10 strange video game stories

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[Falcon] Every month,Gameranx puts together the weirdest stories in the world of gaming,and that is what we’re doing today.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,the top 10 weird gaming stories of August 2022.

Starting off at number 10,
a two-player mode was found

in “Super Punch-Out!!” about
30 years after it came out.

So “Super Punch-Out!!”

was the Super Nintendo
version of “Punch-Out!!”

“Punch-Out!!” on the NES? Great.

“Super Punch-Out!!”? Even better, though.

It’s kinda one of those
names that takes the original

and just brings it up a
notch in every possible way,

and as it turns out, it’s not
just a single-player game.

Now, this wouldn’t be that
weird if it weren’t something

that was found almost three decades

after the game was released.

A lot of the time, you know,
we find everything in a game,

or at least we think we
do, because people are able

to decompile it and
look at the code, and…

Not the case!

The Twitter account Unlisted
Cheats, which is dedicated

to finding old cheat codes
that were never found,

put out several codes
for “Super Punch-Out!!”

One is basically an opponent select,

which is not something that we had before,

and two is the ability to
control the second fighter,

effectively making it a two-player game,

a very good two-player game, might I add.

This essentially makes room for people

to compete with each other in this game.

Like, technically, using emulators,

you could even be adding people remotely.

It’s pretty exciting, I think,

but it’s just super weird
to have a cheat like this,

which is, I mean, not really
that complex to activate,

found so late in the game.

At number nine, so it’s
15 years into development

with “Beyond Good & Evil
2,” a game that, like,

has been in development
technically since, like, 2008,

and if you remember, back in 2017,

we were talking about
this when they dropped,

like, a trailer, if I remember right.

2017 was five years ago.

A, that’s weird.

But B, they just announced
the new lead writer

for this game is probably
the most clear indicator

that this is still in development.

I don’t really know how to regard that,

if I’m completely honest.

Does it mean they’re
starting from scratch?

Does it mean they’re continuing the work

that’s already been done?

Who really knows?

It’s one of those things
where it’s been so long,

it’s hard to really have
any idea what to think.

That’s how weird this is.

At number eight, somebody
built a gaming PC

inside of a toilet.

Do I need to tell you why this is weird?

It’s not something you really
do, and when you think of it,

you think, “Aw, that would be funny.”

I would think that would be funny. Yes.

It would be a laugh. Would be.

And then you don’t do it. Why?

Because A, it’s not useful, and B,

the potential to wreck some
computer parts is pretty high,

considering you’re just putting
loose water next to them.

But YouTuber Mr. Homeless went
ahead and, uh, did it anyway.

I don’t know if you’ve
ever looked at his channel,

but it’s full of weird stuff like that.

He’s, like, powered computers
with a USB power thing

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that he charged up with only potatoes.

He’s made fridge PCs.

Lot of weird stuff.

It’s funny stuff, but, uh,
making a functioning toilet

that is also a functioning
gaming PC is an interesting one.

At number seven, somebody
is suing PlayStation

for taking a cut of all digital sales

in the PlayStation Store.

Now, there is a case to
be made that taking 30%

of the sales in a store is too much.

I don’t know.

Like, I’m not sure that I
agree that it’s too much.

It’s the same amount

that Steam takes from every transaction,

and I kinda think that it
is a developer problem,

not really a consumer problem.

It’s not really, you know,
screwing consumers as much

as it is screwing developers
and publishers, you know?

Like, it’s eating into their money,

and I’m pretty sure that the
games would cost the same

one way or the other, you know?

I have a feeling that a $60 game

would be a $60 game no matter what,

and I think that whenever you see a game

that costs the same
amount on Steam or Sony

as it does on Epic, which takes
12%, there’s your evidence.

I don’t know.

I don’t think that it’s a
particularly clever lawsuit,

and also, they don’t seem
to really specify whether

or not it’s the fact that
they’re taking the cut

or that the cut is too
much, and I don’t know

how they would argue
either of those things.

So I don’t really think that
it’s going to be a thing

that goes too far.

Kind of a weird waste of time.

At number six, “Squirrel with a Gun.”

I could just be quiet for, like, a minute

and play footage of “Squirrel with a Gun.”

You would know what I’m thinking.

Uh, A, wonderful.

Daniel DeEntremont, uh, yes.

Absolutely, “Squirrel with a Gun.”

This is the most insane-looking
thing I have ever seen,

and I cannot wait for
“Squirrel with a Gun.”

I am so excited for “Squirrel with a Gun.”

It is perfect.

Like, I really enjoyed “Goat Simulator,”

but this is, like, I
think better than that.

It obviously owes a lot to that,

but they’ve really done
something wonderful

by making you a very small animal

using guns that are all bigger than you

because all guns are
bigger than a squirrel.

Yeah, it’s, uh, gonna be wonderful.

It’s also really fun

because the squirrel’s
pretty realistic looking,

but, like, nothing it does
looks realistic at all.

It all looks very cartoony.

And I think that was
really the right choice.

I love this.

At number five, “Overwatch”
is removing paid loot boxes,

so that’s cool.

Like, they’re transitioning
over to “Overwatch 2,”

which is gonna release on October 4th.

You’re not gonna be able
to play the original game

after the sequel launches,
so you’re gonna have

to upgrade to “Overwatch 2.”

