Those are the new and fun Unreal Engine 5 video games

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Today, we’re gonna talk about 15 upcoming games that will be made in the new next-gen game making toolset or engine known as Unreal Engine 5.

Now, there have been some really exciting advancements in game making and graphical technologies, so we wanted to highlight some and just note, we’re not gonna hit on games that we haven’t really seen yet.

Like, we know a new “Tomb Raider” and a new “Witcher” game have been both announced to be Unreal 5, but we haven’t actually seen them yet.

So let’s get started off
(tense music)

with number 15 and talk “Project M”.

This is a big, seemingly
expensive looking project

from NCSOFT, a pretty big publisher

with a decent track record,

but this seems a little
bit different for them.

This is kind of a narrative
driven, movie-like adventure,

similar to something like a “Heavy Rain”,

Quantic Dream “Detroit:
Become Human” style game.

From what we’ve seen, it
looks to have decisions

and quick time events and your decisions

and actions will actually change the shape

of the story and the ending.

Now, from what we really know so far,

all we got to really go on
is it’s like a revenge quest

after a man loses a loved one,

like a girlfriend or a wife or something.

Sounds pretty basic, yeah, sure,

but there’s gotta be more to it.

There’s gotta be a reason that
they’re telling this story

with these crazy video game graphics.

My money is on the voice actors

and the performance capture

because the characters
look incredibly lifelike,

so if they can really sell
the emotion in this story,

I’m all in.

It doesn’t have a release date yet,

but it is looking really
gorgeous, I mean, look at it.

Next, over at number 14,
(energetic music)

we have “Kingdom Hearts 4”.

Yes, announced earlier this year,

we’re probably not going to hear much

about “Kingdom Hearts 4” for a while,

but they did show us quite a bit,

including what seemed to
be real time gameplay.

Now, this is interesting
because it takes place

after the events of “Kingdom Hearts 3”,

where Sora is in a new
world called the Quadratum,

and it’s kind of like a lifelike,

more realistic looking city.

So with that, they have to play Sora

in a real-looking world and
it has to look damn good

and it had to have a game
engine to really back it up,

so it seems like Unreal
Engine 5 is really powering

these massive, lifelike
cities, and I say massive

because just the small glimpses we’ve seen

and the large boss enemy and Sora flying

into the world seems like
it’s gonna be a pretty dense

and detailed world.

Interestingly enough, with
“Kingdom Hearts 4” more

than any other game on this list,

like I’m not really looking
for realistic graphics,

I’m just looking for fun gameplay

and cool “Kingdom Hearts” stuff,

so, hopefully seemingly
we’re still gonna get that,

but at the very least, baseline,
if we don’t know too much

about it yet, at least we
know it’s gonna be pretty.

Next over at number 13,
(suspenseful music)

we have a game called “ILL”.

Now, this looks like more
of an independent project,

it’s been in the works
for quite some time now

and they’ve been teasing it with a lot

of very brief glimpses of gameplay,

some of it looking a little
wonky, but the more we see it,

the more it’s shaping up
to be pretty interesting.

It even made an appearance at
the GamesRadar game showcase,

and it’s straight up a
horror first-person shooter

that looks really good,

and the coolest part is
the monsters themselves.

They seem incredibly detailed,
like hyper grotesque,

with tons of gross drippy
bits and tendrils coming

from every inch of them,
kind of like a cross

between the Birkin monster
from “Resident Evil 2”

and something out of the
classic “The Thing” movie,

but like turned up to 11,

so, that right there is pretty awesome.

Considering they look this
visually scary and freaky,

thanks to the graphics, I just really hope

that it has the gameplay
chops to back it up.

But so far the more and more
we see of it, like I said,

it does look better and better.

Next over at number 12,
(tense energetic music)

we have “The Invincible”.

This is a first-person space exploration

adventure style game with a story focus

that’s a little bit different in style.

It’s more of a chunkier space sci-fi,

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it’s a little more old school

and that really makes it appealing.

Along with that, it does seem
like it’s taking advantage

of Unreal Engine’s new lighting stuff

and photogrammetry, with the
desert planet like environments

that we have seen looking incredibly real.

The rock faces, the sand,
all of it looks stunning.

Pair that down to the tiniest details

on the player character’s hands

and detailed, cool sci-fi equipment,

it seems like it’s gonna be a
bit of a different experience.

“The Invincible” is seemingly
focused around a deep,

like, legitimate sci-fi story

and I mean that you play
as an astrobiologist,

you don’t play as like a badass
space marine or anything,

so it’s definitely got the
graphical things going for it,

but it also seems like it has the story

and gameplay ambitions to back it up.

Next, over at number 11,
(tense music)

we have “Layers of Fears”,

which admittedly we
don’t know too much about

but we do know that it’s a sort

of combo collection slash updated version

of the original two “Layers
of Fear” games in one package

and now completely in Unreal
Engine 5, which is pretty sweet

because “Layers of Fear”
is really underrated.

