The 10 most interesting stand-alone video games in 2022

12.01.2023 0 By admin

some big game companies have insisted that single
player games are lame but that couldn’t be further

from the truth no matter how popular multiplayer
or live service games get there’s always a demand

for a great single player experience and 2022 is
already given us a ton of them what’s up everybody

chaos here today we’re gonna be looking at the
10 best single player games across all genres

this year so far you let me know which of these
is your favorite drop a like and yes God of War

Ragnarok will be out not too far in the future
from this video so we’ll just say it’s part of the

video because we know it’s going to be absolutely
amazing at number 10 today Kirby and the Forgotten

land it was released in March for the switch and
it’s the latest platformer starring everybody’s

favorite pink balloon and as to be expected it’s
actually pretty fun in fact some even call it the

best Kirby platformer ever released but I’ll let
you guys be the judge to that claim you run around

the new world rescuing waddledies taking down
boss after boss with your various abilities and

today Kirby and the Forgotten Lynn is one of
the best selling games on the Nintendo switch

the second best-selling Kirby game behind only
Kirby dreamland so if you’re a fan of lighthearted

platforming games and stuff that brings back
those classic Nintendo memories this one is right

up your alley it’s worth a playthrough before
we move on guys if you get anything from g2a

use code chaos get yourself some cash back the
link is at the top of the description next up

Seafood it’s a game that more or less came out
of nowhere but has certainly gotten people’s

attention roguelike beat him up where you play as
a warrior in ancient China trying to avenge the

death of his father now like most road light games
it’s meant to be played over and over and over and

over again you need to learn trial and air like
however every time you die you get access to more

powerful attacks at the cost of less Health it
creates this interesting give and take Dynamic

to the progression the combat is stylish it’s
Unique it’s I mean compared to other games on the

market it’s pretty cool the gameplay Loop is very
addicting I never really thought of roguelike beat

em up would work so well but this one is one of
the best examples it’s currently available on the

PS4 the PC and the PS5 but there is a switch Port
schedule to come out in November which I think is

perfect for I think that’s a perfect platform for
this game thinking of it kind of like The Binding

of Isaac but instead of playing as a little kid in
his basement you’re a Kung Fu Master on a Revenge

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Mission that’s pretty cool at number eight stray
the cat game you thought I forgot about the cat

game you were wrong I liked it it’s a game where
he plays a cat cyberpunk cat right you explore the

area solve puzzles collect stuff see Easter eggs
avoid enemies nobody was expecting a cat simulator

to blow up online but that’s what it did I mean
it makes sense when you think about it people

love cats in a cat simulator is weirdly really
addicting to play it has this relaxing quality

to it that you can’t really get in any other video
game and you’re running around the city as a cat

it’s a fun game play Luke the story’s completely
completed relatively quicker yes but it’s a game

that’s more about the atmosphere and the continued
uh just I don’t know the feeling of it the vibe

just getting to the end of the story check it
out if you haven’t it’s actually one of the most

unique games to come out in the last few years
speaking of unique return to Monkey Island if

you were a gamer in the 90s you knew about Monkey
Island it was a series of adventure games for the

PC that was published and originally created by
LucasArts themself before being taken over by

a handful of other companies before ultimately
selling uh with devolver digital for the return

now return to Monkey Island launched in September
for the PC and the switch it was led by a new team

called terrible toy box under the leadership of
one of the original Monkey Island developers we’ll

call him King monkey now some noticeable changes
were made to the presentation of the gameplay

but returned to Monkey Island is an excellent
adventure game that understands what made the

original game special without trying to directly
replicate it so even if you’ve never played one

of the old Monkey Island games return to Monkey
Island serves as a great jumping in point for new

fans while also being a worthy continuation for
longtime players especially if you like 90s games

at number six Uncharted Legacy of Thieves
collection now this may be kind of cheating

but if you’re a PS5 player and you’re looking for
an absolute Gold Mine of single player action the

legacy of Thieves collection it’s it should be in
your backlog released in early 2022 it includes

both Uncharted 4 and the Uncharted Lost Legacy
remaster and you get to take it full advantage

of it on the PS5 that means higher frame rates
smoother animations even more beautiful visuals

than before now naughty dog is known for pushing
PlayStation’s Hardware to its absolute limit in

the last two Uncharted games no exception on top
of the eye candy you get treated to intense third

