The Titanfall franchise is one of the most tragic in the history of first-person shooters because of how much potential it actually had

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Today, we’re going to be talking about Titan Fall 3.

Now, as you guys know, the Titanfall franchise is one of the most tragic in the history of first-person shooters because of how much potential it actually had.

Now, while there were only two official Titan Fall Games released, rumors of a third one has been floating around for years now and the developers at Respot Entertainment have had to repeatedly come out and tell the public no we aren’t working on a new game right now.

Despite the quality of the first two Titanfall Games, they were financial disappointments to the publisher EA and after the explosive of the spin off Apex Legends.

It seems pretty clear that we weren’t going to get another Titan Fall game especially after Respawn Entertainment struck gold developing Star Wars games like Jedi Fallen Order and the upcoming Jedi Survivor.

However, there has been a ton of news regarding Respawn Entertainment that’s came out over the last few days and while a lot of people are rightfully disappointed about what has been said, I think that there’s one silver lining that not nearly enough people have been looking at.

In this video, we’re going to be going over everything that has been happening between EA and Respawn recently especially how it could actually be much better news than realize especially if you’re a fan of Titan Fall one and two.

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Now, for a quick recap for those of you that have been living under a rock, Respond Entertainment was formed in the early 2thousandtens by a group of former Infinity Ward employees, Vince and Pella and Jason West who left the company after a massive falling out with the Parent Company Activision.

They quick got the gaming world’s attention with Titanfall in 2014 and Titanfall two in 20 sixteen, two excellent sci-fi FPS games that were unfortunately disappointing to their publisher EA due to a number of missteps that were completely out of response hands.

The first Titan Fall game had a fantastic foundation but was not released on a PlayStation console, meaning a lot of Call of Duty fans weren’t able to experience it which was a shame because a massive portion of the Titan Fall hype was specifically coming from the Call of Duty community.

On top of that, EA made the decision to launch the game at full price to it being multiplayer only and there was a paid season pass for some reason.

Titan Fall two thankfully managed to fix pretty much all of the problems with the original game featuring a fantastic single player campaign and free post-launch content to kind of make up for the overpriced original.

However, EA made a Galaxy Brain decision to launch Titan Fall two within the same week as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and of course, Battlefield One.

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October 2016 was absolutely loaded with multiplayer shooters and Titan Fall two was completely doomed because of it.

Following the financial disappointment the first two Titan Fall Games EA and Respawn scrapped any plans they had for a third game and instead focus their efforts on Apex Legends which was a free to play Battle Royale spin off that took the gameplay of Titanfall two and mixed in elements of Hero Shooters and BR mechanics and they were able to ride the Battle Royale craze that was started by games like H1 Zone PubG and Fortnite RIP H 1 by the way Apex Legends was a runaway success and it’s still one of the biggest games in the world right now even surpassing Call of Duty’s Warzone Battle Royale in terms concurrent active players.

Everything was going according to plan until early 2023 when suddenly things seemingly started falling apart.

At the end of January, it was suddenly announced that the mobile version of Apex Legends was being shut down.

Apex Mobile was obviously never nearly as popular as its console or PC counterparts but it was still rather successful so this news came as a bit of a shock to the community and then on February first, it was reported by a number of trusted insiders that an unannounced single player game set in the Apex Universe was also being shut down which personally was a huge shock to me.

For the last few months, we’ve been eagerly awaiting for an official announcement about the single player Apex spin off but it seems that EA and Respawn have decided to quietly shut down the project before we’re dealing it which many people took pretty hard and I can see why.

There’s nothing like getting excited and let down for a project I didn’t even know about.

Apex Legends maybe a free to play battle royale but it has a very rich story in a universe that could have been greatly expanded upon with a single player spin off but it seems like that’s no longer going to happen.

Then on top of that, it was also announced that Respawn’s next star project Jedi Survivor has also been delayed by roughly six weeks to April 28, which took me by surprise since its original launch day was just a few weeks away.

With all this news coming out very suddenly, people started wondering if there was some kind of turmoil going on at Respawn Entertainment but by all accounts, everything seems to be perfectly fine.

Granted there’s been a ton of tech layoffs from Google to Microsoft.

So, Respawn tightening up their budget a little bit and removing extra wasteful spend kind of make sense.

