The most relaxing game

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I’m not getting run over by a train.

I am not a cartoon character.

I am a real guy.

Yeah, I think the premise

is that a cat is

f***ing up everything in your house.


And you have to, like, clean up after him?

I guess. I don’t know.

But it looks really… Very relatable.

Yeah, right? It’s Mochi.

Yeah, it looks a little bit like him.


What’s going on?

Oh, okay, you have to… I’m gonna straighten it.

Oh, this is much better with the mouse.


Oh, there we go, eh?

Oh my god, this is the game.

It’s OCD the game.

Let’s put all this back in the bin, dog.

We don’t need peanuts around here.

This is


Here, do you want to put this controller on your nuts?

Yeah, okay.

It’s vibrating every time I move stuff.

What the f***?

Ooh, so it is.

Oh, I have to align the…

the pencils.

This, this one,

and this one.

Oh my god.


Do you like the way that feels?

Yeah, it’s alright.

There was a game called Rez, I think we’ve played it before,


it came with like a…

they called it a

trance vibrator.

Goodness me.

And it literally was just a stick that vibrated to the music.

And they called it

the girlfriend controller

when it came out.

It’s ridiculous.


the asshole controller.

Yeah, I mean like, you like to sit on things too.

I love sitting on things.

Especially if they stimulate my prostate.

Nice, I straightened the pictures.

Well done.

Well done.

Oh, oh shit.

What’s the deal here?

What is this premise here?

You’re supposed to stack them in order.

Of bigness!

Yes. Oh my god, you’re so right.

Wait, are you right?


That one’s bigger.

This one’s bigger.

That one’s bigger.

I mean, you might have to do it

neatly too.

Did I do it?

Oh, is it like…

You might have to like,

stack them up.


Think OCD, man.

Like the gray one in the center

and nice and straight.

And then everything nice and straight on top of it.

I don’t know how to like, rotate.

Oh, it’s got it.

It snaps into place.

Ding, ding, ding.



Sorry, I didn’t realize it was straightening it

in the center of the stage.

You obviously haven’t had a crippling illness.

Your whole life.

I suppose you’re right.

Well, I guess I have,

but not… A different one.

Everyone has something.

It’s a different one.

How do you like that shit?

It might go large to small. Nope.

Nice. I only got two stars for that one.

What the hell?


Uh oh.

Ha ha ha.





Yeah, man.

I wonder what this one is. Oh, it’s Super Mario 3!

Nice choice.

They were based on real ones.

Oh, fuck.


Place the stamps, baby.

This one, yeah.

And then duck, duck, goose.

What the fuck?

Fuck, goose?

Rather than, like, trying to match it.

Oh, word.

What the fuck, though?

Yeah? Maybe not.

If it didn’t snap into place.

Oh, shit.



Dammit, cat!

Hold on a second!

You cut the hell out of here!

Got a jiggle jangle problem on her hands here.

No, down.

To the right, I believe.




Oh, you sneaky bastard.


Fucking kitty cat over here.

I mean, I’ve been living

this game my whole life.

Did you ever have cats?

Never had cats.


crippling us.

Okay, got it.

I’m just kidding, it’s not crippling.

It’s just, uh…

just mildly upsetting.

At this point in my life, it comes and goes,

but it hasn’t been bad

in a long time.

Oh, my ADD is always bad.


Oh, shit.

I don’t even know if I’m on the right medication

anymore, dude.

Gotta, like, look into it.

Yeah, sounds like it.

Oh, no.


Oh, it’s that one.

It’s that one, and then…

Oh, shit.

Oh, my god, switch the middle in that, yeah.

Oh, fuck yeah, dude.

I got the squiggle right.

See ya.



Oh, man.

They just keep coming.

Um, Scrooge.



Well, one is marked one.


I think it’s based on how many cherries there are.


Woah, it’s the colors!

Yeah, so the yellow one gets one,

because there’s one yellow.

Oh, my god.

So smart.

I’m such a dummy.

No, no, no, it’s okay.

Just let me beat myself up.

Stop being so

kind to me, so that one day

I may get over this illness

where I’m so hard on myself.

That was a dick move on my part, I apologize.

Yeah, just let me fucking self-flagellate.



Not in front of everyone.

What do you think?

Dude, I love flagellating in front of everyone.

It’s like my favorite thing.



I don’t know

what we’re doing.

What the fuck? Holy shit.

What the fuck?


