If you’ve seen Scribble Showdown, forget it. This is a new Scribble Showdown

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What’s up? This is Arin from Game Grumps, and I’m here to tell you about Scribble Showdown somewhere in this vicinity.

If you’ve seen Scribble Showdown, forget it. This is a new Scribble Showdown. It’s called Scribble After Dark. Here, I think?

It’s 18 plus, alright? It’s an 18 plus show. If you’re over 18, you can come. If you’re under 18, forget it.

Tell your parents to take you when you’re 18. Scribble Showdown this weekend, okay?

January 28th at the Ace Theater in Los Angeles, and all you people who come, if we sell this show out,

we’re gonna go all around the whole country. If we don’t sell it out, this is gonna be it.

So don’t do this for your, your friends across the country. Jane Animations, Odd1s,

I still am not supposed to look. Jane Animations, Odd1sOut, Ross O’Donovan, and Domics, and me, of course,

I’m hosting. So come on down! Ace Theater, January 28th.

Scribbity-bibbity! ScribbleShowdown.com gets tickets now.

Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump! And we’re the Game Grumps!

Hello! Sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off there, Arin. That’s okay. Hi, everybody. Welcome. Yes.

We’re gonna, we’re gonna continue Choo-Choo Charles because we’re having fun playing it.

We’re on a fun little rainy train adventure. I just want Charles to f*** me. Okay, sorry, it hasn’t even been a minute yet.

It hasn’t been 20 seconds yet.

I mean, man. I just see him and I crave. You were saving that one up. I just want him to slam my nuts.


I need to see what this is.

Like you’re just kneeling on the track like, uh-oh, I hope no trains come along.

Oh, it’s where I was before. Mmm, so it is. I hope no Choo-Choo engines get, damn, dude,

f***ing stop when I tell you to. Is it slowly rolling away? No, well, yeah, but not now, but it takes forever to stop.

Orange, green, orange, green.

Arin! Yellow! Stop repainting your trains. Why not? I don’t know.

It does make your nuclear missiles a lot more fun, though. Hello!

Silly explosives. I don’t know what kind of missiles those are.

Mini nukes. Yeah. Yeah. They look like bazooka jams. Oh, yeah, I get the second monster egg. Dude,

I feel like we could beat this. How many do you have to get? Three?

Yeah, seems reasonable.

If we get one egg per episode, that would be

three episodes.

It’s like holding your fingers in front of your face.

Yeah, just equations going in front of my brain. I know this is gonna be the wrong direction.

I know it is. Why? I’m stopping it preemptively. It is the wrong direction.

Yeah, I bet, like, the master Choo-Choo players can

just have it, like, come to, like, a rolling stop, and then you just jump on,

right? Like, it never stops. You know what I mean? Yeah, that, yeah. They ghost ride the Choo-Choo? Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, that sounds pretty dope. I wish I could do that, but I can’t because I’m stupid.

Firing rate, damage. Oh, the bug spray had low damage? It seemed like it was doing a lot.

Oh, I mean, I saw a lot of fire, but maybe…

It certainly held him at bay, which was good. Yeah, I was plugging him full of nuts.

I wish I was holding bae.

Never mind, I’m sorry.

Me and bae when?

Boo caught me sleeping.

That is an all-timer, man. I forgot all about that pose. I mean,

it’s just the, um, I think you should leave sketch with that. That kills me so much.

Oh, which one’s that?

Where’s, she’s like,

sucking down pig farts with these two idiots.

You know, it has to be a little self-deprecating. Why can’t people slap our wet, wet meat, or whatever, I can’t remember what she says.

But it is hilarious.

Sucking down hog shit.

With these two dum-dums.

Why are you guys bullying me?

Okay, yeah, I like that there’s no ankle-breaking feature where if you jump off the choo-choo too fast. No, it’s fucking great.

I love that they call it a choo-choo.

I exclusively am referring to trains as choo-choos from now on.

I mean, it’s just such a good…

It just makes you smile, you know?

Excuse me, what time is, uh…

What the f-

What the fuck was that?

Oh, oh, oh, that’s an enemy! That’s an enemy!