It’s not the most action-packed
horror game or anything

but it is certainly a
hell of an experience,

so for them to redo it in Unreal Engine 5

and hopefully add some new content,

it can be really enticing.

Those games already really did rely

on great art direction and cool graphics,

so for them to step it up, I
think that’s pretty exciting.

We know “Layers of Fears”,
which I’m still getting used

to saying is coming sometime early 2023.

Next over at number 10,
(energetic music)

we have “Redfall”.

This is “Dishonored” developers,
Arkane’s newest game,

and it’s a four player
multiplayer cooperative shooter

where you’re taking
down hordes of vampires

that have invaded a
small New England town.

Most importantly, for me as a solo gamer,

you’ll also be able to
play this completely solo,

but playing

with friends means everybody
has different abilities

and you can take advantage

and just basically do
cool Arkane, “DeathLoop”,

“Dishonored” style trick
shots, and cool moves.

Really curious to see where
this one goes, and graphically,

it does look pretty damn great.

The art style’s a bit more cartoonish,

so on the surface, it’s a little trickier

to see like the real graphical fidelity

because things intentionally
don’t look hyperrealistic,

but still, from what we’ve seen visually,

it does look really impressive.

I’m still curious

to see how this one’s
actually going to play

and how fun it’s gonna be,

but it does look cool
from a design standpoint,

and hopefully we’ll finally
be playing that pretty soon.

Now next over at number nine,
(suspenseful music)

we have “The Day Before”.

Now we’ve talked about
this one for quite a while.

This is the super ambitious MMORPG

that’s like a combination
of “The Last of Us”

and “Days Gone”, but also “The Division”,

with open world city
stuff, fighting, looting,

PVE, PVP, zombies, customization

and incredibly killer graphics.

Now, that’s a lot to promise and it seems

like it’s coming from a small developer

and they’ve since really
delayed the game pretty heavily,

so we don’t know what’s up,

but what we initially saw
of this game did excite us,

even if it was a small slice

and it’s still got a ways to go,

if it can come out like
what we’ve seen visually,

and with all those
promised gameplay features,

it could be sick.

We’ll probably be talking
about “The Day Before” soon,

you know, we still have some skepticism,

but yeah, there you go.

Next over at number eight,
(tense music)

we have a game called “Hell is Us”.

Now this is published by Nacon

and developed by Rogue Factor,
and to be completely frank,

we don’t know too much

about it other than
it’s going to be pretty.

We got a brief teaser trailer

that showed some cool ideas

that gave us some slight “Control” vibes,

and it’s seemingly going to
tell a pretty mature story.

Like I said, we don’t know too much,

so I’ll just read the
official game’s description.

“Amidst a secluded country,
ravaged by civil war,

discover the secrets of your past

and confront the mysterious calamity

that has befallen the region.

A real adventure awaits you,

where you will explore the
dark side of human nature.”

Well, I guess from reading
the game’s description,

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it turns out hell was us all along.

I’m sorry, terrible joke, (laughs)

but all we know right
now is that it is coming

to PS5 in 2023.

Next over at number seven,
(energetic music)

we have “Ark 2”, a game
that has been announced

and then kind of announced again,

and we still don’t know too much,

other that it’s gonna be Unreal Engine 5

and Vin Diesel is in it.

Not only is he in it, but
he’s also apparently working

behind the scenes with the production crew

and is going to be fairly
involved with the game.

You know, celebrities are gonna celebrity,

but ultimately this seems

like it’s gonna be a bigger better “Ark”,

and hopefully a prettier
and less glitchy, weird,

messed up one, or really
to be honest, sometimes

that weird goofy jankiness is
all the fun with “Ark”, right?

As of right now, we know
“Ark 2” is coming in 2023.

Next over at number six,
(tense music)

we have “Black Myth: Wukong”.

Now we’ve talked about
this game quite a bit

for quite some time now, and
we’re hoping we finally see it

at the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023,

because this Chinese-developed
action adventure RPG,

based specifically

around ancient Chinese
mythology looks pretty sweet.

Obviously you’ve probably heard it before,

it seems very “Souls”
inspired, but the unique twist

on lore and just some
of the combat actions

and boss battles we have
seen have been pretty nuts

and also, shout out to the developers

for just showing straight up gameplay

and not really wasting our time

with too many cinematic
trailers because seeing the game

in motion in Unreal Engine
5 is incredibly impressive.

I mean, look at this thing.

Again, at this point,

I don’t know what more I can really say

other than that, the detail,

especially when the
character moves in the snow

or the water, the way wind
rushes and moves things

in the environment to just how fast

and frenetic the combat is,

with sparks flying and
not a thing slowing down.

We really hope this game
looks as good as it seems here

when it finally drops.

Next over at number five,
(upbeat music)

we have a game called “Quantum Error”.

