Introduction to the top 10 winning games

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The Game Awards just landed hard,

and we found out about a
load of great new stuff

that we cannot wait to play.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon,

and today on Gameranx,

the 10 best new games announced
at the Game Awards 2022.

Starting off with number 10,

it’s Remnant II.

Now, the first Remnant
came out back in 2019.

And, well, it’s a pretty good Soulslike.

A lot of people consider it a hidden gem.

It’s got a very high user score on Steam,

despite the fact that critics
rated it kind of middlingly.

It’s one of those beloved games

that maybe never got as
big as it deserved to

for whatever reason.

I mean, the world that
it sets up is so unique

and unlike basically any other Soulslike

without abandoning important
conventions of the genre.

I mean, it’s a good game.

It’s solid and a lot of fun.

The developers are touting it’s combat.

It’s been improved,

exactly how we don’t know just yet,

but they’ve also incorporated a new,

what they’re calling an
archetypal progression system.

I enjoy the first game

and I’m really happy
they’re making a second.

I hope this one gets the attention

that the first one deserved,

and maybe it’ll bring some more
attention to the first one.

And number nine is
Transformers: Reactivate.

And I don’t know,

I gotta just admire the balls of this.

So I don’t know almost
anything about this game

other than it seems like you’re Bumblebee

and it seems like it’s
a first person shooter.

So those are things that make
it seem interesting to me.

That could be a good game.

But the trailer, I mean,

you know how for a while,

they were doing like
dramatic covers of 1980s hits

like “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

Well, they did a Bon Jovi
cover in that way here,

and it doesn’t have the
dramatic cover effect

of a Tears for Fears song, let’s say.

However, I still admire it.

It’s just, I love the song personally

and I get why they would do this.

And it does actually have me intrigued.

So I have to give them
some credit on that,

even though maybe I would hear
the idea for it and go, yeah,

that’s not gonna work how we want it to.

It got me interested in the game,

so, I mean, props to them.

The game also,

if it ends up looking
anything like the trailer,

is gonna be a really strange
and interesting mix of things.

Like I said,

as far as I can pin it down,

it’s a Bumblebee first person shooter.

Beyond that, your guess
is as good as mine.

Lot going on though.

Lot going on in the trailer.

It’s apparently a four player game.

Yeah, like you can play it single player,

but I guess it’s co-op as well.

I definitely wanna know more,

and I think we’ll find out a lot more

when the closed beta happens in 2023.

And number eight is Crash Team Rumble.

A game that from the trailer,

you might not exactly understand,

but it seems actually fairly simple.

This is a four V four multiplayer rumbler

where each character has a
different set of abilities,

but the main goal is to get fruit,

bank it in your goal as well
as defend the opposing goal

so they’re not able to bank their fruit.

While it’s not the same concept obviously,

I’m kind of interpreting it

as a little bit Splatoon adjacent,

and I really like

that there’s something
like that out there.

There’s really nothing trying to be that.

Honestly, if they handle this well,

this is gonna be a
really fun game, frankly.

It’s being developed by the
same people that did Crash 4.

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Crash 4, fantastic.

It looks like they’re
preserving the game play style,

but making it into an arena brawler,

and that just works.

I think that that could be fantastic.

It’s apparently gonna land next year too.

And honestly, if it’s as fun
as the trailer makes it look,

I’m there.

At number seven is
Banishers: Ghost of New Eden,

a new game

from the developers of Life
is Strange and Vampire.

This is an action RPG,

and Don’t Nod is now not
unfamiliar to that genre.

Vampire is essentially that.

And it appears that the story centers

around two ghost hunters
who love each other.

So that could either be
really good or really bad.

Don’t Nod is of course very famous

for their actually
successful lack of subtlety

in the Life is Strange games,

which, to be frank,

shouldn’t be as good as they are

based on if you described
them to another human being.

So I think they can
probably pull that off.

We don’t entirely know

about what the combat’s gonna look like,

but it looks like an interesting world.

And I don’t know,

Don’t Nod manages to do stuff
that seems like shouldn’t work

and then it does.

So I’m looking forward to it.

Banishers: Ghost of New Eden

looks like it’s targeting
late 2023 for release,

and I look forward to
finding out more about it.

At number six is a new Horizon
Forbidden West expansion

called the Burning Shores.

It’s really interesting

what they decided to do with California.

You see the Hollywood sign,

a lot of it’s submerged,

it’s kind of islandy,

and there’s a lot of volcanoes.

I don’t know,

I think this is probably the
most radical transformation

they have given to a present day area

you will have seen in Horizon so far.

This one’s being developed
exclusively for PS5

because they want to take advantage

of the technical prowess of it.

So unfortunately it’s not coming to PS4,

which does on some level kind of suck,

but on another,

it definitely ensures

this is gonna be a big impressive game.

Length, we’re not sure of yet.

I have to imagine it’s not
gonna be a lot different

from the expansion for
the original Horizon.

And it’s gonna be landing on April 19th.

Definite must play.

And number five is Judas,

which comes to us from Ken Levine,

creator of BioShock.

And well, it looks like BioShock.

And that’s not a bad thing,

that’s a good thing.

Our man has been MIA for a long time

with his studio Ghost Story Games,

and he made it seem like

he wasn’t gonna do something like this,

and I think everybody
was kind of like, really?

You’re not gonna make
a game like BioShock.

And lo and behold,

he’s made a game that
looks a lot like BioShock.

And I’m happy.

I’m happy to see this.

It takes place on a starship

that is apparently falling apart.

You’re attempting to escape,

and your only hope is alliances
with your worst enemies,

which sounds quite intriguing to me.