I believe…


everything has to be…


it’s like everything’s in order, but like

by six instead of seven?

Is that…

Is that it? Yeah, because it’s star

flower, and this is star flower, right?

And it’s like squiggle, blank, star.

So squiggle, blank, star.


And then before…

This is a different squiggle, though.


Oh, shit. Well, this one goes here.


Is that how it’s…



And then this goes here. Yeah.

So then…

We have no data of what goes here.


Or here. That’s okay.

Just keep, uh…

Like, skip after the yellow petal and put

the gray star.

The gray… Oh.

On the seventeenth. Oh, right.

Yeah, here. No, no, no.

That’s the flower.

The gray star.

See, because there’s a two-day difference

between the sixth and the eighth. Oh, right, right, right.

You’re so right. I thought…

Yes. It’s okay.

We were on the same page, but I was, uh…


It’s okay. And then the squiggle that’s on the tenth on the

nineteenth. Yeah.

Yeah. But give it the…

Uh… Peach dot.

Peach dot… Brodio?


Put the peach dot low.

Get low, get low.



And then the gray flower.

That’s the star.


It’s okay.



What? And then… Oh, squiggly.

Tall squig. And then yellow star.


And then…

Uh… Gray star.

Squig deez nuts, dude.

And then…

And then squiggle.

But that’s with the blue one.

Do you see that as blue?

Uh, it’s a cool gray.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Interesting.

Um, that’s it.

Is that it?

Oh, fuck!

Holy shit.

Keeping all your appointments.

That was wild.

Oh, this is way harder.

Yeah, that one.


Oh, the little scubby doo, little scubby doo.

You’re the scubby doo, scubby doo.

Little scubby.

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Little scubby doo, little scubby doo.

I’m a little scubby doo.

Oh, shit. Okay, there we go.

There’s also a picture here.

Scooby-doo. Oh shit. Wait, what the fuck?

Oh, maybe you’re just supposed to do it by the picture and not the height. Oh my god. Goodness gracious. Oh, you’re good

You’ve got it all on the right side



Scooby-dippity-doo dog

Scooby-dippity-doo dog. No, that’s too low. Little scabbity, little scabbity

Fuck that’s still too low. Try the one that’s too over

From the curly Q. Yeah. Oh, no, it’s too high

Maybe that is it

That doesn’t feel right though. No, and this one doesn’t feel right either does it?

It’s a little off

You know, yes, and and this isn’t yeah

I don’t know about this one dad

Maybe the one all the

Just gotta find something that height. Yeah

I’ll just try this one for now, you know?

Yeah, I

Feel I feel

Just gonna experiment, you know

Yep, it’s got a frickin experiment and it’s like if I’m gonna go this high

nope, and maybe if I like go

Frick, maybe if I like try


Oh, they’re just going together. Oh, they’re just pairs. Yeah. Okay this one in this one. Ah, although maybe this one

Goes with this. Yeah

So, yeah, oh


Maybe it’s radiating outward. Oh boy. Yeah, maybe that’s the center. Oh my god. It’s the fucking center





massive double you

Gosh I got that dub winner winner chicken dinner. No, not that one

Oh shit, yo dog, I feel fucking

Razzle-dazzled that looks good. That looks good. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, and then this one

Here. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm yuppers yuppers and now match it on the other side

Yeah, but I got a you got a center it again. Yeah, so I got to kind of do it this way first


Kissing kissing my dad

He’s kissing his dad

He’s gotta kiss his dad

He’s gotta kiss his dad

Kiss my dad if he doesn’t kiss his dad. I’m gonna scream

Gonna fucking scream

Unfortunately, he’s gotta kiss his dad

He can’t keep his appointment with you

He already moved it twice gonna kiss his dad


Now work it from the other end Charlie Charlie and your chocolate factory

Shit do we not have a

Oh shit, fuck no, no shit. Hold on

Oh, no, no, it’s um, it’s it’s five in from the right

Yeah, that one that one goes to in from the left. I think

I think so, right doesn’t that match? Oh, does that match the right side? Oh

What the fuck though, oh man, I’m so confused, okay, so okay because it’s okay. Mm-hmm

Yeah, yeah and move that to over. Yeah, here we go. And then move that to over. Yeah

Baby cooking with gas that looks really good to me. Is that not it? That’s not it

Really? Yeah, that’s not the one they want. It looks so good though. No

But something’s wrong it satisfies my OCD

Something’s changed

Something’s changed

Wait, really? It’ll be really funny when we find out they actually just want you to stack it in the biggest order left to right

