Dan becomes terrified by train – Choo-Choo-Charles

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I’ve got something in my pocket for you, Dan. I don’t like the sound of that. No, it’s good. It’s not here. Take it

What is it? It’s a coin. Oh, yeah, what a coin. It’s a Valentine’s coin

Can I use it to purchase a Valentine’s Day™ gift for myself at Game Grumps dot-com slash merch?

That would have been such a better thing for this thing to have done


You wanna try that sentence again? It’s I just I I

I just thought it was a neat coin, but the fact that you could trade it in for it. That’s such a better idea

Yeah, it’s too late now

At least you can still get merchants game of second slash merge really not with the coin though

Also, I use your money to buy this coin

Hey, I’m Grump. I’m not so Grump. And we’re the Game Grumps

Hello, and welcome to Choo-Choo Charles. What? I don’t know what this is, Arin. Oh

Choo-Choo Charles. Yes. It’s a it’s a game about trains. Yeah, it looks oddly sinister. No

Okay, all right

It might be a horror game, but that’s fine. No, it’s not at all. It’s a sweet little train. Okay named Charles and we’re oh wait

We need volume


A train. Sorry. Man, he can talk without moving his lips. It’s like he’s all just thinking it right now. He’s just like yes

Wow, they just show you right off the bat, eh? Wow, yeah, I mean, yeah

Friendly looking. That’s Charlie. That’s Choo-Choo Charlie? Yeah. Oh, so we have to go to an island to fight a train spider? Sure. Okay

Okay. Oof. This is a little. Whoa. Yeah, half train half keg of spider from hell

Well, he thinks a lot. Yeah

Arin near him? That’s your island

Stay close Charles. It’s the it’s the island that I’m near. Well done. Arin near, um

Okay, well just name it that. Oh my god

Hello, sup sup sup sup sup. Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop

Whoop whoop. All right

I’m slipping his punches, you know? Yeah. He’s like

He’s like whoop aha whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop. Oh. By the beast.

Do you think he left any sandwiches? Okay. I’m a little hungry now that we’re on this island and there ain’t no Mickey D’s

You’re gonna be an indispensable tool on our journey. You’re an indispensable tool. Stay close. We don’t want to be exposed for too long.

All right, take them off. Yeah, well, I mean, why is that funny? Drop them

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

That guy can really book it. I didn’t expect

Duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh, duh duh duh. Where you going? Where you going? Ah my Achilles. Bro, where you going? Where you going? Slow down.

Also, I wanted to say, you just reminded me

We did the power hour where we went to the rage room mm-hmm

And we were bashing cups and saucers with bats and things like that. Right. And you were like, I don’t like this. It’s very violent

Um, I didn’t think of it in the moment, but later I was thinking

He’s been training to punch people in boxing for like two- Yeah, but it’s different. It’s like a sport

Yeah, but it’s a human. Yeah, but like, you know, it’s like a challenge where you’re trying to get in and get out

It’s not about the hitting. It’s about like the- Oh, I think boxing is at least partially about the hitting

Well, I mean like the-

Breaking stuff

Just to break it. That’s like a different thing because you’re not like there’s not a challenge there. But it’s just a cup. Letting it out

It’s just a cup. That’s an interesting- we look at that in two different ways


Is it- is he talking to us? I think so, yeah. Okay. All right

I don’t know why we’re- Can you at least look at us when you talk? Yeah, I don’t know why we’re like swinging around

I’m like this like, huh? I’m trying to look at your beard. It doesn’t look like you shaved correctly today. Yeah

Let’s see if we can get the bottom

Very patchy. Yeah, very patchy

I’m gonna go and check out the key

Whoa, that’s the shack that’s got the key in it

Made me a first mission

Oh, my butthole is clenched tight. Think about when that key’s gonna get here

I hope a train doesn’t run into it

Oops, there’s a train


The key

Oh, I can feel it in my sphincter. He got the key. Mission complete. Cool

View items you’re collected by pressing whatever

Good on you. Looks like you found it

I found a key

Open up that door and lead the way

Which door? Open the door

Nice dude. Oh, this is a friendly train. Yeah, it’s a nice train. Okay, or maybe it’s like transforms or something

Hey, that’s what I’m talking about

Oh, yeah

She’s an oldie but a goodie


It’s the train that turns into a tree and turns into a transformer

It’s Bumble Tree

Bumble Tree?

