The third-person games worth your time in 2022

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[Falcon] Perspective is a big thing in games.

We’ve got a lot of first person,a lot of a third person,a lot of other persons.

What do we call a side-scroller now?

Anyway, third person provides
a specific experience

that maps to a lot of different genres,

and there are a lot of great games

that came out this year
using this perspective.

Hi, folks, it’s Falcon.

And today on gameranx,

the third-person games
worth your time in 2022.

Let’s get going with number
20, “Horizon Forbidden West,”

the sequel to 2017’s “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

It’s bigger, it’s better, and
wow is it a beautiful game.

It basically took everything
about the first game,

made it bigger, prettier,

and frankly more intuitive
in a lot of situations.

It’s just an all around better game.

Some of the chaff isn’t there,

and all of the stuff
that they built on top of

is just very good.

That’s not to say it’s a perfect game,

but there’s so little to complain about

with “Horizon Forbidden West.”

It came out back in February.

It’s available on PS4 and PS5.

You should play it, or
you should play it again.

And number 19 is “Gungrave G.O.R.E,”

a revival of the
short-lived Gungrave series

that went from 2002 to 2004.

To be frank, a really big revival.

This is a no-holds-barred,

very colorful, very fast paced,

honestly, kind of reminds me of Bayonetta

or Devil May Cry, update to this game.

Very stylish.

There is, of course, a lot more gunplay

than either of the games I mentioned,

but it just has that feel.

I don’t know, I’m really interested

in this one just off look alone.

Gungrave I remember way back in the day

as pretty decent games.

They were a little bit more of a shooter

than the trailers for
“Gungrave G.O.R.E” look like.

Like, obviously, there are
a lot of shooting elements,

but it does look like it leans
a little bit into the action.

We’ll see how far when it releases

on the PlayStations, the Xboxes,

and PC November 22nd.

And number 18 is “The
Dark Pictures Anthology:

The Devil in Me.”

This is the last of season one

of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

It’s about some documentary
filmmakers going

to a replica of a serial killer’s home.

During the course of it,

they find that they are being watched

and that there’s a lot going on.

If you’re familiar

with Supermassive Games’
horror game formula.

you know exactly what you’re
in for in terms of gameplay.

These are guys that do a
great job telling a narrative.

and they really do manage to
put out some creepy stuff.

“The Devil In Me” is landing

on the PlayStations, the Xboxes,

and PC November 18th.

And number 17 is “Steelrising.”

And we’ve talked about
this game a little bit

on the channel elsewhere.

Jake did a Before You Buy.

This is an above average Soulslike

with an incredibly unique setting.

It’s a French Revolution game

where there are automations,

robots that, you know,
act like people and stuff.

Some of the best aspects of this are

in the story in that it’s probably

the most straightforward story I’ve seen

in a Soulslikes ever.

And while the gameplay isn’t new,

it’s more than competent

and the setting alone, I think,

is worth at least playing it.

Is it the best game
you’re ever gonna play?

No, but I would call it above average

and a whole hell of a lot of fun.

“Steelrising” is out on PlayStation 5,

the Xbox series, and PC.

And number 16 is “The Quarry.”

This is the other Supermassive
game that came out this year.

It is not part of The
Dark Pictures Anthology.

Tonally, it’s pretty
different from those games,

but it is also one of those
games in terms of mechanics.

That’s not a bad thing.

These guys are the experts at that.

This one’s more of a spiritual
successor to “Until Dawn,”

and it takes on a kind
of slightly goofier tone

with the “Friday the 13th” type,

’80s horror movie influences.

Again, if you don’t like narrative games

and don’t like horror games,

this is probably not a good one for you.

But if you do like those things,

again, Supermassive Games are the people

that know what they’re
doing in that genre.

“The Quarry” is out on the
PlayStations, the Xboxes, and PC.

And number 15 is “Thymesia,”
a game that is not,

it’s not gonna blow you
away in terms of its story,

but it’s a game that does

a decent job creating an atmosphere

and a fantastic job locking
in a really satisfying,

fluid-feeling version
of the type of combat

that we see in Soulslike games.

Now, this is not a game
that is gonna like,

shock you with its originality.