Yeah, what the hey

Okay, this one’s kind of

Giving me a little aneurysm for a second. Yeah, I gotta say my

This crotch controller hasn’t rumbled in quite some time

very disappointing stuff Arin

No, that can’t be right right that can’t be right at all

These have to be on the end. There’s no continuous movement with that one

But does that mean

Does that mean

No, that’s totally wrong

This is like

This is to the point where like I just want to write letters like take a picture and send an email and be like

I was right

Your game sucks. Dear developers of this game that I played once on my show

This is this is what’s throwing me off right here. This feels wrong. Really? It’s not exact. Oh, right. So it’s like what piece

Does this match up with?

It’s like none of these. A little further

Like it doesn’t go anywhere no, this feels like wrong

Like this isn’t the right

Maybe it’s just like encapsulates it

Nope like a fool. Is there like a hint button?

Boy what else could this be?

I don’t know. You know what I mean?

But now that we’re like really stuck. I

Can tell you honestly that this music makes me want to un-alive myself

That does look better actually

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Maybe move that whole? Yes. Yes, this is incorrect. Are you sure? Yes because of right here

But maybe okay maybe

Shit wait, what did I change this? I just moved this over here. Yeah, if you look

Look, there’s two holes in these waves of things.

You put the skinny one on the outside.


But this isn’t right though.

This right here isn’t right.


It’s not correct.

Oh my God.

We might have to pause this episode.

My brain’s gonna explode.


What are you sighing about?

Do you want to pause for a sec?


Let’s pause.

All right, I think we got it.

Reverse it.

Oh, Arin.


Reverse it.

Great work.

That was great work.

You and Allie figured that one out together.

I took no part.

Oh, this is cute.

Now I have to make them crooked.


So they’re straight.

So that they’re level.

Deep sea dive.

Oh, shit.

The water line.

Yeah, but it’s not.

Come on, come on, come on.


You all need to be standing on straight ground.


This is like modern art.

Hell yeah, gamers.

Well done, man.

That’s called gravity.

Beautifully done.

I would like…

Oh, God.

Oh, dear.

We’re already on hard mode, eh?

It does seem like things did pick up recently.

They’re not fucking around at this point.

Okay, okay.


Okay, yep.

That wasn’t it, but it’s easy.

So easy a child could do it.

Yup, yup.

Becoming more like Borf every day.

Okay, well, that’s…

That looks like it’s not easy.

It’s a bit of a disaster.

Not a problem.

Yeah, yeah, boy.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah.

Give me a kiss, give me a kiss, moving these pieces over.

Yo, I should be like a 70s music star.

Give me a kiss.

Oh, there’s more.

Oh, it’s right.

You put it in the right spot.

It goes ding.


Uh-huh, no.

No dings.

Oh, that’s right.


Oh, that’s not right.

Okay, I don’t think it’s giving me the dings for if it’s absolutely correct or what.

No, it is.

Okay, yup.



Is that it?

I think so.

Oh, no, here.

Yeah, boy.

Well done.

I fucking don’t.

Yo, I can tell you this shit like whoa.

I’m sorry, what’s going on here?

Uh, by the length of the lead or graphite in each pencil.

Yeah, we don’t use lead anymore, Dan.


Or perhaps it’s eraser length.

Oh, shit.

I guess it’s just the most used.

The newness, yeah.

Um, all right, that’s the newest.

This is the dullest.

Switch the red in the- oh, never mind.


Wow, good job.

Hey, little thing, let me light your chemicals.

Um, what now, baby?

Yep, just more nice, pleasant stacking.

What is a plant?

There’s always like a planted area, right?

Where, where?



And then maybe-

Maybe it’s just to fit everything on the screen at the same time?



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, boy, here we go.

There’s a way to do it, for sure.

I’m so good slash not great at these.

It’s going pretty beautifully.

Super fucking good, man.



Oh, that’s extremely satisfying.

Look at that shit.

You get out of here, cat.


I’m like one of those Twitter artists that has like 60 followers, but like all their

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shit is so aesthetic.

You know what I mean?

Like those underappreciated artists?

I don’t know, I’m not on Twitter.

Okay, fine.


Got it.


Uh, the thickness dough.

Dat thickness dough?

You mother get up, get down with the thickness.


I’m thinking this is thicker.


And then we got this situation over here with this next level of thickness.


