Taking a look at 9 Destiny YouTubers that have moved on from Destiny or Quit YouTube

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Over the last few years many Destiny YouTubers and Twitch Streamers have come and gone.

Some of them moved on to different games and found success, and some of them quit YouTube entirely.

So today I we’re taking a look at 9 Destiny YouTubers that have moved on from Destiny or Quit YouTube.


Long before he was known for being one of the biggest Fortnite channels, Tfue’s notoriety began in 2015 with Challenge modes in the Crota’s End Raid for Destiny 1.

Posting the first ever 3 man Crota Kill.

Tfue would continue to post numerous Challenges for Crota’s End and would eventually go on to be one of the founding members of Clan Redeem and would continue posting challenges for almost every piece of Endgame content in Destiny.

Come the release of the Taken King Tfue and Clan Redeem would attempt World’s First for King’s Fall, but they would end up in 26th place.

Still they continued to post speedruns and challenges throughout the year.

It wouldn’t be until Wrath of The Machine that Tfue and Clan Redeem would achieve a World’s First Raid clear.

Following that success, Tfue would continue to grow in popularity by completing more challenges like the 2 man Aksis kill.

With the release of Destiny 2, Tfue and Clan redeem would attempt a world’s First clear of the Leviathan raid but would come up short.

And this is around the Time that Tfue was getting into the Battle Royale craze streaming both H1Z1 and Fortnite.

Ultimately Tfue would find wild success with Fortnite and would end up leaving Destiny 2 behind.

Which ended up working out great for him becoming one of the biggest Fortnite channels both on Twitch and YouTube.

Patrick Casey/Holtzmann.

Patrick Casey aka Holtzmann was at one time, one of the most recognizable content creators for Destiny.

Holtzmann began his content creation for the YouTube Channel Planet Destiny where he would create guides, reviews, and host the Planet Destiny Podcast.

While he wasn’t the only creator who worked on Planet Destiny content, he for sure became the face of the brand despite not being the one who even created the channel.

It wasn’t until October 2016 that he would end up leaving Planet Destiny to create content on his own channel, something a lot of other creators had already done.

Which left Planet Destiny to significantly drop off in Viewership following his departure.

Holtzmann would continue to post reviews and guides on his own channel and Host a new podcast called DCP Live which included many of the original members of the Planet Destiny Podcast.

In 2018, Holtzmann would end up leaving content creation briefly as he would be hired on at Bungie to fill a gameplay Specialist position.

After that 3 month period of time, he would return to Streaming and creating content for YouTube.

Until 2019.

Holtzmann would get another contract to work at Bungie as a gameplay tester which would last for 10 months leading to another gap in content creation.

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Now surprisingly, this wouldn’t be the last time this happened.

As Holtzmann would get another short term contract to work at Bungie.

Only this time, his return to content creation and streaming would be much more sparse and no longer Destiny focused.

Flash forward to December 2021, Holtz would be hired on at Bungie in a much more permanent position as an Associate AI Designer.

Quite a journey for Holtz going from a reputable content creator for Destiny to working at the studio that develops the game.

Dr Lupo.

Dr Lupo began his Twitch and YouTube career with the release of Trials of Osiris in Destiny 1.

And for nearly 2 years, Lupo was one of the most popular Destiny streamers centered around Trials and other PvP related content.

And understandably.

His gameplay was addicting to watch.

He was a Mouse and Keyboard player on the game even with the game being Console only at the time which was also pretty interesting.

In 2016 Lupo had began branching out to other games like Overwatch and PUBG, and early 2017, H1Z1.

And in 2017 became a full time streamer focused on the Battle Royale genre would pay off big time with the release of Fortnite later that year.

Lupo quickly grew on Twitch reaching a subscriber count of 33 thousand and continued to thrive within the Battle Royale genre.

During the last few years he has returned to Destiny 2 several times very briefly for a few streams, but ultimately has found success outside of the game that he began his career with.

Sir Wallen.

Sir Wallen was the first Destiny lore channel I discovered back in 2014 and quickly became a favorite of mine.

But Wallen started making content years prior as a Battlefield creator before creating Destiny content.

Just a few days after Destiny 1 launched Wallen posted his first lore video about the Fallen reading from grimoire cards and sharing his thoughts on the story.

He continued to post Destiny related content, sprinkling some more lore videos as time went on.

However, his lore content would be his most popular Videos and pretty quickly he began focusing more on the lore videos and would be the primary content creator making Lore Videos for Destiny at the time.

He would also make regular appearances on the Planet Destiny Podcast and create weapon reviews for them as well.

Over the next year or so, around the time of the Taken King, Wallen began posting less and less on his channel, and became more critical of Bungie and Destiny.

