YouTubers that Quit the game

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Destiny 2 YouTubers that Quit the game.

Part 2.

Up first, Rifle Gaming.

Rifle gaming is a YouTuber who has been  around for a long time on the platform,   starting out posting a variety of games from  Halo Reach, to Skyrim and earned over 100   thousand Subscribers before Destiny 1 even  released.

But when it did, his channel exploded.

From Guides, to Glitches, and Loot videos, Rifle  was one of the biggest Destiny YouTubers during   Year 1 and 2 of the game.

Now he became much  more of a variety channel post Taken King,   but continued to post a lot of Destiny content  during new releases, like the April Update and   Age of Triumph.

Now this same level of consistent  Destiny content continued with the Destiny 2 s   beta and the first few months of the game’s  launch, but with the amount of controversies   surrounding the state of D2 at the time, Rifle  would make several videos critiquing the game   and ultimately leave Destiny 2 behind just a few  weeks after Curse of Osiris launched.

And while he   made a few D2 videos during Forsaken’s era, he’s  ultimately found success with variety content.

Blessious began as a Destiny creator during  the Taken King era doing weapon reviews and   discussion videos.

He grew his channel pretty  quickly thanks to his charisma and presence on   camera and overall being a likeable person.

He  continued his style of content well into Destiny   2 and did various charity streams that led to  some interesting outcomes.

But during Shadowkeeps   year of Seasons in 2020, Blessious began posting  much less often and would address the reason to   his fans that it was to pursue a career in Voice  Acting.

And from then on would become much more of   a variety channel with the occasional Destiny  2 upload, whilst he chased his Voice Acting   Dream.

And it appears he’s preoccupied with that  goal as his last upload was over 6 months ago.

Ceeday   first began as a Destiny 1 YouTuber who’s  content was centered around Trials of   Osiris challenges, most notably his 1v3 Trials  cards.

For years he continued to impress with his   Destiny gameplay and that continued into Destiny  2.

However shortly into the games life cycle,   he began to post less content for the game,  and began sprinkling in Fortnite content.

Specifically during the Curse of Osiris  days.

And during the months of January and   February 2018 would begin the transition  of his channel from Destiny to Fortnite.

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His final Destiny video would be a video  titled, “Destiny 2’s Cooler Older Brother”   in which he went back to Destiny 1 and did  a few live comms on the game.

Since then,   he’s found tons of Success with Fortnite  content growing his channel to over 7 million   subscribers and only posts very occasionally,  with his most recent video being 5 months ago.

BeardGrizzly was a Destiny Lore Channel that  began making content during Rise of Iron in   D1.

His approach to Lore had a much more scholarly  vibe to it and quickly became one of my favorite   channels to watch at the time.

Grizzly focused  on Lore content for the next several years and   became one of the most knowledgeable channels  on Destiny’s Lore and even kept his own personal   journals filled with notes about it.

However  during Shadowkeep’s year and with Lore entries   like the Unveiling, Truth to Power, Grizzly  became critical of Destiny’s Lore Writing.

And in the coming months, would leave Destiny 2  behind and focus on other games.

Lore content for   games like Doom and Remnant From the Ashes,  and more let’s play style content for Animal   Crossing.

But in October of 2020, Beard Grizzly  would post his last video to YouTube.

This one is   one of the saddest losses in the Community to  me because I loved his lore content on the game,   but certainly it’s understandable to  leave Destiny and YouTube behind.

AndrewJRT began their channel during the first few  months of Destiny 1.

And quickly gained popularity   with their Clueless Guardians series and other  Funny Moment style content.

And the shenanigans   continued over the years in D1 though other  games were sprinkled in, most notably Overwatch.

And it wasn’t long until Overwatch content began  overtaking the Destiny content by a larger margin,   and when Destiny 2 released, only a handful of  videos would be made on it before AndrewJrt fully   pursued Overwatch and other gaming content and  grew their channel substantially in the process.

Mesa Sean began not as a Destiny channel, but as  a Guitar Playing and Guitar reviewing channel with   a love for Metallica.

A couple years later  however, began posting Gaming content with a   slew of Killzone Shadowfall gameplays finding mild  success.