Oh, lord!

Oh, lord!

Oh, lord!

Sorry, I didn’t realize!

Get to the train! Get to the choo-choo!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn’t realize!

Do it.

Whoops! Oh my god.



You got him.


Can I, like, take this with me?

No, I think you’re…

It’s choo-choo all the way.

Get to the choo-choo!

They would be very different movies.

Just that one line change.

Oh, man.

Get to the choo-choo!

There’s a wonderful meme I saw going around.


It’s in between takes, but it’s the guy in the predator costume,

and he’s just, like, sitting, like,

exhausted and dejected, because I’m sure it’s an uncomfortable

costume to wear.

But, like, he’s just sitting on a rock with his head down,

and the caption is,

No one asked me to go to the chopper.


I know.

Probably doesn’t even know what a chopper is.

Probably not.

Scoopy doopy doopy doopy doopy doopy doopy doopy

Dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon

Stop whistling.

Stop it. Stop whistling.

Choo-choo! Oh, shit.

Choo-choo, is that you?

Their masks are very unsettling.

Yeah, they’re kind of trippy, eh?

They look like Majora’s Mask a little bit.

Ooh, creepy big eyes.


Make sure no one goes to the egg.

As soon as it appears.

Okay, because you were just going to read the first line?

Oh, sorry, sorry.

I just started thinking about other stuff.

Make sure nobody goes to the egg.

Didn’t see me.

Good, good, good.

Peaky peaky.

Keep it going.

Good thing all these guys are notorious whistlers.

Really helps keep an eye on things.

What is this?

What opens the gate?

What opens the gate?

Shhhh. Nothing happened.

Oh, good, Arin.

The egg! The egg!

The egg?

I found the egg!

Is he walking towards you?

I don’t think so.

Oh! Oh, God!

That scared me.

Du du du du du du du duNice

And then it somehow turns into The Simpson song and Lisa does her sax solo.

The best part of the Beetlejuice theme, the movie one specifically,

Is when it goes

Is when it goes

I can’t, I can’t frame it in my mind. You’ll hear it when you hear it next time. Okay. It just happens out of nowhere

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It’s like boom boom boom boom boom boom

Oop, get that train going. Uh oh. Byeee, bye. Kill him. Goodbye. Whoa, that was awesome.


That was quite the parting gift. So sad. Can we save our progress? Where the fuck am I going now?

I need auto saves. Oh great. This is a modern game, dude. That’s great

You haven’t had to like manually save a game in fucking like 20 years. How does the parser system work?

You use the reticulating splines

Stop perfectly stop perfectly stop perfectly


Queen queen queen queen queen queen yes queen. The Aranarium. Oh

Oh, no, that’s the name of the island. Oh, it’s a municipal bank. Oh

Municipal building. Oh, let’s go

Cuz if this was the bank I would withdraw

And leave. Can I take all of my cash, please? Yeah, and all of everyone else’s cash on account of everybody being dead. Yeah

And the fact that I have bazookas. Yeah

Yeah, this is a flamethrower. I will kill you if you don’t give me all of the money. I am holding up the bank

That is what this game is now. There is no train

What? There’s somebody here? Oh my god, there’s a person

I’ve been staking out this area for days and Charles has never crossed the old wood bridge

Somehow that beast is cunning enough to know it’s dangerous

But if he’s angry and desperate he might just chase someone across it then BAM

We use John’s bombs to blow the whole thing up and Charles falls face-first into the canyon

John’s bombs if the blast doesn’t kill him the fall surely will hey the fall doesn’t kill him

It’s the sudden stop at the end, you know

Amen funny stuff

You’re the archivist my father told me about. Archivist? I thought I was a monster hunter. Yeah

I’m sorry say speak up. The horn section got very loud. Yeah, cuz somebody turned on the water phone

Not to say that your help isn’t appreciated, but we could have used his aid as well. Cool. Thanks. Hey, you’re the archivist

Wish you were someone else



Go attach these remote explosives to each of the support pillars under the wood bridge out there

Then meet me back here. You got it Paul

It’s a finger trap when he puts two of his fingers in either end of the trap and he pulls apart

It won’t let him go. Oh

Charles is gonna hate that

That’s really gonna fuck with his steez that style and ease

Trains have both of those

Okay, okay. Okay. This is the way right? This is the way this seems like the way

I can’t believe you don’t know that part

Like pissing me off right now and all I can think of is the Simpsons part where it’s like

You know what?