It’s a game that you’re gonna play

because you like Soulslikes,
particularly the combat.

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If that is the case,

this is a game that you
will absolutely enjoy.

You might look at some of
the locations and think,

“Eh, they could have
done better with that,”

but as far as the combat,

you are gonna have a great time.

Lot of people compare it
to “Sekiro” specifically.

And I can see why.

The combat really does feel like

that version of Soulslikes.

“Thymesia” is out on Xbox series,

PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

And number 14 is “The Callisto Protocol,”

a survival horror game from the creator

of the original “Dead Space.”

In a lot of way,

this seems to be kind
of a spiritual successor

to “Dead Space.”

However, it’s technically
set in the PUBG universe.

I don’t know exactly how that works.

It takes place pretty far

into the future on one of Jupiter’s moons,

Callisto specifically, and
there’s an alien invasion.

So like, technically,
it’s in the PUBG world,

but it sounds a lot to me like
they used that to get funding

to make a “Dead Space”
spiritual successor.

And I’m perfectly okay with that.

“The Callisto Protocol”
lands on the PlayStations,

the Xboxes, and PC December 2nd.

At number 13 is “Stray.”

You know “Stray” at this point, right?

It’s the cat game.

The game where you get to knock over crap

and mess stuff up like a cat.

The game with the cat traversal.

The game that does it very well.

The game that’s maybe a little short,

but also pretty good.

The he narrative is top notch.

The ending might leave
a bit to be desired,

but it’s generally pretty satisfying.

There’s not a lot to say about “Stray”

at this point other than
it’s a really unique game

that manages to really capture
the quality of being a cat.

It’s also kind of a good
adventure platformer just

on its own merits,

but the cat aspect really
takes it over the top.

“Stray” is out on the PlayStations and PC.

Play it, it’s great.

And number 12 is “Evil West,”

a game we’ve actually been
talking about for quite a while.

It’s a third-person shooter set

in a sort of vampire-riddled Wild West.

The developers, Flying Wild Hog,

made the Shadow Warrior series.

They professed that they’re
kind of combining the reboot

of God of War with Devil May Cry

in terms of their gameplay.

And I’m pretty interested.

The setting itself is enough
to get me in the door.

It’s very different.

We don’t really see a
lot of Wild West stuff

that doesn’t just go full on Wild West.

Yeah, we see zombies sometimes,

but A, not enough,

and B, vampires are pretty
different from zombies.

“Evil West” is coming to the PlayStations,

the Xboxes, and PC on November 22nd.

And number 11 is “Sniper Elite 5,”

a third-person shooter.

Basically, it’s a lot more
than what its name implies.

Yes, sniping is, of course,

the main aspect of this game,

but you get a bunch of really cool stuff

like an x-ray kill cam.

There’s actually a pretty
good stealth gameplay.

There is definitely a
layer of tactics to it.

And like, for all intents and purposes,

this is the best of
the Sniper Elite games.

It is really a fantastic iteration of it.

It’s not a revolution in the series,

so if you’re expecting
something different,

that’s not what you’re getting here.

But in terms of all of these games,

it’s the best version so far.

“Sniper Elite 5” is out
on the PlayStations,

the Xboxes, and PC.

At number 10 is “Sifu,”

which is this really,
really interesting roguelike

where every time you die, you age.

And that’s kind of the life system in it.

For all intents and
purposes, it’s a beat ’em up,

and it’s really just a fantastic version

of everything that I just said.

It’s got a really interesting art style.

The levels are really well made.

And it’s just one of those games

that feels great to play.

“Sifu” out on the PlayStations,

Nintendo Switch, and PC.

It’s a fantastic example
of the type of game it is.

And number nine is “Sonic Frontiers,”

a game that had a very,
very rocky introduction

to the public and has shown itself

to be something much more

than whatever the hell they
were introducing it as.

This is, for all intents
and purposes, I think,

gonna be the best 3D Sonic
game since “Generations.”

And in terms of the fact

that it’s actually an original thing

that doesn’t integrate
classic Sonic in any way,

it’s just a story that
attempts to be something,

like, it’s a step forward
in basically every way.

I love the combat additions.