And I’m thinking like dis and dat dough and then dat dough.

I can like literally compare them.

Oh, that’s like the same.

Dealer’s choice.

Like the same.

Oh, God.

Is the green one not thicker than those yellow ones or is that optical illusion?

Which one, this one?


It is thicker.

It is.

It’s thicker than, but not this yellow one.

Wow, okay.

Looks like they’re the same.


And then green and then red and then blue.

Oh, fuck.

Here we go again, baby.

Oh, here we go.

All right.

What am I missing?

What am I missing here?

This is definitely thicker.

This is maybe not as thick.

This one is not as thick.

This one, definitely not as thick.

Daddy don’t like.

Would it have something to do with where the bars are?

I was thinking that too.

Yeah, I think that’s it.

I think it goes from descending bottom to top.


Yeah, so start with the green and yellow one.

That’s ripe.


Oh my God, dude.

Oh, bro, don’t worry.


I got it.

Bro, I’m like a master at that shit.

That blue.


Oh, that’s staircase dough.

Watch that ascension.


And yuppers.

Yeah, that’s good.


This one.



Oh, daddy like.

Yeah, this is very nice.

Bring me the chocolate.

This is making me like breathe more deeply and slower.

Oh, yes.

Yeah, baby.


Yeah, that oct brain you got there.

It’s never come in more handy than this.

Give me chocolate.

What is this situation going on here?

Just shavings.

So this is just like the most, the most shaved.

I believe so.

Because daddy is not shaved.

Oh, we got symbols on these fucking pencils though.

We do.


Oh, is it like, okay.

So that’s like a certain.


All right.

All right.

Now what’s going on with these symbols, bruh?

I would guess one would go first.

One squiggle, two squiggle, three squiggle.

Yeah, one would go first, then the squiggles, then the Vs.


Oh, it doesn’t like that.

Mm, it certainly doesn’t.

Oh, then do I have to line these up too?


So I guess it would be like, what the fuck?

What the fuck just happened?

It just disappeared.

It vanished out of sight.

I guess the most shavy one would get the biggest shaving.


But there’s one missing now, and there wasn’t even all of them to begin with.

There’s two missing, yeah.

Oh, I guess one didn’t have any shavings.

No, I think that’s right.

It won’t slot in anywhere else.

Yeah, that doesn’t slot in.


Baby, baby.

Well, one flew away when you like put it on top, so that must have been correct.

Oh, you just have to get rid of them.

You have to clean the fucking table.

Oh, I love it.

Thank you, cat.

Thank you, action cat.

That cat really pissed me off.

That was my life’s work.

Oh, it’s getting weird.

Ooh, record scratching.

What the fuck?

Can I take it off real quick?

Whoa, what the fuck is happening, dude?


Yeah, yeah.

So I just have to find a spot that doesn’t have a scratch?


Well done.

Whoa, dude.


My brain hurts.

Chapter two.

What the fuck?

Lost recipe.

This is a whole book?

It seems that way.

Dude, I can’t read.


You know what I’m doing?

Oh, dude, you ever do this with like soda cans?

What, get him to look like one big can?

Yeah, you know?

Let’s see, check this shit out.

It’s a little free form action going on here.

Hey, like them apples.

I like them.


Maybe they want it like perfectly centered.

Yeah, bro.

Nicely done.


Well done.

I’m a fucking can rotating master, baby.


What is going on here?

Just height?

It can’t just be height.

That’s too simple.

I’m a motherfucking star boy.


Well done.

No, but that was the small brain version.

See, it only gave me one star.

I think there’s multiple answers to some of these now.

Jeez, that’s interesting.

The small brain version.

Like right?

Stack those spoons, baby.

Give me the spoon, give me the spoon, give me the spoon.

Kiss my spoon.

Kiss my spoon.

Kiss his spoon.

What’s the big brain version?

I don’t know.

Stacking the plates and the bowls and the plates and the dad.

My dad stacks the plates.

And the bowls and the plates.

Stacking the plates.

Oh, here we go.

This is beautiful.

Oh, no.

Why not?

Because there’s cracks I can line up.

There’s alternate takes on all these.


Is that right?




Wow, look at that.

You can line up the lines or the cracks.

So it’s up to you to decide.

Maybe that’s not big brain, small brain rewarding answers.

Maybe that’s just saying like you’ve solved one of two possible ways.

Like you get stars for solving it both ways.

I like to imagine that I’m smart.

