Some unknown game playing skills in the video game Saints Row

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Hey, the new “Saints Row” is here.

You might wanna try the game for yourself,or you might like it.

We don’t judge.

So if you are playing, here are some tips and tricks and things the game doesn’t tell you.

We got 10 things, so let’s get started off, of course, with number 10.

Now, one of the coolest things they showed off pre-release with this game was this hoverboard.

If you’re playing it, you’re
gonna want this thing.

It’s fast, it’s powerful,

and it’s just kind of fun to
mess around within the world.

Now, the good news is that getting it

isn’t actually that difficult.

To unlock it, you need to do two things.

First, unlock Criminal Empire tier two,

which just will happen naturally
as you go through the game,

and then after that’s unlocked,

just go to your planning board

in your main base in the church

and buy the Eurekabator!
criminal enterprise.

Now, all you have to do is
finish the first mission for it,

and that’s it.

You unlock the hoverboard
for use in free roam.

The only real stumbling block here

is that the criminal
enterprise in question

is pretty expensive.

It costs 100,000 bucks to buy,

which could be a lot of money
at that point in the game,

if you’re fairly early in.

But now, there are a few
ways to make money fast,

but we’ll get to that later.

This enterprise you get is
actually one of the best

in the game.

Every single mission for
it unlocks some new piece

of equipment, and they’re all pretty good,

so stick with that.

You can get the Quantum Aperture

that lets you shoot through
walls and the Thrustbuster

that’s basically like a
sticky rocket football

that’s entertaining to use.

(character screams)

(rocket explodes)

So just focus on that stuff early on

if you want cool stuff.

Now, next over at number nine,

you may have noticed these
hidden history locations

while driving around.

They’re basically historical sites

where there are five little
speakers dotted around the area,

where if you listen to ’em
all, you get a small reward.

These can be kind of interesting spots,

but for the most part,

the rewards are pretty cosmetic and boring

like this beer costume, for example.

It’s funny, but maybe
not worth the trouble.

There is one hidden history

that’s actually worth doing though,

because the reward you
get for it is ridiculous.

It’s the Holy Fist of God.

There are two locations you
have to go to for this one:

a church in East Providencia,

which is right here on the map,

and Meeker Square on Old
Town West right here.

They’re both relatively easy
hidden history locations

to complete.

Just run around and
activate all the speakers,

and you’re good to go.

Finish both spots and you’ll
unlock the Pugnus Santus Dei,

a ludicrous weapon

that’s just a pair of
extendable boxing gloves.

What makes these things actually decent

is that they take the
place of a melee slot

rather than a pistol slot,

and they can absolutely melt
through armored opponents.

(pistol firing)

Get a good flow going,

and you’re just unstoppable
with these stupid things.

They’re goofy, but they’re useful.

Even if it’s tedious and
kind of boring to get ’em,

maybe you should consider doing so.

Now, next over at number eight,

there are certain things
like performing a barrel roll

that should be simple,
but for some reason,

how to do one is never
really explained anywhere

in the game, at least from where we saw.

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We went through the controls
and it’s not in there.

And it wouldn’t be that big of a deal,

but to unlock many
vehicles’ special ability,

the game asks you to do
a barrel roll in them,

so it’s something that you need to do.

So here’s how to do it.

Find a ramp, jump in the
air, and then hold A.

Now, while holding A,

your car will tilt and
yaw like an airplane

rather than just spin.

So now just hold left or
right for one full rotation

to do a barrel roll.

That’s it.

If you’ve got a vehicle that
wants you to do three rolls,

then I found a pretty
good spot to do them.

There’s a fast-travel point near the top

of the map at Bear Lake.

Fast-travel there with your vehicle

and then head to the right.

There’s a hill over there
that’s perfect for jumps.

Just head up, and you’ll
find a bunch of spots

where you can get a lot of air,

enough that it’s not too difficult

to get two barrel rolls
down with just one jump.

Now, just rinse and
repeat, and you’re good.

This is just a good spot overall

to do any stunt-jump challenges
the game wants you to do,

so just make a note.

Next, over at number seven,
out in the countryside,

you can sometimes find these
random shooting galleries.

You might pass them up
as another tedious thing,

but you get some pretty
decent rewards for doing them.

There’s one way in the
northwest past the prison,

and if you finish it,

you get a pistol skin
that transforms your gun

into an Old West revolver.

These shooting galleries can
be kind of a pain, though.

They want you to shoot 15 hidden targets,

which should be easy,

but some of these things
are tough to spot.

The ghost town one is especially bad,

because on top of the outlaw standies,

there are wolves and birds, too.

It is just really easy to miss.

Now there’s another shooting gallery

way in the south near the dam.

That one takes place in an abduction site

and gets you the Lawgiver
skin, AKA the Judge Dredd gun.

These places are easy to miss,

but they’re at least worth
pushing through and finishing

through some of the boredom
to get the cool gun skins

’cause they’re probably
some of the coolest ones

in the game.

Now, next over at number six,

on top of that barrel roll we mentioned,

there are a lot of controls

that are just never really
explained in the game.

These ones feel less essential, though,

so we’re just gonna throw
them all into one point.

Some of these are for more fun,

like the fact that you
can turn on police sirens

when you’re in a law enforcement vehicle.

Just click the stick.

Now, with the sirens on,

traffic will move out of your way,

and cars don’t really
seem to move when you honk

with the regular car horn,
so this can be useful.

Now, there’s the gun wheel
button that you can use

to swap between your various weapons,

but did you know that
if you tap the button,

then you’ll swap

between the last two most
recently selected guns?