I think that’s the part I’m thinking of. I think that’s the Simpsons, isn’t it?

No, no, no, but I mean maybe but I think it’s just similar because they’re both Danny Elfman compositions

Hmm one bomb two bombs

Three bombs that’s a box-office disaster Charles is gonna love this shit dude. You’re gonna love my nuts. Watch this

Oh Shouldn’t ask them to get those bombs now, we’re out of bombs and out of monster hunt and out of bridges

We built it that way as a joke

What am I a wizard what how do you want me to summon him?

Oh you want me to

Enough you can break in and fight the battle of a lifetime. Okay, Mike Tyson’s gonna be in there. Wow

I heard his punches legendary

He says you ever one has a plan until you get punched in the face

That is very true, oh that sounds like Charles Joe

Oh, yeah, there he is. Oh shit. I missed

He changed his mind he doesn’t want to cross the bridge

Wait wait wait Charles, he doesn’t want to cross the bridge homie. Okay, don’t stop them

Never mind, maybe he just didn’t want you to shoot him. We got all his health back. What the fuck?

Oh, was that how much he was missing

Man oh my train is about to die. Yeah, this is not it’s not a good weapon. Oh well



Respond a train


Yeah, you need the other weapons which keep him at bay more hey


Caught me shooting

All right, so I got to make it there. That’s a required mission. What is that? I think I should go back

I think the derailleur is the best one skunk stats wise yeah, probably

The other one’s great for blowing up human beings though. Yeah, man those guys fucking gib they ate it

Stop the train I

Need to go pee

Can I use your bathroom?

All this rain is making me have to pee oh

Well, thank you gail trusted me with a key to one of the lines containing an egg

But before I give it to you. I have to warn you about something and what that there’s no public restroom

Located at the top

Okay, prison seems to have been designed for one purpose to destroy monster eggs, and how did you ascertain that I?

Asked carved into the prison which perfectly at the eggs. I’ve seen them all of them. Just like temple of doom

massive beam of energy

Seemingly drawn from the eggs themselves the eggs can draw

Here’s hope this event will or charles to a mortal fight as he comes in defense of the eggs

Sorry, could you lean in or something? Yeah now for the real warning?

Charles has the ability to absorb energy from the burst

Strengthening and enraging him good. That’s what I wanted to do. Yeah, we saw it once before

Maybe come even more dangerous this time I

Know this because I don’t know however

It’s not my place to oppose despite the danger, so here’s the mind key. He’s a very dangerous choo-choo

Key to the shrine if he catches you he’s going to choo-choo you up

Thank you house, please. Oh, okay fine. I guess I’m not welcome in your fucking home, but change your shirt. Oh

It’s okay

kill the spider train


This is a monster spider train. It’s gonna hurt everybody. That’s fine. Yeah

Okay, so I want to go here. Okay. That’s the last egg. Oh, okay, great. Fuck yeah, dude. I

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Think it’s all oh no. I’m gonna want to change that last one. I know this why can’t I go faster?

The train’s too heavy. We’re gonna have to get rid of some of this weight. You throw yourself off. That’s why. Ah.

I think I think it’s probably going the wrong direction. It is! Fuck!

forget you know, stop! please! it’s like going one mile per hour

We’re going to crash!

