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DLC has been a reality in games for quite a while, and sometimes it adds some massive stuff to games we love.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,the 10 biggest areas added as DLCs to open world games.

Starting off with number 10,Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels DLC.

Kicking this one off with just a truly massive map.

The Forza games love to go a little nuts with their DLC,but this one was overboard even for them.

the Hot Wheels DLC takes place

on three massive floating islands,

each with their own unique
biome for you to race through,

and the scope of it is
completely awe-inspiring,

it just looks amazing all around,

even if in reality you’re
spending most of your time

just racing around on a bunch
of orange Hot Wheels roads,

it’s undeniably impressive and truly huge,

even if it’s not as dense

as some of the stuff we’re gonna be seeing

later in this list, it’s huge.

And number 9 is Dying
Light’s The Following DLC.

Set outside the city of Harran,

The Following feels really
different from the main game.

for a simple reason, you have a car,

instead of just running around

mostly vertical city environments,

you’re in the wild open wilderness

and you have a car,

and it makes sense too

because the map is significantly bigger.

I’m not really sure how big it is,

it feels bigger than the
slums map on the base game,

and it might even be bigger

than both the slums and old
town, but I’m not exactly sure,

it’s safe to say that
it’s very big though.

The storyline you’re going
through in this place

isn’t anything to really write home about

but it’s so different from the base game,

it’s really worth going through

if you got enjoyment from
the base Dying Light game,

I personally did, I think
Dying Light’s a great series,

I really enjoyed the second.

I think all of the
mechanics were improved upon

and that stuff I really
like, I do have to say

I kinda like the story
from the first better,

and The Following DLC,
though it’s very different

from the main story,

provides a nice contrast,

and a really large, really
cool area to drive around in.

(adventurous music)

And number 8, Fallout 4’s Far Harbor.

An interesting one, Far Harbor is set

on the real world Mount Desert Island

off the coast of Maine,

is considered by a lot of fans to be one

of the best parts of Fallout 4,

there’s some people who
even go as far to say

it’s better than the main game,

I would actually count
myself among those people.

This is a really, really good add-on.

The mission starts off pretty simple,

you search for a woman who’s gone missing

and the trail leads you

to this mysterious island of Far Harbor.

It’s a really moody place

that captures this unique feeling,

compared to the main game,

and the actual story is easily
one of the best in the game,

if not in the entire series,

which, when you compare Fallout
4 to, let’s say, New Vegas,

it’s really nice to see
that caliber of story

appear within the context of Fallout 4,

not that Fallout 4 is bad or
even middling, for that matter,

it’s very good.

New Vegas is just a level of storytelling

it didn’t quite get to,

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and Far Harbor, I think,
approaches it, at very least.

It’s just an all-around
really cool island also,

with a lot to explore,

there’s interesting stories to find,

unique monsters to kill,
cool locations to explore,

and everything you do here
feels very significant.

It’s not necessarily enormous
in terms of land mass

but it’s also hardly small,

and it’s extremely dense
with a lot of cool content

that is very worth the
time taking taunt down.

And number 7 is Iki Island
from Ghost of Tsushima,

another DLC, another mysterious island.

This add-on, which takes
place on a sister island

to the main game’s, Tsushima,

is about the size of
the first main section

of the original game’s map,

and if you’ve taken the
time to fully explore

that part of the game,

you know that means Iki
Island is pretty big,

it’s not as moody as Far Harbor per se,

but there’s still a lot to explore here.

You’re mostly doing the same
things as the original game

but the environment looks amazing,

and the story is pretty darn
interesting, by my standards.

Your main goal is to take

on this Mongol shaman named The Eagle,

but the story is really about
dealing with Jin’s past,

and the game explores that
in a pretty novel way.

In terms of new things, it’s
not the most feature-rich DLC,

there’s no big new thing here,

it’s just more Ghost of Tsushima

delivered in a slightly
more compact package,

but it’s great, so it’s
not like we’re complaining.

(gentle music)

And number 6 is Torna from
Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

It’s pretty rare that a JRPG

gets a full-blown expansion like this,

especially one at the actual
quality of the Torna expansion,

it’s technically a standalone game,

but considering it was included
in the game season pass,

I’m just gonna say that it counts.

It’s set in the distant past,

it’s a prequel to the actual main game.

If you played Xenoblade 2,

you’re aware of how important
the lost country of Torna is

to the story, and this
add-on finally lets us see

what that was like.

It’s got all the wide-open spaces

you’d expect from a Xenoblade game,

with some interesting new
wrinkles to the combat system

that actually simplified
things in some ways,

but add welcome depth in others,

and the fact that they
rework combat this much

for a simple expansion
is pretty impressive,

but what really surprised me is

that in a lot of ways it’s actually better

than the combat in the main game.

Torna is just a really cool
place to explore as well,

if you’ve played the main game

you already know what
to expect from the story

and things don’t deviate a lot,

but the exploration
and the combat makes it

a very worthwhile addition

and one of the best add-ons out there.

(chill music)

And number 5 is Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey’s Fate of Atlantis,

kind of a cheat, ’cause this
DLC doesn’t just add one area,

it adds three areas that
are all huge, all unique,

and each one has a pretty
long story to go along

with what functions as kind
of a sequel to the main game.