Everything that you have
won through loot boxes

in the original game will
transfer over to the sequel,

where there will also
not be paid loot boxes.

Honestly, good.

You know how every other time

they do annoying monetization
crap, it doesn’t die?

This is a big, big blow for loot boxes.

Honestly, it’s not popular.

There’s a lot of litigation going on

all over the world about loot boxes.

I think gamers might
be winning on this one.

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That’s good. Weird, but good.

At number four, researchers
actually came up

with this absolutely
amazing huge advance in VR.

Now, as we all know, VR is
about as bulky as it can be.

You got a huge thing on
your head, bunch of weight

right there on your face
as you’re playing a game.

No longer.

Now they have got a few-millimeters-thick,

regular-looking glasses,
except for, you know,

these big ribbons coming out of them.

Uh, this is the biggest
thing for VR, period.

Now, this is something that
they’ve been able to do before,

but not project 3D images onto it.

That has changed.

They’re able to do 3D on these images.

Now, I think probably the most
exciting aspect about it is,

I don’t actually think
they need to be this small

in order to be a lot better
than the current VR headsets.

If you could make something
about double this size

rather than a few millimeters thick,

uh, a few more millimeters thick,

I think you’re really looking

at a possible complete VR revolution here.

Now, that doesn’t mean

that every VR game is
gonna be a hit suddenly,

but I mean, it’s pretty awesome.

VR has a lot of uses beyond
just gaming, like making games.

It’s, it’s great. I’m
really excited for this.

It’s really cool.

At number three, Vince Gilligan,

the creator of “Breaking
Bad” and “Better Call Saul,”

confirmed that they have
attempted to make video games

set in the “Breaking Bad”
universe multiple times

but that it never happened.

I’ll just quote him directly.

“I’m not much of a video game player,

but how can you not
know ‘Grand Theft Auto’?

I remember saying to the guys,

who are off running Apple now,

who said yes originally to ‘Breaking Bad’,

‘Who owns “Grand Theft Auto”?

Can’t you have a module,

can’t there be a “Breaking Bad” add-on?'”

And then he said, “Still
makes sense to me!”

So it kinda sounds like, A,
they tried to talk to Rockstar

about making something
based on “Breaking Bad,”

but I don’t know if
that’s exactly the case.

But he went on to say,

“There have been quite a
few attempts at video games,

and some of them even kind of
sorta made it to the market.

We tried to do a VR experience
with the PlayStation VR

and had a mobile game that
lasted a little while.”

But it seems like they never really got

to where they wanted to be
with it, and he basically said

it’s because it’s really
hard to make video games.

I believe it.

At number two, there was

an unreleased “Warcraft” adventure game

that leaked a few years
ago, and it was playable,

and, I mean, it’s kind of a hot mess

in terms of what it looked like.

It was highly compressed,
very bad video graphics,

and some person, for some
reason, spent six years

remastering and making it look good.

It’s, like, just a basic
point-and-click game,

something that was very
popular in the 1990s.

I mean, you remember “Monkey
Island” and all that.

A lot of that’s even coming back now.

And not only does this look better

and work better and all that,

it also contains two cutscenes
that just weren’t in the leak

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because another leak
happened somewhere else

and they got a hold of them and
put them back into the game.

And, like, just to be
frank, it looks incredible

compared to how it originally looked.

I mean, it’s just massively,
massively an improvement,

and it’s really cool somebody did that,

although it’s also really
weird that somebody did it.

No complaints.

I mean, honestly, I wish
that there was more stuff

where older stuff got
preserved in such a way.

We tend to lose a lot
of video game history

just because there’s no
way to keep it around,

especially in pristine
condition, so to speak.

And finally, at number one,

you ever wanted to see Kermit
the Frog in “Spider-Man”?

Well, “Spider-Man
Remastered” is now on PC,

and wow, is it fun.

So Kermit looks hilarious
in “Spider-Man” because,

A, the web-slinging is very
funny with Kermit the Frog,

but, B, I mean, the combat in
“Spider-Man” is pretty tense.

It’s a nice, refined form

of that sorta “Arkham”-inspired
combat, and really,

seeing a Muppet do it,
it’s weird and hilarious.

I don’t know if there’s a whole
lot more to say about this.

It’s a ton of fun now.

Uh, quick bonus for you: we
actually talked about this

in another video, but I think
it’s worth bringing up here

because it’s just a wild win.

Twitch streamer jervalin
was able to beat “Halo 2”

on Legendary difficulty
with all the Skulls enabled

without dying, and he did so
as part of a challenge that,

uh, a YouTuber by the
name of Cr1TiKaL set up.

Essentially, there was a
bounty, originally for $5,000,

to get somebody to do
this, and nobody did it.

I don’t know if it was that
nobody was able to do it

or that nobody liked $5,000
enough to do the challenge.

Like, you had to stream the whole thing.

Like, you had to prove

that you could do all
of this without dying.

And after nobody took it up at 5,000,

he raised it to 20,000,
and jervalin did it.

Like, it’s kinda weird
to have won “Halo 2”

on Legendary with all Skulls
without dying, period.

Like, that’s such an insane
accomplishment just as it is.

But to get a $20,000 reward
for doing so, that’s insane.

And that’s all for today.

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