And if you, yeah, then you’re probably gonna have to move the other

I’m just assuming that everything is set to what you need it to not be

be thank God Charles has theme music that’s really helpful good stuff it’s my

stress bar I barf when I’m stressed it was in my contract I get three before I

have to start cleaning it up myself what the fuck what the fuck no dudes oh sorry

thank you a bad guy friend or foe oh my god oh oh he’s so dead all right those

bad guys I’ll never find you 20 feet away in your bright green train Choo Choo

chugga-chugga hey fellas fellas oh there’s one or was that you falling down

the mountain there’s me falling down the mountain there’s a real knee-breaker

fucking scrappin doo-doo-doo-doo-doo evil train getting eggs making food has eight

legs doo-doo-doo-doo hi hi yeah that’s what horses eat yeah you never have to

turn around and look they’re always right behind you so yeah come back to

train there’s a gun on it you’re gonna love it

is he coming yep Oh God where was my train try to catch my train that was a

fun day in the ADR session thank you for the insight oh you’re gonna shoot me

wait a second I didn’t expect that well great fucking I’m gonna shoot you shoot

you mister it’s like some shit that we would say I love that really rumbled my

jimmies hello hello hey I’m gonna shoot you you better not come any closer

colors show you I’m super mad now you better not cry I’m telling you why Santa

Claus is coming to shoot you he’s cocking his gun loading it twice he’s

gonna show you in both of your thighs oh good job I’m right here it’s gonna be

some other way to I guess I guess this is the punishment for being seen you

gotta run all the way back the punishment for truly feeling seen

sorry Oh Oh dear

is he dead hello wait can I take his gun I don’t know you did drop it oh dang it

right fucking there you piece fucking ID tagged weapons doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

bump bump bump bump all right hopefully I won’t get seen again oops it’s so

unnecessary I think the jumping down the stairs is my favorite both my ankles my

good ankle and my bad ankle I could be your ankle wow that’s dumb yo I like it

thanks man I like you oh gosh dang it all right fuckers is there anybody

around here fuckers any fucking weirdos any fuckers around here smells like we

got some fucker my fucker detector is going off oh no where’s the door where’s

the elevator just run past him neat I think you’re supposed to get in that

minecart the egg respawn a train damn you had the egg in everything do I still

have the egg if I respawn probably not how could you check my inventory I don’t

have no that’s okay that’s okay that’s fiddle DD I know I just got to run in

and run out and I already know where it is okay grab the egg grab the train

bro and your big mouth put the egg inside your mouth that dirt the train

inside your mouth yummy yummy yummy delicious egg eating put some salt on the

whole train but the train inside your mouth and put the egg inside you know

why that kills me so much put the egg inside the train and put the train

inside your mouth for your mouth it’s still it just like went back up

immediately slicey I see you I can’t even say it slicey I get into four parts

I’d put the egg inside the train and put the train inside your mouth wait is this

a glitch can I not get back up there I hope not no no I think you just have to

find another way out because it was the same thing with the other one you had to

like close a drawbridge this is good give me dig no one spotted you yet stealth

stealth who that’s I’m not here oh this is a dead end fuck you should get in one

of these oh dear oh man I don’t think you can you can’t you can’t get inside

the the Indiana Jones carts um I guess I’ll try but there’s no way to like

activate it usually things have to be activated okay well definitely try

hiding a little bit more well there’s no like sneak right but there are like

stacks of boxes that maybe you can like yeah chill behind I just assumed he

wasn’t there why I was just fucking you know I’m just doing my part he seems

nice I’m doing my bit he has kind eyes fuck there’s a guy up here where oh there

you go yes oh stay stay where you are

peak peak peak you got me you can be you can be you come in this way whichever is

it coming okay it’s like American gladiators you can’t see me you can’t

see me I’m John Cena can’t see me ha ha ha oh I shouldn’t be here oh shit down

the shaft and into the hole okay now careful careful careful careful to not

get borked by this guy who has got a gun he has porked you four more times he has

go to pork you again oh careful there’s another one there is yeah that’s the

other ones the one that spotted you are you sure yeah after you got the egg so

just be real careful I got the egg and now you’re gonna wish you never had the

egg to begin with I guess ooh yes oh you’re so greedy what you need fucking

things for the game right maybe it pauses time when you’re working on the

locks train that’s nice that’s fun bye okay play cool oh I wonder if the the

color of the paint refers to like the egg color that the cavern is and no

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cuz we got a blue egg and I didn’t get a blue egg blue paint but maybe we just