They recently put out a trailer.

It looks like it’s fun.

I made a video a few weeks back

about why I think it’s probably
gonna be the 3D sonic game

that gets it right

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without having to sort of rely

on a handicap of having
classic Sonic levels.

I was pretty harsh about those

in my “Sonic Frontiers” Before You Buy

’cause they were bad,

especially after “Sonic Mania”
came out and it was so good.

“Frontiers” looks like they
may have gotten it right.

Like, this is kind of a Colors-level jump

from where they were from the looks.

That’s coming to the PlayStations,

the Xboxes, PC, and Nintendo
Switch on November 8th.

And number eight is “Gotham Knights.”

I just did a video about “Gotham Knights,”

stuff that you need to know about it.

It looks like a pretty good game.

I’m kind of hoping the hype
revs up a little bit more

for it because, honestly,

“Arkham Origins” is a little underrated.

And I’m cautiously optimistic,

although we got some disappointing news

about it being locked at 30
fps on consoles just yesterday.

Does that mean it’s gonna be bad? No.

It means that the frame
rate’s gonna be bad.

The game, I think, is
actually gonna be good.

I’m gonna play it on PC,
also, so there’s that.

I don’t know, it looks cool.

Jake played it and said
that the combat isn’t quite

as good as the last Arkham game,

but I don’t know, it
looks pretty good to me.

I haven’t played it. We’ll see.

I may end up agreeing with him. I may not.

Who knows.

I’m kind of just pulling for
this to be a good game though.

It has a lot of potential, and
it should be good, frankly.

“Gotham Knights” is
landing on the Xbox Series,

PS5, and PC in just a
couple days on October 21st.

And number seven is
“Pokemon Legends: Arceus,”

a bit of a departure, but not a bad one.

It’s kind of like Pokemon
“Breath of the Wild.”

I know that we use that a lot.

I somehow managed not to say it

when I was talking
about “Sonic Frontiers,”

which is Sonic “Breath of
the Wild” in a good way,

just in the same way that “Arceus”

is Pokemon “Breath of
the Wild” in a good way.

Frankly, an open world with
more action RPG type mechanics.

It really works well.

“Pokemon Arceus” is
out on Nintendo Switch.

Also, we should probably mention

“Pokemon Scarlet and Violet,”

more traditional Pokemon games coming out.

Still adopting the open world mindset,

but more traditional battles.

It’s set in a new region

based on the Iberian Peninsula
called the Paldea region.

So if you’re aching

for that more
traditional-type Pokemon game,

that’s coming to the Nintendo
Switch November 18th.

And number six is “LEGO Star
Wars: The Skywalker Saga,”

which includes all nine movies,

including, unfortunately, the ninth.

But it is a funny game,
it is an enjoyable game,

and it does what it can
with the series conclusion.

“LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga”

is out on the PlayStations, the Xboxes,

Nintendo Switch, and PC.

And number five is “Crisis
Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion,”

which is a remake, remaster
of the PSP game that,

frankly, because it was on PSP,

never got the kind of
attention it deserved.

So this is fantastic.
This is a great game.

It’s a bit of a departure
from what you might expect

in terms of “Final Fantasy
VII” action RPG type gameplay

if you’ve played the
“Final Fantasy VII Remake.”

It’s a lot faster paced,

kind of more hack and slashy,

but there is still some of those
Final Fantasy menu elements

that make their way in.

This is a great game. The
update looks fantastic.

I mean, it doesn’t necessarily look like

it was completely made today,

but I think that that’s on purpose.

I don’t think they want to go full blown,

quote, unquote, “this is a next-gen game.”

I think they wanted to give
us a very good looking version

of something that retains
the style of the PSP game,

and I think that was the right move.

“Crisis Core: Final Fantasy
7 Reunion” is landing

on the PlayStations, the Xboxes,

Switch, and PC December 13th.

(intense music)

At number four, it’s “Bayonetta 3.”

There has been a bit of
controversy surrounding

the voice acting in this.

They essentially low balled

the actual original Bayonetta voice actor.

It’s seemingly because they wanted

to replace her with Jennifer Hale.

That stuff sucks, but the
game’s gonna be fantastic.

