The Dead Space remake now this is developed by motiv a studio of EA and uh

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Hello and we’re back with another

episode of before you buy that show

where we give you some straight up

gameplay and our first impressions of

the latest games releasing as usual it’s

me Jake baldino and we’ve been very busy

here lately today we’re talking about

the Dead Space remake now this is

developed by motiv a studio of EA and uh

this is a big win for them straight up

right out the gate like I went into this

thinking Dead Space was already pretty

Rock Solid not really needing a full

ground up remake but they did it and now

I’m convinced it’s a fun experience here

it’s not massively changed but smartly

changed like a bit more exploration and

secrets refinements side quests a bit

more within combat and some story tweaks

and cool additions but of course it’s

also got incredibly shiny graphics and

presentation and sound that I don’t

usually hit at the start because

Graphics aren’t always everything but

for here it really works with the

immersion and changes things up this

dead space is a thrilling playthrough or

three now whether or not the change

or the trip back worth the full price is

a bit more subjective to you and your

wallet of course but I’m just I’m just

glad that this turned out to be a good

game let’s break it all down and just so

you know this was captured on PC with an

RTX 2080 with settings mostly at high

and this video is as spoiler free as I

can be but I still recommend going in as

unaware as possible if you’ve never

played Dead Space if you’re new there

are like surprises like a mile a minute

so it’s tough but I won’t show any later

game story stuff so the setup Dead Space

at least it’s like 500 years in the

future and you are Isaac Clark he’s an

engineer with a small team who

investigates the issue more this massive

ship it’s a corporate Planet cracker

used for harvesting resources from

planets in deep space and very quickly

you board this ship to see what’s going

on and within like five minutes there

are monsters that are called Necromorphs

you need to fight your way through the

ship in action survival horror gameplay

style to figure out what’s going on and

also save your girlfriend sorta now the

Dead Space Series has a lot of lore but

this first game keeps it pretty humble

and simple where as in the original

version Isaac was actually a voiceless

protagonist he talks in this one to line

it up with dead space two and three a

little better actor Gunner Wright does a

really great job here he only takes his

helmet off a few times but now he’s

actually modeled after the actor and

like you get an expressive almost eerily

real looking Isaac and throughout the

game he now doesn’t just listen to a

radio call and then go and do the thing

he has way more agency here he actually

feels a bit like an engineer using his

knowledge to get around the ship and

survive and it’s great it really works

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you know he’s a little corny and heroic

like in every man but it’s charming and

ultimately I think it really adds to the

game I guess some people might like the

quiet loneliness of a guy who doesn’t

talk in the original version keeping

things a little abstract but I don’t

know it just made it feel a little bit

more like a well-rounded adventure and

he’s not talking like every five minutes

either like in my opinion it’s perfect

it’s done just right and adds to things

the other big addition obviously is the

visuals and the sounds and the game

looks bananas obviously you can see on

the screen here it’s darker like it’s

very dark there are hidden dark Corners

everywhere and it really helps add to

the dread now couple that with the fact

that the game has a bit of Randomness as

to when enemies will pop up and jump out

and surprise you from vents the ceiling

the floor anywhere even when you think

you’re safe the game can kind of be a

little punishing you’re just always

immersed and kept on your toes because

of this lights flash Sparks Fly blood is

everywhere neon lights shine all of it

is glorious the focus is on of course

ripping enemies to shreds like blowing

off their limbs to slow them down but

they also get their skin blasted off and

burned and like they’ll deteriorate

believably I mean believably I’ve never

blown a part a zombie alien but you know

what I mean that lighting does a lot of

the heavy lifting as well as fog and

Atmospheric stuff but it’s also the

environment designs themselves there is

more detail more textures more garbage

and stuff everywhere just more going on

they feel like real spaces real areas

where people worked and not just kind of

drab gray brown video game levels and

that goes a long way here it really made

a difference for me now the sound design

is very busy it’s great though but

there’s always banging metal distance

scratching screaming howling but it all

works I think it works specifically

because sometimes it’s hard to tell

whether it’s just ambient background

sounds or the sound of an enemy jumping

out of a vents somewhere like it’s not

always totally distinguishable and is

really just another thing to keep you on

your toes straight up I know I always

say this with games like this but like

this is one where you want to turn the

lights off and put headphones on and go

all in now my only complaint in this

area is that I don’t like some of the

newer weapon sounds like they don’t all

have the same punch as they used to

they’re not bad at all it’s not a

failure it’s just a matter of taste I

prefer the older sound of some of the

basic guns now gameplay wise there are

significant tweaks obviously the

controls are a little bit tighter things

feel a little better but guns have new

alternate fire modes and different

upgrade paths like for example the line

launcher thing actually has kind of like

a trap alternate fire the upgrade tree

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is also straight up better with this