Kind of losing it over here. Okay

Inside, see what we got to work with


We’re still talking about the train, right? Yeah

Why don’t you take a peek inside?


Train health a hundred percent. Speed level

I don’t know how many scraps so I can’t

Oh, so you’re gonna be driving around in a train

I guess so. Fighting this other train?

I don’t know

On an island?


This, yeah

That’s awfully a lot what it looks like



Yo, where’s that guy at?


Hey, look over here


Got your nose

Got your nose?

Wow, it glows red after you shoot for a while

All guns have infinite ammo

Oh, yeah, because it overheats

Yeah, stop shooting and look

It’ll overheat


New guns can be earned in missions, okay

Okay, cool


Whoa, god, uh

But inside it’s all pink

Uh, my eyes are down here

Sorry, just looking at that forehead pimple you got

Is that a toupee?

What kind of hat is that?

This thing

This thing

You can’t wear that get-up-to-spooky-farm

Alright, let’s go

Um, um, um, um


We’re coming for you, Charles

I thought this one was Charles

It says Charles on the side

Uh, Arin?


Oh, my god

Oh, no

Our tutorial friend

It’s gonna overheat

Oh, god

Oh, well, that’s just great

Well, he’s dead

I think he might have survived it

You think so?

I got a couple rocks

Great job, Arin


I think he’s supposed to die



Oh, my god, Eugene!

One of your legs is weird, but I’m not gonna say which

Oh, sorry, I thought you were done

I’m sorry

Why not?


I’m sorry, what?

Find the sperm

Were those two related, or?

Were those two related?


Alright, let’s go

Don’t put it in reverse

Why not?

Oh, sorry, Eugene

Am I, like, looking out for Charles?

We’ll be back with help!

So I just have to, like, keep a lookout for Charles?

I guess so


Yeah, not really much off-road exploring you can do when you’re on train tracks

Yeah, I guess I just kind of have to do my own thing

Oh, wait, there’s a map, though

Oh, it’s, like, still going, eh?

Does it show where Charlie is?


Unmet NPC optional mission

This is a required mission, okay, so I just gotta keep going straight


Hey, Dan, if there was a train car and it was going really fast

And, um, on the track that it was going on

It was gonna kill three people

But you had the opportunity to switch the tracks

Um, oh, no, I don’t wanna do this, uh, stop

Ah, shit, I don’t wanna go that way

Um, you had the opportunity to switch

Fuck, I just missed the goddamn

Yeah, you missed your one possible turn

Well, I mean, I missed the tutorial on how to switch the train tracks

Okay, stop

Okay, stop

Do I have to do it manually?

Like, you have to hop out

Yeah, I can’t imagine you could do it on a train

I would assume so

Yep, there it is


Okay, so if there was a train, right, and there was a fork in the tracks, right, but

The one that was automatically going down was gonna kill three people


Um, but you had the option to switch the tracks

So that it would only kill one person on the other track

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What would you do?

I’d probably kill the one person

But then you actively killed that person

Yeah, I think it’s one of those situations where inaction is the same as action

You know what I mean?

Yeah, fair enough

I mean, it’s a drag of a question either way, thanks for bringing it up

Yeah, no problem, it’s called the trolley problem

The trolley paradox

The paradox?


You can’t save if you’re killing




Good day



Dean told us we’d have a newcomer soon

I suppose that would be you

Heaven has a newcomer too


No, I think the newcomer’s the spider train

Oh, here he is now

That you could use to repair and upgrade your train

Oh, that’s fun

Here’s the key

And although the balcony is right behind me

I’ll just mark it on your map anyway

Does everyone, is everyone telepathic here?


They’ll do whatever they can to help

Anyone not wearing a map

Charlie can see your lips move

We all have to talk like this

Check out the balcony and take whatever you can use


Good luck with everything

Thank you

My grandma used to call it shining


What the hell, you said I could go in there

Candace said I could come in, hello?