With the release of the Division, he began posting both Guides and Lore videos related to the game for a few months.

He would return to creating Destiny lore videos at much less frequent rate, however he also created lore videos surrounding other franchises like Star Wars, the Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect.


Sir Wallen would continue to post lore content for Destiny 2 on occasion, but his last video on the subject is from over 2 years ago.

Ninja Pups.

Ninja Pups is a YouTuber who had been creating content for almost 10 years on YouTube who really hit their Stride creating Destiny 2 Guides.

From finding Collectibles, to Solo Flawlessing dungeons, Ninja Pups was your go to channel for tips and tricks in Destiny 2.

In April of 2021, Ninja Pups posted a YouTube video titled Moving On with the message centered around leaving YouTube to pursue other avenues in life and simply wanting to leave content creation behind.

Definitely an unexpected announcement, but one that I can respect.


Mtashed began his channel centered around real life situations and scenarios.

Primarily in a comedic context, but quickly changed up his content once he started finding success with the occasional Destiny upload.

From PvP to PvE, Mtashed covered many different aspects of the game and really began to blow up with his Crucible School series where he provided tips and tricks to help players improve.

He would primarily focus on PvP related content for the duration of his time covering Destiny and also grew a successful Twitch channel.

And for over 5 years would be a notable creator in the Destiny community, even shoutcasting for Destiny 1’s Esport tournaments.

Well in September 2020 Mtashed would make a major change with the release of Genshin Impact.

He would find incredible success with Genshin Impact content creation on YouTube rising to be one of the biggest creators in the Genshin Community getting millions of Views.

Pair that success with what seemed like him losing interest in Destiny 2, we see one of the most popular Destiny YouTubers and Streamers make a complete change to Genshin only content.

And its worked out really well for him.

Gaining over 150,000 subscribers in the first month of his switch.

While he’s made a few videos about Destiny 2 since the switch, they’ve only ever been a one off here and there and appears Genshin is the future of his channel.


DPJ was a content creator who posted funny moments and highlight clips from various games prior to Destiny 1’s launch, but his channel exploded with the release of Destiny.

Guides, Funny moments, anything related to Destiny, this guy was on top of covering it.

He stopped posting Destiny content prior to Beyond Light’s launch and would make a “Why I Quit Destiny” almost 2 years after he switched up his content.

Citing Cancel Culture, a Toxic Community, and simply just being burnt out and bored with the game.

He said while the money was good, he just didn’t want to continue posting content about the game.

Slayerage aka TheLegendHimself was a Destiny YouTuber who gained notoriety by being one of the first to post Destiny Challenges meaning things like Raid Solos or low man raid completions.

His first being a 3-man Vault of Glass run.

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And his most notable achievement that skyrocketed his rise to fame in the community was achieving the worlds first Solo Crota run.

Which he did just a week after it released.

He would continue to impress with various other Solos, low mans, speedruns, and even PvP montages throughout the next few years.

In Destiny 2 Slayerage’s team would be the First to Complete the Leviathan raid which was a huge accomplishment.

However this would be the first and last time he would find himself getting first place in a raid race, with his next closest being 3rd place in Deep Stone Crypt.

In Destiny 2 he would continue to do low man and solo challenges, but in late 2021 his Destiny content slowed down with his last Destiny video on YouTuber being posted in November 2021.

And on Twitch has made a shift to Overwatch 2 streams.


Marcostyle was one of my favorite Destiny 2 creators for the brief period of time that he made content for the game.

Starting as a Division YouTuber who dropped off after being disappointed with the Division 2 in 2019, Marcostyle gave Destiny 2 a try in July 2019 and quickly became one of the best channels in the community.

Where in the Division Marco would do guides and discussion videos on the game, with Destiny 2 he’d create some highly edited high quality funny moments style videos for the game sharing his raiding experiences and the hilarious moments with his friends.

But almost 2 years later, Marco began posting less Destiny, and briefly switched up to posting Valorant gameplay.

After some backlash from fans who wanted to see more of his Destiny content, he would address the topic in a video where he shared some of his thoughts on the game.

He talked about Destiny 2 becoming a bit boring for him and was getting a bit tired of the formulaic content release schedule the game had.

And followed up with some more thoughts on the monetization of the game getting out of hand.

Since then, Marcostyle has still posted Destiny 2, although much less frequently, and branched out to other games and topics with a more recent switch to longform video essay style content which is really high quality as well and I’m anxiously awaiting to see what he’ll post next.

Now this isn’t all of the Destiny YouTubers who have quit or left the game, some have been pushed out and even banned but maybe we’ll cover that topic in another video.

Hope you enjoyed the video, leave a like if you did, and I’ll see you all in the next one.