Platinum Games is just

among the best developers
in the world today.

Jennifer Hale does a
great job being Bayonetta

in everything I’ve seen so far.

It is a shame that they did
that to the original actor,

Hellena Taylor, but we
also can’t just like,

screw everyone else involved in the game

who put tons of work into it for that.

It’s unfortunate.

Like, for all intents and purposes,

this is probably gonna
be just a fantastic game.

It will be landing on Nintendo Switch

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in just a few days on October 28th.

At number three is “A
Plague Tale: Requiem,”

which takes place in a
southern area of France,

giving you a much more colorful, pretty,

still plague-ridden world.

Our two protagonists
have grown a little bit.

It is a little bit more intensive a game.

It’s a little longer, a little bigger.

And frankly, it’s everything

that a sequel to the original
“Plague Tale” should be.

Basically, they said, “You know what?

There’s a lot of rats in the first game,

but we want you to look back

at that first game like
there wasn’t a lot of rats.”

There’s so many more rats.

The game came out today.

It’s out on PS5, the Xbox Series,

Nintendo Switch, and PC.

I am definitely wasting a
large portion of today on it.

And number two is “God of War Ragnarok,”

arguably the biggest
console game of the year.

I say that arguably

’cause it’s obviously at number two,

and number one will have really
invaded the console space

for the whole year at this point.

But we know that this is
going to be just a huge game.

It’s the follow-up to 2018’s “God of War,”

continues that story.

It expands upon the world massively

and conclude the Norse saga of the game.

We don’t know where God of
War is going after this,

but if the first God of War reboot entry,

I guess, is any indication,

this entry is just gonna be fantastic.

I am so looking forward
to playing this game.

That’s landing on the
PlayStations on November 9th.

And finally, at number one,

I teased it a little
bit in that last point,

it’s “Elden Ring.”

You knew it was gonna be “Elden Ring.”

I said that “God of War Ragnarok”

is arguably the biggest game
on consoles for the year.

It’s definitely gonna be
the biggest exclusive,

but “Elden Ring” is
difficult to top, overall.

This is the open world Dark Souls game

that everybody kind of
talked about for years.

And it is as good as everybody
thought it was going to be.

It’s a really, really good game.

Not only is it perhaps
some of the best combat

in the whole Souls franchise, I guess,

I don’t wanna call it a series

’cause there’s a lot of other things

that FromSoftware has done
that uses the same formula and

isn’t technically part of the series,

but From knows what they’re doing

and they did it really good.

I don’t know if there’s a lot else

to say about “Elden Ring.”

If you haven’t played it,

do you have electricity?

And how are you listening to this?

“Elden Ring” is out on
PlayStations, Xboxes, and PC.

Few bonus games for you.

First, “Asterigos: Curse of the Stars,”

an action RPG that Greek

and Roman mythology played
a huge inspiration for.

Also not massively expensive.

Available on Steam right now for 31 bucks.

Also available on the
PlayStations and the Xboxes.

“Uncharted: The Legacy
of Thieves Collection,”

which recently made its way
out to everybody on PS5 and PC.

It’s, I mean, “A Thief’s End”

and “The Lost Legacy” remastered

for next-generation Systems.

“Spider-Man” PC and
“Spider-Man: Miles Morales” PC.

“Spider-Man” PC already out.

Really beautiful on the computer.

“Miles Morales” coming on November 18th,

already out on the PlayStations.

Definitely worth the time.

And finally, “Mount &
Blade II: Bannerlord.”

It is actually a prequel to “Warband,”

but it is an improvement in every way

on the Mount & Blade games.

If you’re interested in
a strategy, action RPG,

it really just doesn’t get any better.

Fantastic stuff.

It’s out on the PlayStations,
the Xboxes, and PC.

Also, “Resident Evil
Village’s” Gold Edition

is launching October 28th.

That is bringing a third-person mode,

returning “Resident Evil Village” to form.

I think that’s gonna be really interesting

because the first-person perspective

of the Ethan Winters games
is pretty instrumental

in their tone.

However, everything
we’ve seen so far makes

it look like it works pretty well.

That’s all for today. Leave us a comment.

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