Cand- Candace?

Candace is totally alive and said I could come in

Please don’t call for her

I super didn’t eat Candace



Mmm, waffles

Scrap, scrap, scrap, scrap, scrap, scrap, scrap

Ooh, a map

We’ve been waiting as patiently as we can

But the past few days have been chaotic, to say the least

Charles has been more aggressive lately

To the point where I’m starting to fear how many of us will be left by the time help arrives

Godspeed Eugene, we’re counting on you

Hopefully you’re not dead when you’re reading this

Mission completed

Now you have some resources

Okay, thank you

Time to upgrade my fucking train, baby

Time to upgrade my fucking train, baby

It’s an interesting game




Alright, let’s upgrade my train

I can upgrade the speed level

Weapon damage, oh

Mmm, sure

I feel like I should do that first

3 to 5

You only have 3 scraps

Oh, level 3, 5 scraps, got it

Um, okay

Yeah, why not


There you go

I am level 1 upgraded

Let’s get the fuck out of here, bruh




Charlie? Charles? Charles the choo choo?

If it wasn’t raining, this would be a much different game

Like if it was just a bright, beautiful day on the island


Howdy there, pardner!


There’s a spider train sunbathing around yonder

Is this a place?

Wanna take a look at the map?

Yeah, let’s see if there’s anyone coming up


Oh yeah

We got an optional mission, bruh



Oh hey, what’s up?

Good day, sir

Lemme in



Kiss my head, dick

Okay, well

What the hell’s going on with his deltoids?

Yeah, I don’t know




Might let you run your fingers over my chest

Just for a bit, though

I’ll only get a little horny

I’ll let you go all the way if you open up that chest

But not too fast

There’s a spider train around

You don’t wanna be caught in the act when the spider train’s coming around

Uh, so you wanted me to open a chest


And this is this one, okay, so it’s over here


Pick the lock on the chest in Daryl’s junkyard, so there’s a train over there, got it

It’s like over here



Is this it?

Ah, oop, hello




Got it


Got it, got it




Got it


Mini games are fun

You’d think I’d be better at this because of Dead by Daylight

I don’t know that game

We’ve played it on Grumps like three times



What am I thinking of?


I don’t know what you’re thinking of, apparently you’re thinking of nothing


I was thinking of uh

It’s the one where you

Oh, Red Dead Redemption

That’s what I was thinking

It’s the one where you play as a killer


For survivors

Okay, yes, sorry

I was getting confused with the cowboy game

It’s a lot of dead, dead games


I’ll just let you do this

I think it’s because I’m anticipating like there’s some lag

But there’s no lag


There you go

Turn to Daryl to complete your mission

Oh, looks like you opened that chest over there


What are you doing later?



Well, fancy fingers here got the chest unlocked

That’s an odd looking piece of junk you found inside there

That I’ve let down to be frank

Well, maybe I’ll let you give me an H.J.

How many?

How many?


Alright, train time

Let’s upgrade this fucking train

Is this just the loop right here?

Is this it?

You just get scraps

Whoa, that’s a lot of scraps

Damn, son

Let me like get the train a little

My god, you’re gonna have like a super jacked up train

Never mind, you’re out of scraps

Well, I jacked it up pretty good


Damage level 4, armor level 4

I’m feeling pretty good about that

Good work

Where’s Charlie?



Take me to your chocolate factory

I’ve got the golden ticket

Oh, is this it already?

Am I here?

Oh yeah, how about that?

Stop, stop it

Try not to fast

Like break your ankles getting out of the train

Do you mind if I steal your scrap?

What’s up?

Monster Hunter has arrived I see

He’s way up there

I’m sorry, is there something flying above me?