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person shooting that making I mean many consider
it to be the peak of cinematic action in video

games let’s be real now I know cinematic action
games aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but if they

are your cup of tea you should give the legacy
of Thieves collection a playthrough plus it’s

launching on the PC later this year so a whole new
group of players will get to experience it now we

arrive at number five Pokemon Legends now I know
I’ve mentioned this game a number of times already

on the channel but I think it’s better than people
give it credit for it’s a switch exclusive action

RPG it’s kind of a merge of traditional Pokemon
and open world exploration games in fact a lot

of critics compared the open world aspects to
those of breath of the wild while the actual game

playing combat Loops are obviously pulled from
previous Pokemon now there’s not as much content

or Pokemon available to capture some other games
in the series I get it but it’s an interesting

experiment I would love to see game freak keep
trying stuff remember how great games like Pokemon

Coliseum were Pokemon games are simultaneously
expected to stick to the formula also evolving in

big ways which how do you how do you do that there
hasn’t been much evolution in the franchise’s game

playing the last decade so even though Pokemon
Legends may not have been your cup of tea and

we say cup of tea over and over I think it’s a
step in the right way Direction it’s interesting

number four the Quarry speaking of Cups of Tea
interactive dramas aren’t everybody’s cup of

tea but this is cool it’s a campy goofy gruesome
Love Letter to 80s and 90s slasher movies and a

spiritual successor to the 2015s until dawn you
control a group of teenagers at a summer camp

trying to survive against a number of horrific
enemies both human and Supernatural as you make

choices throughout the story relationships can be
created or they can fall apart characters can live

or die based on Split Second happenings that
you react to in one way or another which makes

the endless replayability Factor there none of the
characters are amazing but that’s not what you’re

here for you’re here for this weird stuff that
comes out of classic slasher movies where you’re

kind of rooting for the bad guy because they’re
the one creating all the entertainment but after

a couple underwhelming games from supermassive
this one this is a fun horror experience

at number three postal brain damaged I know
I never thought I’d say a postal game gets

to make a list like this but it’s actually a fun
Boomer shooter and it perfectly fits in the postal

franchise postal is known for that so bad it’s
good and even by those standards all the games


are pretty bad except postal too postal 2 can
stay now when running with Scissors announced

they were making a fast-paced retro FPS game
around the postal license most of us expected a

similar kind of so bad it’s good design to it but
when the game launched in in June on the PC it’s

actually good if you have a half decent gaming PC
and you’ve been enjoying games like do maternal

and Ultra kill go download it I mean if postal
decides to become a boomer shooter franchise I

support that at number two today speaking of
Boomer Shooters Ultra kill the main standout

of the genre this year the game initially hits
team’s Early Access program back in 2020 but it

got a number of Hefty Updates this year that have
brought on thousands of new players you play as a

robot running through giant groups of demons and
using their blood as power in the most extreme and

I mean stylish ways honestly the developers wanted
the mergy insane gameplay of Doom Quake with games

like Devil May Cry and you get this Ultra stylish
and insanely addicting game with some of the most

satisfying gameplay in any FPS ever made so
while it may not technically come have came

out this year it’s still not technically finished
Ultra kills 2022 updates have been top-notch you

should give it a try you’re not number one today
no shocker like I said God of War Ragnarok gets a

free bonus pass Elden ring everybody try to act
surprised there’s not much to say from software

has been on a seemingly Unstoppable winning
streak ever since the first Dark Soul games

I mean I guess that there’s that weird Steel
Battalion game for The Connect that they kind

of put out there but I think they’re forgiven
Elder ring is basically open world Dark Souls and

while there is a multiplayer component like most
from software games it’s completely avoidable if

you don’t want to partake in the game is excellent
the story is engaging the world is fascinating the

combat is perfectly refined open world version of
what we’ve come to expect from a Soul’s born game

Hillary is a fantastic fantasy RPG and it’s
probably the number one must play of the

year right now like I said we’ve got a couple
others coming but right now it’s got to be at

the front for Game of the Year let me know
what you guys think and I’ll see you soon