subscription!

Before we jump into the monthly games for
Playstation plus essential members in February

here’s a quick list of the games that were
added last month. The following games are

available for Extra members:

Left-4-Dead-but-not, Back 4 Blood
The super Saiyan Dragon Ball FighterZ

Ray traced Dante and Nero in Devil May Cry
5: Special Edition

Both Life is Strange and Life is Strange:
Before the Storm

Planet exploration game Jett the Far Shore
Chaos incarnate Just Cause 4: Reloaded.

Peaceful puzzler Omno
And FMV thriller Erica.

And premium members were treated to 3 PS1
titles; Syphon Filter 3, Star Wars Demolition

and Hot shots Golf 2.

But now onto the Essential tier games for
this month! All 3 (and a bit) games will be

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available from Feb 7th until March 6th, so
make sure you add them to your library while

you can!

With a positive reception at launch is 2022s
OlliOlli World. The third instalment in the

OlliOlli games series. This action-platformer
on wheels, of the skateboard variety, is set

in the colourful world of Radlandia and hosts
a whole range of vibrant characters that you

can meet while you flip, trick, jump and probably
Olli through the story and discover the mystical

skate gods on your quest for Gnarvana!

The 2020 remake of the 2002 hit game Mafia
is also coming to Playstation Plus in the

form of Mafia Definitive Edition. The game
is set in a fictional Illionis city called

Lost Heaven in the 1930s. Playing as Tommy
Angelo you can expect to explore the city

at your own pace and do your main and side
quests all while gathering a bunch of collectables.

Built from the ground up with new voice acting
and new soundtrack, but with lots of the charm

of the original, this open world game is sure
to be a winner for fans of gangsters, crime

and the prohibition era.

Fans of Dead by Daylight who are also fans
of Sam Raimi’s cheesy genre of horror might

be delighted by Evil Dead The Game. This 2022
title has a main mode called Survivor vs Demon

ala DBD and a PvE mode reminiscent of Left
for Dead. Traverse large maps avoiding familiar

killers and collecting map pieces, weapons
and other loot to make survival easier. With

the recent addition of a single player campaign
and new Demons there are plenty of ways to

experience Bruce Campbell in all his cheesy

After a pretty bumpy month for bungie with
Destiny 2’s servers having an absolute mare

but ps plus members who have Destiny 2 (which
is free to play btw) can now get access to

all of the Beyond Light DLC content. Explore
Europa, a frosty planet and help fellow guardians

to protect the light from Eramis the Kell
of Darkness. There is a new elemental subclass

you can embue your guardians with and new
gear you can kit them out with if you so wish.

This is the first time DLC has been included
in an essential monthly collection so maybe

a look at what we might get in the future,
whether that’s good or bad idk.

So, phew, that is everything releasing this
month. It’s pretty choc a bloc with things

to play on every platform and things are only
getting busier from here, but never fear we’ll

be keeping you in the loop with our monthly
Forecast videos! But for now gamers, enjoy

your February, respect each other and make
sure to touch some grass and drink lots of