It’s like waving your hand up in the air


There may be a way to get Charles to commit to a mortal battle, however

Dispersed around the island are three eggs

Locked in the island’s three primary mines

There are three trolls guarding each egg

Our theory is that putting these eggs in the temple at the center of the island will provoke Charles into a fight to the death

Oh, that seems obvious

Unfortunately, the mining company owner, Warren Charles III, has placed armed guards inside each mine to protect the eggs


There’s an egg in the mine just down the rail


Here’s the key to the mine

I’ve marked the entrance on your map

Thank you

Thank you


Thank you

Little help?

Okay, I’ll see you later

See you later

That was awkward

Should we check out that red person?

Uh, that’s a weapon mission, bro

But sure

I mean, why the fuck not?

I mean, yeah, I think we should at least chat with the folks


Why wouldn’t we want to get to know the lovely people of this neighborhood?

Hmm, seems welcoming

Feels like the place where they sacrificed virgins to Donkey Kong

I mean, King Kong

Donkey Kong?

He’s got the barrel!

More bananas, please

And virgins

Because his back is to the fire


Ah, shoot dang

I usually say that when my house burns down

Impressive that I managed to burn down my house in the pouring rain, don’t you think?

I’m sorry, wait, so


So you need the flamethrower while the fire’s raging

But once it’s out, then you don’t need it anymore?

That’s right

But you don’t want the house to be on fire

His head looks like a well-cooked hot dog

Like the top of it

It’s so dead, like it’s gonna split

I’d assume you’re the monster hunter that folks have been expecting

So a weapon like this could come in handy

Sure could

I would love it if you gave it to me


Let’s keep going


Bug spray, please

Find a way to extinguish the fire



Ow, ow, ow, sorry

Find a way to extinguish the fire

It’s falling from the sky


Ten minutes


I found a way


It’s out

God did it

Uh, I guess I gotta go up there

Get myself some kind of tea

That guy had a nice long conversation

For someone whose house is burning to the ground

Well, looks like all my possessions

My dog and my wife are in there

I’ll give you the flamethrower if you put out the fire

Wanna go to Kmart?

I sure feel free now that I have less possessions

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And probably no wife


Using the water tank to put out the fire

Pure genius

I mean, really not

It was raining

Here, take old bug spray

Cause of this chaos


It’s the flamethrower he named it

Oh, got it

I thought bug spray was like the name of some chemical that made the train come alive and be a spider

That was very presumptuous of you

Well, I zoned out for a second when he said it was the flamethrower’s name

So I had to make my own rules


Oh, I thought bug spray was the name of this guy with blonde hair and blue eyes who was standing around a mine shaft

Bug spray, what’s up, man?

Yeah, no, nobody said that

Alright, woah

Oh, it’s bug spray


Oh, I guess you can put either one on the back of your train


Woah, dude

Well done

That’s fucking cool

Alright, epic

It overheats pretty fast, but

That’s fine

I guess it is shooting flames

Is Charles gonna show up on the map if I’m looking at the map?

I don’t know

You asked that before, but I still don’t know the answer

Chugga chugga choo choo, Charles

Where is he?

Yeah, we haven’t seen much of him

But I guess when there’s only one enemy, they can’t overdo it

I’m getting a little T.O.’d, honestly

I’m getting a little looks around


Woah, it’s been a while since you’ve robbed before


Yeah, that brings me back


Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me

Open up


Would anybody like an egg in this trying time?

What? Who says that?

Frank in It’s Always Sunny

Really? That’s awesome

Urgent letter to Mr. Warren

While mining the farthest tunnel

That’s Eugene

He’s kinda like a normal voice, didn’t he?

He was like

I need to add more of these moments, I think

Warren mining the farthest tunnel

How long has it been since we’ve seen him?

It was like 10 minutes

I don’t remember what he sounds like

There’s something strange here and we don’t know what it is

We’re requesting Mr. Warren visit the southern mine site at his earliest convenience to give us further instruction

You got it, Senator

Where do I go?

Why do I have to do stealth?

The enemies?

What the fuck?

Oh dear

Perhaps the train is not your only enemy

Who, who?

Perhaps the real enemy is within

Is within

You must hunt the most dangerous game



The most dangerous game man

The most dangerous game man

No, game man

Alright, well, enunciation’s important because those are two very different things

You must hunt the most dangerous game man

He said it again

No, game man


Game comma man

You must hunt the most dangerous game man

We’ve got a real who’s on first situation here

Oh, there’s a whistler

We got a whistler on our hands

Is he an enemy?