So separately, these
areas aren’t all that big,

they’re big, don’t get me wrong,

but when taken all together,
it’s a massive expansion

that’s pretty fun to explore .

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Visually, the first major area, Elysium,

is probably the most impressive.

This part of the DLC takes
you to the Greek heaven

and it is a sight to behold.

The second part of the DLC sends you

to the underworld which,
while interesting,

isn’t the most exciting
area to look around in,

kinda basically Mordor without the orks,

but the final part takes place in Atlantis

which is a crazy-looking Isu city,

and one of the coolest
locations in the entire series,

visually, at very least,

even if getting around is kind
of a pain in the ass, truly,

but like Ghost’s,

there’s not really like
a ton of new stuff here

but if you’re an explorer
who likes to screw around

in cool open world areas,
this DLC is fantastic.

And number 4 is The Frozen
Wilds from Horizons Zero Dawn.

Set in the northernmost part of the map,

The Frozen Wilds DLC takes you

to the unforgiving lands
of the Banuk tribe.

There’s some new weapons to get,

some tougher machines to take on,

there’s really one really new one

the Firefrostclaw thing,

but they added some
interesting twists to combat

like the addition of control towers

that heal nearby machines,

as well as more dangerous variations

of enemies called demonic machines.

Like some of the previous entries,

I wouldn’t say the place is massive,

it’s very big, but it’s not the
biggest location in the game

or anything, it’s just dense
and there’s a lot going on.

The new enemies are fun to take on,

there’s a lot of interesting
facilities to explore

and lore to find,

and it’s just an all-around
excellent addition

to an already solid game.

(inspiring music)

And number 3 is Skyrim’s
Dragonborn DLC Solstheim.

For anyone who got into the
Elder Scrolls through Skyrim,

this DLC is just great.

It’s set on an island located
northeast of Vvardenfell,

which, this DLC takes you back

to the land of the night elves,

but there’s strange houses
and volcanic black soil.

The place has a completely different vibe

to the rest of Skyrim,

pretty much the only thing
that two places have in common

is the snow.

One unique distinction about this place

is that it’s a very big area

that isn’t an add-on to just
one game but actually two.

Solstheim was the island you went to

in the Bloodmoon expansion on Morrowind,

and a lot of the major
landmarks from that add-on

are still here with Dragonborn.

When you explore, you can even hear some

of the original tracks from
Morrowind as background music.

(poignant flute music)

It’s a real nostalgia trip
if you played Morrowind,

but even if not, it’s
this really interesting

lore-filled location with
tons of new armor sets,

enemies, dungeons to explore,

it’s great for everyone who enjoys Skyrim

or The Elder Scrolls series.

And number 2 is Assassin’s
Creed Valhalla’s

Dawn of Ragnarok.

This is, bar none, the biggest DLC

in any Assassin’s Creed game,

it’s set in the enormous
realm of the dwarves,

and this expansion takes you

to a more mythical portion of Valhalla,

but expands on it in a big way.

It’s not like this game was hurting

for big expansions either.

The Wrath of the Druids added Ireland,

and the Siege of Paris
added Paris, obviously,

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so there were already
some really big regions

you could go through as DLC,

but this place dwarves
those locations. (laughs)

I would say, “No pun intended,”
but I think you know.

But to explore this new location

you earn some really wild new powers

like the ability to
transform into a raven,

and when you do this you
get around way faster.

The actual story isn’t too interesting,

it doesn’t stick out in
any really specific way,

and the general gameplay
is kinda what you expect

for the 100-or-so hours
you take beating Valhalla,

but the region is huge
and your powers are epic,

and the plot doesn’t really matter a lot,

there’s some really cool
stuff that goes down.

The land mass is plenty big

but there’s also a price
tag that goes along with it,

it’s 40 bucks for this add-on,

and it’s not even part of the season pass,

now, that being said,
it’s a very cool location,

basically like a heavy metal
album cover come to life.

And finally at number 1,

Witcher 3: Blood and Wines’ Toussaint.

I mean, what else would it be?

There’s just nothing out there

that is as big, as varied,
or is all-around great

as the Blood and Wine DLC for Witcher 3.

It’s set in the Witcher’s
version of medieval France,

and the story that’s told in this DLC

is a lot more lighthearted
than the grim stuff

that normally goes on in the Witcher 3.

The main game is really,

really full of some gray morality,

type stuff, you know?

Blood and wine, very different,

country’s absolutely
massive for a DLC too.

Some of the best locations and dungeons

in the entire game are here,

it is a very cool place to be in.

The quest design, absolutely top notch,

this is CD Projekt RED at
the very top of their game,

and it shows.

There’s tons of new
monsters, new weapons, armor,

new stories and characters, and again,

it’s some of the best
stuff in the entire game.

I know this entry is just me gushing

about Blood and Wine, but
seriously, it’s great,

and it wasn’t even that
expensive when it first came out,

it was 20 bucks if you
bought it standalone.

The map is huge and
there’s so much going on,

and I genuinely consider it a game,

it’s worth more than 20 bucks,
and it’s less than that now.

It’s flat out one of the
best expansions ever made,

on top of being one of the biggest.

And that’s all for today,
leave us a comment,

let us know what you think.

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