Now, Respawn is one of the most consistent and communicative studios in the gaming industry today so seen a bunch of delays and cancellations all come out so close to each other was a very strange time for fans ever since Respawn Entertainment was formed they’ve been relatively controversy free without any massive roadblocks like this so it’s only natural for us fans to kind of get a little bit concerned about what’s going on behind the scenes but I think that there is a pretty amazing silver lining hiding in the shadows.

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With all of the drama surrounding Respawn Entertainment right now it could be really easy to take this as confirmation that EA is downsizing basically everything the top down.

Apex Legends Mobile is cancelled, the Apex Single Player Game Shutdown and now Star Wars Jedi Survivor is being pushed back but what if Respawn Entertainment has been clearing their schedule and opening up their workforce so they could revive Titan Fall.

What if the cancellation of Apex Mobile in the Apex Single Player game were specifically done so that they could have a true return to form Titan Fall game and step one of EA’s premium shooters.

Think about it.

Titan Falls brand recognition is at an all-time high especially thanks to Apex Legends and the public request for a third Titan Fall game are only going to get louder.

Originally, Respawn’s Apex team was splitting their time between the main game, the mobile version, and the unannounced single player game.

With Vince Ampella being the head of Battlefield as well as Titan Fall and Apex Legends, it would make total sense to have a third Titan Fall game but the only difference this time is he’s going to be calling a lot more shots when it comes to EA’s three main FPS franchises.

He’s making all the decisions at Battlefield and Apex Legends and of course, he is the studio head that is in charge of the Titan Fall franchise.

This would be the perfect time to finally seize the opportunity to make the third Titan Fall game.

Now, in case you weren’t aware, Apex Legends is actually destroying Call of Duty and Halo right now and a lot of regards.

Apex has way more players than Cod and Halo on Steam right now and according to the Xbox live charts, Apex is leagues above both Halo Infinite and the Master Chief collection as well.

Capitalizing on this massive player base is a really good idea especially if EA is in need of another premium shooter.

If EA finally gives Respawn the green light for Titan Fall three, it would total sense for the developer to scrap the single player spin off and move that manpower over to creating a new Titan Fall game.

It would also make a lot of sense for them to cut their losses on the mobile version of Apex Legends so that they could put more hands on Titan Fall.

Now, it doesn’t quite explain the reason for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Delay but I have a feeling that it has to do with when the release schedule is at.

They want to make sure that it’s away from other major games that are releasing so that Star Wars Jedi Survivor can kind of have time on its own.

It’s totally possible that I’m reaching here.

Heck, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m reaching here and I’m living on that copium right now but when you look at everything that’s been going on with EA and Respawn over the last few years can you really tell me that it’s farfetched Apex is crushing the competition right now and EA is in desperate need of a premium FPS title especially after the failure Battlefield 2042 now that Vince Sampella is kind of making the decisions for Battlefield and both Titan Fall it would totally make sense for us to have both a new Titan Fall game as well as that love letter Battlefield game that we’ve been wanting for a while just like it’s been done before with Apex Legends EA is probably looking at Respawn and to save them.


I know Respawn is currently working on a Star Wars FPS game but since that title hasn’t been announced yet and the developer is still hiring for major job positions for it, I don’t think it’s far into production just yet although I could be wrong about that, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

With the competition looking vulnerable and with Apex already given EA a head start, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if all of the Respawn drama over the last few weeks is actually in service for something much bigger.

So, RIP to Apex Mobile and the Apex single player game but with EA in dire need of a premium FPS game in the near future.

I’m really hoping they can see the writing on the wall and let Vince Sampela does what Vince Sampella does and give him a chance to redeem Titan Fall.

The first Titan Fall was great and Titan Fall two was phenomenal.

So, I think it’s about time that the franchise got a fair shot at competing with the big names of the FPS genre.

Unimpeded by bad release dates or lack of name recognition, all EA and Respawn have to do is market Titan Fall three within Apex Legends and they’re practically guaranteed to dominate the sales charts when it comes out.

Let’s just hope EA notices how great this opportunity is.

I really hope they do especially with how much power Vince and Pella has over various EA projects.

Let the man cook and give us Titan Fall three.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below guys.

You think I’m reaching here or do you think I’m actually onto something.

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