I think so


Is he gonna come back this way or is he going in a circle?

Maybe he’s just whistling while he works

Oh no, it looks like he has a weapon

He definitely has some kind of gun

See ya

Do you have some kind of gun?

I do not


I have a flamethrower that I could probably use outside of the train

Where’s my egg?

I just hear it from the back of the mine

You just hear, oh shit

Bus is gonna kill me

There’s always time to steal more

Well done

Cool, green paint

Oh, now you can customize your train

Awesome, that’s so useful

It is useful, I love it

I’m sure you love it

Have you ever tried to paint a train in the rain?

Dude, I’ve never tried to rain paint rain

I do it mainly on the plane

I do want to paint my train now

I think I found another color as well

Wow, yeah, you have many choices


Green train




You know what, I didn’t think I would think that was as cool as I do, but

Here we are

Your train looks awesome

This feels like Charlie’s gonna come out

Getting an egg is like a

That’s like a significant point in the game, right?

Did you

Oh yeah

Collecting the eggs is like the main deal


And you have to find that guy’s son

What’s going on? Am I stopping?

What do you mean?

I just made noises

Oh, this is a long stretch

Hey, your little train is green

This has got to be a Charlie stretch

Come on

I think I’m all excited for him to show up now

Show yourself


Who’s in charge?

Charles in charge of our days and our nights

Oh god

Oh Charles


Come on Charles, what the fuck




I don’t even know where I’m headed now

Oh here I guess

That’s a required

I met NPCs

And there’s one along the way too

Just on your right


Oh stop, don’t, don’t turn


You fucked up

I’m sorry

No, it’s okay

Dan, no


Alright, let’s go

Da da da da da da da

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da

Da da da da da da da da da da

What is this?

Nothing I give a dang about

I got to go to the next required mission

If I won’t get laid, I mean get this egg

Wow, everyone’s really got their own agenda today

Aw shit, I went the wrong way again

Come on

It’s just

You’ve not made one

single correct turn

Well they’re all set to the wrong direction

Well you’re looking at a map

Well you know what, I’m not going to give you sauce

We’re trying to accomplish the same thing here

What do you think I am, Zane?

Or Harry Styles?

Billy Zane?

Cause they’re one direction

Oh god Charles

Oh fuck

You better get moving

What? Oh yeah you’re right

I should probably move


No not forward

Oh god


You’re getting burned

Oh god headshot

Oh my god look at how much life he has

He’s like Jason

That’s okay

This fucking flamethrowers

It’s doing well

Take it take it take it take it

He hates it

This is gross

It’s really unsettling

Yeah he hates the shit out of this


Good job Arin

I’m gonna miss him

We sure had some good times

Sweet little eyes

You have kind eyes


Green, orange, yellow, green. Painting trains is easy.

I should make it my job, dude.

And shukadookadookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdookdook.

There’s a weapon mission right here.

I’m going to get myself a new weapon to fight off Charlie. What’s up?

Paul asked me to design a new weapon to help you hunt.

Oh, a sneak!

Oh, that is sneak snag.

I made this rocket launcher.

Hell yeah.

He’s got a good voice.

He’s got that voice.

I’ve been wanting to see Warren’s empire crumble for a long time.

So building this puppy was a hell of an opportunity.

Hell yeah.

I was on Space Mountain with that man.

Yeah, dude.

Now that you’re here.


You’re like three inches behind.

Why don’t you bring that box of rocket ammunition back here from inside the bunker down the rail?


Rocket ammunition?


I wonder what it could be for.

Let’s go find it.

Where the fuck was it?

Oh my god, that’s so far.


I started doing…

It’s too far.

I mean, I guess I could go on foot.

Is that the worst thing?

No. I could think of worse things.

I could think of a lot of worse things.

Charlie doesn’t come away from the tracks, does he?

You get smothered in meatballs until you die.

That’d be way worse.


It’d be pretty bad.