I know that’s video game
101 for a lot of people,

but still, something that
the game didn’t tell you

in a tutorial.

Also, while you’re in a vehicle,

you can only use one-handed weapons

with seemingly no way
to swap between them,

but you can actually do it.

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Just press up on the D-pad

to swap between pistols
and submachine guns.

You know, none of the
stuff is game changing,

but still stuff to figure out,

and we figured we’d point it out.

Next, over at number
five, we got a basic one.

I know this one sounds stupid,

but I think if there’s one thing

a lot of people are going to
not figure out immediately,

it’s that the game never
explicitly tells you

how to refill your ammo,

specifically for some of the
special weapons like RPGs,

so you may end up going
through a portion of the game

just carrying around weapons
that you can’t shoot.

Obviously, enemies pop
money and ammo crates,

but take out the harder guys
to get that heavy weapon ammo.

And to simply refill all your stuff,

you just need to go to any gun store

and press Y to auto-refill
your ammo reserves.

It works exactly the same way
as old “Saints Row” games.

The only issue is that the button prompt

is really, really small,

so it’s very easy to miss
this crucial mechanic.

Next, over at number
four, early in the game,

you’re probably gonna be hurting for cash.

Eventually, after you’re
buying enough properties,

you’ll have more money
than you could ever spend,

but at least at first,

it can be kind of difficult
to earn some cash,

especially if you want to buy some

of the more expensive
criminal enterprises.

Now, I tried just about everything

to see which activity
gets you the most money,

but for the most part, with most things,

you get around 3,000 to 8,000 bucks.

It’s not nothing, but it’s not great,

and these can sometimes
be pretty time consuming.

So if you wanna make a lot of money fast,

the best way is with the @tcha @ missions,

the ones where you give bad
business reviews for money.

The lower the rating, the
more dangerous the response,

but if you survive, and
it’s not usually that hard,

then you’ll get 10,000 bucks
straight up every time.

And these missions are plentiful.

They’re everywhere, and they’re short,

generally pretty easy,
and you can repeat them.

And while the payout isn’t amazing,

it’s better than some of
the average early stuff.

So if you want money fast,

we’d say to just stick with these.

Seek them out on the map.

Just give one-star ratings

to everything every
time you do it and earn.

Now, over at number three,

this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Now, I had mentioned in the review

that I could never get the
controls to feel quite right.

Third-person shooting never felt great.

But here’s what you can try and do,

’cause for whatever reason,

the dead zone settings on this game

start off cranked up to the max,

making your controls feel
a lot less responsive.

So if you just go into the
settings and turn that crap down,

either to zero or just
slightly above that,

depending on the condition
of your controller,

it might feel better.

It’s good that the game has
dead zone settings at all,

but there’s no reason to
keep them at the default.

It just makes playing the
game feel way more sluggish

than it needs to be.

Next, over at number two,

let’s get more into the nitty gritty here

with the control stuff.

There’s an incredibly
nasty bug in this game

that’s seemingly been affecting people

with pre-release versions of the game.

We’re not sure exactly
how it’s gonna be updated

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or even how it triggers or why,

but around the 10- to 12-hour mark,

all your controls will lock up,

and all you’ll be able to
do is run around and jump.

You can’t shoot.

You can’t get in cars or talk to people.

You’re basically trapped.

We’ve seen reports of this
happening to a lot of people,

and although the day-one patch may fix it,

you never know what can
happen in this game,

so here’s what can help,
especially because it’s a problem

with the save files, too.

Reloading the save doesn’t fix it.

So if you are playing pre-release

or you just didn’t
download the day-one patch,

this is purely for the Xbox
One X version of the game

which we played this for,

we’re gonna pass on our experience.

It may not help everyone.
It might help you.

Just know that once the bug hits,

and you’ll know when you see
it ’cause it’s pretty obvious,

just exit the game and
perform a hard reset.

You don’t need to reset the console,

but turn the game off completely.

Make sure it’s not running in
the background or anything.

Turn it off 100%, then restart it.

That should fix this soft lock.

It did work for us, but maybe
just because we were quick.

This is a pretty bad bug,
so if you do experience it,

just completely go quick, shut
down, and restart the game,

and hopefully it’ll go
back to normal for you.

It might not be for everyone
like we said, but yeah.

Now, down to number one.

One of the most seemingly
pointless activities in the game

is dumpster diving.

Th there are these like glowing
garbage bins around the city

that you can check out

that usually net you around
2,000 bucks, which is small.

It is chump change in this game.

It seems pointless, but sometimes,

these dumpsters can hide
some pretty amusing rewards

like the tissue box shoes
or this pizza box hat.

The most ridiculous thing you can get

are four pieces of a golden truck.

You’ll have to dumpster-dive

pretty much all over the
city to find these parts,

but once you get them all,

your reward is a golden truck, all right.

It’s just a golden dump truck.

It’s so stupid and pointless,

but it is a decent “Saints Row” joke.

We just had to show it off here.

Compared to the rewards you get

for other seemingly
pointless, random activities,

this isn’t much, but we
wanted to point it out.

It’s goofy.

Anyway, those are 10
tips, 10 tricks, 10 things

the game didn’t really tell
you, just some more stuff

to kind of improve your
experience with the game.

Hope you’re having better luck

and you’re enjoying it a bit more than us.

If you have any more tips for people,

we’d love to hear them in the comments.

If you wanna leave tips
for other people’s playing,

that will be pretty nice.

But let us know what you
think of the game so far,

anything at all, and if this helped you,

clicking the Like button, of course,

as you know, does help us out.

But thank you guys for watching,

and we’ll see you in the next one.