You are smart.

That’s not imagination.

Right, right.

But like I just want the answer that tells me like, hey, you’re the smart one here.

That’s interesting.

I would have separated these in terms of like solids on the ends and like how much of one

or the other there is.

You know what I mean?

Oh, yeah.

No, I just need that contiguousness, bro.


That contiguity.


Well, it does kind of show you how other people’s brains work.

There we go.

That’s some fucking contiguity right there.

That’s wild.

Wait, can I go back to it and do it the other way now?

I don’t see why not.

But I don’t know if there’s, I’m able to.

I don’t see how not.

Okay, chicken.

Yeah, I usually, this is exactly what I do to evenly weigh it out.

I suppose I could do this.

Match the checkerboard.

Because I’ve got like an odd number of eggs, I’m like, okay, how do I splay it so that

like the weight is even?

Because there’s nothing worse than picking up a carton of eggs and all the eggs are on

one side and you’re like, whoa, you know?

Yeah, I agree.

Okay, let’s get rid of these fuckers.

The Rice Krispies?


Okay, what does your brain say?

Stack the tags.

Biggest on the bottom.

Biggest on the bottom?


Okay, I was gonna say, I was looking more at the gaps to see if there was like a thing


I’m sure you can match them up by notches on the side.

Oh, yes, yes.

This is delightful.

What the fuck, though?

Yo, my brain is exploding with goo.

That’s unfortunate.

I’m so sorry.

Oh, God, my condolences.

Really, that doesn’t, that’s perfect.

I want that to be perfect.

I’m epic.

What the hell?

Are you telling me I’m not epic?

Oh, come on, I’m so epic, though.


Shut fuck.

Oh, hell.


Fucking that one.

Yeah, you fucking like that.

Yeah, that gets you hot.



That gets you hot.

Yeah, buddy.

Slippery, slippery.

Boy, that’s incredibly satisfying, too.

There was only one solution to that one.

Oh, interesting.

What the fuck?



What the?


Do I want them all on the same?

Oh, there’s four.

What the fuck is happening?

Can I move this over here?

Oh, I can.


Okay, so I want all the matching sticky styles.

Yeah, bruh.

All right, so bruh.

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Gotta get that triangle with the circles.

But what the fuck is this one, dog?

Oh, Shazbot, bro.

Yeah, just get everything, like, get all the labels on screen at once.





Okay, and how about the apple?

Twist the apple around?

Oh, shit.

Well, this is a pear, right?

That looks like a pear.

I believe so.

Oh, yeah, dude.

Yeah, dude.

There’s fucking.

Oh, shit.

But which one’s which, though, dog?

I would try putting all the blue-gray stuff on one, the red-orange on another.

Oof, man.

Yeah, but there’s, like, you know.

Too many?


There’s too many, like, categories.

Is there any that are not on screen right now on any of these?

That’s all on that one.

That’s all for that one.


That’s it.

This is all.

Okay, cool.

So we’re looking for anything they have in common by threes.

I think it’s barcode.


Yeah, because we got only little lines, so that’s all little lines over here.


And then we got fat line with two, like, slightly fat lines.

Oh, maybe that’s only two.

Oh, shut.

They put too many stickers on these.

There’s way too many stickers, and honestly, I’m a little.

I don’t feel like I should have to stand up.

I’m a little PPO’d.

Okay, we got squiggles.

We got big squigglies.

Yep, big squigs.

We got little squigs, and then we got half circles.

That’s my SoundCloud rap name.

Big squigs?

Little squigs.

Oh, okay.

I didn’t want to assume.

Okay, little squigs.

Okay, that didn’t work.


Oh, okay, okay, okay.


Okay, so this is apple, and this is orange, and this is pear.

And then it’s these.


Then it’s just a matter of.

But these are all together now.

Maybe they go on different ones.

Oh, oh, wait.

Oh, shot.


Yep, yep, yep, yep.

Yep, the barcode.


We saw it at exactly the same time.

That’s cool.

That’s got to be it, though.

It’s not giving me the.

Maybe switch the orange and the pears.

Maybe the orange is like the half moons.


Yeah, yeah.

On the gray-blue stickers, it’s a circle on the orange.

Put those on the pears and make the half circles that are on the pears.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.



I think yes.

Not according to the video game.

Apparently not.


Am I missing some?


That’s got to be frickin’ et, though.





Daddy, bring me candy.


Does it have to do with the placement, too?