They’re just coming at you like, pop, pop, pop, pop.

And you’re like, please no.

Like at first you’re like, what is this, meatballs?

And then you’re like, ah, it kind of stings.

And then when you open your mouth to scream,

and you’re like, five meatballs get shot in,

and you’re like…

And then your cheeks start inflating

like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

Yeah, I don’t even want to talk about this anymore.

This is just bumming me out.

And then somebody like, jacks off to it because it’s hot.

You know what?

Things are looking up.

Just getting inflated with meatballs.

It’s definitely someone’s fetish.

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Ooh, dynamite.

That’s not what I was looking for, though.

I was looking for rocket ammunition.

I just stopped looking up rule 34 stuff


the goal for me

was to find like, certainly not

this, you know?

Would have a rule 34 to it.

But it always did, and each time

it was like, more depressing than the last.

That’s the whole point of rule 34.

I know, but that was why it was a challenge, you know?

No, it’s out there.


There’s definitely got to be some kind of meatball fetish,

and I just don’t want to, oops.

I just don’t want to know.

I should walk away from explosions.

Oh, there’s absolutely a meatball fetish

out there, dude.

I don’t, I don’t know this for certain.

Why would I?

Cloudy with a chance of orgasm.

Cloudy with a chance of orgasm.

Cloudy with a chance of orgasm.

Cloudy with a chance of orgasm.

Cloudy with a chance of orgasm.

Alright, I got the rocket ammunition.

So I’m assuming

he’s going to give me a rocket launcher now, which is fucking sick.

And then you get spaghetti and feetballs,

which just combines all the fetishes.

Oh, god, it’s so hot.

I mean, it would be hot if you cooked it.


Spaghetti and feetballs.

I got to write that down real quick.

I love that.

I think we’ve said it before, but I do,

I do love it.

Ooh, I like the green train, because it’s so easy to spot now.

It’s really pretty.

It’s like choo-choo, motherfucker.

I wouldn’t mind a blue train, though, or a purple train.

Well, we’ll find some blue.

Let’s see if this fucker has some blue around.

You got any blue paint?

Give it. What about upstairs?

Give it.

Ooh, we got some scrap.

And a little thing.

I’m stuck debating if Warren made us bring our families

to this hellhole so that we’d never need to leave,

or to keep information about his business practices

away from the mainland.

Either way, I want that man in a noose.

Oh, jeez.

Paul asked me to desi- oh,

the not-sexy way.

Hey, Brett, are you leaving?



Let’s go.

Paul asked me to design a new weapon for the monster hunter

that Eugene is sending.

And knowing what I do about explosives,

you can bet I made the most powerful rocket launcher I could.

Warren, you don’t stand a chance.

Okay, so he’s

in a- he’s in a like a

like a dick-waving fight

with Warren?

Is that what- is that what-

is that what that was in the implication?

I don’t know.

This guy must have the most stretched out,

relaxed shoulders in the world.


Okay, thank you.

I have a few people to visit with it if you catch my drift.

I don’t understand. I don’t catch-

I’m more of a pitcher kind of guy.

Ooh, hello.

A little more scrap in my life.

A little more scrap for my wife.


Mango number three!

I don’t know why I said that.

I’m sorry.

How many mangoes are there?

It didn’t make any sense, but my brain

was like, do it, do it.

Say it.

Say it. What’s the worst that’ll happen?

Say it. Someone

like, sent me a meme

once. I don’t remember exactly how it

went, but


it was so relatable. It was like

me sitting in class

quietly, and then my brain

screams, screams, screams, screams.

Look at

this fucking guy.

Hello. Hi.

Uh, no. Um.

Never heard of you.


Am I the ugliest human being in

the world? No. No one can even

bear to look at us. No.

You don’t know that. They could be delicious.

It could make the world’s best omelet.

Clickbait him?


Clickbait him. Oh.

You think he’s gonna

be killing people when we’re jerking him off?

Catching the craziest

eggs, like craziest is in capital


It’s like a fucking Buzzfeed

article. These are the three

craziest eggs you’ve ever seen.

Uh, sorry.