So this was at one point probably
just gonna be a small game

that was supposed to release in 2017

and has been reported

to be in development hell multiple times,

apparently changing direction a lot.

But apparently the main problem

is just that it’s extremely ambitious.

From what we’ve seen,

and I think smartly,

they’ve just shown you
that they’re making a game

that you’re gonna want to play

because it’s like BioShock
made by the BioShock guy.

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That was a smart introduction
to the game in my opinion.

But what has caused it to
be such a big wild ride

that’s been going for this long?

I’m very interested in finding out about.

It’s gonna be landing
on all major platforms,

but I have no idea when,

hopefully given that
they’re showing it off,

it’s not too far,

but we’ll see.

And number four is Hades
II from Supergiant Games.

These folks have never made a sequel,

and Hades was so damn well
received and successful,

they were like, ah, all right,

well, let’s do that.

So Hades II is about
a different character,

an immortal princess of the underworld

who is looking to take down Cronus,

the Greek god of time.

The game retains all of the
things that made Hades charming

from what we see so far.

We’ve got that great art style.

The combat looks really
slick and well refined.

It’s great to see Hades
continue, honestly.

Hades the original is just
probably peak Supergiant Games,

and they’ve made a lot of
bangers through the years.

So for me it’s just
exciting to get more of it.

I love Supergiant games.

I’ve been with them through Bastion.

I remember putting that game on

and realizing there was
a narrator, and, wow,

man, they just rule.

I can’t wait to play Hades II.

And number three is
Crime Boss: Rockay City,

which is a first person crime
city game that features,

and this is really a hell of a cast,

Michael Madsen, Danny
Trejo and Chuck Norris.

Vanilla Ice is also in it.

It kinda looks like

a full on first person shooter
Grand Theft Auto type game,

and has both a single player campaign

as well as cooperative multiplayer.

It’s coming to us from 505
Games and Ingame Studios,

and we’ll apparently have
a lot more ’90s heroes

in its cast.

I mean, Danny Glover is in it.

I have to imagine a lot
of the budget of this game

is just going into the cast.

So I’m pretty interested
in seeing where this goes.

This game is actually coming
out fairly soon in the future,

March 28th.

So I’m interested in it,

but I also have a mild hesitance

just based on the fact

that they’re trying to
go so hard to nostalgia

for something that has
never existed before.

Like we don’t really have

a ’90s first person crime city game.

So we’ll see.

I think this could go one of two ways,

really good, really bad.

We’ll find out on March 28th.

And number two is Death Stranding 2,

which, holy crap.

Now, it was leaked by Norman Reedus

that this game was in development,

but it wasn’t a big leak

and I had actually forgotten about it.

So when it happened,

it was kind of like what?

Expecting to know what’s going on

in the world of Death Stranding

in a trailer for a game
that doesn’t exist yet

is like expecting to be able
to fly like in real life,

not in a video game.

So it’s not as if we have even a real clue

as to what the hell’s going on here,

but it’s Death Stranding 2.

It’s got a lot of the original cast.

I guess the world didn’t end, that’s good.

Although I don’t know if
that’s completely true.

We really never know with Death Stranding.

It’s hard for me to
even speculate about it

because I’m not 100% sure that
I understand the first game,

and I’ve beaten it several times now.

But I loved it and I’m really
excited for more of it.

And finally at number one,

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FromSoftware is finally bringing us

another Armored Core game, Armored Core 6.

The first Armored Core in a decade.

And actually kind of amazing

that a franchise that’s gone this long,

started in ’97,

is still being developed
by the main developer.

And it’s FromSoftware,

so they’ve had other astounding hits,

you know, the Dark Souls game

and the various other games
following that formula.

And they decided to return to this era

in their long history.

People who never heard of
FromSoftware until Dark Souls

may not even realize

that they have made like
a million met games.

And frankly, it looks like
they’ve upped the stakes

in every conceivable way.

Even if you have no idea
what Armored Core is,

if you saw this trailer,

you were like, holy crap, yes.

From is touting a new progression system,

apparently much more
expressive and free movement.

and also some integration

of what they’re calling
groundbreaking gameplay

found in their recent games.

So expect the little Souls in there.

I don’t know,

this is easily one of the coolest things

that could possibly happen
during the Game Awards.

It’s coming next year, and wow.

Couple of bonus games for you.

A new side-scroller called Earthblade

from the developers of Celeste.

Still a platformer,

but looks like they’re going

in a more Metroidvania direction,

despite the fact that they’re saying

that the seamless nature of the world

makes it less like a Metroidvania.

I don’t know, it looks
like a Metroidvania to me.

Looks good though.

Next is Bayonetta Origins,

a sort of top-down spinoff Bayonetta game.

Looks maybe a bit more child friendly

than the rest of the Bayonetta series,

but that may just be the graphic style

they’ve chosen to present.

Looks good though.

Next is Immortals of Aveum,

a magic shooter from Ascendant Studios

which is made up

of some Call of Duty and
some Dead Space developers.

It does kinda look like
fantasy Call of Duty,

and I don’t hate that.

Next, there’s a Hellboy
game coming, Web of Wyrd,

a cel shaded game

that has some God of War
reboot vibes if you ask me,

if the trailer is actually reflective

of the type of gameplay it’s gonna be.

Wayfinder, a new game

from Digital Extremes
and Airship Syndicate

that looks a bit like
a pretty unique looking

dungeon crawling game.

It’s definitely got a unique
graphical style to it.

And finally, After Us.

This game has kind of a vibe
of a much more complex Journey.

It’s a platformer where you
revive species of animals

by finding their souls and
learning about their fate.

It does look a lot more dark
than Journey to be frank,

but the influence is clearly there.

I think a really interesting looking title

and can’t wait to hear more.

That’s all for today.

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