didn’t find the paint in there oh fuck all right I know there’s so much room

for more paint on inside our train I don’t know where I don’t know where I’m

going keep running I might be running further into the that’s okay you can

outrun him no I can’t yeah you put a little space between him every time you

want to check the map real quick okay I’m going anyway

oh you shot me let all the map was up in real time you’re actually just like

looking at a map I think if I go here there it is good job Arin

they are relentless at least he’s in the back where the gun is yep with the train

inside his mouth oh it’s such a good feeling yeah he could have shot me got

him yeah very inconspicuous nice all right I have three eggs now so now I can

go to the sanctuary or whatever it’s here finish it fuck yeah dude summon

Charles with eggs I’m gonna do it dude fucking beat Charles break him your egg

slut put him in potato puree oh wait is that the right way it is not the right

way hmm it never is which let’s go train fucking let’s go okay wonder if I should

be doing these optional missions to like get stronger or whatever because I’m

assuming you get a lot of scrap for him oh shit stop stop ha here we are oh shit

man fuck these guys run to one side of the shed fart and then run to the other

side drop distracted with a cute little two what oh man who saw me

oh he did bro oh gee whiz bro oh it’s my favorite that’s okay

we’ll just run yeah go wrong he missed yeah what a silly boy it’s a very scary

sound somehow let’s get inside here and lock myself in all right Arin and let

me just pick directly into my fucking temple and a one and two oh my god god I

wish I had a gun that would make things so much easier yeah well you could say

that about a lot of situations yeah all right come here you’re right next to the

train you’re right come here come here come here bud

nice all right suck my dick suck my dick here’s a gun suck it like it was my dick

it was my dick and now I’m shooting inside your brain suck on my entire dick

where is he where is he where is he where is he where is he where is he

there you stay here that’s how I run follow me to the train gun where is he

there is oh shit they’re always much closer than you think how many fucking

like giant bullets can they take they’re pretty decently strong jump you gotta

respect the game you gotta respect the hustle dude I want to open that lockpick

box so I’m going to do it is there another fuck you can go on there’s

another fucking guy over here fucking guy oh fucking oh at least I’m clearing

them out yes clear this guy out with my big gun I know I assumed as much well

then do it oh my god all right now this is gonna be easy there’s nobody here

anymore hopefully probably not probably picky picky lucky Oh picky picky lucky

fuck picky picky pick the black nice whoo so many scraps all right I gotta

get the fuck out of here I think it I think you’re doing very well starting to

lose my goddamn mind yeah this game does mess with your head after a while let’s

go I hear a guy oops nice temple Oh be ashamed of someone farted on it all

right big door nice oh there go the eggs egg holes just throw them in the egg

holes Lego my egg hole ooh birdie one egg for one hole how do they fit look

at it and then like that nice good shit blue egg nice red egg I’ll take it oh

that’s Warren I don’t know what you’re doing just put the egg down slowly and

lay flat on the ground you’ll hurt far too many people do it but I need to put

the egg in hell yeah this doesn’t look bad

Oh hi choo-choo Charles just goes like a big set of tits

you’ve got it now those big bow down honker oh man oh num nums

Warren Warren Warren all right so I got to make it to that okay stop it stop it

stop it stop it a little shooty-dooty being so rude right now I need to tell

Charles get train health train health okay

dude I think the fucking flamethrower was where it’s at okay

yes do as little damage as possible well it keeps him at bay whoops the fuck was

that oh I don’t know but here it comes again

damn tell Charles certainly is no joke

God this whole room is rumbling dude I don’t know if I can fucking do this yeah

geez you might need to go do more optional miss it missions to get a

stronger train respond a train yeah I think you’re right shit man dang my

trains not good enough for hell Charles I think that’s what it is

damn yo oh man fucking optional my ass dude I don’t think they’re optional at

all yeah you got to just do all these things all right well you know what

fucking I’ll do it yeah maybe we’ll do one more of these and get jacked up and

fight Charles and kill him Charles are you trying to say the same thing as me

at the same time what did you say what was the thing that was what was the one

that you said I said the whole sentence I said the whole sentence I think maybe

we need a break from this game okay we’ve all had a very difficult day see

you later everyone it’s been a real one