What was that? What was his mission?

Oh my god, that’s so far away.

There’s definitely gonna be

some Charlieage. Ooh, an optional mission

all the way over here. Should I?

Well, let’s go check out what that optional mission

is, because it’s time for the

next time on Game Grumps. Oh, fuck.

Alright. So, checking

out the optional mission next time on Game Grumps?

I don’t know. Is that what you’re saying?

Well, I was just gonna say, like, let’s do one more

thing before we end this. Oh, I see. Okay, optional

mission. optional mission

scrap metal. I mean, I am kind of

curious. I do want to kill Charlie, but

feels like we’re a long way away from

that. It’s gonna take a while. I mean, I got, like, a

fourth of his health down, so.

Was it even close to that much?

Yeah. Really? Yeah.

I mean, maybe, like, a fifth.

Maybe a sixth. Maybe more like a

seventh. Maybe a twentieth. Could’ve been a twentieth. Could’ve been

an eighth or a ninth.

But, you know,

we’re close.

I feel like

there’s gonna be, like, a

snowball effect.

Like, ooh, I’m gonna get

stuff that has more weapons

and more powers. More weapons

that have more powers.

Can I? Am I allowed in? Hello?

Let me in. Ooh.


Click, check. Click, click.

Click. Hello?

Yep. Looks wet out there.

Thank you.

Oh. Oh. Alright.

I don’t know why that happened.

Ocean watch. Day 16.8.

Please deliver a copy to Paul.

We see what we want to say. Oh, it’s Claire.

I went outside and I was checking the lighthouse

as I walked around the corner of the building. I saw

that beast. Charles!

I missed you. He spotted me

and charged straight up the hill in my direction.

That spider trained as the hideous monster.

I can’t understand why Warren wants us

to stay on her ironium instead

of trying to escape the beast.

I suppose Warren has simply gone crazy

thinking he can handle this situation on his own.

Anyway, Charles ate him.

He ran right over me, trampling my leg.

Uh, won’t be able to attend this upcoming meeting

and I’ve asked Greg to bring back a copy of your

notes if possible. Claire.

Well done. I didn’t send it to anybody.

Hi, I’m Claire.

But I’ve heard lots about you

coming to help us. Yup.

I have a favor to ask.

The breakers on the side of the lighthouse

need replacing. Why can’t you do it?

It’s like our leg’s broken.

This is attacked by Charles.

So I’m unable to do it myself.

Oh, sure.

If Charles is even real.

If you go get them and repair the lighthouse,

I can try signaling passing ships to come help us.


What if you signal a monster ship

that has spider legs?


It’s like the bat signal but a spider train

power line. Shit!

Fucking tons of spider ships

coming here.

Oops. My bad.

Uh, what was the deal?


the deal is

it’s time for next time on Game Grumps. Oh, fuck.

Yeah, yeah. Ah, tiddly winks.

I’m sorry, Arin.

Ah, fiddly winks. Are you having fun?

I mean, you know, I’m

intrigued at this point. Yeah, me too.

I want to know what the deal is.

With Charles in charge.

We can do one more of these.

You think? Sure, why not?


Sandy, dude.

Can I get a hell yeah?


You know what I mean.

Breaker, breaker.

One, nine.


Fuck yeah, dude. Hey, Claire.

Aren’t I fucking epic? She’s dead.

Isn’t that worth a

handy? You took so long.

How many?

How many?

Forty-four. God damn.

Well, if Charlie attacks, you’ll be able to get away, right? Bye.

Well, nice, like, thing will take it.

Uh, where’s the railroad tracks?

Oh, that’s right. It’s, like, way up the fucking hill.

Oh, look, it’s on now.

You were running up that hill.

I’m running up that


Running up that


That’d be kind of silly if you were running up a building.

Gotta find your train.

Make a deal

with Charles.

Get him to

smash up

Claire’s leg.

Alright, well, next time on Game Grumps.

Yeah, sorry. No, it’s fine.

I lost my mind there for a second.

Alright, well, see you next time. Just get safely

on the train, and then we’ll… Safely on the train.