Now you may not have heard of this one

but this is a PS5 game built
as a cosmic horror FPS TPS.

There’s some seemingly cool
story elements to the game,

but essentially, a quantum
research facility is attacked,

it’s on fire and you
go in as a firefighter

and your job is to just save as many lives

from the burning lab as
possible and just get out.

Then of course, things devolve into chaos

and it gets spooky and weird and sci-fi.

That’s really it, and while

on the surface it sounds
a little bit generic,

I think the firefighter
spin is actually pretty cool

and unique.

The visual style also isn’t
quite what you’d expect,

it’s got a bit of a flat,
kind of artistic style to it.

They’re not going for hyperreal,

but still seemingly are taking advantage

of the Unreal Engine with
cool lighting and fire.

But to be honest, we don’t
know too much about it.

It just seems like a
really, really cool idea.

As of right now, we just know
it’s coming soon to the PS5.

Next over at number four,
(tense music)

we have a game called “Instinction”.

Now, just when you thought we
had too many dinosaur games,

we got one more, but thankfully,

this one looks pretty damn
good, at least graphically.

This is billed as a prehistoric
action adventure game

with combat and exploration
in multiple environments

but it’s from a first-person
perspective and you have guns.

So yes, it’s you chasing
down velociraptors

in the jungle with an assault rifle,

fighting saber-toothed
tigers, big dinosaurs.

The concept seems really simple

and maybe goofy to some, but
also just good, dumb, fun.

And from what we’ve seen graphically,

from water areas to dense jungle areas,

both during the day and at
night, seems pretty cool.

The environments are incredibly,

like downright shockingly richly detailed.

Along with that, just
really detailed dinosaurs

that can be outright terrifying.

I wish this one had a release date,

as of right now, it’s just slated as TBA,

but it looks damn cool.

Now next over at number three,
(tense music)

we have a game called “Wronged Us”.

Now we talked about this in a video,

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we’ve highlighted it, a lot
of other YouTubers have,

just because it looks so weird and unique.

It seems like it takes a lot of cues

from something like “Silent Hill”,

and it also just embraces
a lot of horror movies

with little nods here and there,

but visually from like an
art direction standpoint,

at times it can look downright stunning.

Other times it can look not so great

and really, really rough and
seemingly made by one person.

So, this one is still really
up in the air, but from some

of those good glimpses that
actually look really damn good,

you’ll see snippets of it
here, we see some potential.

Now, it was last shown off

at a GamesRadar game
reveal live stream thing

in 2021 as part of a larger event,

but like, we haven’t
really seen anything since,

but we’re keeping our eye out on it.

Now down at number two,
(suspenseful music)

we have “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
2: Heart of Chornobyl”

Now, this one has been taking a long time.

“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” fans have been waiting

for something for forever
and they’re gonna have

to wait a little bit longer with this one,

but from what we’ve seen, it
looks downright incredible.

Exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape

with this Eastern European spin

definitely seems right up our alley,

it certainly was with the old games,

which were incredibly unique,

just genre defining PC gaming moments.

I don’t know if this new
game has the potential

to like literally change
everything in gaming,

at least for some
players, but it does look

like it’s going to be a
hell of a cool adventure

with some incredible visuals.

We’ve seen all kinds of different scenes.

They’ve been showing

off the work they’ve
specifically been doing

in Unreal Engine 5 since the
work commenced on this game

and we’ve been really, really excited.

Hopefully we finally get
to play it real soon.

Now next at number one,
(tense music)

we have “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II”.

The last time we got to see this game,

it looked downright incredible.

When it was first announced,

it was one of the big things
to really tout the power

of the Xbox Series X and just
next generation technology,

but really Unreal Engine 5 as well,

and the most recent
gameplay trailer that we got

that showed large enemy
types, massive action, chaos,

just full gameplay, it
seems absolutely nuts.

From the detailed lighting
and character faces

to the performances of
the characters themselves,

of course, which was the
highlight of the last game,

to the rain, the mud,
the fire, like everything

in this gameplay demo was
firing on all cylinders.

They knew exactly what they were doing.

They were flexing on us with this one.

If you played the first game, you know

that game was more story
and emotion focused

and now it’s finally got,
hopefully, some gameplay

and graphic stuff to really back it up.

Cuz you know, the first
game’s combat was pretty cool

but hopefully they
really blow it out here.

Either way, it looks absolutely stunning

and we can’t wait to
hear more about it soon,

cuz it still doesn’t have a release date,

but take your time guys, we’ll wait.

So those are 15 Unreal Engine 5 games

that we think look pretty
cool and we hope we see soon.

That’s really it.

We just wanted to talk
about some cool games today.

So we wanna know from
you guys in the comments,

what you’re thinking?

If you got your own top five

or like one specific game
you’re really looking forward to

on this list, let us know.

Also there’s a lot of games

on this list that still have
a lot of unanswered questions,

so we’d like to know what
you’re thinking there.

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