Like, no, that can’t be right.

That can’t be frickin’ right, though, dog.

Arrows and flats and squiggles.

Arrows and circles.


So I’m thinking like maybe the direction of the sticker matters.

Hey, can you turn them?

No, they stay the way that they are.



Yeah, so maybe not.

Holy crap.

I know.

I’m like.

Maybe one of each on each fruit?

Oh, I see what you’re saying.


Little varietas.


That didn’t work?

That’s not at.

That’s so not at.

They are all facing.

Oh, maybe, though, dog.

It has to be centered?


They all like point towards the center?

The triangles have to be like lined up or something?

Oh, that could be it.


Try that.

A circle above it.

A triangle on each side.


That seems.

I don’t know.

That seems really strange.

A line below it?


Because now there’s like.

Oh, actually.


See on the pear how the lines really meet up?


Maybe it has to be like that on all of them.

Well, that’s what I’m saying.

That’s what I was trying to do.

But there’s no squiggle on top for the orange.

No squiggle on top.


Well, there’s this one.

And then this could just go here.

Oh, fiddle dee dee.

I know.

Like, what the fuck?

People aren’t going to want to eat these after we’ve handled them so much.

Yo, I’m getting a lot of adhesive residue on these animal plants.

I was thinking maybe you have to like obscure some of them.

Like put them away.

Yeah, try it.

Try turning all the fruits.

But like.

I just want like are we like overthinking this?

I feel like it can’t be this complicated.

Why not?

I don’t know.

I suppose you’re right.

Oh, maybe.

Can you just take the other ones off?

Oh, yeah.


It’s just gone.

Let them fall.

Let them fall to the ground.

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Oh, my God.

Is it just.

Yeah, get rid of them.

Is it just the right colored ones?

I think so.

Holy shit.

Let the other.


Get rid of them.

That can’t be the solution.

Why not?

They’re not coming back.

Oh, my God.


Give me a fucking break.

Are you kidding me?

You look like fucking idiots.

Big brain over here.

Big brain.

Jesus Christ.

The whole time I was thinking like, man, that’s a lot of barcodes for one product.

Yeah, yeah.

We spent like 15 minutes on that one.

Oh, my God.

I’m a fucking moron.

It’s okay.

No, it’s not okay.

All right.

My dad’s going to be furious.

Oh, that’s him right now.

Lloyd, what’s going on, man?

I’d like to speak to Arin, please.

Not that I would like to speak to him.

I’d like to speak to my former son, the artist formerly known as Son.

Okay, maybe this is like, okay, maybe they’re like testing me, right?

It’s like, how long is it actually, you know?

I feel like this one’s pretty dang long.

Oh, interesting.

This one’s like long-ish, and then this one’s like super, superdy-duper long.

I think you’re overthinking it again.

I’m talking this is the longest.

Okay, you’re probably right.

Yeah, we just overthought the shit out of one of them.

You’re so probably right.

And this is super curled, and this is mega curled.

Okay, so.

Yeah, maybe it’s straight to curled.

Oh, my God, yeah.

And then this is even more curled, and this is like twisty goo, and this is like super twisty goo,

and then this is like mega twisty goo.



I think it’s time for next time on Game Grumps, Arin.

Oh, what the fuck, are you serious?

Yeah, totally.

What do you mean?

This was super fun.

Oh, no, no, the timer got screwed up.


It’s been like 40 minutes at least.

Got it.

Oh, really?

Yeah, yeah.

Holy F-bomb.

Yeah, I know, it’s very absorbing, this game.

What the fucking shit, dog?

Oh, that’s making this rumble like crazy.

Hello, nurse.

You like that?

Here, here, I’m gonna give it back to you so you can.



Yeah, move the glasses.


What the fuck is happening here?

All right, next time on Game Grumps.

Yeah, yeah.

But this is one, this game is wonderful.


Oh, we have to line them up.

What a cool game.

Gotta find the one thing that lines up.

I see.

Bing, bing, bing.


Bing, bing.

I guess, I guess it’s over.

Yeah, yeah, next time on Game Grumps.

Arin just can’t stop playing.

I’m absorbed.

Yeah, and it’s rumbling.

Yeah, and I gotta rumble on my penis.

I get it.

Goodbye, everyone.


Do, do, do.

Do, do is a specific amount of poop, and as it continues to come out, you just keep saying

do to add to the amount.

Do, do, do, do, do.

It keeps coming.