And then Destiny 1’s Alpha launched and   Sean would upload a few gameplays for the time  being before switching back over to Killzone.

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But with the release of The Beta for Destiny he  would go back and forth between posting Destiny   and Killzone content, and finally made the switch  to strictly Destiny content upon Destiny’s full   release.

Posting Gameplays and Guides for  the game Daily, and found a lot of growth   because of the switch.

It wasn’t long until he  joined up with Planet Destiny to create content   for their channel which in turn provided more  growth to his own.

Mesa Sean became one of the   most consistent content creators for Destiny,  never slowing down on Guides, Reviews, News,   and Discussion videos.

For 7 YEARS Mesa Sean kept  at it, well into Destiny 2, growing to over 300   thousand Subscribers.

Until August 2021 in which  Mesa Sean would announce that he had been offered   his Dream Job in Medical Device sales.

Posting  in a Twitlonger, that he was “made an offer he   couldn’t refuse” The result? Leaving his YouTube  channel behind to focus on his career.

A choice   I totally respect, but can’t deny it was sad  to see him leave.

Wish him all the best.

Diaside created weapon reviews for Destiny  starting back in Destiny 1, and continued well   into Destiny 2.

And found decent success growing  his channel to over 50 thousand Subscribers.

But   in January 2021 Diaside would announce that  he would be quitting Destiny 2 on the channel,   not because he didn’t like the game or making  content for it, but because he wasn’t seeing   growth on the channel anymore and attributed  it to the Destiny content in particular.

He   wanted to continue to grow his channel, and  saw Destiny as a hinderance to his growth,   and would pursue covering other FPS games from  then on.

Call of Duty, and Splitgate.

However,   unfortunately for Diaside his channel did not see  the growth he was hoping for by covering these   other games, and a little over a year later, would  post his final Call of Duty video in early 2022.

RealKraftyy grew his Twitch channel during Destiny  1 with the popularity of Trials of Osiris.

And was   known as one of the best Trials Players at the  time.

He continued to grow throughout Destiny   1 and Destiny 2 Trials content, but would begin  taking multiple large breaks from Destiny 2 due   to the State of Trials and PvP.

This became  an opportunity to pursue content creation and   streaming for other games like Fortnite and  Apex Legends with Streamers like DrDisrespect   which grew his Twitch Channel substantially  and currently sits at 678 thousand followers.

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In recent months, RealKraftyy has focused on  streaming Overwatch 2 and other games, with the   very occasional Destiny 2 stream sprinkled in.

Mightea Ben started out as a Call of Duty creator,   but with the release of Destiny really began  to grow thanks to his impressive gameplays and   goofy commentary.

But shortly after Destiny  2 launched, would begin sharing some concerns   and worries surrounding the changes made to the  game, regarding weapon changes and movement nerfs,   which really hindered his gameplay style that he  was known for during D1.

And just a few months   after D2 launch, would leave the game behind  to cover Fortnite, and later Apex Legends,   before returning to Destiny 2 shortly before  Beyond Light’s launch.

Ben would post D2   gameplays and clips on occasion throughout the  Beyond Light year.

But went silent shortly before   the Witch Queen dropped and has posted just one  short highlight clip since it was released.

Kruzer was once a Destiny PvP channel that began  back in Destiny 1 where he uploaded impressive   gameplays with quality editing.

But over the  course of Destiny 2’s life, Kruzer has taken   several breaks from D2 sharing frustrations  with the state of the game at different times.

After several larger breaks from Destiny and  covering other games he returned during Beyond   Light’s year, but shortly after Witch Queen’s  launch, would post his Final Destiny 2 video,   and switch to Valorant briefly.

But  has not posted in over 5 months.

Fireteam Chat was IGN’s Destiny Podcast that  began during Destiny 1 and continued well into   Destiny 2 with 300 episodes.

Hosted by Destin  Legarie, this Podcast was one of the most popular   Destiny Podcasts that had a dedicated fanbase,  but during Season of The Splicer in Destiny 2,   Fireteam chat would post their final Episode.

An end of a 7 year running podcast.

Fireteam   chat has returned one time just a few months  after their Farewell, with praise from fans,   but its been well over a year since then, so  Fireteam chat is likely being left behind.