time around with no blank ones that you

have to unlock through also nodes are

used for upgrading at the bench only

there’s more stuff in the environment to

throw at enemies with Kinesis there is

also a security clearance system where

you get higher clearance levels as the

game progresses and it encourages you to

actually backtrack a bit either through

areas or even sometimes hopping back on

the tram to find more goodies in

previously locked rooms and bins and

lockers and stuff this also likely makes

New Game Plus way more attractive

there’s a lot of things to go back and

find and even get a couple of more Side

Story bits and a secret ending which yes

they do shake things up here and there

specifically big story beats they add

stuff that you might not totally notice

unless you recently replayed the

original they’re like unobtrusive

editions and tweaks that tend to just

make scenes moments and deaths a bit

more compelling and less cheesy game

moments from the earlier 2000s like

everything has a little bit more of a

weight to it yes it’s very much still

like a sci-fi horror crazy video game

story but it’s just done up a bit nicer

here and there and along with that big

set pieces and large puzzles are

overhauled here and there too some of

them just have way more weight to them

and feel like a bigger deal others are

completely approved upon gameplay

mechanics wise and uh thing here and

there is dropped and it’s not a bad

thing I promise I’ll let you if like if

you’re a dead space fan you’ll figure

out exactly what’s different but there

is no cause for concern here again like

I said I think everything they changed

here is smart and well thought out new

puzzles better puzzles and some actual

legitimate side quest style stuff that

actually fits in right with the flow

doesn’t feel forced it’s pretty damn

good also the zero gravity sections as

well now are a ton of fun they’re just

as stress and anxiety-inducing but now

you have total freedom to boost around

larger areas like 360 degree movement

the original game was simply just you

pushing yourself from point to point but

now you can float around and boost and

aim and shoot and stuff more like dead

space too and you are in control of

taking off and landing and it’s all

pretty smooth fighting some of those

enemies in zero g though very annoying

enemies that you find annoying are still

annoying I can confirm that the

changeups are great from moments and

battles to navigating the environments

but one thing I do wish they changed up

was the final-ish areas like that last

main section of the game you know the

one with the marker it still kind of

feels like old video game heading where

it gets a little long in the teeth you

know it goes on too long and it’s kind

of just like oh come on let’s get past

this I wish they had something more

creative to shake up there but that’s

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the original game’s problem too and it’s

just me personally everything else I

think is a massive Improvement it has

multiple difficulty modes and a new game

plus mode and uh this is the type of

game where you want to jump into that

right away as you know Dead Space isn’t

exactly the longest game but it can be a

bit longer with the added exploration

and stuff to do I think I finished it in

like 11-ish hours but I only did about

50 of the backtracking happy to find

more in New Game Plus though definitely

that’s what makes it enticing for me as

a player and again I just want to

reiterate seems like EA didn’t screw

this one up this is a really

entertaining game and I see myself

playing through now probably three times

it’s rock solid and challenging I

recommend playing this at some point if

you’ve never played Dead Space 100

absolutely this is a good place to start

if you just replayed the original not

that long ago I get that the full price

might be a little harder to swallow

because there’s only so many changes but

even still if you’re a die-hard fan

either way when you get it you’re gonna

have fun seeing the differences and just

with the presentation and stuff it’s

just a good experience now I just think

this is a good way to remake something

it’s from the ground up rebuilt but it

makes smart choices where to change

where to improve a bit where to lengthen

and where to just straight up better a

few things they could have gone harder

sure but they also could have screwed a

lot more up it was a really measured

approach and it’s good yeah rant over

that’s the before you buy you know how

this goes by now I give you some pros

some cons and some personal opinion and

now I want to hear yours down in the

comments what’s your connection with the

Dead Space series are you looking

forward to this one are you a die hard

on all the lore and everything and all

the side stuff and the comics and the

books definitely let me know what you

think because I am not an expert on that

stuff but I love these main games I’m

looking forward to seeing if this

continues do they remake too who knows

let me know what you’re thinking if you

enjoyed this video and it helped you out

informed you a little bit if you

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that’s it guys thanks for watching we’ll

see you in the next one

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